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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lack of Title at the Moment....

Time: 2:30 AM


Ah, fuck it... I'm not listening to anything right now and I have no definition for what I feel right now. =/

Well... if you haven't read my last post, I suggest you do so before reading this... because it's all based on my feelings about Lizzie.

I know a lot of you don't know this, but the guy I love has broken my heart into a million pieces and is now hanging all over a good friend of mine and acting like he doesn't know me... go fucking figure...

Well now, he acts as if I don't even exist... and hangs all over my friend Franchesca. Once again, go figure...

It happens all the time anyway, ne? Heh... not just to me.

He's done the same thing to other's as well and is another valid reason as to why Lizzie began cutting.

Now Tyler's good guy, but it's grown obvious that his intentions are just for the looks of women and nothing more.

Lizzie being blind to this, same as I, fell in love with him and he flat out told her that he couldn't love a fat woman.

Now Lizzie, just like every woman, is uncomfortable with her size and shape.

Bingo... there's another cut.

Which brings on my feelings about Lizzie...

I still feel guilty for telling Mr. Murphy...

I mean.. I did the right thing, didn't I? Even if they send her to a place filled with strangers and paranoid doctors... they will be able to help her... right?

The way she looked at me made me seem like the worst person in the world. I mean... it made my heart sink and made me feel even lower then the scum of this Earth...

But comrades look out for each other, right? We are comrades... we've been friends ever since seventh grade. That's about three years now...

What'll I do if I lose her as a friend forever and she just becomes anti-social and un-trusting of others just because I told Mr. Murphy of her cutting?

I've dealt with this shit too much... it's getting a bit too stressful.

What with the school work piling up, lack of sleep, drama in school, problems at home that may get me kicked out, and more family problems that I don't want to state...

Yeah Zappa... I bet you're shaking your head right now because I told you everything was alright.

But that's the point... everything is alright. Because all problems are temporary... no matter what the problem is and how bad it seems.. it's always temporary.

Love is always temporary in my book... it never stays long enough to get a good grasp on it. It always slips out like sand in between one's fingers... but that's alright. Because I have my friends who love me and I love them just as much in return...

And as long as I have my friends... then I'm perfectly content with life.

I love all of you... all of you are my true saviors. ^.^

I'm off to bed now...

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Doom Doom Doom Dooooom!!!!!

Time: 5:50 PM

Song: Gir's Doom Song (ReMiX)

By: DJ DoOmS dAy

Mood: Sorta here... sorta there...

Nothing much happened at all today... everyone's just happy that today's Friday and we all hate what we're doing this weekend. xDD

Let's see... stretched and semi-worked out in Dance today... nothing new then what we've been doing practically all year.

Went to World Geography... worked on some GRS worksheets and went straight to sleep afterwards... not really worrying about my project much.

Went to English where we read Scene Five of Act One for Romero and Juliet... oh, joy. xD;

Went to lunch where Yugi and Chris fought over me AGAIN. This time, they both had their hands on my legs when I was eating...

Then Yugi was like, "This leg's mine!"

And Chris said, "Well, then her ****** is mine!" (Use your imagination kiddies. =3)

Alex looked up to see their hands on my legs and he looked up at the wrong time. xDD

He just laughed and put his head back down on the table... poor guy.

Went back to English after telling Yugi how bad I am at showing Public Display of Affection... she laughed at the way I put it.

I said, "I love PDA just as much as I love the sweat running down my crack on a summer day." XDD

Yeah... went back to English, finished reading. Did an assignment about what some of the lines meant and headed for choir.

Talked to the guys about my new drawing, which is a pretty profound drawing, and went to choir.

Made it into choir, sang, got my choir CD of what we sang for UIL, and told Mr. Murphy about Lizzie's cutting.

I can't stand it anymore... she's been cutting for months on end now and will not take my advice... so I told Mr. Murphy of it again... and this time he's gotten much more serious.

Left the room with a huge weight on my chest as I walked out of the office and Mr. Murphy called Lizzie in.

Lizzie looked at me with an unforgetable look of sadness and it made my heart drop. I felt like I betrayed her...

Mr. Murphy's a cool guy and he wasn't angry at all, just concerned, but Lizzie's known me since 7th grade and we were good friends.

She used to be perfect... all A's and always smiling.

Then this year, her grades all dropped, she always bags under her eyes, and she's been cutting and never happy anymore.

So, with that weight on my chest, I headed outside, avoiding my friends as I walked out a different door. I don't know why... I just felt the need to avoid them.

I layed in the grass, really tired, and Matt, Mike, Joey, Chris, John, Josh, Daniel, and Noel came to me.

We popped my Techno CD into Matt's portable DVD player and jammed out a bit while I just layed in the grass, keeping my eyes closed.

I layed my head in Daniel's lap and he petted me... he such a cute guy... very sweet as well. Too bad he's graduating this year... and the last day I get to see him and a lot of my friends are on my b-day.... May 26th.

Surprisingly, I dread my b-day... 'tis my last day to see a lot of my friends ever again unless they come back and visit.

I have a lot of senior friends... so, yeah. But I'll still attempt to keep in contact with them.

Caught my bus, sat next to a guy who kept trying to hit on me, but obviously didn't know that his statements such as, "You're so fine, girl." and "You should wear tighter shirts then that." were being drowned out by my headphones...

Walked in the door, let my parents listen to my choir music, went downstairs for awhile, then went back into my room to recollect my thoughts.

I don't want to live in San Antonio anymore... u.u

But, oh well...

I'm NOT depressed so don't think it! Just very thoughtful today is all...

Well... I'm off! ^.^

Phlinx and Tala, I hope you have fun tomorrow and Skylarcon. Love ya guys...

Alora, I thank you for acknowledging the fact that I'm here for you all the time. Love ya, sis.

Tol, have lots of fun at your con!

Zappa, *Huggles.*

Tori, I'm here for you as well, hun. *Huggles 'n all that good stuff.*

Sethos, My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... Omg! Man-titties!!! XDDDDD!!!!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Accomplished? Nah...

Time: 8:30 PM

Song: Blind Game Again (Club Mix)

By: Unknown. (Gravitaition Anime)

Mood: Blegh...

Well... I received my award today from the school.

I got the award for Acedemic Achievment... yay...

Yeah... my day was boring. Nothing happened at all... so there's nothing to post here!

As you can tell, I'm a bit testy at the moment at that damn China man in Hong Kong!

Yeah! I bet he's laughing right now at my distress... crazy man.

You see.. I ordered my Chuunin cosplay vest so long ago and it STILL hasn't even shown up... nor has he given us a tracking number for the item!

Now tell me... if I don't get that vest, what the heck am I supposed to do for my Kakashi costume? Yeesh... this is so upsetting.

I really hope that vest comes in... if not... then A-kon's really gonna suck for me... u.u

Oh, well...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Time: 9:20 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Victorious!

Good news! I finally got Sethos on myotaku! Sethos is one of my bestest friends in the entire world and she needs some new friends and all... so feel free to visit her at:


I did her whole site by my self since she doesn't really have the patience to do something like that. VICTORY!!!!

Well... not much happened today at all. xD

Got to school, had fruit for breakfast... yummy! ^.^;

Went to dance and watched some of the other students perform. And Maki and I were messing around when Mrs. Burnette came up to us and said that Mrs. Kinked was going to do a dance show with glowsticks and she'd appreciate it if we were to teach some moves to her.

Bwahahahaha!!!! We DO have reputations about the school with our glowsticks!

So, gladly taking this offer, we went to the Dance Studio and talked to Mrs. Kinked and she didn't seem all that thrilled when we walked in... she just doesn't like us, I guess.

We left her office, content in knowing that she'll call us later in the week to teach her some moves. Yes!!

Now to make the moves harder for the prep squad.... jk.... or am I?

Went to the P.E hall to meet up with Yugi and Chris let me listen to her Techno while I had my glowsticks.

Seth with glowsticks in the middle of the hallway + Awesome techno = Seth raving in the middle of the hall.

'Nuff said there. ^.^

Went to History, we had a sub. So we had to watch movies and write facts about the movies.

... I fell asleep without even noticing it and missed out on the last two movies... but guessed some fact anyway since the movie was about Egypt. Then my headphones woke me up. I was listening to a friend's CD and it was nice, slow techno. Then all of the sudden, this loud voice screams, "HARDCORE!!!" and I snapped awake. o.O

Went to English... blegh. Talked about Drama and stuff.

Went to lunch and got a massage by Chris (girl Chris)... Gods that felt so damn good! I was in heaven all lunch period!!

Went upstairs with a jealous Yugi and Chris hanging all over me.

They're both bi... and you know how it goes from basically knowing that fact.

Then they started to play fight over me and talked about who I slept with first. It went like this..

Yugi: Seth's my sexy nin!

Chris: Mine!

Me: There's enough to go around, ladies! ^.^;;

Yugi: She had sex with me first!

Chris: Nu-uh! Me!

Yugi: She'd never cheat on me!

Me: Yeah! I've only slept with nine!

Chris: And me last night... remember?

Yugi: Liar! She's mine!

*And it continued until we thought up more about the skit where Yuna (FFX) is in love with Kakashi and she ended up chasing me down the hallway screaming, "I LOVE YUOOO!" and everyone stared while Yugi cracked up.*

Yeah... I'll tell you about the Kakashi-crazed-Yuna if you all ask nicely.

Went back to English, began Romeo and Juliet... blegh.

Went to choir, got a new song called, "I Made it Through the Rain" and found out when solo try-outs were.

Went outside, sat on Matt, and messed around with the guys some mores.

Caught my bus, came home, same 'ol same 'ol. ^.^

'Cept for the fact that my throat's starting to hurt A LOT. T.T

Now I'm tired and headin' to bed!

Phlinx, 'twas nice talking to ya this morning. My shower was nice 'n warm. xD;

Tala, I hope you're feeling better.

Lala, I really can't wait to meet you.

Tori, show me your new technique anytime! ~_^

Alora, good luck with your AMV!

Everyone, I love you all so much!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spanking Fishes!

Time: 6:00 PM

Song: It's The End of the World as We Know it

By: R.E.M.

Mood: Happy. ^.^

Well... today was alright. It went by really slow tough... the days are getting slower and slower! Nooooo!!!

Accidently took too long taking a shower today and got yelled at for not being on time downstairs and into the truck.

Got to school, listened to my CD player and fell asleep on Yugi's lap (Yes... I was THAT tired). Woke up to buy some pop tarts and went outside.

I talked to some of the guys outside and we were all discussing whose the best character on Guilty Gear.

We were all shouting names and what-not, then Chris walked up and said, "Zappa!" and then we all stared at him and said, "We all know that you're completely obsessed with Bridgette." Oooh! That got him started.

The bell rang and I went to Interior Design... nothing happened.

Went to IPC and got called into the auditorium for practice on recieving my "W" award for whatever it is that got me the award.

Went back to class, studied for Thursdays test and headed to lunch.

I wasn't really in the mood to eat much, so I grabbed a fruit cup!

I just love fruit!

I sat down with everyone and enjoyed my cranberries, kiwi, melon, grapes, and pineapple happily.

Then we somehow got onto the topic of lube and motion lotion.

I said, "Tube 'o lube!" and Maki laughed so hard that she was practically sqealing.

Then out of nowhere, Ryan said, "Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I like to put on a corsette and spank a fish." xDD!

Then I made a statement about, "I've always wanted to do something fun with a glowstick." And Maki cracked as Cracker shouted, "Tube 'o lube!" and I responded with, "Lube up the glowstick and watch it disappear!" (Yes, quite nasty, but hey! ^.^)

Then we talked about cosplaying on the last day of school, my b-day, and Master said that he should dress as an obese person and walk around with a hot dog all day.

We then stated that in the middle of class, he would sucking on the hot dog, licking it, and all sorts of stuff close to making out with the hot dog. Then we made a joke about him spanking himself with the weenie, and the whole table errupted with laughter.

Making fun of Heather's cafeteria food was fun as well. Cracker pointed at the Peach Cobbler and said, "Hey... someone took a shit on your peaches." And she looked so disgusted when I pointed out that the soup she had resembled urine.

'Twas a fun lunch period... just like old times. ^.^

Went to Algebra, learned stuff, but it's a little fuzzy to me sincee I was drawing the whole time.

Went to choir, sang through some of our new songs and cleaned it up a bit.

Went outside and layed down with the guys. I layed on my stomach so that the sun hit my back and made my pain-rideen muscles relax.

We all messed around with Chris about Bridgette some more and talked about old video games we used to play. Like Donkey Kong Country, Pong, Tetris, and all those good things.

Old school is in, yo! ^.^

Caught my bus, walked three blocks home just because I felt like it and got off at a different bus stop.

Came home, ate an early dinner, and now I'm here!!

Well... I'm off to go work-out and work on some of the cosplay costumes my friends requested.

Phlinx, good to know that I'll never lose you, bro. And you can be sure that you're stuck with me.

Tala, don't worry.... if your family's not there for you, then we are!

Mint, I hope to meet you real soon. You sound like lots of fun.

Lala, thanks for commenting and all, you're such a sweetie.

Tori, don't forget! My room, late at night, let's get it on!!! xD

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Let's See...

Time: 5:41 PM

Song: Gir's Doom Song Remix

By: DJ Ruff 'n Stuff

Mood: Feelin' so food, it feels like I got laid.

Today was an average day. I woke up late, had to rush when taking my shower, found out that yahoo deeps freakin' disconnecting while I'm not around... same old same old.

The end of the year's coming up and everyone seems really restless throughout the days. It seems that they're all just as excited about this summer as I.

I dunno why I'm so excited... the only highlights of my summer are A-kon, sleeping in late, staying up late, and that's about it.

I never really see any of my friends over the summer because they're all usually out of town or something.

But now that I have all these convention friends, maybe I can visit with them a bit more then I now and establish a closer relationship with them and maybe even be considered and actual friend. ^.^


Josh gave me a gift today. New cosplay ninja sandals!! Woot woot! Now my costume will be complete as soon as my vest arrives!!

Maki and I performed out dance show today. I thought it rocked and a few others thought it was nice as well, 'cept for the damn preppy girls who don't seem to understand the concept of story lines or creativity. Heh... their loss.

Went to history and didn't do anything but sleep because I finished the classwork assignment for homework accidently. Oops... xD

Went to English, worked on some easy grammer stuff and was the first to finish, as usual. But hey! More sleep for good 'ol Sethy!

Went to lunch and talked about our futures. Well... it was more like me making fun of our futures.

I was saying things like, "Watch... I'm gonna grow up to be some party animal whose never home at night while Yugi's gonna be the smart one."

Some of the things I said made others crack up though, so it's all good.

Ate a little bit for lunch, took a Powerade drink and went back upstairs to class where we worked on Sonnets and our Code of Arms.

Once again, I finished those for homework 'cuz I was bored. Yeesh... I have no life anymore.

Went to choir... we're learning a new song that I completely dread.

"To Know Him Is To Love Him" is the new song we're working on... heh. But I'll fair well on this song... ^.^

Our last concert of the year is gonna be on May 17th at 7:00 P.M. in the Warren High School auditorium! *Main note to those who wish to attend, mainly you Kevin!* ^.^

Left the choir room and headed outside where I layed on Noel's bag right next to Matt.

We like to call the grass Matt's pubic hair... so Mike kept throwing Matt's pubic hair at me.

Matt was on the phone with his mom when Mike said, "Eat Matt's pubs, Seth!!" And we heard his mom say, "What?"

It was so funny watching Matt try to come up with an excuse for his friends talking about eating his pubic hairs. xDD

My bus came... and I got on the bus, put my new techno CD on and jammed out on teh bus.

Got home, at dinner 'cuz I was hungry, told my parents about my day ('Twas the first time I've talked to my parents for about a week and a half.) and came upstairs to write this!

That was my day! How was yours?

Phlinx, I can't wait to talk to you again. I miss you, bro.

Tala- I know how ya feel. I've lost a lot of online friends and that's why I'm still a bit hesitant in calling Phlinx my bro and you and everyone else "family"... it's not a lack of trust issue... I just know that sometime in the future Phlinx'll move on and catch another "lil' sis" you will grow bored with me, Tori will find someone else to joke around with and all that stuff. I try my best to be here for everyone... but I think I've accepted the fact that since I can't hang out with you guys as much as I would like to, I'll never be considered a "true friend" by any of you... but I'll never know unless I try harder, ne? Don't give up, sis... we're all here for you. (Recognize it, don't ya?)

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Be sure to check out my newest quiz result! It'll probably teach you more about me.

What'd you think? >.>

I hope everyone has a great night with plenty of sleep and all that... I think I'ma head to bed now...

I can't believe that after a whole two days of sleeping, I'm still bloody tired! >.<

Oh, well...

Love you all!! <3

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'Tis a New Day!

Your inner soul is saying LIFE IS GREAT! You're
probably the most brightest, optimistic, and
energetic person ever! You see most things in
life as a big adverture with everlasting fun ;)
You love to go outside and run around, and you
would hardly be caught reading or doing
something intellectual. You are willing to try
everything at least once because, hey, life is
too short!

What Is Your Inner Soul Trying To Say?
brought to you by Quizilla

Time: 12:20 AM

Song: Pax Deorum

By: Enya

Mood: Tired, hot, and having fun.

Kakashi: *Looks around.*

Sasuke: *Just sorta stands there.*

Kakashi: *Screams.* BOOBIES!!

Sasuke: *Jumps.* Where?!

Kakashi: *Points.* Over there!!

Sasuke: OMG! *Covers his mouth.*

*Coughs.* Erm... yeah. o.O

Sethos and I are just sitting here... still suffering from the sickness caused by the parade on Friday, but fairing well.

So... how's everyone been?

We've been so bored... but too wiped out and exhausted and sick to do much of anything.

Sethos is going to join myotaku finally! Yay! Now she won't have to hastle with other websites that cause nothing but problems for her! Woot-ness!

And... uhm... yeah.

We're just bored and roaming the internet for weird things to watch and/or stare at. *Stares at a wonderful picture of a white fluffy wall.* Oooh... ahhh....


Uhm... I'll probably come back here and update as we go along throughout the night.

Since we've been asleep practically all day, we're probably going to be up all night now roaming the net until we come to the end of the internet... heheh.

Porn time! Nah... just kidding... or am I?






Yup... that's what porn stands for. ^.^

Did you know that I just made that up outta nowhere? Heh... so clever am I.

Jeez, the heat must've gotten to me! I'm starting to get hyper off of a damn fruit smoothie!!

While Sethos was trying to type an e-mail earlier, I got all random and said, "By golly gee, mate! Me boobie are on fire!" in a weird accent. o.O

I dunno what made me think of it... must've been the damn itch on my chest that sprung some sort of nerve in my brain that made think "BOOBIES!" .... so I said it.

That's enough random-ness for now, kiddies. Now go get a life instead of reading about mine all the time! xP

Just kidding... I love you all.

Phlinx, don't work yourself too hard, bro. Heh... that sounded dirty.

Tala, hope the concert was fun, sis.

Zappa, thanks once again.

Sub, happy late b-day.

Everyone else, go to bed, damnit! >.<;

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Bed Calls Me...

Time: 7:20 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Heheh... don't ask. =3

Thanks to Zappa, I now have my site up and running like it should. Thanks a bunch, bud. Now witness the blinding glowstick colors and new techno MIDI file. ^.^

Well... marching in the parade yesterday got to me more then I had expected...

I woke up this morning feelin' crap... so I decided to somewhat sleep it off. Still feelin' rugged and tired as hell...

Back pains are causing more problem then usual and my arms do hurt a lot as well. So... forgive me for not being here for anyone at the moment.

Zappa... don't you DARE hold this against me. I felt just fine yesterday when talking to you on the phone and did NOT need a freakin' nap! So THERE!!!! >.<;;

I'll be back in no time though, my friends. Plenty of liquids, some rest, and lots of coldness to get rid of my sweating and heat problems. 'Tis alright though...

I'ma go watch some movie and camp out on the couch in the living room.

Anyone who needs me and has my number can go ahead and call. I love you all.

Phlinx, glad to hear you had a good time yesterday, bro.

Tala, sorry for logging off like that. Felt a bit exhausted...

Zappa, thanks for talking to me on the phone.

Everyone else, love you dearly.

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Friday, April 22, 2005


Time: 7:05 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Wiped out, my friends!

The parade was tiring, hot, and filled with lots of people squirting us and throwing confetti.

I don't know how many times we had to do the same routine over and over again.

We saw bunches of nice people, waved at a few people from school, and kept a cheesy fake smile on the whole damn time! Woot!


Well, yeah... I'm hot, tired, and need a shower... so I'm off!

Phlinx, Tol, Sub, and everyone else to went to Six Flags... I hope you all had bunches of fun and all that good stuff!

Everyone else, I love you!!

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