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Sunday, April 24, 2005

'Tis a New Day!
Your inner soul is saying LIFE IS GREAT! You're
probably the most brightest, optimistic, and
energetic person ever! You see most things in
life as a big adverture with everlasting fun ;)
You love to go outside and run around, and you
would hardly be caught reading or doing
something intellectual. You are willing to try
everything at least once because, hey, life is
too short!

What Is Your Inner Soul Trying To Say?
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Time: 12:20 AM

Song: Pax Deorum

By: Enya

Mood: Tired, hot, and having fun.

Kakashi: *Looks around.*

Sasuke: *Just sorta stands there.*

Kakashi: *Screams.* BOOBIES!!

Sasuke: *Jumps.* Where?!

Kakashi: *Points.* Over there!!

Sasuke: OMG! *Covers his mouth.*

*Coughs.* Erm... yeah. o.O

Sethos and I are just sitting here... still suffering from the sickness caused by the parade on Friday, but fairing well.

So... how's everyone been?

We've been so bored... but too wiped out and exhausted and sick to do much of anything.

Sethos is going to join myotaku finally! Yay! Now she won't have to hastle with other websites that cause nothing but problems for her! Woot-ness!

And... uhm... yeah.

We're just bored and roaming the internet for weird things to watch and/or stare at. *Stares at a wonderful picture of a white fluffy wall.* Oooh... ahhh....


Uhm... I'll probably come back here and update as we go along throughout the night.

Since we've been asleep practically all day, we're probably going to be up all night now roaming the net until we come to the end of the internet... heheh.

Porn time! Nah... just kidding... or am I?






Yup... that's what porn stands for. ^.^

Did you know that I just made that up outta nowhere? Heh... so clever am I.

Jeez, the heat must've gotten to me! I'm starting to get hyper off of a damn fruit smoothie!!

While Sethos was trying to type an e-mail earlier, I got all random and said, "By golly gee, mate! Me boobie are on fire!" in a weird accent. o.O

I dunno what made me think of it... must've been the damn itch on my chest that sprung some sort of nerve in my brain that made think "BOOBIES!" .... so I said it.

That's enough random-ness for now, kiddies. Now go get a life instead of reading about mine all the time! xP

Just kidding... I love you all.

Phlinx, don't work yourself too hard, bro. Heh... that sounded dirty.

Tala, hope the concert was fun, sis.

Zappa, thanks once again.

Sub, happy late b-day.

Everyone else, go to bed, damnit! >.<;

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