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Monday, April 25, 2005

Let's See...
Time: 5:41 PM

Song: Gir's Doom Song Remix

By: DJ Ruff 'n Stuff

Mood: Feelin' so food, it feels like I got laid.

Today was an average day. I woke up late, had to rush when taking my shower, found out that yahoo deeps freakin' disconnecting while I'm not around... same old same old.

The end of the year's coming up and everyone seems really restless throughout the days. It seems that they're all just as excited about this summer as I.

I dunno why I'm so excited... the only highlights of my summer are A-kon, sleeping in late, staying up late, and that's about it.

I never really see any of my friends over the summer because they're all usually out of town or something.

But now that I have all these convention friends, maybe I can visit with them a bit more then I now and establish a closer relationship with them and maybe even be considered and actual friend. ^.^


Josh gave me a gift today. New cosplay ninja sandals!! Woot woot! Now my costume will be complete as soon as my vest arrives!!

Maki and I performed out dance show today. I thought it rocked and a few others thought it was nice as well, 'cept for the damn preppy girls who don't seem to understand the concept of story lines or creativity. Heh... their loss.

Went to history and didn't do anything but sleep because I finished the classwork assignment for homework accidently. Oops... xD

Went to English, worked on some easy grammer stuff and was the first to finish, as usual. But hey! More sleep for good 'ol Sethy!

Went to lunch and talked about our futures. Well... it was more like me making fun of our futures.

I was saying things like, "Watch... I'm gonna grow up to be some party animal whose never home at night while Yugi's gonna be the smart one."

Some of the things I said made others crack up though, so it's all good.

Ate a little bit for lunch, took a Powerade drink and went back upstairs to class where we worked on Sonnets and our Code of Arms.

Once again, I finished those for homework 'cuz I was bored. Yeesh... I have no life anymore.

Went to choir... we're learning a new song that I completely dread.

"To Know Him Is To Love Him" is the new song we're working on... heh. But I'll fair well on this song... ^.^

Our last concert of the year is gonna be on May 17th at 7:00 P.M. in the Warren High School auditorium! *Main note to those who wish to attend, mainly you Kevin!* ^.^

Left the choir room and headed outside where I layed on Noel's bag right next to Matt.

We like to call the grass Matt's pubic hair... so Mike kept throwing Matt's pubic hair at me.

Matt was on the phone with his mom when Mike said, "Eat Matt's pubs, Seth!!" And we heard his mom say, "What?"

It was so funny watching Matt try to come up with an excuse for his friends talking about eating his pubic hairs. xDD

My bus came... and I got on the bus, put my new techno CD on and jammed out on teh bus.

Got home, at dinner 'cuz I was hungry, told my parents about my day ('Twas the first time I've talked to my parents for about a week and a half.) and came upstairs to write this!

That was my day! How was yours?

Phlinx, I can't wait to talk to you again. I miss you, bro.

Tala- I know how ya feel. I've lost a lot of online friends and that's why I'm still a bit hesitant in calling Phlinx my bro and you and everyone else "family"... it's not a lack of trust issue... I just know that sometime in the future Phlinx'll move on and catch another "lil' sis" you will grow bored with me, Tori will find someone else to joke around with and all that stuff. I try my best to be here for everyone... but I think I've accepted the fact that since I can't hang out with you guys as much as I would like to, I'll never be considered a "true friend" by any of you... but I'll never know unless I try harder, ne? Don't give up, sis... we're all here for you. (Recognize it, don't ya?)

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