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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spanking Fishes!
Time: 6:00 PM

Song: It's The End of the World as We Know it

By: R.E.M.

Mood: Happy. ^.^

Well... today was alright. It went by really slow tough... the days are getting slower and slower! Nooooo!!!

Accidently took too long taking a shower today and got yelled at for not being on time downstairs and into the truck.

Got to school, listened to my CD player and fell asleep on Yugi's lap (Yes... I was THAT tired). Woke up to buy some pop tarts and went outside.

I talked to some of the guys outside and we were all discussing whose the best character on Guilty Gear.

We were all shouting names and what-not, then Chris walked up and said, "Zappa!" and then we all stared at him and said, "We all know that you're completely obsessed with Bridgette." Oooh! That got him started.

The bell rang and I went to Interior Design... nothing happened.

Went to IPC and got called into the auditorium for practice on recieving my "W" award for whatever it is that got me the award.

Went back to class, studied for Thursdays test and headed to lunch.

I wasn't really in the mood to eat much, so I grabbed a fruit cup!

I just love fruit!

I sat down with everyone and enjoyed my cranberries, kiwi, melon, grapes, and pineapple happily.

Then we somehow got onto the topic of lube and motion lotion.

I said, "Tube 'o lube!" and Maki laughed so hard that she was practically sqealing.

Then out of nowhere, Ryan said, "Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I like to put on a corsette and spank a fish." xDD!

Then I made a statement about, "I've always wanted to do something fun with a glowstick." And Maki cracked as Cracker shouted, "Tube 'o lube!" and I responded with, "Lube up the glowstick and watch it disappear!" (Yes, quite nasty, but hey! ^.^)

Then we talked about cosplaying on the last day of school, my b-day, and Master said that he should dress as an obese person and walk around with a hot dog all day.

We then stated that in the middle of class, he would sucking on the hot dog, licking it, and all sorts of stuff close to making out with the hot dog. Then we made a joke about him spanking himself with the weenie, and the whole table errupted with laughter.

Making fun of Heather's cafeteria food was fun as well. Cracker pointed at the Peach Cobbler and said, "Hey... someone took a shit on your peaches." And she looked so disgusted when I pointed out that the soup she had resembled urine.

'Twas a fun lunch period... just like old times. ^.^

Went to Algebra, learned stuff, but it's a little fuzzy to me sincee I was drawing the whole time.

Went to choir, sang through some of our new songs and cleaned it up a bit.

Went outside and layed down with the guys. I layed on my stomach so that the sun hit my back and made my pain-rideen muscles relax.

We all messed around with Chris about Bridgette some more and talked about old video games we used to play. Like Donkey Kong Country, Pong, Tetris, and all those good things.

Old school is in, yo! ^.^

Caught my bus, walked three blocks home just because I felt like it and got off at a different bus stop.

Came home, ate an early dinner, and now I'm here!!

Well... I'm off to go work-out and work on some of the cosplay costumes my friends requested.

Phlinx, good to know that I'll never lose you, bro. And you can be sure that you're stuck with me.

Tala, don't worry.... if your family's not there for you, then we are!

Mint, I hope to meet you real soon. You sound like lots of fun.

Lala, thanks for commenting and all, you're such a sweetie.

Tori, don't forget! My room, late at night, let's get it on!!! xD

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