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Thursday, April 21, 2005

~*Insert Title Here*~

Time: 6:05 PM

Song: Evolution

By: Ayumi Hamasaki

Mood: Victorious.

Well... getting ready for the parade tomorrow. Got my jazz pants ready and the black spaghetti strap ready as well.

Marching's easy and all, but it's all about listening to the drumline's cadences and paying lots of attention to the drum majors. We have to halt on their command, but also march in place, listen to the drumline, and keep our routine going.

Talk about more multi-tasking, eh? xD

At least Maki's going to be there the whole time with me and we're going to try our best to have fun. Of course... with some of the things I do, 'course we're gonna have fun!

I don't like the fact that we're going to be surrounded by a bunch of drunks, wanting us to do things. Our guard director even informed us that they may even throw things at us... yeesh.

I hope I can keep my attitude in check the whole time. 'Cause if one beer can is thrown at me, I may grab my flag and cause some major carnage. =3


Not much happened today at all. Took the TAKs test on Algebra... 'twas easy.. as always.

Listened to my mom's CD player (Since my own broke) and drew a new picture.

Went to lunch at 1:24 PM for "C" lunch and didn't eat anything. I really wasn't hungry afterall... I mean.. I did eat a pretty big breakfast. So that makes up for the missed meal...

Went to Algebra and played some weird game with the class. I answered the hardest question in two minutes though... so my team one and we got Blowpops! Yummy!

Walking to Choir with Heather, I kept screaming things like, "I gotta Blowpop! I love my Blowpop... does anyone else like blow... pops?!" Yeah, I know... I'm immature at times.

Went to choir and got quite the work-out with moving stage equipment from the choir room all the way to the auditorium. The girls had claimed me to be the "strongest girl" in the whole class.

They say this because within five minutes, I carried six 100 lb. risers to the auditorium by myself. Tch.. that stuff was a piece of cake! But a lot of girls were struggling, so I asked them to hold the door open while I carried the riser in.

We set up the risers and acoustic shells. There are 50 girls in my class and five of us were helping with setting up the equipment. Yeesh.. lazy people nowadays.

Went back to the classroom, got my stuff, and left.

Trent came up to me today and asked why I quit my job. I responded with my reason... which was, "If the manager's not going to do anything about sexual harassment, then he can forget it." And Trent's friend, Ali, grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "I ain't lettin' my girl quit! You better get your ass back to work."

............. -.-

I said very quietly, "YOUR girl? Not once have I agreed to even lay eyes on you with a slight interest. If your hands don't come off quickly, you may regret it."

Now Ali, being the sexual harasser that's been bothering the shit out of me ever since I started working, just got closer and said, "You're my girl."

My fist collided with his face faster then you can say, "Crack!" And Trent guided him away and out of the school. Victory for Sethy-chan! ^.^

Went to GSA, talked about the parade, had to cut our meeting short for a personal reason.

Waited outside to be picked up and played with my glowsticks while idly talking to Kandis about why I was playing hacky sak with my glowsticks. x3

Got picked up, came home, ate some rice, and now I'm here!!

That's my day in a nutshell!

Phlinx, can't wait to talk to ya again sometime, bro.

Tala, good girl! Going to bed early is good!!

Zappa, all's well for me! How 'bout you?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Time: 5:30 PM

Song: Running (TrAnCe ReMix)


Mood: Just... there? o.o;

HAPPY STONER'S DAY! Though I'm not into drugs... just thought I'd say it!

Well... not much happened at all today... so this post will be really.

Sorry everyone if you feel that I am ignoring you or if you just get the feeling that I'm never there anymore for you.

I've been really busy lately... and I have no other time to stay home, hang out on the computer, or go out with some of my close college friends nowadays.

I really am sorry, but good 'ol Sethy-chan will get 'er life back up 'n running as soon as she possibly can... even if it takes as long as A-kon to do so.

Once again, sorry for the shortness... I need to go work out or something. xD;;

Phlinx, thanks for wishing my luck and I hope you have fun, bro.

Tala, I know you went to bed at 11:11 PM instead of 10:30 PM... -.-

Zappa, tell me, damnit!! >.<

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

OMG! Ian Said

Time: 9:30 PM

Song: Short Story of a Lonely Guy

By: Blink-182

Mood: Pretty good, I guess.

~* New Background and Song Update*~

Well... no thoughts will be repeated within this journal tonight... I'm feelin' a bit lazy today from sleeping all day in class. xD;

I listened to a weird song today with the lyrics, "Eeny weeny teenie weenie, shriveled, shriveled, short, short, man." and laughed. o.O

Let us talk about my conversation with Ian on the phone last night.

It seems that every single time we talk, he ALWAYS gets excited about going to A-kon and starts planning even MORE poses to do with me at the convention this june.

So, we came up with the "sword hug". The "sword hug" is what Ian will be doing to those he enjoys talking to or just to those he thinks is cool at A-kon.

He will put his arm around you while holding the sword, and squeeze tightly, giving you the "sword hug". He's such a bishie... x3

(My butt has this weird throbbing on the right butt-cheek and it won't stop!!! >.<)

And I will be giving my trademark, "cloth-covered kiss". 'Tis just either a small or long kiss from me, with my mask still on, to another person.

Zabuza and I will be teh affectionate bishies this year! But I will remain in character for most of the con. I hopefully won't have to cary much around though... not many props for me. Just a kunai and whatever Phlinx said he's gonna make me... which I'm STILL going to pay him back for.


I was watching this funny video while posting some of my funny webcomics on my photobucket album, along with some new drawings, and watching the movie where these celebrities ran around this British measeum screaming, "BOGIES!" and seeing who looked. xD!

Well... Ian heard this and said, "Bogies?" and he sounded so adorable! *Squeak.*

Then he started thinking of different ways to say it and made me laugh so hard.

Well... I was playing some music for Tala and Tori over voice chat and they heard me laughing harder then I've ever laughed before. How embarassing... >.<

So now... whenever Ian doesn't know what to say to me, he'll just say, "Bogies!" and make me crack up until the joke dies and fades into nothingness.

Oh! I was so bored today in my stupid testing room that I FINALLY wrote down the skit that Ian and I will be doing at A-kon. And maybe if you all are REALLY polite... I'll post the skit for you guys! =3

Well... still waiting for my Chuunin vest to arrive in the mail. Should be showing up sometime this week or the beginning of next week. Yay-ness! <3

Well... that's all I can think of to write right now. =/

Phlinx, Uhm... don't let the squirrels eat your truck? xD Love ya, bro.

Alora, I love you, onii-san! <3

Maki, I'm not telling you about this person who shall never be more than a friend, but all's good if you DON'T let anyone else know at school about this little problem.

Lala, I'm happy that you consider me a friend. Now to meet up and hang out sometime! ^.^

Tala, still planning the sleep over sleep.

Tori, I hope all's well for you, bud. I'm worried about you.

Zappa, *Fwaps.* Happiness! Happniess! Happiness! >.<

Kato, my brother. It's been such a long time since that day. I heard our song today and thought of you.

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
So what would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
god wouldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.

*Jimmy Eat World, "Hear You Me"*

And I'll always remember ya even as the days move on.

Alright everyone... I know you think it's stupid to type to my disceased brother... but it helps me vent...

Alright... anyone else who didn't get a shout-out... you know I love you all!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Just Thinking...

Time: 5:30 PM

Song: Blue and Yellow

By: The Used

Mood: Thoughtful.

This post is just a simple run-through of what's going through my mind... since I really don't feel like being a burden to those around me who seem to offer me their shoulder on a daily basis... no matter how much I say I don't need it.

I am overcome my an immense worry that has been shaking me up constantly ever since last night.

My phone rang last night and I picked it up, wondering who could be calling at about 11:00 pm at night... since I'm not allowed on the phone after 8:30 pm on weekdays and what-not.

I don't know who it was, but he kept saying things about how I am so lucky to recieve so much attention at school, even when I don't want it.

It's not that I don't want it... it's just that I don't care if I have it or not.

Then he went on, saying things about a shooting that'll happen three years from now. And he asked me if I would be one of the ones to save my friends... then the phone went dead.

I couldn't help it and I went to my parents' room and tried to talk to them, but they said that it was probably just a freakin' prank call. But I don't take things like this lightly.

I've been a wreck all day... but functioning quite normally for everyone else's needs. I just hope that I find out who it was that called and why they said it. They obviously know me... so I need to analyze my surroundings a bit more then I have been doing lately.

More thoughts...

I have come to the realization that the person I love will never return my feelings and only look at me as nothing more then a friend.

I'm not depressed, upset, nor too happy about it. But all will go back to normal within time and it'll seem as if my attraction never happened... which a lot of people don't even know it was there in the first place.

I am content in knowing that we are friends and will hopefully remain so for the rest of the time we both know each other... and as long as my friend is happy, then I am happy as well.

More thoughts...

I was thinking a lot about my friends today and was a bit peeved at myself for quite awhile.

I've noticed that my social ability to interact with my friends has decreased pretty badly as of late. It seems that I don't really talk to anyone at school as much as I used to. I hope they all understand that I've been going through a lot when it comes to family and school work. Don't worry guys, Sethy hasn't died yet! She's still here... just taking some time to worry about school work.

As the school year ends, it seems that everyone's problems seem to increase day by day. Every time someone comes to me, I listen to their story and help them as much as possible.

I hope everyone gets back to normal as soon as possible... no one seems happy anymore and I hate being the only one smiling at table or in the mornings every day. Be happy everyone!

Ian told me about he feels stressed with school work as well, so I cheer him up every single time he calls me and then we both feel better. I hate it when my friends are overly stressed about things they can't help.

More thoughts...

I'm just a bi girl who wishes to live a normal life like everyone else. So why do people feel the need to be rude to me on a daily basis about my sexuality?

Today, a girl named Morgan flat out asked me, "Are you a lesbian?" infront of all of her gossiping friends. I put my book down and stared her straight in the eyes... then I smiled brightly and said, "Actually... I'm bi!"

Then all of her friends kept saying things like, "Are you into black women?" and teasing me. It doesn't hurt... it's just really annoying and they don't seem to realize that:

1. If I felt turly insulted and was another person, I would've lashed out.


2. If I were a very sensitive person, I would probably commit suicide or something.

It's amazing what people don't notice when they think they're being funny about another person's traits or personality. Some serious damage could be done to a person by saying things like that to another.

Well... that ends my little thought bubble for today! This week is the week for exams, so I'll probably be posting my thoughts a lot this week... It's not like they're interesting anyway. xD

Phlinx, I know you can take of yourself... but just know that we're all here for you.

Tori, I'm here for you too, Tori! Love ya lots!

Alora, I'm sorry about your prediciment and all... hope things get better.

Tala, I'll start planning the sleep over ASAP.

Everyone else, don't get stressed out and have fun in life while you still can!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

You Know I Love You...

(This post is going to replace monday's post because I know that I'll be too tired to sit here and type about my day.)

Time: 9:00 PM

Song: Operator Boy

By: Urm...

Mood: Pretty good. ^.^

All that time I was searching, nowhere to run to, it started me
Wondering what I could make of my life, and whoíd be waiting,
Asking all kinds of questions, to myself, but never finding the answers,
Crying at the top of my voice, and no one listening,
All this time, I still remember everything you said
Thereís so much you promised, how could I ever forget.

Listen, you know I love you, but I just canít take this,
You know I love you, but Iím playing for keeps,
Although I need you, Iím not gonna make this,
You know I want to, but Iím in too deep.

So listen, listen to me,
Ooh you must believe me,
I can feel your eyes go thru me,
But I donít know why.

Ooh I know youíre going, but I canít believe
Itís the way that youíre leaving,
Itís like we never knew each other at all, it may be my fault,
I gave you too many reasons, being alone, when I didnít want to
I thought youíd always be there, I almost believed you,
All this time, I still remember everything you said, oh
Thereís so much you promised, how could I ever forget.

Listen, you know I love you, but I just canít take this,
You know I love you, but Iím playing for keeps,
Although I need you, Iím not gonna make this,
You know I want to, but Iím in too deep.

So listen, listen to me,
I can feel your eyes go thru me

It seems Iíve spent too long
Only thinking about myself - oh
Now I want to spend my life
Just caring bout somebody else.

Listen, you know I love you, but I just canít take this,
You know I love you, but Iím playing for keeps,
Although I need you, Iím not gonna make this,
You know I want to, but Iím in too deep.

You know I love you, but I just canít take this,
You know I love you, but Iím playing for keeps,
Although I need you, Iím not gonna make this,
You know I want to, but Iím in too deep...
~The band Genesis "In Too Deep"~

Uhm... heheh. ^.^;;

Yeah... feelin' pretty blah right now... but talking to Tala on the phone for about three hours really helped getting my mind off of things.

I got another score for going to A-kon this year. My grades all need to be either A or B in order for me to attend A-kon this year.

Well... on friday, my dad called me into his room and hugged me really tightly, explaining how proud he was of me. Well I was puzzled beyond belief because he's never done anything like this before.

He handed me a letter from the school that explained how I was recommended by my teachers to recieve an award for keeping up my acedemic achievment all year 'round. I had kept nothing but A's and B's all year and I'm supposed to get an award for it.

So... it's definate that I'm going to A-kon this year! Hells yeah!

Well... I drank spiked punch last night... (Guess who spiked it Maki... -.-) so that was pretty wacky. xD;;

Well.. raving was fun saturday night and all, but I'm still wiped out. So... I'm off of here for the night.

Phlinx, I hope your days are filled with happiness and much fun throughout all of years of living. And have the joy of knowing that everyone, myself as well, is here for you.

Tol, you're a great guy to talk to. I hope to attend an adventure someday with Team Sugoi!

Tala, 'Twas fun talking with ya on the phone, sis.

Alora, We're all for you more than you know. ^.^

Everyone else... I hope all goes well for you this week and in the many months to come.

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A Little Closer...

Time: 1:10 AM

Song: None.

By: No one.

Mood: Flustered, but not seeking sympathy... only wishing to rant.

Well.. Maki's sweet 16 was the best! Your dress looked beautiful, Maki!

We raved the night away and danced and had a great time all together.

But by the end of the dance, I had found out that three girls and two boys had crushes on me. What the crap is up with that?

It seems that everytime I go partying or whatever... SOMEONE always has to fall for me and I don't know why.

Look, people... I'm sorry to say this, but I'm only interested in ONE PERSON...

Now don't take me wrong... I don't mind being perverted with friends or acting like I'm flirting... I'm a hentai myself and love to be crazy with others, but love is just too complex for me to want right now. Maybe later on in life...

Anyway... yeah... that's the end of my rant... I'm so wiped out right now.

A Little Closer...

I would drive four hours just to see you for a minute
Then drive back home to realize I'd left it all behind
The scene won't change when everything is stuck in an instant
When distant troubles me, I get in my car and ride

You're in another place I'll see you there
Where nothing seems to bother you
Where all the time that you spent there

I spent my time away from you
In another world It seems to me
You lived in in that time before
I learned a lesson that taught me
Far away ain't so far anymore

Time and again I find myself wanting just to talk to you
So I pick up my phone and I'll give you a call
You say 'hey' I say 'what's up? what's going on with you?'
And in that moment you don't seem far away at all

Come a Little closer now (So far away)
Come a little closer now (So far away)
Come a little closer now (So far away)
Come a little closer now (So far away)

And... uhm... that's it! ^.^;

Phlinx, bro.. all's well and ends well so don't worry about anything! Sethy's always here for you.

Tala, you're a great person and don't ever think for once that you're a heartless bitch... 'cuz I'm supposed to be the heartless bitch! >XD

Everyone else, I hope your night... er... morning, day.. whatever... is filled with lots of happiness!

Now quit reading this and go to bed or read something a little more interesting. o.o

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lying Naked in the Sun... You Are All that I've Become...

Time: 6:11 PM

Song: Left You Standing

By: Strawberry Nixon

Mood: Emotionally tired.

Ahah! Upon seeing the word "Naked" on this entry, I bet it caught your interest you little perv! I like you already. ~_^

I'm not going to really go into what distressed me today, but let's talk about the stuffs!

Dance: I got to lay in the hallways and push the play button on the stereo over and over while Trinity practiced her dance.

I layed on Maki's lap and relaxed a bit.

World Geography: Worked on a project for that class. After gathering information, I fell asleep and had a dream about bunnies and tomatoes. Must've been something I ate for breakfast. o.o

English: What do you know... no fun in that class!!! Moving on...

Lunch: Sat there, ate, messed around, uhm... forgot what else.

Back in english: No fun here!!

Choir: *This scene has been edited out due to much ranting and sadness and depressions and Eric picking me up.* xD It wasn't me being depressed.

Went to GSA, talked about some stuff and went home. What an eventful day!!!!! ^.^

This is a note to all of my friends. Yes Minty, Alora, Sub, Tala, Zappa, Phlinx, Tol, Newbeh, and Rei... this goes to all of you too!

I am here for all of you if ever need me. I can be your strength and have a lot of experience in a lot of things that I could help you with. If anything ever happens, feel free to call me or IM me anytime. Even if you're just lonely and need someone to talk to.

That's all, folks! Sethy signing out!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Would you believe that he told her that he loved her?

Time: 7:38 PM

Song: Whispers

By: Strawberry Nixon

Mood: Pretty good. ^.^

I love this song so much! ^.^

Today was an alright day. I had guard practice from 7:15 am - 8:15 am and it was pretty easy.

I went to the cafeteria to pick up a smoothie and met up with Eric, he was at the gardens and got soaked, and we sang together. It was such a cute bonding moment between us.

I went to Interior Design and slept... nothing interesting there!

I went to IPC, 'twas a make-up work day, I had no 0's... so guess what. I slept! Woot!

Going to lunch, everyone was quiet and I enjoyed my Subway sandwich.. I thought of you Zappa! ^.^

In algebra, we took a quiz and worked on reviews since the TAKS test is next thursday. Bleh...

Went to choir and worked on our new song for the last concert of the year this May... I hope it's a good concert.

Left the classroom, talked to Yug, and went to the band hall to get ready for practice.

We practiced the same routine over and over again, the routine's too easy, but also easy to forget without practice... so practice Maki!

Maki and I messed around a bit during practice, but other than that, we were silent for practice and well behaved.

I left the band hall at the end of practice and got yelled at by my dad for "having to run around too much". He's just too pissy to get off his lazy ass every once in a while. I thought he wanted me to get involved in school activities... make up your damn mind! >.<

Yup... talked to my mom about rooming with Tori for Oni-con and she has no problem with it and she will convince my dad to let me go. Yay for us, Tori!

Also talked about having Tala spend the night in the beginning of May sometime... all went well. ^.^

Today wasn't good, nor bad... just.. there, I guess. xD

Also, I'd like everyone to stop for a few minutes and remain silent if you support gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I support it all...

"Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. People who are silent today believe that laws and attitused should be inclusive of people of ALL sexual orientations and gender identities. The day of silence is to draw attention to those who have been silenced by hatred, oppressions, and prejudice. Think about the voices you are not hearing. What can you do to end the silence?"

Phlinx, sleep well, bro and remember that I always have your back as well.

Everyone else who I consider family... you know who you are! Take good care and do not fear the bunnies that go "hump" in the night. They have to multiply afterall you sill gooses! xP

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well Spank My Butt and Call Me Debbie Underpants! >.

Time: 7:30 PM

Song: This Tipsy Love

By: J-kwon vs. Maroon 5

Mood: Beyond irritated. >.<

Now that my title has gotten your attention, I'd like to bring to your attention that this is going to be a rant.. sorry kiddos... but Sethy's had a bad day and needs to vent on something OTHER then her punching bag. ^.^;

Today started off alright, but fifth block today tore my happy mood straight off my face. Mrs. Burnette, my dance teacher, came in talking about how lazy our class is because NO ONE's project was ready.

Now Maki and I have our excuses... we had guard practice, grade problems, stress, exhaustion, Maki's been going through a lot of emotional stress (I love you to death Maki!), and it's just project after project... not mention the tape I made was broken, our CD player was used and broken by the freakin' prep squad, we don't have our costumes ready, and our props just aren't ready.

But Mrs. Burnette was in the worst mood today, and she took it out on us. Good thing Maki and I are the last to perform since our show's supposed to be really good and a big surprise.

I went to Worlf Geography and turned in my make-up work. All went well in that class 'cept for the fact that we were watching a really boring movie and he wouldn't let us put our heads down. I was so tired... >.<

Then english came. Oh, boy... we had a sub named Mrs. Holston. She only gave us five minutes to write a page worth of journal entry... about a part in my life that has effected me negatively. I didn't get to finish it... that's -10 points on my bell work grade.

Then she had us copy vocabulary words off of the over-head... just my like, my eyes bugged out on me. But I was still the first one to finish the ten vocabulary words. It took the rest of my knock-off classmates to finish ten vocabulary words thirty minutes! And people wonder why I don't have any friends in that class...

I had fallen asleep while waiting for everyone to finish up and no one bothered to wake me up once the lunch bell rang for us. So ten minutes after the lunch period began, I nearly fell down the stairs due to my vision and exhaustion.

Sat at lunch, ate, didn't joke around much, then went back upstairs to the english class.

We finished the rest of the vocab. words and had to read about Shakespeare aloud. Everyone took their good old time reading out loud... so we finished reading it all ten minutes before class ended.

Then the sub gave us some questions that had to be answered with the notes on hand, but she collected the damn notes! So on my paper, I simply wrote, *Sub took the notes and I only had five minutes to complete this.

Then the sub gave us homework on top of it... and collected the questions. How does Mrs. Crowder expect us to pass her class if she keeps getting subs like this?!

Then I went to choir and Mr. Murphy talked to me about my frustration and made everything better. I don't stay mad long anyway... ^.^

We began to learn a new song that's really fast and entitled "The Rythym of Life" for our finale during our last concert which is in May. Everyone's invied... though I don't expect most to show up. xD

He gave us time to ourselves and I nearly fell asleep leaning on my bag, but everytime my head rocked, I woke up.

We left class and this ruined my day even more... drama.

I was standing in the hallway talking to Crystal when we looked over to see Mindy grabbing Lizzie by the arms and screaming at her.

I ran over to see what happened. Lizzie and Mindy were both crying. Mindy was screaming at Lizzie about cutting herself and Sykle, Yugi, and the others were standing there.

Of course... being almost the center of our group... everyone turned to me for answers. Upon being flooded with questions and Crystal trying to get Mindy to calm down, I felt the stress worsen even more.

I watched Mindy, ignoring everyone and then went up, wrapped my arms are Mindy's waist, and carried her away from Lizzie.

I held her as she cried and tried my best to comfort her while Lizzie ran off and the rest of the group went quiet.

Crystal and I dragged Mindy outside and sat her down. I looked over to Mike, Mindy's boyfriend, and he immediately looked worried and rushed over... he cares about her so much... almost makes me jealous. ^.^;

Then Mindy started screaming things like, "I'm weak! I can't even help one person stop cutting!" and Crystal started talking about her cutting in the past and Yugi did too.

Then I felt my whole world go dark and just stood there. I felt helpless and didn't know what to do... my friends were all suffering because of Lizzie's actions and I had no clue what to do about it.

I will be perfectly honest, I have never cut myself... ever. I found no need to... I did think about it in the past because I used to be very mad at my life, but I used my punching bag to relieve the anger. And taught myself how to play various instruments to keep from dwelling in the past for too long.

I used to be a bitch and hate everyone and everything because of the mere thought that the world was out to get me. What else could happen? I'm adopted, lost my older brother... the only one in this whole family who has ever cared for me the most, and much more that I won't go into. The world was out to get me, but I was wrong.

I looked at myself and realized that it's not about me, it's about others. Now I am myself... not dwelling in the past, but living life one day at a time with many friends who care about me.

Why would Lizzie cut? I know her family life is horrible... but she had friends that care about her! We all love her to death and I have taken notice to her as much as everyone else.

I noticed the cuts and talked to her, she promised to try and stop, I noticed the poems she wrote, I noticed her grades dropping quickly (She used to be a perfectionist with all As...), I noticed the bags under her eyes, and I noticed her crying in the mornings and have been there for her.

Everday I watch my friends and look for that one spark in their eye that expresses sadness, I look for flaws, for instability. Lizzie was no different.

I realized all of this and snapped, but instead of yelling at everyone like I had planned on doing, I shoved my hands into my pockets and walked away, followed by Yugi.

I sat on the hill with a normal expression, trying to act as if nothing bothered me... no need to make others worry for me now. ^.^

Joey came up and hugged me tightly, he's a really huggy guy. And Alex sat behind me watching Matt hitch a ride on Will's back. Mike acted like nothing happened and Matt (The Matt I like to sit on) was doing his normal thing, laying on the grass listenin to his CD player.

My bus came sooner then expected, I hugged everyone and took my leave. I listened to the only CD I had with me, which was my friends Maroon 5 CD, and pondered about today's events. For the first time in a long while, I wanted to cry...

But now I'm home after doing chores, cooking dinner, and finishing my homework, and talking to Ian on the phone (which cheered me up a lot)... and I'm back to normal! No more angsty-ness.. it's all out the window! ^.^

Now go read something good your little gophers! ^.^

Phlinx, I love ya, bro... remember to take it easy. And I still think about you ever when we haven't talked in forever as well!

Tala, I hope this post meant something to ya.

Everyone else... I love you to death and you can come to good 'ol Sethy for anything!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sorry kids...

Time: 9:00 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Dead tired, babay!

We interrupt this post to bring you a very eccentric and stupid post and we assure you that something like this will probably never happen again after this day.

My mind has recieved a total breakdown of exhaustion and I can't seem to remember my day up until about when guard practice started today.

So due to this wave of exhaustion, the weasles will eat away my clothes and the spoons will forever chase me in my slumber tonight as Alladin will try to find the lamp beneath my bed just to be devour by a bunch of man-eating purple and green socks that probably haven't been cleaned for a few years now.

I'm not depressed, nor am I very happy... just tired! ^.\\

So while these activities are happening within the confines of my comfy room with its walls filled up with pictures of random anime characters and favorite bands of mine, just remember that the force is always with you and that light sabers are not safe to rave with due to their high voltage of heat and laser-like ability to slice off any limb that touches it.

Have I scared you yet with my little ramblings? I hope not... x3

Well... yeah... I'm gonna go dream away now and all that good stuff.

Maki... we'll get that project done in Dance somehow... I knew I should'a taken a different elective... but we never would have met.

Phlinx, bro... you know I'd break the law with you anytime! xD! I'm just joking.... or am I? I'll leave you to figure that out. xD

Tala, Tol, Zappa, Alora, and all those good people out there... I love you and I hope that you understand that more than anything about my personality. ^.^

G'night everyone.

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