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Monday, August 8, 2005


Time: 3:51 PM

Song: Blegh.

By: Blegh.

Mood: Tired.

Hey everyone! Sethy here and I just wanna show you some artwork that my friend Amy does. I absolutely love her style to death.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Her artwork should be respected by all! Her dev thingy is: http://embyr-chan.deviantart.com/

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

*Stabs herself.* RAWR!!!!!! >.

Time: 5:10 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Fuck everything!!! e.e

Well... band/colorguard camp started on monday and all's been the same old same old. We go to camp, stay outside marching in the heat all day, listen to Mr. Herrera repeat the same sentence twice... but one thing sucks more than anything out of this whole freakin' week....

On monday... the day before camp started...

My fucking air conditioner broke.

So... I've been surviving off of two to three hours of sleep every night and stumbling around to during camp. Not to mention that this is the fourth time THIS YEAR that the A/C broke.


Gods, this is SO frustrating...

That, and I have to walk to Yugi's house everyday after camp because the parent's work too late. Talk about heading to hell early...

Sorry about this rant-ish post, guys... needed to vent.

Shout to everyone: I love you all very very much.

Sorry everyone... no creature today because Sethy feels like crap. <3

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Back! Alive and Drugged Up!!!!!!111oneonebillion

Time: 12:04 AM

Song: Robot Chicken theme!

By: Er... Robot Chicken!!! XD;

Mood: *Skreamz and flails.*

Omg! I feel totally high right now... Zappa knows why, but I won't get into details.

Lesee.... erm...

OH!!! Something REALLY funny happened on Furcadia today!

Some guy, Essentials, has this item that changed his character into a cat in a wheel chair!!! XDD

Here's the logs... I'm Ryo and he's... erm... Essentials!

You say, "Wtf?"

You say, "XD"

An Obvious Alt: o.o;

Essential: xD

You say, "Omg."

Essential holds up a cane. "You youngsters are all pitiful." D:

Ryo can't stop laughing. XD

Kanissive: [mrf... RL is calling, gotta go >.<]

An Obvious Alt: Hmm.

Essential goes 1 mile an hour. "Waaaaatch oooout!"

An Obvious Alt: You promised me triwings. =/

You say, "XDD"

Essential: Ahhh!

An Obvious Alt: I'm disappointed.

Essential: I cant stop. :O

An Obvious Alt kicks it?

Essential falls over. "MAH HIP."

You say, "XD"

An Obvious Alt: o.o

Essential: Oh lord.

An Obvious Alt kicks him as well?

Essential: OH LORD.

An Obvious Alt: Give me your money! >=3

Essential cries

Mrow: are you ok?

Essential: I guess so.

Mrow: ok

Mrow: :-)

Essential wheelchairs away!

An Obvious Alt: o.o;

Essential: Damn hills.

You say, "I just know I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night laughing about hit. []"

You say, "this*"

Essential: [Me too. xD]

You say, "XD[]"


You say, "XD"

Slash Kitt Blinks, "The wheelchair almost caught on fire"

Essential: Weird.

Essential: AHH

AzzyTheBat: what is thy bidding?

Essential spins out. :O!!!

XDDD!!!! Omg... that was too good.

Anyway... erm... I'mdonebeingreallyhypernow!!! :O

Love to all!!!!

And just for Brian...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Shizou *~

"Laziness is not true bliss, but laying around on your ass all day sure is fun, isn't it?"

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

~*WARNING*~ This is a MAJOR rant from yours truly.

Time: 11:30 PM

Song: Child Prey

By: Dir En Grey

Mood: Pissed. D:<

BIG warning for those of you who are real big into religion and all. This is a rant about MY opinions on all of this crap... my journal, my thoughts... so don't you DARE flame me about anything I have to say!

The stupidest thing has just happened to me! My friend called and asked me why I choose to remain Aethiest. Why don't I choose to believe in God?

I told her the truth... if there was really a God out there who cared about the whole damn human race, don't you think he would've done something to change the way everything has happened in my life?

After all of the shit that's happened to me, I choose to believe that there is NO ONE out there watching over every thing that I do. All of you can believe in God if you wish... I'm not trying to steer anyone off of that trail at all! These are my beliefs... and they don't have to belong to anyone else.

But don't ever tell me that I'm just scared that I've done something to piss off this entity everyone speaks so highly of. And that's exactly what my friend did! She says, "You're just scared that God doesn't love you as much as everyone else."

You know what?! Maybe I don't care how much "God" loves anyone. I just want to live my life helping others and allowing things to move on. I don't need to cling to every bit of hope that "God" will somehow make things better with the wave of his hand!

Saying that I'm scared doesn't mean that I'm going to change who I am just because others may think I'm scared of some entity out there. I follow my own path... and if some people can't accept it, FINE! Move on! Go your own way, but don't try to change me into something I never was.

I don't need hope. And I don't need faith in an entity out there either. Because I'm sure that even if I did have hope... NOTHING would be different anyway. Things would still be the same.

There... I think I'm done now. Hope I didn't offend too many people.

Shout out to all: Sorry if I pissed anyone off and have a great weekend. *Hugs for all.*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Kuroisai *~

"All it takes is one word to set off someone... one word can end it all."

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Friday, July 22, 2005

New Keety! x)

Time: 11:00 PM

Song: The Skies Above

By: From Final Fantasy X

Mood: Happy.

Well... we finally got my cat, Matt, a play mate! His name's Ozzy and he's one hell of a lover. =3

Here's my day's story.

I had a dream that I jumped off of a building and was falling toward the ground. I'm sure everyone's had these kind of dreams before. But just as I hit the ground, I fell out of my bed and hit the floor.

So that gave me quite the scare. I even woke and said, "What the?!" really really loudly.

Having been rudely awakened by falling out of my bed, my heart was so worked up that I couldn't get back to sleep. So I stayed up and ate some Pop Tarts. x)

Later on in the day, dad came home from work and they ushered us into the Tribute to head for the ADL (Animal Defense Leaque) to find Matt a play buddy.

We got there and walked to the first room filled with bunches o' kitties and kittens that began meowing at us, wanting to be taken home.

We met our first keety. Her name was Neptune and she was a grey fat kitty about 4 years old. Now Matt's about five years old, so we were looking for a kitty around his age.

Neptune was really sweet and all, but we decided to continue looking.

Moving onto the next room filled with keeties, we met Lila, a beautiful keety with a bit of Siamese in her. She had bright blue eyes and a tabby striped tail. She was also a sweetie. But once again, we decided to move on and keep looking.

We moved into a room where the keeties were actually let out of their cages to play. Nick quickly ran to play with the kittens and mom found a female cat named Pru.

I found a cage with the names "Ozzy" and "Sharron" on the tags. Inside of the cage was a really skinny grey keety with a blue collar that said "Ozzy" on it. I urged him to come out of the cage and as soon as he did, he was crawling all over me, nuzzling me and playing with my necklace.

Ozzy was so adorable. He ran around trying to bond with everyone in the famil. He nuzzled mom, climbed all over dad, and played with Nick. Mom was REALLY considering getting Pru though.

I kept pointing out how cute Ozzy was and Nick wanted a kitten. I was bent on getting Ozzy though. Ozzy walked up to Pru and sniffed at her, but she hissed and batted at him. So that ruined Pru's chance of coming home with us. All because she may not be friendly with Matt.

We finally all decided on Ozzy because he was quite the comical keety. He's got such a cute personality. Clumsy and curious at the same time. And a year and a half old too. ^.^

So on our way out to fill out the paperwork, I saw Ozzy waiting for us at the door and he meowed when I turned around and looked at him. He really wanted to come home with us. I could tell. :3

Dad filled out all the paperwork and soon enough, I was carrying Ozzy out to the car inside the carrier. Poor thing meowed the whole way home though. ._.

We got home and introduced Matt to Ozzy, but Matt's not that enthused about Ozzy. It's all a matter of time though. Matt'll get used to Ozzy in time and then they won't be so lonely and stuff.

Ozzy is such a loving keety though. He found his way to my room, jumped up on the chair and began crawling all over me, purring and nuzzling me. I'll nuzzle him back too and he gets really happy. But Matt needs just as much attention. So I played with Matt just as much.

But Ozzy will chase anyone he sees around until they stop and sit down or pet him. Such a loving, but clumsy kitty.

Earlier, he typed a message to SD, that said: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And he even cuddled up to me attempted to wrap a paw around my waist. He's sleeping curled up on my stomach right now. *Pets Ozzy.* =3

Well... that was my day. No time for shout outs though. Sorry guys.

*Hugs for everyone!!*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Erasmus *~

"Being shy is only the beginning of a great friendship."

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Corpse Bride!

Time: 11:21 PM

Song: Hikari [PLANITb Mix]

By: Utada Hikaru

Mood: Mwee. :D

Well... I was woken up today WAY earlier than usual. At about 6:00 AM... to get driven to the hospital to get my blood tested AND my stomach had to be pumped too! Yipee!

So after long, grueling hours spent healing up in the hospital after the viscious pumping, I was finally set free at about 1 PM. Then to make me feel better, mom dropped me and Nick off at the movies to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!

After sitting there, watching the movie... all I have to say is...

It rocked my face!!!

I thought Jonny Depp really fit the part. He even made Willy Wonka kinda hawt too! I was so into the movie, I didn't even notice when the little kid behind us threw up. >.>

After that, I got to sit out in the pouring rain waiting for mom to come and pick me and Nick up. I let Nick have the dry seat underneath the roof area while I stood out next to the street looking for mom in the pouring rain.

We got home and I retreived the letter from Wuffers to me on the counter in the kitchen and read it. Then I began to realize that I had a HUGE headache. So I took some Aleve to cure the headache.

But the damn thing wouldn't go away! I was so close to ripping off my head or something. Anything to get the pain away from my temples and eyes. Then dad asked me what was wrong. I told him I had a head ache. So we went out to eat.

When we got to the place, I realized that after getting my stomach pumped, I hadn't eaten ANYTHING for the whole day. So I had my share of chowing down on the food they had there. 'Twas quite good. Felt like I hadn't eaten in three days. But the head ache was gone within five minutes after finishing up the food.

Anyway... Guess what movie I wanna see!!!

Corpse Bride will now be what I am waiting for until September! Time Burton rocks my socks with all the cool plots and what-not. Cropse Bride looks so totally awesome! I think it's going to be a cute movie... the timid guy who plays the main character is such a cutey to me for some reason!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm such a sucker for cheesy romance stuffs. But I'm an even bigger sucker for Tim Burton's stuff! He rocks my face with his cool imagination!!! x)

Erm... I think that's about it! Lots o' shout outs!!

Phlinx, I'm really glad that new shift of your allows us to talk more. And be glad that I didn't take that pregnancy thing to heart! xP

Ian, Please be more careful, hun. I don't want you to die on me. ;-;

Sethos, I can't wait to see you this Saturday!

SD, mweezaa all da way! You're so fun to chat wif. x)

Tori, I'ma miss you while you're gone. Call me or something. <3

Wuffers, Miss you a lot, chika. Can't wait to see you this Saturday! *Huggles tightly.*

Alora, don't listen to what others say about you, sis. You're too nice to be mistreated like some have treated you. <3

Tala, don't worry. I'll protect you from the binding tape! *Hides video camera.*

ClosetPervert, You're right about the comment towards Krakan. That does sound more like me then what he thought. XD

ShikamaruKnowsAll, take it easy, man. Yard work sucks beyond belief too.

Newbeh, keep it real man. We gotta hang out some time.

Mikako, call me when ever you need anything.

Maki, I can't wait to see you at the dreaded Band/Colorguard camp. XD

Zappa, Be happy yew! Your gf lurbs you!!

Setoek, I missed you the first ten seconds you were gone!!! D:

Mint, Don't worry so much about me hating you. I love you too. ^.^

Pocky, thank you so much for worrying about me when I was sick.

And everyone else, why do you insist on wasting your time reading about my boring life? XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Meek *~

"Being curious won't get you killed... unless you don't know what that button does before you push it." - Me again!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Creatures to come.

Time: 11:15 PM

Song: Renegades of Funk

By: Rage Against the Machine

Mood: Stomach hurts so much that I can't generate human emotions at the moment.

Well... just like Himi up there, I made more creatures to put in my future posts!!

Like... 37 to be exact. >.>

Boredom strikes again!!!!!

Anyway... this is going to be a REALLY short post and what-not. Sorry guys, but Sethy's not feeling well... she ate some bad Squid and needs to go to the hospital tomorrow. .-.

I've been quite content lately. I actually feel like everything's back to normal for me. I mean, with Phlinx's new shift... I actually get to talk to him more often.

And I finally have myself a loving boyfriend and am surrounded by great friends everyday... what more could I want, y'know? (GASP! Sethy had a good moment!!)

Actually... talking to Phlinx yesterday, I remembered a REALLY funny thing that happened between my friend, Krakan, and I on the internet.

~* Story Time! *~

Well, one day, my friend Krakan brought home his new girlfriend for some good ol' lovin'! *Winkwinknudgenudge.*

Her name was Kisha and she was really nice. And Krakan had taken the time to tell her that all of his friends in the group are VERY mature and nice people.

Just as he had logged onto Yahoo, he IMed me and said, "Hey Seth. Kisha's here right now."

Now... being Krakan... he assumed I would be my normal self and say, "Hiya Kisha! I'm teh Seth! Nice to meet ya!"

But he had a whole other thing coming to him! Instead of saying something to back up the point that his friends were all mature.... I said:

"R U guyz gunna have hAwT secks?!?!?! D:"

Well... he blocked me while I was laughing. But later on, he learned to laugh along with me about the subject. XD!

~* End of story time *~

And... the report on my family reunion should be coming up REAL soon anyway. As soon as I quit being lazy and actually take the time to post about it.

Too lazy for shout outs, but you know I love each and every one of you!

Until the next report... Sethy is out!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Darakan. *~
"Life is truly lonely ONLY if one chooses not to bond with that of the human race that surrounds them." - Quote by yours truly.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

*Clings to everyone.* Don't let them take meeee!!!! D:

Time: 11:20 PM

Song: Green Bird

By: Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Mood: Accomplished, but sad to be leaving for the whole weekend.

Well, guys... this'll be my last post until at least Sunday. Sethy's being dragged kicking and screaming to a family reunion all the way in Lubock(sp?). I really don't want to go... at all.

But I'll have my cell phone with me if anyone ever needs to call me and what-not.

I'll be about six hours away from SA, brooding in a hotel room surrounded by people who are total strangers to me... -.-

But... maybe they'll have an elevator I can freak people out with! That'd be a lot of fun.

Me: What does this button do?!

Everyone in the elevator after two hours of me pressing the Emergency stop button: NOO!!!


Me: Whoo! That was a good one. Must've been the chili!


Me: *Puts some underwear on her head, with the leaf headband on too and walks around munching chips.* I be Chouji!!!

That would be interesting. *Scratches out the "being miserably bored" on her sheet and replaces it with "torturing random family members".

Mission objective: Scare the hell out of them so badly they won't want another damned reunion.

So, yeah... I'll be gone all weekend and all that stupid junk! *Waits for the party to start with the banner saying, "YAY! Seth's gone!"*



I managed to finish up a whole different look on Himi, the hyena... she looks a bit better now.

But I think I prefer the feral version of her more though. >.>

Well... I'm off to finish packing. Blergh. >.<

Lots o' shout outs!! :D

Phlinx, love you a lot, bro. I hope all's going well for you just as much as they are me.

SD, looking back... I'm REALLY glad that I PMed you that MGS flash. I'm glad we're friends. <3

Tori, thanks for helping me out with the problems with Yugi yesterday... I reall appreciate it. *Hugs.*

Alora, I'm glad we got to talk as well, onee-san. I feel special when we talk. ^.^

Tala, stay safe, sis. If he ever hurts you... Sethy's out to keel. >=3

Autumn, welcome back to myotaku once again. I'm really glad to have you back, my friend

ClosetPervert, hope things are going well for you too.

ShikamaruKnowsAll, keep wishing yourself luck... you'll get it sooner or later. x)

Newbeh, we have to hang out sometime. I'd like to get to know you more then I do now.

Sethos, stay good, sis. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you and I'm going to try my best to make it up to you. Just know that I care and love you more then life itself. <333

Ian, I really hope you're just as happy as I am to be with you. Love you lots. *Smooch.*

Mikako, welcome to myotaku, hun! Don't worry about those evil men trying to hurt you. *Hugs.*

Maki, can't wait to see you again. I really miss sseeing you.

Zappa, I can't work on Alex's site. So I feel that you're the person to do so. She wants an Itachi based theme. Sorry...

Mint, I wish we could hang out a lot more then we do now. <3

And everyone else, go to bed already! <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~* Himi, my hyena. No one may steal her! *~

"Life doesn't have to be filled with pain if one does not dwindle in their own blood puddle for too long."

- Seth

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Newest Addition.

Time: 6:00 PM

Song: Where's Your Head At?

By: Basement Jaxx

Mood: Accomplished. ^.^

See the purple spotted Hyena at the base of my journal? 'Tis the newest addition to my site... I like to call her my buddy.

Every now and then, the quotes will change and if I'm bored, I'll add a different "buddy" to my site. Depending on how I'm feeling.

So... what do you think of her? Cute? Ugly? Not needed and totally childish?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer Fun and My First Date!

Time: 11:40 PM

Song: Child Prey

By: Dir En Grey

Mood: Blushy and Squeally

Well... not much detail tonight guys!

We got to the mall, very anxious indeed. And met up with Yugi and Serenity.

I teased Nick and Serenity for quite awhile while we just casually strolled the mall and looked around.

I decided I needed some nourishment and went to the food court to grab some much-needed food and what-not.

We found Tori, in a skirt, and we talked for a bit before spotting Zappa in all his glory with his presents for Alex. How adorable! x3!!!

Kevin, Ian, Pocky, and John finally got to the mall and said that they were in Dillard's. Well... problem is... there are two Dillard's in the mall! xD

So after running around the wrong Dillard's, look for the guys, Zappa gave up and went to hang with Alex while I asked Kevin to meet us at the food court.

Tori and I made our way to the second Dillard's and saw Kevin and John there... while Ian and Pocky were inside the Dillard's.

A few jokes about Ian being eaten by the perfume ladies were exchanged before Ian walked out.

We hugged tightly and didn't really let go as we continued towards the food court again. And then we watched in happiness as the glory of couples ensued.

I split from the group with Ian and we walked around together, sharing old memories we've had in different malls and looking at clothes.

Later on into the day, Sethos was going crazy with the video camera and everyone kept trying to get me and Ian kissing on camera... which didn't happen until the end of the day... which is the most surprising part.

We hung infront of Victoria's Secret before walking into Hot Topic and seeing G-strings made out of candy! Ian said it was slightly sexy and I continued to browse around.

We also saw Kevin mouth rape Tori in Kay-bee-toys! XD!!!

We spent about thirty minutes in Spencer's as the day passed on a bit more... looking at all the pornographic accessories and joking with them.

Then we hung out infront of Blackfly and watched my little brother give his crush a balloon that said, "I love you." all over it! It was so freaking adorable.

My mom called and said she was picking me and Alex up at 8:00 PM... but when I looked at my cell. It was 7:28 PM!!! D:

So Ian and I walked to a bench nearby Cyberzone, where everyone was, and began talking. I saw my friend Eric and introduced him to Ian. Eric was REALLY surprised that I finally have a boyfriend. >.>

Ian and I got really in deep about us and how we were happier than ever with each other. How we both fucked up badly, but now everything's better.

Then... Ian and I finally shared our first kiss together. It was really sweet... on the bench a bit away from Cyberzone. Talk about awesome-ness! x)

I told Ian that I had to get going and he threw a small fit... it just amazes me knowing that he actually feels that strongly for me.

I headed for Kay-Bee-Toys because I wanted a dragon figure and asked Alex and Zappa to go fetch my little brother. Well... after buying the toy it was 7:59 PM... I called my mom and told her I lost Nick.

Then she called me back, telling me she found everyone and REALLY near me and Ian. Now, being the normal teen freaking out because her mom was there.... near her boyfriend. I told Ian I couldn't kiss him goodbye. >.>;;;

He kept trying to sneak a kiss, but it seemed like everytime he tried, my mom would turn around just a bit! I got so peeved that I just said, "I can't."

And Ian threw the cutest fit ever!! xD! He really wanted to kiss me goodbye, but I clung onto him, saying, "I love you! I really do!" and we got to my mom.

Then she talked about how she knew that Zappa and Alex kissed, so she figured that me and Ian did too. I denied that we did... but she insisted on us kissing RIGHT infront of everyone!

All right... now this is my step mom... tell me to make out with my eighteen year old boyfriend... I was flipping!!!

So... Zappa grabbed his camera and handed it to my mom. I thought she was kidding! But I looked at Ian and he said, "Your mom's cool."

I was being skiddish... so I pecked him on the lips. My mom was like, "C'mon! I know you can do more then that! Put some tongue into it!"

So.. everyone got their wishes. Pocky pulled out the video camera and my mom got a picture of me and Ian making out! *Faints.*

Ian was all happy, I was red and smiling while everyone did the hearts with their hands and what-not.

We thanked Kevin for helping us out as much as he did and Ian glomped Kevin for what Kevin had done for us. It was all really great...

Just seeing everyone so happy... except for Yugi... who was brooding because I refuse to date her.

Well... we ended up leaving... sadly. But Tori has a pool! And mom said we can have a party someday with everyone invited!

And... that was my day! x)

Phlinx, glad to know you're still alive. PLEASE IM me whenever you're free.

Tori, glad you had a lot of fun.

Zappa, don't worry so much. I'll keep you two in touch!

Shikamaruknowsall, thanks for the good luck wish! <3

ClosetPervert, what's up? Haven't heard from you in awhile.

Autumn, welcome back to myotaku!

Suger, woot-ness! Yaoi!

Alora, Tala, love you both sisters!! <3

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