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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ushicon Meet and the Forgotten Pills...

Time: 6:33 pm

Song: Around the World

By: Daft Punk

Mood: Back to being mellow. -.-

Today started off very slow at first. We woke up pretty early, thus surviving with only three hours of sleep all day and took our showers.

After screwing with my hair, and Sethos laughing at me because my hair was all over the place (It looked almost like Kakashi's hair. xD) and seemed to eat my head, we sat downstairs listening to random techno for about an hour.

Then the fun began when we walked out the door and into my moms car... then I realized that I forgot to take my meds... kuso.

After getting lost and what-not, we made it to the meet about five minutes after Abel showed up. He had us stand out front to see if any other boardies were gonna show up.

Phlinx, Alora, and Newbeh arrvied a bit after us and went up to the picnic tables and stuff. We waited around for Colter and Red febreeze ninja to who up, but we got tired of it and went up to the picnic table soon after Phlinx and co. arrived.

We all hung around eating at the beginning once everyone was there. I tackled Colter and he was being a pervert and began to make it look like a lap-dance. xD

After eating and wondering where Phlinx poofed to (More like... Alora wanted to know.) I decided to go exploring.

It was a bit boring at first... until Abel told us that we were free to climb anywhere... then the fun started.

I was all over the place about as much as Phlinx. I was climbing up the cliffs, saying hi to Newbeh, who was down in the pond area, and running all throughout the trees and bushes.

The scenery was so beautiful. When I sat up on the cliff with Sethos.. I felt like I was back hom in Kyoto, Japan. Good thing I got pictures! <3

After a while... my back, ribs, wrists, and knees began to ache... boy was I wishing that I had taken my pain killers and Effexor to calm me down right then. u.u

No one really seemed to notice though... so all was great.

Phlinx was standing up on this cave area and I crawled up to examine the cave and acted like something pulled me in... it was kinda funny to me at the time.

I think Alora likes me a bit more now... we seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot on the board and I thought she wouldn't like me at all. But me and Alora had a great time running around and what-not.

Eventually, I joined Newbeh, Phlinx, Alora and Abel down in the pond area, where Newbeh sparred with Abel and Phlinx for awhile. You pwn Phlinx! That was one hell of a one-hit-wonder! x3

We went up to the picnic table to get drinks and some food too. Then we somehow decided on playing kickball for awhile to have some fun.

I kicked the kickball over the stone wall accidently and Phlinx went to get it. He jammed the ball in between some rocks and when I went to get it, he was like, "Be careful I can get it." The nerve nii-san... I'm more experienced and smarted then you think! *Shakes a fist.*

We went across the street to play kickball for a while. We handed the other teams their asses in it though. We pwn. <3

Except for the time when I attempted to kick the ball and my shoe went with it... that was pretty funny.

After kickball, we all retired back to the garden where Sethos disapeared with Abel and Alora, Newbeh, Phlinx, and I went into the pond area to talk.

Alora got a bit dramatic, but I didn't let that ruin my day... my ribs were hurting too much to actually care about anything at the moment.

My parents called and everything seemed to go crashing down when I couldn't find Sethos. Phlinx tried to help me find her, but to no avail.

I eventually parted with Phlinx to find her... after hugging him. I tried my best not to cry when I called him nii-san like I did to Kyle.. my older brother.

I had just then remembered that today marks the two year anniversery of my older brother's death... man that sucked.

So upon not taking my pills, remembering that today was THAT day, and not being able to find my best friend... all bottled up inside of me and I exploded.

I found Sethos and snapped at her, which I apologized about later on... I also feel exceedingly bad about snapping at a random guy for asking a simple question. I didn't mean to be such a bitch... *Sigh.*

Well... the drive home was spent in much silence. And when we got home, Sethos stayed in my room while I got yelled by my dad for "not having the responsibility to take care of my best friend" and I got a pretty nice slap for "back talking". All I said was, "I'm sorry.. I'll be more responsible next time, sir." How is that back talking? -.-;

Well... Sethos and I are about to watch Naruto for awhile... so I'm going to lighten up. I just can't wait to move out.. and into a home where people actually care. xD

Well.. I can't complain about today... it was really good. And I'm sure that Kyle (My older brother... now disceased) would want me to be happy on a day such as this.

I would like to thank Alora, Trunks, Abel, Soto, Newbeh, and Abel's friends for allowing me to have such a good time today. And Sethos... you'll always be my sister... no matter how bad you are at sports.

I really do wish that Ian could have come though... He's my sexy Zabuza. Aishiteru, Ian!! <33

Most of all, thank you Phlinx for being here for me and actually caring to ask how I was. I know it didn't seem like much to you... but it did mean a lot to me. I do look at you as an older brother...

I must be off now.. going to go calm down and wipe my face... damn water. XDD!


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   Lollipop Bang Bang!

Time: 11:50 PM

Song: Adiemus

By: Enya (Yes.. I like Enya)

Current Mood: Worn out... u.u

All my friends know that everyday, after school... I love to sit on my friend Matt. Matt is known for being lazy after school and he likes to lay down in the grass. So I sit on his stomache... and he doesn't care at all.

Well, on friday, Yugi gave me a lollipop and I unwrapped it and licked one side of it. Then I looked down at Matt and put the lollipop to his lips, where he licked the other side of it.

So... that's when we started the "lollipop secks"! We kept licking the lollipop back and forth between each other. I would lick it and let him lick it next.

Mike stood by us for a while and was like, "Hey! I wanna join!" and then Noel said, "Lollipop orgy!" and jumped on Mike... where they proceeded to wrestle. o.o;

Well... the lollipop secks ended as soon as Matt bit the lollipop in half and I finished off the rest of it. I gave the stick to Matt and he acted like he was smoking after a good match of bump 'n grind. xD!!

Oh yeah... and remind me never to sit on Chris's (Yes Maki... THAT Chris.) shoulders again... he just randomly stands up with you on his shoulders and walks around. Then the guys try to push you off of him... and when you fall forward and his face is stuck in between your legs... let's just say you hear about it forever afterward. x.x;;

Oh well... I love my guys so much. x3

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   Match-making time!

Time: 7:03 PM

Song: Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

By: Lost Prophets

Current Mood: Oh so evil. ^.^

Well... today was my beginning of my evil match-making time! Maki thinks that my friend Chris is cute, so I decided to introduce her to him... bwaha.

It all started this morning when I saw Maki walking towards our little group in the morning. Having been draggin' Josh around the campus by a belt in my teeth (Don't ask.) I quickly let the belt go and grabbed her, dragging her over and litterally shoving her into Chris!

Maki was so kawaii! She looked like a clueless kitten in her owner's arms when Chris had his arms partly around her. She couldn't find anything to say while I introduced her to him and then she ran off to her class. Chris didn't know what was going on at the time... so it was all good.

During lunch, Chris came and said hi to us and hugged me. While he was hugging me, I told him to give Maki a hug and he did... after he walked away, she squealed really loudly! xD!!

At the end of the day, Maki had written him a note and let a girl give it to him. Upon hearing about this note, I hitched a ride on Mike's shoulders and ran up on the hill to find Chris. I asked Chris for the note and he let me read it... Maki, you're so cute!!!

I dragged Chris over to the side and told him to read the note. He was all hesitant about it and told me to read it to him... such a cutie! I read him the note and he was like: "Wow.. I gotta fangirl... finally, the man with the sword is acknowledged!!" and then he shoved the note in his pocket and ran off to wrestle with Mike.

Chris didn't seem to mind Maki giving him the note. He's a really shy guy, but sweet and caring as well. Who knows? Maybe I can pull this thing off and hook them up? Heheh.... afterall... Seth/Kakashi never gives up on a challenging mission!!!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   Rainy Days Spent In Matt's Jacket

Time: 8:10 PM

Song: "So Cold"

By: Breaking Benjamin

Mood: Happy. ^.^

Well... today was a very rainy day, and as many of you friend know... I love rainy, cold days! *Clears her throat.* Anyways... today was a very good day when it comes to after school activities.

Well... today all started out terrible. I live ten miles away from my school and my dad kicked me out very early this morning.... so that left me with one choice... walk all the way to school with a thin coat and a cup of hot chocolate.

I eventually made it school, freezing, sniffling, and just down right tired. My friends all took me inside and tried to warm me up (they all love me so much.) So instead of staying outside, like we usually do, we stood inside and did our usual talking and what-not.

I headed off to dance once the bell rang and we had an okay time. Amanda and I just kind of stood outside the dance door so we didn't have to put up with the "prep-squad" and their stupid dances. Britanny, Danielle, Trinity, and Becca were in the practice rooms practicing their dance and I ran in and screamed really loud just to scare them. A few seconds later, Amanda walked into the room and said "Sorry about that." It was really funny at the time.

After preforming our musical theatre thing for the second time, everyone clapped and what-not. We got dressed out and walked to the B building to meet up with Yugi.

I walked to World Geography and we were trying to finish our "mapping" assignment... it has taken us about two weeks because the countries are sooo small! I managed to finish it while complaining to Mr. Rodriguez about "How sucky the assgnment was." and he laughed and patted my back... Mr. Rodriguez is so understanding.

After that, I went to English and we turned in our homework, wrote in our journals, watched a movie clip, and then the bell rang for me to go to lunch.

Lunch was pretty mild. We all barely talked, because we were so tired. Yugi gave me a massage and I felt overly lazy today, so I slept a bit during lunch as well. About five minutes before the bell rang to send us back to our classes, Yugi and I headed back upstairs and had a very intelligent conversation about trees and tomatoes.

I went back to English, finished up my journal, and slept for the rest of the class period. The bell rang and sent me off toe choir with Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy's a cool choir teacher. He's funny, makes fun of us, and dresses like a nerd and thinks it's cool. We worked on our new song "In the Bleak Mid Winter" and "Da Pacem Domine" a bit. Afterwards, he told us to turn in our money for the trip to Dallas in April. It's going to be a blast!

The bell rang, signalling our end of the day, and I left the choir classroom to discover the pouring rain outside. I pulled off my coat and held it over my head and walked outside.

Mike, Josh, Matt, Chris, and Joey were hanging out outside. And somehow, I managed to crawl inside Matt's over-sized black sweater-jacket. He zipped it up over me and we continued to walk up the hill to wait for our bus.

Matt's nickname is Itachi, and some call me Kakashi. So on the way to wait for our bus, I was still in his jacket and he kept moaning and saying "Ohhh Kakashi. You're warm!" and everyone around us were like: Ewww!

Yugi, Joey, and Alex had some umbrellas and we all gathered beneath them, me still in Matt's jacket. We all joked around and tried to keep warm.

Then it began to hail! I started to scream that we were all gonna die and Mike screamed out: Quick! I don't wanna die as a virgin! ORGY!! And we all started to laugh.

We saw a flash of lightening and soon enough, it was followed by a loud clapping of thunder. Over to the side, practically the whole school was gathered beneath the foyer place, leaving no room for us. So we were just this small group huddling together in the middle of the side-walk.

Matt watched out for busses and called the numbers out as they came. I looked around and called out "Hey!! Who's flashlight is poking me?!" and Matt was like "Uhm..." because his crotch was right behind my butt and it seemed like a good joke.. everyone had their share of laughs though. When my bus came, I un-zipped myself from his jacket, hugged everyone tightly, and dashed off to my bus in the pouring rain and hail!

The bus-ride home was funny. We spoke about old school dances and old songs that used to haunt our stereo's at young ages.

I ran home from two blocks away from my house and stepped through the door, soaking wet. My dad apologized for his actions and made me some hot chocolate to help me stop shivering. I watched AVP with my parents, after doing some homework, and now here I am!

Today turned out to be a very fun day. I'm glad that my friends are always here for me... they just make things much better.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

   All's Well and Ends Horribly

Time: 8:50 PM

Song: Wind

Mood: Pissed. >.<

Today was all great until the end of my fun with Chris, Mike, Matt, Jessie, Josh, and Joey.

First, I'll begin with the fun part. My friends came to pick me up today so we can just hang out and have a good time. We went to the mall and played at Cyberzone. After about an hour or two of DDR and video games, we left to pick up Josh.

When we picked up Josh, we realized that Jesse's car was too small and someone had to ride in the trunk! Everyone voted on Chris to ride in the trunk, but he said no. So Josh did.

On the way to the buffet, everyone kept calling Chris a pansy for not getting in the trunk. Then Mike started to rap to Tejano music and that was so funny!

After eating half the buffet and talking about nothing but video games at the table, the manager came up to us and said, "You need to go now. You eat too much! This is eat all you can.. not eat all you want!" Laughing, we decided to leave and head to Best Buy to pick up a CD.

We all messed around in the store for awhile before leaving and heading to Matt's house. On the way there, Mike was singing his own version of Duality. He whisperd "I stick my fingers into my..." and then he would scream "Ass! It's the only thing that slowly starts the joy!!" And we all cracked up.

We pulled over to the side of the street and started doing our "ghetto line-dance" to Tejano music and people stared at us all funny. We laughed and jumped into the car, Joey jumping into the trunk this time, and drove off.

We were half-way to Matt's house when we decided to drop the camera off at Wal-mart. Sometime during our trip, we had thrown Mike into the trunk, put a belt over his mouth, and took pictures of him. xD

Then we went to Matt's house. We were watching a Naruto AMV when my dad called, telling me to come home.

Here comes the thing that pissed me off the most...

When I got home, my dad gave me the talk about how most guys can't be trusted because of their hormones and how they could've raped me at any moment! Come on! They're my friends... they're over-protective of me and everything.

So, I got yelled at for having frinds that are men... seriously...

But other than that... I don't regret any of the things that happened today to make my day better and fun.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Well... I'm back from Ushi-con... and all I have to say is.. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I went and cosplayed as Kakashi from Naruto and everyone loved me. I got hugged by a lot of fangirls and few fanboys as well.

I went to the dealer's room and got stalked by this really nice and Kakashi-obsessed Itachi... freaky, ne? I bought a Kakashi plushi and a kunai to help me with my cosplay outfit.

We walked around all day, getting pictures taken, getting hugged and stuff. Then I saw a group of Naruto cosplayers taking group pictures... but they didn't have a Kakashi! There was a Kabuto, Gaara, Lee, Gai, Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Zabuza (He was really nice!) , Haku, and another Gaara. They saw me and invited me to take the pictures with them. It was a lot of fun.

Later on in the day, I was sitting in the line with a bunch of people to get in to watch the cosplay. I didn't sign up to go on stage, so I figured I could just watch the skits and what not. Then Sasuke and Shikamaru ran up behind me and said "There you are! We've been looking for you! We thought you were in the game room still kicking ass on the Naruto fighting game, but they said you left!" I just shrugged and yawned. Then Sasuke asked if I wanted to cosplay with all of them.

I nodded and they took me in the cosplay room where a stage was and the whole group from earlier... yes... everyone was going on stage! And they were happy to have another Kakashi. There were two other Kakashi's... one with the vest and what not... and the other was 13-year-old Kakashi. I sat with them and we decided to do our own thing when we all walk on stage.

The Kakashi that had nearly the same outfit as me took one of Manga books and put an orange cover on and it looked exactly like Icha Icha Paradise!!

There were twelve of us... Kabuto, Kakashi, Other Kakashi, Me, Gaara, Lee, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, Naruto, A guy with a shirt on that said "Ramen! Chicken flavored", and another Gaara.

When it was our turn to walk on stage, I opened the book and acted like I was reading it while walking up. Following me were Gaara and Rock Lee. Then the other Kakashi walked on, nearly walked by me, took a double-shot at the book, swerved his path, and stood behind me to read the book too. The 13-year-old Kakashi was the last to get on stage and he walked straight to us and began reading it too. All three of us were chuckling and pointing at the book and examining it while turning the page every now and then.

Once everyone left the stage, we stood there, looking at the book until the 13-year-old Kakashi poked the other Kakashi and they walked off, leaving me to read the book. I looked up, shrugged, and walked off, still reading!!

After the cosplay, Kakashi and I walked up stairs and met up with Zabuza and they walked to the dance. I told them I would be there soon. Sasuke and Shikamaru went upstairs to their room and made me some ramen, but I couldn't eat until they looked away. XD!!

Afterwards, we went to the dance downstairs... well... it was more of a rave. And we had glow sticks and went wild! I met this guy named Matt (who had been stalking me all day.) and we danced together using martial arts moves. We had a contest to see who could bring back the oldest dance and me and him won. We danced together... dancing like they did in the prom for the movie Greese (I don't care about spelling right now.)

The dance started at 10:00 PM and went on until 2:30 AM. I met a guy who loves Yaoi, a lesbian girl who was really nice, and of course, Matt. And a few other people wanted to rave with me.

I had a lot of fun raving with the other Kakashi. He was really nice and now we're staying in contact through instant messenger. He added me to his yahoo list and seemed excited to talk to me. His name is Phlinx.

Then a Duo girl was dancing and I walked up behind her and danced behind her. Everyone was like: "Yaoi! Yaoi!" and Duo turns around saying, "You wanna see some yaoi?" then she pulled down my mask and kissed me! xD!!!

We had a very good time... after the dance, I gave out my e-mail to all of my new friends and we hugged and hoped to meet each other again sometime. I can't wait 'til the next con... it's going to be a blast!!!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

   The horrific Sub!!!

Time: 5:00 PM

Song: "Want You Bad"

By: Offspring

Mood: Happy. =^-^=

Today was a very interesting day actually. But I had the worst substitute ever today. Her name was Mrs. Carter and she had NO clue what to do at all today.

It all started in Algebra. We were all waiting outside of the door for Ms. Harms (Our normal teacher.) to show up. Then this very skinny old lady walks up to the class and screams "SHUT UP!!! I'm your sub for today... I expect your utmost respect."

My friend Ryan (His nickname is master and he is one funneh sucker!!) and I were inching away from her because we felt that she had an "evil aura" surrounding her!

She eventually whipped out the key and unlocked the classroom for us to get in. We all piled in and everyone scattered to sit wherever they wanted except for Ryan, Michael, and I.

She looked at all of us and I swear I saw a flash of pure hate in her eyes. She then proceeded to yell at us to sit down, take out our notes from last week and finish them.

After we all finished the notes on our own, (with a lot of students getting into trouble for switching seats and what not.) she gave us an assignment that we have NEVER seen in our entire life before and actually expected us to know what to do!

While me and Ryan were sneaking guesses back and forth, Chris's calculator wouldn't work. So he called the sub and she was all sarcastic with him and was like: "See the back of this calculator? Right there? That's where the batteries are... now some student may have re-arranged them for some stupid joke or the batteries just died."

After Chris stood there, looking at her like: "What do I do now?" he said: "Well... can I go get some replacement batteries from the supply box next to the desk?"

And she was: "NO!!! You stay right there! I have no reason to trust you!" and he stood there like: O.O;;

She went and replaced the batteries herself because... well.. us students just can't be trusted y'know? *Snickers.*

Well. Next, the sub lost her pencil. Ohhhhh boy! She blamed the person closest to the desk.. which happened to be Christina... and Christina has a BIG attitude.

After fighting with the sub about who stole the sub's pencil... Michael pointed to the floor and said, "Uhm... miss? Is that your pencil?" She looked at it and fumed, blaming Mike for taking it, and sent him to the office. He was grateful to leave though! XD!

I finished the worksheet by merely guessing as to what to do and turned it in. She looked from the sheet to me and said, "Did you copy this from someone?" and I simply said, "I don't speak English." XD!!!!

She glared at me and wrote my name down and said, "The next time I write your name down, I'm writing you up!" and I shrugged, saying, "I don't speak English." She told me to get away from her and I walked back to my desk smiling at Ryan, who was bursting with laughter!

Ryan wrote a note saying to me, "I'm allergic to dinosaurs... that's why I'm sneezing so much." And he meant that the sub was the dinosaur. I laughed and threw the note away. Then he wrote a note to me, saying "Poopshnazzle!!"

Well... the sub picked up the note and wrote Ryan up for "using slang in the classroom!" XD!!! What a silly dinosaur...

I started to laugh at my friend Randy because he was bending over infront of the sub's desk and shaking his butt. I know it's immature, but I thought it was funny at the time. She looked to me, not noticing Randy, and said "Why are you laughing young lady?" and I just stared at her with a blank expression. She stood and walked to my desk, while saying again "Why are laughing?!" and I laughed harder.

She put a hand on my desk, staring me straight in the eyes and I just shrugged, drawing a smily face on a piece of paper and giving it to her! She fumed and began to yell at me. "If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny little girl!!!"

Well.... let's just say I hate being called "little" because I am a fairly mature person when I wanna be. So I glared at her and said, "If you expect respect from me, you're not heading in the right direction." She then spoke really softly, but in a mean fashion: "You little hoodlum..." and I pointed, screaming: "SLANG!!! OH GOD!! YOU'RE USING SLANG!!! I'M TELLIN'!!!" And she got fed up and wrote me up.

Before leaving, everyone started screaming "Bye Seth! Have fun!!" and I bowed, saying.. "Remember all... bologna is not for wearing!!"

The principle didn't do anything with me because she had already recieved so many students from that class and decided that the sub was writing students up for "bad causes". So that was pretty fun! XD!

At the end of the day, I saw a friend of mine that I haven't seen for four years. His name is Will and he was my "bodyguard" in sixth grade. I barely recognized him!

He was standing next to my bookbag and I looked at him and he looked at me. After two minutes of staring at each other, we both pointed and screamed each other's names and hugged tightly. I'm happy to be re-united with Will.

Today was a great day... for once... I had a REALLY good day...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

   Long day...

Time: 7:05 PM

Current song: Face to Face

By: Daft Punk

Current mood: Frustrated >.<

Well... I have nothing much to say about today. All of my teachers seemed to be in bad moods... As usualy, ne?

My english teacher yelled at us today because she forgot to assign us the homework. She somehow found a way to blame us... o.o;;

My friends Noel, Michael (Naruto), Matt, Josh, and other Matty chased each other around after school today and I hurt my ankle... ouch...

Well... this is the end of my rambling... unfortunately.. Ja everyone!!

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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Questions I have recieved about Furcadia

Time: 7:58 PM

Current song: What you got?

By: Reveille

Current mood: Bummed out. -.-;

Many have been PM-ing me and asking me about the Furcadia status symbol on my page just below my insane profile. So, I'm going to save myself from repeating myself over and over and just leave a post on it. Note: This is not an advertisiment, but merely letting everyone know what Furcadia is.

Furcadia is an online roleplaying community. Furcadia is absolutely free and is great for meeting furry lovers all over the world! I love to role-play all the time (I know it sounds nerdy of me, but role-playing is my way of getting away from life.)

Furcadia has a series of different dreams (portals) that other Furcadia players have made. You are free to actually "walk" your character around the various maps of Furcadia. It's almost like a mini world on your computer.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, and you have questions about Furcadia, please PM me and I'll answer questions you may have. Here's the link if you wish to read up on it. And if you join, please give me your name on Furcadia, and I will help you get started!!


I hope this post wasn't a pure waste of time and I'll least get others interested in Furcadia. I personally can't live without being on Furcadia everyday... I'm hooked. o.o;

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

   Random post... 'cuz I'm bored!

Time: 2:18 PM

Current song: "Return to Innocence" by: Enigma

Mood: Pure boredom... =x.x=

Well... things seem to be going well in my life on this boring sunday afternoon. The clouds are thinning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing... oh who am I kidding?!

I wish it would rain... better yet... a storm!! I could use the excitement.

Gods I hate sundays... nothing to do, but sit here and waste away on my computer.

Last night was pretty fun... I watched episodes 1-20 of Naruto, simply out of sheer boredom. I read a few fanfics, searched for some glorious pictures and drank a lot of coffee.

Y'know... if I continue this... this post may be the longest one yet!! *Cackles evily.* Now all of you must continue reading my disturbing thoughts!!!





Now I can't think of anything to say.... kuso (dang it)...

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