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Friday, January 2, 2009

My goals

I wouldn't exactly call them New Year's Resolutions, because I normally don't keep up with those. I'm making a physical list to keep around in my purse with me so I can kinda check them off and keep them in mind as I go about my daily business.

Here they are:

- Make a permanent work out routine and don't get lazy. I've been having this problem forever now. I get started and everything's going fine and then I get lazy or make excuses not to work out.

- Actually start and COMPLETE all of these cosplay projects. They've been collecting dust for far too long.

- Keep my job. These paychecks will let me go to conventions when I want to.

- Stay away from cigarettes. Those little shits have been tempting me to start smoking again and it's not fun at all.

- Try to keep fruit and soymilk in the house at all times. God damn, my parents never buy fruit anymore and it's pissing me off. They just don't like soymilk at all, either. Laaaaame.

- Learn jumpstyle. Holy shit, I love the look and wanna learn it.

- Don't get lazy with college!!

tldr; I have a lot of shit to do this year.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got a job.

So, I went in for an interview today with GameStop (after debating with myself) and I have a job.

Lemme give you a story about my LAST experience with the company:

1. I was never trained.
2. They left me to figure out the cashier during a busy time.
3. The manager didn't really seem organized.

Everything was a mess!

But this current manager seems a bit together and I hope that he does me no wrong. The other employees are also nice, too! They were social and didn't seem to think any different of me being a new employee.

He said that once the holidays are over, and if I work hard, he might even keep me throughout the rest of the year!

I'm going in for training tomorrow.

Only bad news:

I'm working on Black Friday.


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Friday, November 14, 2008

A shitty update...

Holy shit it's been a long time since I've posted a decent sized blog. Just thought I'd come back for a moment to give a little update about how college life has been treating and to update about all of the mishaps in life.

This isn't much of a happy blog considering my overall mood today, so don't let me drag you down. :/

The good news...

I'm in college, yay. My parents don't seem too proud about the ordeal, but they never seem to be proud of anything I do anyway. Yeah, it used to bother me until I basically stopped giving a shit about it.

My grades are alright and I've been working hard to stay motivated about the whole thing. Hopefully I'll be able to reach my goal of getting a Masters in Psychology.

Most of the bad news...

I've entered my third year of being sinlge and that just isn't cutting it for me. I've never been known to be one to go without a relationship for so long, but for some reason things just aren't the same anymore.

I feel like something's been holding me back from getting to know some pretty cool people. I know some people are in their twenties and probably have never had a significant other and I'm not ignorant of this... but understand my point of views here.

I've always been one to have a boyfriend one way or another. From Anthony to Benny to Nick to Robert to Packy to Sean to Ian...

I was used to having people that cared for and loved me dearly and that's been missing in my life for three entire years.

Yeah, yeah.... "I've been single for twenty-blahblah years, hoe!"

I don't care.

If you can't understand how I'm feeling and if you can't overlook your own opinion to step into my shoes for a moment, you are truly ignorant.

Yes, this whole thing has thrown me into quite the depressive state of mind. After a while, I start to wonder what's wrong with me and what keeps me from getting into another relationship or what's keeping me from meeting cool guys.

Here's the list I've conjured up:

1. Obviously I'm a bitch.
2. I'm too bold for men to handle.
3. I'm not attractive enough.
4. I'm not friendly enough.
5. Maybe I don't show enough skin.
6. I'm too picky.
7. So much more...

I always get comments like,

"You're too pretty and cute to be single!"
... Obviously not.

"Just go out and meet someone!"
... Yeah, I'm pretty convinced that if I go out, I'll get a stalker or meet someone who has a girlfriend.

"Just wait. You'll meet someone."
.. Haha. How long will this take?

"I'd date you."
But you don't live in San Antonio, do you? :/

I feel like I have to move to another city to get someone interested in dating me where the feeling's mutual between us.

Don't get me wrong... I know I'm picky.

Through the years I've tried dating so many people and, it's unfortunate, I've broken many hearts with my rejecting them. About 90% of them managed to move on, though.

Go figure.

Onto another bit of news...

I still don't have a job.

I need one.

I've applied to so many places and have gotten no call backs. Any interviews I got... I was never called back.

I find that these days you have to have work experience to get hired in even the easiest of jobs. How the hell does that work? If I need work experience to get hired, how the HELL will I EVER get a job?!

Moving on...

Yeah, I've lost a lot of friends over the summer because I decided to cut back on the drama intake. I feel a bit better now, but one thing still gets me..

I can't help but miss the old days.

There ya go. I've made my update and I'll be back around Thanksgiving to give another blog.

The next one will be a hell of a lot more cheerful.

Thanks for putting up with my shit.

'Til next time.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Of Gay Jokes and Rainbow Bibles

Time: 1:30 PM
Mood: Humored
Song: A.S.Y.S. - No More Fuckin' Rock N' Roll

Forgive me for this next post because I'm sure it'll offend SOMEONE anyway. Apparently personal opinions can only be followed by either, "I agree." or "You are an ungrateful wretch."

So if you get offended, I apologize. If you feel the need to flame me for this, kiss my ass.


So, recently both of my grandmas have passed away. Within the past two weeks, actually. Last week my dad was in Pennsylvania because his mother passed on and this week my parents spent three days in San Angelo because my stepmother's mom passed away on Saturday.

So I've kept pretty positive about the whole ordeal and have tried to be supportive for both of my parents. Let's leave it at this... my entire family (with the exception of my little brother and I) is Christian.

I, on the other hand, am Agnostic.

I came out and fully admitted this to my parents a while ago and though my father questioned as to how I came to my doubts about the existence of God, my parents accepted it. However...

I was not to tell my step grandmother about my Agnosticism as she would likely have a stroke and die because of the amount of blasphemy my words would hold. No grand child of hers was to be something other than Christian, apparently.

As for my dad's mother... I never talked to her. Literally.

I met the scary woman when I was 8 years old and I cried.

Back to my step grandma.

She was always a nice human being and she tried her best to buy things for me and Nick (little brother) that we would like for Christmas. One Christmas she even bought me some manga even though she didn't know what manga was.

And every year she always got me a cross or something religious. To make her happy, I'd wear the religious jewelry around her, but take it off as if it were the plague when I was out of her sight.

Nick did the same thing, as our parents requested it of us.

Not that religion disgusts me, as it is very interesting to study and it aids me in understanding other cultures and such...

I am not a fake person and I don't believe it is proper to wear something that represents a religion you don't believe in.

It's disrespectful to those that believe in the religion.

So, my parents returned from their three day long trip in San Angelo for grandma's funeral and they brought back some stuff.

And guess what Grandma left me and Nick?

A bible for each of us.

Not only a normal Bible, but this is the special RAINBOW edition.

It even has a little index of what the colors are. For example...

Say you want to find something about God's actions or sayings in the bible...


Homg... when my parents gave it to me, they didn't understand what they were doing.

They were handing me a weapon.

Now that things are highlighted in specific colors, I can go through and find it easier to point out contradictions in belief systems, bogus material, arguements that don't support what happens here in life (take evolution, for example).

It's all right in that book.

My mom asked me to hold onto it for a while for the sake of my deceased grandmother... so I will.

And I may even read it, as the Bible is a good story if you aren't trying to base your life off of it like many do.

So now I have new study material in the color of a rainbow.

Gee, Grandma... you're swell.


Once again, I am not trying to shove religion into anyone's face and I have no problem at all with Christians.

I am not Athiest.

I am Agnostic.

I am an open-minded person that just needs a little more proof other then a story book filled with morality.

So, try not to be too offended, alright?


The Bible

- Kawaii Seth

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The wait is over...

Time: 12:25 AM
Mood: Blegh
Song: Zac Efron - Bet on it

My dad's mother recently passed away within the last week and we had been waiting for my step mother's mom to pass away as well and the time has come.

The funeral will be this week and both of my parents are leaving on Monday and returning on Wednesday.

I don't want any of your silly messages speaking of "I'm sorry" or "I'll pray for your family" because all you will seem to get are rude comments from me. I respect the dead as much as I respect the living, but I can't find the emotion in me to weep for their deaths.

The suspense has ended at last.

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Monday, January 7, 2008


Time: 8:00 PM
Mood: Exhausted
Song: None

I went back to school today and I realize why I don't like it so much. D:

School always leaves me too tired by the end of the day to do anything.

I tried my best to make it round to everyone's blogs today. If I missed you...

I'msosorry. ;.;

I'm just tiiiirrrreeeed. D:

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Doodie dooooo....

Time: 11:20 PM
Mood: Tired.
Song: None.


I really don't have much to talk about today. ._.;

I'm going back to school on the 7th.


And... I'm going to finish sewing some stuff together for Haruko. :]

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kawaii Seth has no sense of direction.

Time: 1:50 AM
Mood: Humored
Song: None.

So Friday was complete proof that I can run into adventures without even trying. Let me explain, shall I?


I woke up at about 12:25 in the afternoon and proceeded to attempt to get a shower. I was supposed to be out of the house by 1:30 so I could pick up Kisa to finish my cosplay shopping and hers as well.

I go to take a shower and BOOM! The little brother is already occupying the showering facilities. So I wait and wait and wait some more and then end up taking a cold shower because he used all of the hot water. WTF?!

So I'm blow drying my hair and Nick (the little brother) walks in and here's the conversation from there:

Nick: Uhh... Seth?
Me: -Stops blow drying.- ... Yeah?
Nick: Can you take me to Wootz?*
Me: When?
Nick: Soon. Anthony's already there.
Me: .....
Nick: :D?!
Me: Yeah, whatever.

Wootz = A gaming cafe about five minutes away from my house.

So I rush to finish blow drying my hair, grab a little pie thing for my brunch and run out of the house with Nick in tow. He gave me gas money and I drove to pick up Kisa.

First stop: A thrift store.

I got myself a long sleeve shirt for my Haruko cosplay and Kisa got her turtle neck for her Julia (Cowboy Bebop. She's doing the trench coat version of Julia since she's not comfortable wearing a tight-ass jumpsuit).

We left the thrift store and got into my car.

Next stop: Wal-Mart

Kisa got herself a red umbrella for cosplay, a belt and sunglasses. I looked around some more and then we moved back into my car.

Next stop: Target

I looked for some gloves to no avail and we realized that toy guns are too politically incorrect for stores to carry anymore.


So Kisa got some black dress pants that fit, but they'll need to be cut and hemmed once again since she's so damn short.

Hey, chibis are cute. rofl

We stopped at Starbucks where she bought me some coffee and some food and we sat there eating in silence and drinking our heavenly coffee.

Next Stop: Back to Wal-Mart

I found some gloves!

-Does a little jig.-


I found out that Kisa's second cousin, Max, was having a birthday party at Incredible Pizza at 7:00 PM.

But Kisa didn't have a ride there because all relatives had full cars.

So I agreed to take her to the party and we went to my house to look up directions.

I looked up directions, wrote them down, and then we were on our way to the party. Sure, we had NO problem getting there, but that part comes later on.

The trip lasted 30 minutes.

I mean... the place seemed to be all the way across town from my house. What a hassle.

So we got there and we got in and I was surrounded... SURROUNDED by little children.

Allow me to fill you in on a little Kawaii Seth fact:

I hate children.

I can deal with them, but I don't want any...


So I surrounded by children and I had a mild headache, plus the anxiety was acting up a little. We ate, we watched the little kid open his presents, and then we went to go play games.

Yeah... the games kinda sucked.

Some flight simulator

That's about all I played. So we got bored and we decided to leave.

Here's when the real adventure begins.

Kisa calls her mom and asks to stay the night and my house and she says "Yes" after a little convincing.

So it was about 9:30 PM when we left... and we got COMPLETELY lost.

Somehow we ended up near North Star mall and I had no clue where exactly we were or HOW to get back. I tried to follow the directions BACK home, but we couldn't find the damn street that I needed to turn onto. lmao

So we ended up driving on a random highway and it turned out that we were heading toward Austin. We saw a sign that said:

Now Leaving San Antonio

And we decided to turn around and attempt to locate where we were. After mindlessly driving around looking for something familiar, we found a little place called "Toy Zone" which is what I usually see on the way to Tori's house.

WOOT! We found our way back!

So we found 1604 and attempted to get onto it.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw police lights flash on behind me, but the cop passed me to pull over some asshole that cut me off and sped up drastically.

Justice is served, for now.

So I found my way back to Culebra around 10:50 PM and I drove to Kisa's house to pick up some clothes for her. On the way back I noticed that my gas was so close to red-lighting.

We stopped at H-E-B... but I don't have a debit card and the box to pre-pay wasn't open.

So I drove to this ghetto little gas station called: JK Kwik Stop

I pulled to gas pump 1 and pre-paid... but it wouldn't work! D:

So the manager asked me to pull up to gas pump 3. When I turned on my car, my idiot light was on flashing: Low Fuel

I put the pump in my car... and realized the pump was leaking.

So I spilled gasoline on my hand and shook it off a little. We drove home and mom was like:

What happened?

Us: ... we got lost. XD

So I tool shower, made ramen, and got some coffee from the fridge (a yummy frap in a bottle from Starbucks) and then made this blog!

Kawaii Seth has a horrible sense of direction!

Cosplay progress:

[x]The red vest thing (I need to revise the tightness of the outfit though)
[x]Long sleeve cream colored shirt
[x]White go go boots (Compliments of Sethos)
[x]Black tight pants
[]Pink wig (On its way)
[]White scarf (Compliments of Luna)
[x]Guitar (Compliments of Sethos)
[]Goggles (Not until after Ikki, sadly)


- Kawaii Seth

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Friday, January 4, 2008

It's good to be back.

Time: 11:20 PM
Mood: Happy. :)
Song: Susumu Hirasawa - Forces

Toki wa kumo o tsuku yoo na nami o tate osou yo
Kesarete yomichi o hau koe tachi ni kotaete

Wasure wa shinai Kimi no koto wa
Kanawanu michi ni Nao hitori tachi

Utareta tori no yoo na Yuugasa de ame ni tae

Ienai chijoo no chi ni arawarete nemuru
Hoshi yo soozetsu ni Monogatare Kono yoru o

Wasure wa shinai Kimi no koto wa
Kogoete yoru o Tada hitori iki

Kienai koe yo ima Yomigaere Chikara e to

Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces
Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces

Kike yo Kaze sae naki Sobietatsu Kage no t�
Utarete yomichi o hau kimi ni hi o tomose yo

Wasure wa shinai Kimi no koto wa
Kanawanu michi ni Nao hitori tachi

Yuke yo Jozetsu no kage yo kite Michibike

Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces

Time assaults us with towering waves
I answer to the fading voices trolling the night roads

I will never forget about you
On this road of unfulfillment, I still stand alone

Like a wounded bird, I endure the rain with grace

Awash in the blood of the wounded earth, we sleep
Oh stars, grandly recount the events of this night!

I will never forget about you
I simply exist alone in this freezing night

O unfading voices, revive now to your full

Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces

Listen, o soaring tower of darkness, at which even
the wind cries
Shed light on you, wounded and trolling the night roads

I will never forget about you
On this road of unfulfillment, I still walk alone

Go forth! O loquacious shadows, come and guide

Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces

So as I was looking at my friends list earlier I realized that I wasn't the only person that went inactive for SUCH a long time. It pleases me to know that I wasn't the only one that seemed to ditch the community for other things...

Not that I don't love you guys! Because I totally do, but I just needed a break and I had nothing to say! But I guess you guys love it when I ramble on and on about nothing in general, ne?

So I went through and deleted some people off the list. People that haven't updated within the past two months are history, but if they ever return and want my love once again I'll be completely happy to give it back to them!

The only person that gets to stay is Sammy (NarutoBlackMail) because I love her too much and even though she doesn't visit MyO anymore, I still want her in my friends list.

I'm truly grateful that you guys welcomed me back with open arms and tacklehugs! I even got some new friends in the process. Gah, I missed the nerd community soooo much. T_T

-Throws down her luggage and begins to unpack.-

It's good to be back. I feel like I've been away on a business trip and all of the sudden I'm back!


The whole reason why I went inactive in the first place is because the Otaku community seemed to fall pretty damn inactive. I mean... everyone disappeared. :[

That, and I just had nothing to say about anything. I felt as if duct tape had been put over my mouth and I just had nothing to say 'cept for the usual:

"blah blah school blah blah"

Like a lifeless drone!

And that's just not how I roll, y'know?

So from now on I'm going to try to keep up my LJ and MyO just for you guys. :)

As for my little floaty buttons down there...

If you want a floaty button feel free to ask me for one and it'll be there soon soon soon!

My dad's mom (my grandma) passed away last night, too. So dad will be heading to pennsylvania tomorrow around 8 AM to give support to his siblings.

I feel a little bad that I'm not upset. Then again... I never really knew the woman.

As far as I can remember... I met her when I 8 and even then she scared the bejeebus out of me. :(

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Time: 2:30 PM
Mood: Hyper/Lonely/Awake
Song: Ellegarden - Supernova

My war is over
No resurrection
I guess I was scared of being that happy
She's a supernova I was reaching out for
I heard her footsteps fading away from me

No matter how hard I can try
I never think that I can fly
And now she has turned her backed to me
There is nothing I can do as well
But to dream her all the time
I'm a fuckup and I'm nuts so she's gone

My clumsy dancing on my tiptoe
She said she liked it and I thought she was lying
Now I know she said that not to cheer me
But now it's too late
I'm a fuckup and I'm nuts so she's gone

Many things I left unsaid
A thousand miles away you're sleeping
Sometimes I can be a guy you wanted me to be
But only in my dreams

No matter how hard I try
I never think that I can fly
And now she has just turned her back to me
There is nothing I can do as well
But to dream her all the time
I'm a fuckup and I'm nuts so she's gone
I'm a fuckup and I'm nuts so she's gone

So it would seem I'm slowly getting my groove back it when comes to blogging once more. I've gotten so many complaints through PM here on MyOtaku and I take it my break has gone on long enough and I can't stay away from you guys anymore.

I'll try my best to keep in touch!

What do ya think of the new layout? ;D

Today's activities:

I got my foam head! Now when my Haruko wig comes in it'll be ready for additional styling, cutting, etc.

I also got a new wig brush and a nifty little wig cap. Looks like things will be continuing on their little journey.

Luna offered to make me a scarf and for that I love her to death even more so than before. I went to Wal-Mart today to look for a white scarf... and there were none to be found!

They has every color BUT white... what kinda BS is that? Oh well. I'll get one made with Luna's love and all. :]

I also looked for gloves but I couldn't find the right color!


Any suggestions on some place to find gloves like that? I think I'll check at Home Depot or Lowes. o.x;

Out of all of things I know how to make... gloves aren't on the damn list!

Anyway, cosplay progress is going on smoothly considering the fact that I have a little more then a month to get stuff ready!

Then I came home, got bored... and made this!

Comments? :D

Kawaii Seth

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