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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Day!!!!


Song: Darth Vader ReMiX

By: DJ War-Master

Mood: *Pulls out a light saber.* o.o

Well... today was in fact Star Wars at school for me! Oh, it was so cool. ^.^

I was standing outside talking to Patrick (Who had a blue light saber attatched to his belt) and clinging onto Kazuo when we saw this guy who dressed as Darth Vader!

He was standing around with another guy who dressed as Luke and they were messing with their sabers.

Then out of nowhere, Travis (Sporting a nice Jedi costume) came running at him screaming with a saber too! I laughed so hard and everyone watched and cheered on Travis. xD

I grabbed Patrick's saber and ran about with it, challenging others who had saber's as well and Travis adopted me as his jedi b**ch. xD;;;

All day, we saw people with Vader helmets and sabers all over the place. It was so nice to see so many Star Wars fans around.

Josh was actually amazed that we felt like we belonged for once with the majority of the school. ^.^;

And, yep... that was all the interesting stuff that happend. ^.^

Come to the dark side....

We have cookies! ^.^

Phlinx, 'twas nice talkin' to ya. Love you, bro.

Tol, Mokona, huh? >.>;

Tala, happiness is always good.

Wuffers, it takes a lot to be as dedicated as you.

Zappa, sorry for not calling back. I was put to work.

Newbeh, have fun eating those people!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Feel Pretty! Oh, So Prettyyyyy!!!!!

Time: 6:00 PM

Song: Mein Herz Brennt

By: Rammstein

Mood: Laid back.

Well... this is the last FULL week of school for me! Woot woot! I have three half days next week.

And then Thursday is a half day, the last day of school, and...

My b-day. Yup... my b-day is May 26th. xD;;

Well... let's see. Yesterday was my very last choir concert.

Kevin, my convention friend (Most may know him as the Shikamaru from our huge Naruto cosplay group) came all the way from his home to come see my concert. And he barely knows me. xD;

I think the concert went well and all... though it is my last year in Choir, so I'm a bit upset to be leaving, but hey... gotta move on!

And in other news, BigBoss can go to A-kon!! Yay-ness! He said that we're gonna have to hang out if we somehow meet up and all that good stuff.

Just a few more days and then it's my b-day party... I hope I can handle the people. ^.^

Then after that is A-kon!! *Cheers and runs about in circles.*

We're all going to have so much fun! A weekend spent in paradise with Ramen, Ramune, Pocky, and Yan Yan... *Sighs dreamily.* And no drama!! *Squeals.*

And, yep. How was everyone else's day? >.>

Phlinx, you'll catch me sometime!

Newbeh, so glad that you're heading to A-kon with all of us. 'Tis no fun without the Newbeh.

Alora, I love ya onee-san! I miss you too. ;.;

Tala, don't let things get to you so much.

Wuffers, ah... I'm so proud of my student for the courage she has! *Pats.* ^.^

Kevin, thanks for showing up! It meant a lot to me.

Tol, even though we never talk, I still consider you a good friend. Take care, bud.

Zappa, sorry for missing your call, I was at the choir concert. ^.^;;

I love you all!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

   Fun With Buds!

Time: 12:45 AM

Song: Mizerable

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Happiness ensues!!

Well... Wuffers and Tala came over on Friday and we had such a great time. Wuffers' mom got to know my step-mom and they may even become good friends. Woot woot!

Where do I begin? How 'bout the beginning?

I came home and began re-playing Drakan because I wanted to do much more then I had when I first beat the game.

Then Wuffers eventually showed up. Our mothers were yapping on and on, so we retreated to my room, talking and looking at cosplay pictures.

And after calling here for directions about four times, Tala finally found her way to my house and we all rejoiced in harmony! Which was me hugging her tightly! ^.^

We all just stayed in my room for a bit, looking at stuff on my computer, talking back and forth, and looking at Wuffers' cosplay pics.

We waited up in my room, got dressed in some work-out stuffs and went downstairs to rave, but realized that Wuffers' mom was STILL talking with my mom! xD;

We waited a bit longer before my mom told us that we can occupy the living room downstairs and have fun.

We turned on the techno, I stretched them out properly, and then we began.

To see where everyone was with skills, I just sort of analyzed them. Tala knew the figure eight fairly well, while Wuffers was getting it down quickly.

Keep it up Wuffers! Just remember... practice, practice, practice!!!

We raved for quite a while, Wuffers and Tala bowed down to me after witnessing some of my rave stuffs... that felt awkward. xD

Then we went into the resting area of the living room, next to the fireplace and where the two couches are.

We threw the glowsticks into the bowl of popery and made a mini camp-fire with the glowsticks. Then we just sat around talking.

Then, good news for you Tori, Wuffers says I'm a good kisser! YES!!!! Apparently, Wuffers like to kiss me, but it's all good. *Likes being a good kisser.* Get ready Tori! And we have pictures too!

Then my mom unfolded the bed out of the couch and I brought the blankets down so we could all crawl in bed around midnight or so.

We talked a bit and then Tala dozed off, we didn't really mind though because Tala had to drive home the next day anyway.

So that gave Wuffers and I the chance to bond and talk a bit more. Now are friendship bond is much better. Woot for friends!

Then Wuffers and I got cold, so we did the "buddy system" and I had my arm around her to keep warm. Then around 3:30 am or so, we finally went to bed.

That bed was not comfy for me at all! My leg went numb so many times in the night and my arm nearly fell off from my sleeping on it.

We woke up in the morning right when my mom took a picture of all of us curled up together. Aww... xD

I was really wishing that Tori was there though... I really wanted her to come, she would've had fun. Now it's my mission to make sure that Tori, Tala, Wuffers, and I will have a complete sleepover together! ^.^

We all talked downstairs, listened to music, and ate some cereal... yummy! Then we cleaned up (such mature women we are) and went upstairs to my room.

We watched some funny stuff on my computer and I went to go get a shower, while Wuffers and Tala did naughty things with my Kakashi plushie and Wuffers' Miroku plushie.

Then it was DDR time out in my livingroom!! We took lots of pictures and had a great time playing.

Then Wuffers' mom watched us for awhile after going shopping with my mom for books (they will become such good friends in the future) and she decided that it was time for her and Wuffers to leave... Noooo!!!

We eventually walked Wuffers out to her mom's vehicle and hugged tightly and bid her goodbye before she drove off.

Then the pizza guy pulled up and I made a comment about how cute the pizza guy was. =D

Tala and I ate some pizza and watched an old show called Kablam off of nicktoons and laughed a bit while we recalled the memories of watching that show as a young'n.

We played some DDR then Ian called and said he was on the way. Then he called again, saying that Kingsley and him were lost, so my dad gave him directions.

Then Ian finally showed up! When he came to the door, he got the biggest hug in the world from me. I was so happy to see him again! He showed up in his Zaubza costume. ^.^

Then we hung out in my room and watched the AMV's that I made and Ian was fairly impressed. Not sure about Tala though, but I hope she was having fun.

Then Tala had to get goin... Nooooo!!! I didn't want to see my sister leave, but she had to. So I walked her to the door, hugged her, and watched her leave.

Then she came back and knocked on the door, she'd forgotten her cell phone. xD

Then she left and Ian and I stood there. Then I said, "So... whaddya wanna do now?" and he shrugged. So we went back upstairs where I talked to his little brother Shane about A-kon.

Then we went downstairs where I showed Ian some kickass rave moves that he now loves me for.

We practiced, he learned more, then we sat in the kitchen and him and Shane ate some pizza while I drank a Light 'n Fit Smoothie.

Then we talked for a bit about how we love going cons, meeting convention friends is always great because we feel like part of a family, and new poses that we should do for A-kon.

We went and sat in the work-out area, still playing with the glowsticks and Ian showed me how fast of a learner he is. He learned the hand stall within about twenty minutes. He's going to be a great raver at A-kon in no time.

Then we went upstairs.. DDR time! We had such a blast. Around 6:00 PM, Ian said that Kingsley was going to be coming to pick him and his brother up soon. So we retreated to my room and just talked.

At 7:00 PM, we were getting a bit worried as to why Kingsley hadn't shown up yet. Then Ian couldn't remember Kingsley's cell phone number... oh, man.

So we waited and waited and around 8:00 PM, Ian used my mom's cell phone to call his home to get his mom to tell him Kingsley's number, but alas! No one was home...

So we went out into the living room and watch Whose Line is it Anyway. His brother laid on the loveseat while Ian and I shared the couch together.

We laughed and tried to get our minds off of the worry about Kingsley. We didn't know if he'd gotten into a wreck or fell asleep at his friend's house... we were just worried.

Then my parents were worried about how to get him and his brother home, but they weren't mad, just worried.

Ian and Shane ate some more pizza while I had nothing.. not that hungry. Then we went back upstairs where I pulled out some blankets for us because we got cold.

Needless to say, Ian loved my thick black blanket with the Chinese dragon on it. He reveled in its warmth. x3

Shane, the poor kid, was so tired that he nearly fell asleep on the loveseat curled up under the blanket.

I leaned on Ian a bit because we were sorta sharing one of the couch pillows to lean on and we began to America's Funniest Home Videos when his mom finally called back.

She wasn't mad at all, which was a big relief to us, and she gave Ian the number to Kingsley's cell phone and asked him to call her back after getting in touch with Kingsley.

We called Kingsley and it turned out that he was waiting for Ian to call to pick him up so that Kingsley wouldn't be interrupting something important. We pondered on that meaning for awhile. o.O

So Ian called his mom back and she wasn't mad at all. She talked to Ian and asked if he was having fun and he smiled and said yes and all that good stuff. Then Shane talked to his mom for a bit and then hung up.

We waited for Kingsley and watched AFHV some more, laughing every now and then. Then Kingsley called, saying he was out by the curb. Shane went downstairs and out the door after saying bye.

Then I helped Ian carry his stuff downstairs and helped him pack them into his bag. I asked him if he forgot anything and he said, "Nope." then I said it was a lot of fun and he can't to come back. Then we just stood there staring at each other... it felt a bit awkward.

Then he hesitantly reached for me to hug me, so I smile and hugged him tightly. I felt really happy hugging him. Kinda like when I hugged Phlinx at the Gardens... sad to be saying "goodbye" or "sayanora", but happy that I got to spend time and content knowing that I'll see him again.

Then we parted, both smiling happily. I opened the door for him and said bye as he did as well. I watched them drive away and smiled a bit.

I went back inside, happy with how well my weekend went. No drama, no depression... all was well so far. I cleaned everything up, said goodnight to my parents, and retired to my room. And guess what I saw all alone on my floor...

Ian's cabbit plushie Ken-Ohki from the Tenchi series right on my floor. Now he's sitting right here in my lap. I wonder what Ian'll say when he realizes his cabbit isn't there to cuddle with. xD;;

And that's my weekend so far... I'm bushed though. ^.^

Phlinx, I hope your weekend was just as good, bro. Love ya.

Tori, I REALLY wanted you to come. *Sobs.*

Tala, cheer up, sis.

Wuffers, all will be better soon. Don't worry about what your family will think...

Zappa, sorry for the miscommunication when you thought I was mad at you.

Minty, contact me sometime! I REALLY need to talk to you. ^.^

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Eh? Oh! Erm... No Title. ^.^;

Time: 6:00 PM

Song: Vanilla

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Ready.

Well... nothing happened at schol today 'cept for the fact that I now have the highest grade in my English class!!! YATTA!!!

One of my poems also got published in this year's Literary Magazine... so that made me happy! =D

Well... it's about 23 days 'til A-kon? Wow... and about 10 more days of school for me. This is pretty awesome. ^.^

Let's see what all I have ready for A-kon...


Ramen: Yup.

Ramune: Yup.

Pocky: Yup.

Money to go out to eat with friends: Yup.

Cosplay items:

Sandals: Yup.

Pants: Yup.

Medical Tape: Pending.

Kunai Holster: Yup.

Pouch: Yup.

Silver Hair Spray: Pending.

Mask: Yup.

Kunai: Yup.

Gloves: Yup.

Long sleeve shirt: Yup.

Hitai-ate: Yup.

Vest: Waiting for arrival STILL. -.-

Icha Icha Book: Thanks to Phlinx, yup.

Extra items:

Glowsticks: Oh, yeah. xD

Cosplay skit: Yup!

Cosplay characters for the skit:

Naruto: Depends on if I get the costume ready for my brother.

Zabuza: Ian's got it.

Sasuke: (No longer need one for the cosplay.)

Haku: Possibly need one. (Anyone who's willing to be Haku in our cosplay skit for A-kon, please let me know. We need one.)

Gaara: Shane's got it covered.

Attitude: 98% Ready! ^.^

Well, yeah... not a very good post, but it took some time and will probably interest some people. xD

Phlinx, nice rules for the room. Wish I would've had rules like that for A-kon last year... oh, boy... xD Love ya, bro.

Alora, I love you so much, onee-san!

Tala, cheer up, sis. We're here for you more than you know it.

Tori, wanna show me how low you can go next time you come over? ~_^

Zappa, I'll help you with Furc next time we talk, m'kay? ^.^

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Ninja Skills Baby! =3

Time: 8:00 PM

Song: Shine

By: Mr. Big (Hellsing's ending theme.)

Mood: Happy.

Well.. today was the traditional Monday for my friend Brandon.

My poor friend Brandon... nothing went right for him today. xD He had three presentations due, one which he totally forgot about, the other he didn't have the rubric for, he had to host a staff meeting today, and got in trouble with his dad about a reasearch paper. *Pats poor Brandon.*

Then we went to Dance, where we worked on another dance, nothing new there. xD

Went to World Geography, where we had the weirdest substitute ever. I swear he gets mad about EVERYTHING! I went to grab some papers out of his hand, and he assumed that I "snatched" it from him. And then he began to interrogate me about being in a bad mood... which I wasn't in the first place. Weird old man... xD

Went to English, worked on MORE freakin' Romeo and Juliet. I took the second test today and am sure that I got a 110% because of the extra credit that came with memorizing Juliet's lines of "O Romeo, Romeo... blah blah blah." So, there's another good grade for me! =D

Went to lunch, nothing much happened except for me helping girl Chris to the nurse because she hurt her leg. Poor daughter of mine...

Went to Choir, where we're working on dance move stuffs for one of our songs for the last concert of the year. Maybe this concert will be fun this time! =D

Went home and found out that my key was inside my room. I had forgot it this morning before I left the house. Good goin', Seth! xD;

I knocked on the door loudly, rang the doorbell four times in a row, then listened to the loud music playing inside the house. 'Twas obvious that my mom was playing Guild Wars with really loud music and couldn't hear me... Oh, jeez...

So, after attempting to pick the front lock with a safety pin to no avail, I looked at all of my options and found only one left after checking the back doors... the window on the lower roof.

So, I crawled up the gutter on the side of the house, nearly fell twice because sandals aren't the best to climb about in, and jumped onto the lower roof infront of the window.

I nearly slid off of the roof, but clutched onto the window with one hand, swinging myself infront of the window.

I successfully picked the outside lock of the window and crawled in through the living room window. Thus, scaring the living daylights out of my step mom. xDD

I don't remember laughing so hard when my mom jumped and screamed. Then she flooded me with questions. She ended up laughing though... my dad even found it quite humorous. ^.^

I did some other stuff... and now I'm here. o.O

Phlinx, I'm glad you got your comments back, bro.


Tori, glad to hear you're feeling better. How low can you go?

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Fun On Furcadia!! xDD

Time: 7:45 PM

Song: Other World [LKJ MiX]

By: Final Fantasy X song.

Mood: Jokester. xD

Today... I was on furc, and it was sooo freakin' funny!!

The staff members were all hanging out in the OOC area and were just being bored. I transformed my character into a bird and just hovered in mid-air.

Then everyone else whipped out their Gryffes, changed into eagles, and floated with me.

Then I said that I was a ceiling fan and began to spin like one. There were about five other Eagles just spin in mid-air as everyone was laughing. xD

Then Kanuhii got this idea to go raid the IC area. So, six Eagles fluttered into the IC area and attacked random wolves. xD

It was so funny seeing how puzzled the other players were as all these birds fluttered about many different wolves.

Then a few deer walked up to us and Ghostly said, "Attack the deer!" and we all fluttered about the deer. xD

'Twas such a funny scene, seeing all those birds just attack randomly. I was cracking up so hard while helping to establish the attack.

Oh, jeez... that was so much fun. xDD

I took three screen shots! Here they are!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We're all attacking. xD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Still attacking! Yess!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Never thought you'd see birds attack Deer, ne?

If you can't view the posted screen shots, please check out the first three pictures here.


Phlinx, I miss talking to ya, bro. Maybe we'll get to talk sometime this week. =D

Tala, you should have been on Furc when that happened!! xD

Tori, I'm glad to know that you're all right.

Zappa, thanks for talking to me last night. 'Twas fun. ^^

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Short Post For The Day!

Time: 5:40 PM

Song: Spicy Marmalade

By: Anime, Gravitation

Mood: Good! ^.^

Well... today was Friday. Things didn't start off too well because my friend James was crying for reasons I can't explain right.

I met a cool guy today named Patrick! He loves Malic Mizer, Gackt, and Dir En Grey! Woot woot! So he got my AIM offa me and will IM me soon. ^.^

Other then that, nothing else happened. Now on to great news...


Yup... he's gonna spend this weekend, next weekend, the weekend after that, the next weekend is my B-day party, and the next weekend is A-kon!!!! How lucky is that?! That's just so sugoi!

So, yup... that's about it. xDD

Phlinx, maybe you'll have to take a look at the way your site's set up when it comes to the comment part. Love ya, bro.

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Monday, May 2, 2005

Look Out, World! Good 'Ol Sethy's Back!!!

Time: 6:50 PM

Song: I Stand Alone Complex

By: Anime Ghost in the Shell

Mood: Great! ^.^

Yes, everyone! Teh Sethster is back and ready for action! After a long recollection of thoughts, I came to a lot of conclusions with myself... and frankly... I'm happy with what I've got.

I mean... I've got my older brother back, lots of new friends, good friends, good grades, and even though home life may not be good, I still hang in there!

Even though things may not be positive for me, I'm still going to attempt to brush it off and continue living on.

So after this recollection, the Seth-ness has crawled outta her lil' hole from vacation and is ready for the world all over again! *Grins.*

So fear not! Sethy's here again and back to normal. See? Just a little bit o' down time for the Seth-ness is all that was needed.

Now... let's got on with my day so I can bore you all to death. Bwahahaha!!! =3

Well... my morning started off with a very interesting twist. It all began with me reading Bradon's booklet about Sex Ed. You can already guess where this is going!

Well... I was reading through it and said, "I know what all these terms mean! How sad is that. Just proof that my mind lives in the gutter."

Brandon laughed a bit 'n Alex showed up. Then after me talking about different sex poses, how sex isn't really needed to survive, and many questions if someone can just choose not to be sexually active, I raised my hand in the air and screamed, "That's it! I have decided not be sexually active until after the summer time!"

The got me a lot of weird looks and Alex laughing while saying, "No comment."

Brandon and Alex attempted to change the subject, but I kept right on it! xD

So, let's just say that all day, I ran around telling random people that I have chosen not to be sexually active anymore. (Not that I was before hand. xD)

Later on in the morning, I listened to Camui Gackt with Daniel and remembered a funny memory spent with my brother long ago.

It was a memory of us messing around in a store and he had pushed me into a shelf full of soups. He was so worried, but laughed when I threw some soup at him. Boy, did we get in trouble though. xD

So, I went to Interior Design with that fun memory in my mind. Not focusing on the negative, but the good of the memory! =D

We worked on floor plans in Int. Design, which was easy with me because I took a Technology Exploration class in seventh and eighth grade where we worked on basic drafting! Woot woot!

So, I finished my assignment with ease and proceeded to help Yugi, who isn't the best at understanding complex things. She's not a very logical person, but I still love her to death as a best friend. <3

Went to IPC and found a yaoi fanfic in my bag! I remembered getting it from a friend of mine and never got around to reading it.

Since we were watching a movie about lightning, I decided to read the 26 page story... wow... I've seen some pretty detailed lemon scenes, but wow! That one would even catch a straight guy's attention!! xD

So, I headed to lunch, having finished the story. So the lunch period consisted on torturing sernior Matt with images of Man-faye in a thong and making fun of Master's fruit cup.

I also took the liberty of chasing Yugi around while reading the REALLY detailed lemon scenes from the fanfic. xDD

'Twas so funny that a friend of mine drew a picture dedicated to the scene. The picture consisted of Kakashi chasing Iruka while reading Icha Icha Paradise aloud and Iruka attempting to cover his "virgin ears". xD

Then I headed for Algebra and actually knew what I was doing for once! My Gods, what a beautiful Monday!!! =D

I passed a quiz with a 100% and understood my homework and actually stayed awake all period!!! Woot!

Then afterwards, a guy bumped into me and said, "Watch it, bitch!" and that didn't make me mad, but I did shout an insult that sounded like this...

"Feck! You crapnut booger-balled, stoopid, scarady beaver, fecking, little, tree-humping, butt-lump!!"

... xD! That got a lot of peoples' attentions. 'Tis not everyday that you see a girl such as myself scream something so random.

So, content with my insult and the people laughing about me, I walked my happy butt to choir.

In choir, we sang a bit, discussed when the solo try-outs were. I hope I get a solo... this is my last year in choir. =3

Then girl Chris, Mindy, and I made up some funny "what if..." things. Such as...

What if Sakura attempted to seduce Kakashi? How would that scene turn out?

What if they canceled Inu-Yasha? How would fangirls live?

What if Pok'emon had an episode dedicated to Paris Hilton?

And we just acted out a lot of what we think would happen in response to these what if questions. We laughed quite a bit.

Then we went outside after the dismissal bell, where I snuck up on a lot of people, using my ninja swift-ness and a Pepsi bottle! =D

After jumping everyone, I sat in the grass, leaning on Daniel (He's going to A-kon as Kazuo from Battle Royale) and listening to some techno that Matt brought.

My bus came, I hugged Daniel and everyone else and skittered off to my bus. I rode home listening to my music and actually dozed on the bus 'til Maraiah smacked me saying, "We're at your stop, baka!"

I wiped some drool off my chin and left the bus, walking about two blocks home again. Woot for walking!

Ate dinner, rice! And played with my cat for awhile. Also found out that Ian may come and visit me every weekend for the next three weekends!!! YAY!!

And now I'm here! ^.^

Phlinx, hope you get that Tol smell outta your sheets. Wouldn't want people thinking... or would you? xD

Tala, I'm here sis! Don't fade from my existence!

Alora, I loved you AMV! 'Tis better then most I've seen. Love ya, onee-san!

Tol, hope to talk to you more often.

Sethos, eject the floppy? Heheheh...

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

New Quiz Results In!!

You're a Intense Kisser
You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
connect when you kiss and you forget about the
rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

What anime kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hells ya!

.:You live your life: ~daringly~:.
There is only the 'one shot' for you. The mere
thought of risk gets your life pumping. Your
relationships are always fun yet short. It will
be hard to keep one going.. You have too much
fun with things that seem dangerous when the
true danger is, in reality, the little things..
be careful, there is a thin line that crosses
luck and false fun.

How do you live your life? (with pics! ^.~)
brought to you by Quizilla

You scored as hang yourself.

slit wrists


hang yourself


slice neck




stab yourself


what is your form of suicide?
created with QuizFarm.com

(That's just traumatizing. I hate suicide. >.<)

You Are Love
You are Love.

You love life, you love all those around you and
the world that you live in. You are happiest
when you are doing something for someone else
or for the common good of mankind.

What Emotion Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


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Better than yeserday...

Time: 12:40 AM

Song: Ananni Isshodaddanoni

By: Anime Gundam SEED

Mood: Excited. (Not in THAT way.)

~*Re-cap on Saturday.*~

Well... I went to Houston today to spend time with my lil step brother. We did the same 'ol same 'ol.

I woke up late today, as usual xD, and got yelled at for sleeping in. My excuse was:

"Well... I swear that I set my alarm... but when it went off, this sudden voice in my head said "Turn it off... sleep is good..." and I obliged."

My dad was pretty mad at me since noon, but I didn't really care that much.

They ate breakfast, but my stomach was acting up, so I took a bite out of my McGriddle and wrapped it back in its wrapper, not wanting it.

We drove for ten hours, me being asleep sprawled out in the back seat with my headphones on and I probably snored a bit too since I was exhausted.

Woke up just in time to throw my cap back on 'n step outta the car and walk up to the house that my lil step brother is locked in day in and day out.

I really dislike his dad and step-mom. They're way too harsh on the kid and never pay attention to him.

They're always too busy playing their little online games and/or yelling at him for getting a B or a low A.

Since they never pay attention to him, he's becom reckless and causes trouble just to get the attention... yeesh, he's such a good Naruto that it scares me.

Anyway, we showed up at his door and he immediately hugged me, stating that he missed me.

This kid looks up to me so much that it's hard to believe that I once had that same relationship with my older brother...

I patted his head and ruffled his hair a bit. Then we left to head to Katy Mills mall.

We rode in a capsule thing that made us feel like we were in space and he screamed while I was like, "Woooo hoooo!!!!"

Then we went to the arcade, I was bored, but he was having a blast just hanging out with the person he looks up to most... so I made the best of it and had fun playing DDR with him.

We then went to go see "Kung Fu Hustle" the movie and I laughed so hard that I had to pee so badly afterwards. 'Twas a great movie and I recommend it to all who love action movie spoofs.

We then went to a Chinese place called Pei Wei. Me, being starved from not eat breakfast AND lunch, devoured three whole bowls of Teryaki chiken and rice bowls. YUMMY!!!

I got into an arguement with my dad about what my fortune cookie said. It said, "Love is always the solution when you are feeling down." That upset me and I made a negative comment.

Then my dad, being the shallow person he is, said, "All teenagers think that love is stupid."

I HATE it when my stereotypes me... he barely even knows me anymore. Hell, he even forgot my age two days ago.

So, we left the place in bad moods... 'cept Nick was trying to joke around to make me laugh.

We went back to Nick's house and said our goodbye's. I really hate leaving him... I'm his older sister. And knowing that he needs an older sibling around just hurts... because I can never be there for him.

Everyone needs an older sibling around to help...

He's very excited about coming to live with us this late May. He may be moving in the day right before my b-day, May 26th.

That means he'll be there at my b-day party on the 28th at Sunken Gardens... I hope he has a blast.

We drove back home, me sprawled on the back seat sleeping with my headphones again.

We got back to San Antonio and stopped at Dairy Queen where my parents bought some fattening treats.

It amazes me how my dad can obsess about losing weight then sit on his butt all day eating... xD;

I got inside the house, fed the cat, still testy with my dad... even though he apologized and said, "I just think you shouldn't hate love so much."

.... I never said that I hated love. I just don't like how it screws me over all the time. xD

I went to check my messages and got upset....

Ian called, saying that he was in San Antonio today and was wondering if he could come and visit!!! Damn going to Houston! I missed Skylarcon AND getting to see Ian... x(

Then I got another message from a guy who called himself Kingsly. He was like, "SETH!!! It's Stevie! Kinglsy! I'm a friend of Ian... uhhh... urm... Zabuza-kun. We're in SA, girl! Where are ya?!"

And I was laughing because they both were so cute.

I got my mom's cell phone and called Ian. Kingsly picked up the phone and said, "I LOVE YOU!!!" and I laughed, talking to him for a bit. Kingly's a cool guy.

I talked to Ian and it turned out that they were 30 miles south of Austin... damnit. Called too late...

Ian was a bit upset because he didn't get to see me, but Kingsly brought up that they'll be back in SA on Saturday!! Woot woot!

So Ian's gonna come visit on Saturday. And Tala and Victoria will hopefully be there.

Can you say, "Con meet at Seth's house!"? xD

I hung up with him, talked to Sethos for awhile.

Then I had to help unload food from my dad's truck.

Then Ian called back and we talked all the way 'til midnight about what we should do at A-kon, about our personal problems, and all sorts of things.

Ian and I can talk for hours about absolutely nothing. I say it's because we're both Gemini's and love talking to the opposite sex... and he thinks so too. ^.^

Hung up with Ian, and now I'm here... bored. So I'm gonna head out of here and play some online games or something... time to catch up on EverQuest again!

Phlinx, I'm willing to share you with Tol. xD

Tala, thanks for calling me... made me think about how badly I wanted to go to Skylarcon. =/ But it was nice hearing from you.

Tori, are you doing alright, hun? I haven't talked to you in a while and I miss ya.

Tol, he may be your man, but he's my brother! Love ya Tol. =3

Zappa, thanks for talking to me last night. It helped.

Alora, sis!!! I lova you!! *Huggles.*

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