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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Skittles Are Teh Bestest! (Sum-Up of Dallas Trip)

Time: 7:00 PM

Song: The fan!

By: The beautiful artist... my fan!

Mood: Glad to be home!

Well... here we go with my weekend. Things may not be in great detail, but I'll try! Beware of typos! I just got home and I'm dead tired...


We left for Dallas at about 4 PM. Everyone was quiet for quite a while because they were either tired or just too excited to speak.

Finally, I started to talk a bit to Lizzie, which turned into me laughing and messing around with Nan's hair clippy thing that looked like an Aligator.

The sun was shining on Mr. Murphy's face and I made the hair clippy thing look like it was trying to eat Murph's eyeball. We were all cracking.

We all got pretty quiet when Murph put Mission Impossible on.. followed by Ace Ventura Pet Detective, which had me cracking because I love Jim Carey.

We stopped at a convenience store to catch some fast food. We were given 45 minutes to eat.

After eating, we got back on the bus at about 6 PM and began to leave Waco, Texas.

We watched MIB all the way to Dallas and laughed a bit. Lizzie fell asleep, Nan was listening to music, Nick was leaning on the back of my seat so I kept moving it, and Ashley was talking on the phone...

I tell you, Ashley is ALWAYS talking to her damn boyfriend on the phone. One minute she's yelling at him, the next she's crying and saying she misses him... yeesh. But Ashley's still a good friend. <3;

We got to the Amerisuites hotel at about 11:15 PM, picked up our luggage, our performance clothes, our keys, and left to our rooms.

I scheduled a wake-up call, Laura passed out on the floor, Lizzie called the bed nearest the AC, and I gave Nan the other bed.

I pulled out the pull-out bed from the couch and went to bed there.

Thirty minutes after I had fallen asleep, Mr. Murphy came to the door for a room check... boy was I so out of it. I ran into the door several times before successfully opening it.

After he checked, I was back in bed.


We awoke at 7 AM and took our showers. We left the room at about 8 AM to get from free breakfast.

I decided that I was goin' to eat a hearty breakfast so I wouldn't pass out on the stage that I knew would be VERY hot during performance. And I also wasn't going to eat our late lunch at the Galleria mall either.

We got dressed into our formal wear at about 10 AM and left for the Majestic theatre.

We arrive and everyone so nervous... except for me. I just really had to pee and Murphy wouldn't let me go to the potty. >.<

We warmed up and performed. We all thought that we sucked MAJORLY because a lot of Altos and Sopranos seemed to flat on stage... must've been the heat.

We left the theatre and went back to the hotel to get dressed for the mall at about 3 PM.

We then arrived at the mall, in comfy clothes, at about 4:30 PM and went to go have some fun.

We explored all over the place and stopped by the starbucks because I wanted some coffee to calm me down. Then the weirdest thing happened...

The person who was taking my order was Matt! My stalker from Ushi4! I looked at him funny at first and he did the same. Then the realization hit and he jumped over the counter and we hugged tightly.

We talked for awhile and I gave him a copy of our schedule for the rest of the weekend and I departed for the arcade.

At the arcade, I found the DDR and went all-out on it. Afterwards, I turned around to see a guy there. He went for a few rounds and did double. He turned around and looked at me, noticed I was watching, and started to show off.

After showing off, he turned around and smiled at me, saying, "What'd you think?" and I was like, "You're alright. I'm gonna go play Soul Calibur II." and walked away.

I came back later and played some more. He cam back too and we talked for quite a long time. I stood up and he was like, "Are you leaving?" and I nodded, stating that I was going to sit in the food court. He wished me a good time, got my sn off of me, gave me his number, and hugged me. Wow... o.o;

We got back on the busses at about 7:45 PM and left for Medieval Times. Lizzie kept telling Mr. Murphy that I was a "boy magnet" and needed to be isolated from all males in the world and Murph just laughed.

We finally got to Medieval Times at about 8:15 PM. Murph picked up the mic and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we're now at Medieval Times!" and everyone cheered. I looked out the window and pointed to a tree infront of the castle and started screaming, "Oh my god! It's a tree! A medieval tree!" and everyone laughed.

We got in to see the show, I was for the red knight and had table one right up front. Oh, joy.

The men were very good looking... this coming from someone who very rarely drools over men... but they were very good looking.

I was starving and couldn't wait to get some food. As I was waiting and watching the horses show off some tricks, the red knight came out with a rose, looking for a lady he'd like to give it to. Guess what? xD

I wasn't even paying attention until his horse walked straight infront of me. I looked at him, he kissed the flower and handed it to me and I waved and smiled. I don't know how to react in situations like that. ^.^;;

We enjoyed the show and the food, though I knew what was going to happen since I've been to Medieval Times before many times.

The red knight looked at me once, I smiled, he winked and made a kissing motion. Lizzie was going crazy and I just shrugged, enjoying the good food! x3

All throughout the show, I kept messing around and screaming things like, "Yeah! You're sexy!" and "Let us see up your skirt!" To the guys.

Toward the end, when the executioner came out and was whipping the bad guy (whose wrists were bound by ropes!) with one of the long whips, I kept saying, "Oh, baby! Whip 'im good! Tie him down and rip his clothes off! So kikeh!" xD!!

The show ended and we departed for the hotel at about 11 PM and went to bed at about 1 AM.


I awoke at 5 AM to head back to the theatre to perform my three solo UIL songs with my Tenor drum and Snare drum.

I got back to the hotel at around 6 AM and slept for another hour. We went out to the lobby to eat a good breakfast before leaving for a long day at Six Flags.

We headed through the entrance and guess who met up with us. Matt! Yay! I got to hang out with Matt the whole day throughout the theme park.

We went on almost every single ride in the whole park.

We even went on the Carousel... and when the ride started, I wrapped my arms around the pole and started screaming, "It's too fast! Oh my god! I'm scared!" and all the little kids were looking at me with big eyes.

At around 7 PM, we went to the Southern Palace where the awards would be given.... well... I guess we did alright with the choir...

We did bring back eight trophies all together with the band and choir!!!! YES!

And for the soloists... I got....

1st place, baby!!! ^.^

After the awards ceremony, I went to the arcade with Matt and Lizzie and played some DDR. Y'know that old dancing guy from the commercials?

Well they had a guy dressed as him show up for the ceremony and dance for awhile... and guess what happened while I playing DDR. He jumped up on the other mat and did his little dance. xD!

I was trying not to laugh while playing, but he was dancing so idioticly that I couldn't help it. But he told me that I had skill... really nice guy.

I poured some water all over myself and walked around wet for awhile... but it was dark outside anyway.

We stopped by this guy who had blinky lights and glowsticks! Matt bought me a headband thing with atennas that have disco balls on the top and they blink blue, green, and red really really fast! Woot!

We walked around 'til about 9:30 PM and headed back to the busses. I hugged Matt tightly and promised to meet up with him at Akon. He almost cried though... poor baby.

We drove back... everyone was so tired! We got back at about 10:30 PM and curfew wasn't 'til 11:30 PM, so a lot of people went swimming while I sat out in the lobby sipping some coffee and chatting with a lot of my guy friends from band. We were discussing the parade we'll be marching in...

We went back into the rooms at 11:30 PM and while everyone crashed, I waited for Murph to do a roomcheck. At about 1 AM, I was so close to hitting the sack when Murph came to the door. He asked if everyone was there, I answered and he left after wishing me a good night.


We awoke at about 7:23 AM... heheh.... I knew I was gonna be late for something. We hurried to take our showers, shoved food down our throats at about 8:15 AM and packed everything on the bus at 8:30 AM and left at about 9 AM.

I slept the whole way to Waco. We stopped and ate, but I passed up this meal... too tired to eat and not really in the mood.

Then we got back on the busses... I played my Sonic Adventure game on my GBA before putting some Placebo musice on and falling back asleep. I woke up once more to change out CDs... this time listening to a mixed CD of NIN, DJ Encore, etc., and slept until Murph woke me up by talking on the mic. We were in Round Rock, Texas and he told us to call our parents, asking them to meet us there at about 3:00 PM.

I asked Andra for her phone to call Ian and tell him that I was in his hometown. I caught him on his cell phone and this was our conversation.

Me: Hey!

Ian: Hey Kakashi-chan!

Me: I'm in your hometown with like, three other charter busses.

Ian: Woa... I'm right next to four charter busses that say, "Charter USA".

Me: Holy crap! What color is your car?

Ian: My mom's car is light blue.

Me: I think I see you... slow down.

Ian: Hey! Are you waving?

Me: Yeah! Hi Zabuza-kun!

Ian: I heart you!!!

Me: Awww! I'ma let you go now... I need some more sleep.

Ian: Alright... sleep well Kakashi-chan and I'll give you a call tomorrow after your guard practice.

Me: Alrighty. Bai!

Ian: Ja!

So that was pretty cool... I was happy to see him for the two minutes! x3

Then I slept for the rest of the way there. We pulled into the Warren parking lot at about 2:50 PM, I picked up my luggage and met up with my dad, who claims to have missed me a lot while they were on a cruise in Corpus. xD

Well... my trip was overall really good. I got to see two of my con friends that I love talking to and had a really good time. And I also one first place in my solos and helped bring back four trophies for the choir.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I missed you all very much!

Phlinx, take care of yourself, bro!

Tol, Zappa, Tala, Minty, Sub, and everyone else... I love you all and can't wait to see you guys sometime soon. <3

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Headin' to Dallas!

Time: 5:45 PM

Song: Listening to my dad shave.

By: Uhm... my dad? xD;

Mood: Excited/Nervous/Tomatoe

Well... this is it. I'm off to Dallas tomorrow at 4:30 PM. I hope this trip is all it's cracked out to be...

I'm all packed up 'n ready for some fun at Fiesta Texas and hopefully some fun at UIL too. =/

Anyway, today, I put some flowers in the hand drying machine and when girl went to dry her hands, they flew out and she jumped. x3

Remember that, Maki? I'ma do it again too to see who else is teh victim...

Well... I'm off to go stretch... time to keep up with my flexibility!

Love you all.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Being Sore is Fun!

Time: 7:25 PM

Song: Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

By: Lost Prophets

Mood: Alright.

First... a recap of yesterday's events.

After school, Maki and I met up in the band hall and we all loaded up into a bus that would be taking us to Alamo Stadium downtown, very near Sunken Gardens.

On the way there, Maki was all excited and kept looking out the window. We sat at the way back of the bus... so whenever we hit a bump, Maki and I went flying off the seat. xD

We got to the stadium and met bunches of other guards that were pretty hyped up.

We spent a few hours learning a new routine for the band festival... the flag work was pretty easy and all... considering the kind of work that was in our half time show last fall.

We had to leave early because Mr. Herrera wanted us to... we still have no clue why we had to leave early.

On the way back, Maki and I were VERY hyper. We were talking about ducks and I started making quaking noises, she attempted to do it, but sounded like a dying duck in the process.

Then we started talking about butt itches and how Ian said, "I've had one of thems once!" during a conversation him and I had on the phone awhile back.

I looked at Maki and asked, "Have you ever let one go so hard that you felt yourself lifting off the seat?" XD!!

I attempted to fling a rubber band at Micheal, but it flew into this other girl's seat and she screamed. Maki and I just looked away, but once we looked at each other again, we started cracking.

We had gotten comfy on the seats in nearly fetal positions and talked to her friend on the phone. I was really hyper and kept making funny noises while she was on the phone.

We pulled into the driveway of the school and hit another bump once again, this time I made a farting noise. ^.^

That was our fun for the day... oh yeah! And Maki got to hug Chris and she practically melted! x3

Anyway... today was quite uneventful. I fell asleep for what I thought was five minutes, but turned out to be twenty-five minutes in IPC. Lack of sleep due to the AC being broken... u.u

I am really sore... I worked out for a while yesterday and woke up with terrible knots... more than usual... in my back, shoulders, and arms. So all day was pretty interesting with me attempting to stretch without feeling pain.

But... being sore is good for me! Makes me stronger and what-not.

I hope everyone has a special day 'n all that good stuff.

Phlinx, take good care of yourself.

Zappa, Tol, Tala, and all those other special people in my life... have great tomorrow and I'll miss all of you while I'm in Dallas suffering with UIL competitions. xP

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Monday, April 4, 2005

Quick note.

Time: Ergh...

Song: Uhm...

By: Wha?

Mood: .... *Hits head on the kayboard.*

I.. am.. tired! So I'll post my events for today on tomorrow's post 'cuz everyone knows that nothing interesting happens on tuesdays! x3

Have a good night everyone and don't get too worked up over Akon... it's still quite a ways away...

Phlinx - Rest well, bro.. love ya.

Minty - I hope your night is well and I hope to get to know you better.

Sub - Have a great night.

Newbeh - Hope the Shikamaru costume goes well.

Tala - Love ya, sis.

Tolarin - Uhm... g'night! xD! Thanks for talking to me the other day.. 'twas fun.

Everyone else... go to bed already and quit reading this post that is stupid to begin with! >>

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Caught Up

Time: 5:55 PM

Song: My World

By: SR-71

Mood: Flustered >.<

It seems that I have caught myself up in a childish feud. I'm sorry if this seems to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm trying my best NOT to start conflicts with anyone.

I've been trying my best to help out with this whole situation, but only seem to be succeeding in pissing people off. Now tell me... what exactly makes people easy to piss off?

Here I am, trying to help, and I nearly get chewed out for my knowledge in friendship. Now believe me... I know what these people are going through when it comes to this, but no one seems to be listening. (I'm not stating any names because this is about my personal opinion, not about those who're going through this specific problem.)

Now if I were within this situation, I would leave the group. At school, I've thought about leaving the group many times because some friends have tried to bend and shape me into a "better" person. I've migrated from group to group so many times because of others trying to change me.

But if you don't want to be near your so-called "friends" anymore... just leave! Don't stand around waiting for an apology from one of them... because chances are, you will be waiting forever!

Many times, others have tried changing me to a selfish person. I am anything BUT selfish... in fact... I come last on my list of priorities!

Slimy, dirty animals

See? That's pretty much my list. I'll go about saving the world without one thought of even giving up because it's stressing me!

Now to try to change someone is like sacrilege! You can let them know their flaws and they may clean themselves up a bit, but you have to "help" them first. Point them in the general direction that they need to head. Don't just say, "This is wrong! Now fix it!" because they won't know how and they will just learn to resent you!

This whole thing has turned into something of a freakin' drama show... It's a bit tiring after this problem has been going on for quite a while.

Move on, people! You can meet new friends in the future who will treat you how you want to be treated. This may sound mean, but it's time to face the facts. Quit making a big deal out of everything and learn to force yourself on without them. And if you're just doing it for attention... then I applaud those of you who are wasting your time and pissing people off.

I, myself, hate sounding like a total bitch, but this is my journal and I feel that this post will awaken many out there who are having the same problem.

Alright... can I quit being such a bitch and go back to being happy and helpful again? ^.^;;

Sorry if this offended anyone... but remember that it's just my opinion and I am frustrated at the moment... but look! It passed! It's in the past and will remain there.

Have a nice day...

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Houston Trips (Re-post)

Time: 11:05 PM

Song: Somewhat Damaged

By: Nine Inch Nails

Mood: Spaced o.o

Outfit for the day (I just feel like telling what my dress code was. xD): My bondage pants, they are baggy 'n black with neon green lacing and leather straps, my mid-drift Foamy shirt, and a fishnet underneath with my favorite Vans shoes. x3

Well... my day started off VERY shitty when I was woken up by my dad yelling at me to get my ass out of bed an hour before my alarm clock was set to go off.

So I spent an hour sitting downstairs waiting for my parents to get ready and practically falling asleep on the kitchen floor.

So began our three hour trip to Katy, Houston... I've never had a worse nap in the car within my entire life of living as of yet... except for today. I just couldn't sleep! No matter how tired I was, my body was freakin' restless.

So I listened to my CDs all the way there...

We picked up my little step brother and went to the Katy Mills Mall. Much fun ensued as we played three straight hours of DDR together.

The kid's only on light mode, but he's such an active little shit that he kept goin' and goin'. xD

'Twas good quality time between little brother and big sister indeed. He really looks up to me and can't wait to move in with us this year... and in all honesty, I can't wait for him to move in with us either. I won't be so lonely most of the time... ^.^

My parents came and dragged us out of the arcade and to the food quart where Nick (My little brother) ordered some Burger King and I devoured a plate full of Chinese food... which is a little less then what I usually eat, but the food is so damn expensive!

On our way back to the arcade, we spotted a Karoke place! Being my usual take-risk self, I ran into the new-found place, dragging my parents and my little brother with me.

Nick and I decided to to sing together... but we chose the "Random Round" which is where the DJ chooses a song at random and we sing it. It turned out that we were singing my older sister's old favorite song... N'sync's "Space Ride". Oh boy... I hate boybands. >.<

But I made the best out of it and danced around singing, "If you wanna fly, come and take a ride, take a space ride... with a cowboy, baby!" and my little brother was singing too. 'Twas very kawaii.

Obviously, we both make a good team because the audience wanted more. So we sang, "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down because Nick loves the song.

After bowing to the cheering audience and me being my dorky self while on-stage, my parents dragged us back to the arcade.. smiling the whole time at our antics.

I beat Soul Calibur II four more times with Kilik... I just LOVE Kilik. <33

Soon enough, my parents were back to drag us to Wally-world for haircuts! Yay! <3;

I got the back of my hair trimmed for spiking once again and got my eyebrows waxed... ouch, damnit! >.<

After getting our haircuts, I got permission to run to the clothing section and find some black pants for my Kakashi costume.

Mission: Find Kakashi pants that aren't too baggy, but not too clingy.... SUCCESS!!

I found my panfs and didn't have to pay for them because my dad said that he was proud of me for not being in a bad mood about him yelling at me this morning because he thought we were leaving at 7:00am... not 8:00am. So basically.. he was sucking up. x3

Time to head back to Nick's home... 'twas about 4:00 pm. We took the scenic route to look at houses for sale and laugh at the prices.

While driving in the neighborhood... we saw a house that was toilet-papered and had a whole bunch of bras hooked together from tree to tree and had plastic pink flemingos all over the yard with plastic spoons stuck all over the yard. It had signs like, "We support you!" next to the banner of bras and "Amanda's Turning 40!" all over the house.

I rolled down the window and screamed, "I like your bras! Whoooo!" and they all laughed because they were standing in the yard.

We eventually made it back to Nick's place and bid goodbye to him. Gosh, I hate leavin' the kid behind... he always looks on the verge of tears when we're about to leave. The kiddo really wants to live with us because his dad and step mom are REALLY strict and mean.

They never spend time with him and they spank him for getting B's on his report cards. >=/

I think him coming to live with us will be easier for him. Plus.. he'd have a big sister around all the time to give him the help he needs in life. And I'll do anything to make him as happy as ever... ^.^

The drive back was uneventful, except for a beautiful sunset and me trying to sleep some more... unseccessful... *Sigh.* No sleep for poor Sethy.. u.u

We got home at about 7:30 pm and I came up to my room and took a nap 'til about 8:00 pm. Then... you won't believe what happened...

For the first time in four months...

I actually...

Watched T.V.!

Wow... I actually laid down on the couch and watched some music videos and a few eps. of Azumanga Daiou, The Slayers, Fulle Metal Panic, and Pretear.

And you know what?

I enjoyed watching T.V. too... strange. I've been tired of T.V. for the longest time... but I guess it's good to have grown back to my stage of watching T.V., but it won't last long once I'm back to full vitality and begin working out again. ^.^

I've been a little out of it lately... so I haven't been working out, reading, raving, writing, or drawing... *Slaps herself.* But all will be back again soon enough.

I'm so excited about UIL and getting back into Colorguard for this parade and "Battle of the Bands". It's going to be such a challenge, but fun all in one!

Well... I best be off now. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

And nii-san... take care of yourself. Yes... you HAVE to take care of yourself to some extent... ^.^

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Friday, April 1, 2005

April Fools, Skipping Legally, and Cleaning Bus Floors

Time: 5:21 PM

Song: Lost in a Portrait

By: Trapt

Mood: Alright...

Today wasn't normal friday... I may come by and edit this a little later, because I'm listening to a friend talk to himself on the phone right now.. =/

I got a lot of people in april fools today! I went with the whole, "It's hard for me to say this... but I... I'm pregnant." or "You won't believe who asked me to marry him!" And I told Daniel that I was in love with his brother... xD!!

I slept in Interior Design for about fourty-five minutes today... lack of anything else to do... so sleep is always on the choices list!

IPC was frustrating because Mr. Rock wanted us to do this lab that was very confusing and then do a test, followed by homework... blegh. But I somehow managed to figure out the lab, finish the test, and finish half the homework.

Lunch time came around and I ate a subway sandwich and a powerade! WOOT! We do much actually but kid around with Cracker and calling him Mr. Pasty.

Ryan and I went up to Algebra and took our seats. We finished up our quiz and warm-ups. Well.. Mrs. Harms told us that she was going to dismiss us for C lunch because she had been practicing for the talent show all day and was really hungry.

This being april fools day, the whole freakin' class didn't believe her... but we soon found out that she was totally serious! Hells yeah!

When the C lunch bell rang, we all quietly left the classroom and went to the cafeteria where I sat with Alex, Chris (Yes, Maki... CHRIS!! xD!), Mikako, Will, Josh, Nick, Vincent, and Joe. 'Twas pretty fun.

I sat by Chris and found out that he's a really cuddly guy... he let me listen to his Gackt CD and let me lean on him because he was comfy. Don't worry Maki... I'm not interested in him. He's all yours. x3

I got to witness Chris singing to some Gackt music, Mikako and I were being a bit perverted with tater tots, ketchup, and milk, Alex was being petted by me again... I wuv you, puppy! <3

Everyone seemed to enjoy my company at lunch, though they worried that I was anorexic because I wasn't eating. But I explained that I had A lunch on A days and all was good.

I went to choir where we talked about the trip and had a free day... Jenachris, Lizzie, Nan, and Mindy were all hyper today.

Nan brought a camera and Chris (She's a girl.) had admitted to actually being in love with me... it's all good though. We took many funny pictures with Chris pinning me down, groping me, and much much more! xD!

We thought it was really funny. Chris was posing for a picture and in the back, I was raving... xD! I looked so out of place.

We also talked about going to Dallas and how funny it would be if I were to look at a guy and talk in a really deep, manly voice to him just to scare him. xD!

The bell rang and we all went outside. Nothing went well outside when I decided to talk to Yugi personally... seems like she doesn't even want to be my best friend anymore..... Oh well... I don't mind losing another best friend as long as she's happy...

On the bus ride home, I was a little upset, but Brandon got me to lighten up. I don't know how it happened... but I ended up crawling underneath all the seats and grabbing everyone ankles. xD!

The bus driver thought it was funny... so she kept making sharps turns while I was under the seats. I crawled out and stood up at the front row and everyone cheered. I was so dirty from cleaning the floors with my body.. xD

Then La'ron turned around and said, "Now come back, dude!" so I went down the other isle, scaring some people who didn't know what was going on.

When I stood up, the bus driver made a quick stop and fell over, making everyone laugh... including the bus driver. I even laughed too. Everyone had a good time with me being the main entertainment!

My bus stop arrived and everyone bid me goodbye... I'm quite the celebrity on the bus now. x3

I came home and my parents are asleep right now...

Oh yeah... I have so much going on this month! I just found out today that Mr. Herrera, the band director, wants the original Colorguard to go to the Battle of the Bands thingy in the middle of april with the winter guard. And the original colorguard was also asked to march with the band for the Battle of Flowers parade the week after TAKS testing. Now... I have to think about all I'm doing this month... hmmm...

Going to Houston tomorrow.

A Battle of the Bands rehearsal next monday at Alamo stadium from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Yeesh...

Choir UIL trip to Dallas for four days.

Maki's Sweet 16. (Chris is coming Maki!)

Subaru's b-day, if that's still going on.

TAKS Testing the week before the parade.

Battle of the Bands performance.

Parade that I'm going to invite everyone to come to so I can have some motivation to march through the blazing sun all day... which isn't a problem, but I'd like someone to cheer us on!

Going to Austin for Skylarcon... hopefully.. *Hopeful glances toward her dad's room.*

And sewing eight costumes together before Akon.

Talk about busy....

I think I'm gonna watch some Naruto eps. my friend burned for me. I've already seen them, but there's no harm in re-watching them.

Love you all!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Good Times With the Guys. x3

Time: 7:05 PM

Song: Mr. Lonely (Just for Matt.)

By: Dunno

Mood: Refreshed in a weird sorta way.

Let's see... this morning and I pressed the snooze button a total of twenty times before my dad actually came and literally dragged me outta bed. This is the day my father learned that his teenage daughter sleeps in her undergarments!! xD! *Poof.* He was outta there as soon as he got me outta bed. xD

I dragged my ass into the shower, got dried off, dressed, grabbed an apple for breakfast, and left the house for school at about 5:55 am.

We picked up Yugi and my dad dropped us off at school at about 6:20 am. This happens every morning since my bus is ALWAYS freakin' late... but I was a bit more tired this morning then usual.

After bumping into a tree, stumbling up the steps, and running into the school entrance door, I finally made it into the cafeteria where I ate my apple and slept on Yugi's shoulder 'til about 7:15 am.

Brandon came and we talked about raving while listening to one of my Trance CDs and Yugi was writing her journal.

Eventually, Matt, Josh, Ryan, Noel, Mike, and Chris showed up. Matt was ranting about how love sucked and I put my arms around him and started singing, "I'm so lonely.. Mr. Lonely.. I have nobody... to call my own!!" and he practically seethed and bit off my head. xD

Well.. I was messing with Daniel today and kept pulling up his shirt, looking through his bad, and actually peeked into his shirt and screamed out, "Nipple!" Of course... I know that Daniel (He's a senior) has a crush on me... so that made it better.

Well... Maki and I didn't work on our dance project at all today. We just listened to my techno tracks and raved the whole period in the practice rooms. I taught her the fig. 8 and she's such a fast learner! I also came up with ALOT of new moves... beware Phlinx! xD

Well... school work, blah blah blah. Slept in world geog, presented my project in English...

At lunch, I bought Matt lunch since he didn't eat breakfast. I decided to eat too since I was mumbling incoherant words to everyone... that's a bit bad, ne? So I ate and became hyper. I also kept flicking a cup at Alex and he couldn't figure out how I was doing it. Poor Alex... I love you, my puppy!!! x3

Let's see.. the rest of the day was alright. We sang some more in choir... and I practiced some more rave moves on our free time and talked about how I learned to rave with some friends.

After school, before heading to GSA, Maki, Mikako, Yugi, and I stood by the window-y area by the cafeteria. The guys were outside the window... you know what that means!

Matt kept humping the window infront of me and Joey kept smashing his face onto the window.

'Course, I was messing with the guys too and was doing my own little things. I pressed my lips to the window toward Daniel and he kissed the window, making it look like we kissed. It was so funny.

Then Josh licked the window and it looked so weird from my point of view and I cracked up. Also saw James tackle Daniel from behind... I'm going to miss those guys so much when they graduate.

The guys came in and I wrapped my arms around Chris from behind and shoved him into Maki because she was all blushy about him being there. xD

I proceeded to make them hug and screamed, "Hug orgy!" And when they hugged each other, I let go... teh perfect couple! xD

So after messing around with the guys some more and pulling up Daniel's shirt one more time... I couldn't help myself... xD! We went up to the GSA meeting. We were fifteen minutes late... so I just told Kandis that we were having a wild orgy and everyone thought it was a bit funny.

The GSA meeting went great... we were all hyper though, so we didn't get much done.

Matt sat behind me and was giving me a massage... boy did that feel great! And Alex sat down beside the desk and I started petting him... 'cuz he's my puppy. He was in heaven and I was in heaven... thanks Matt! You're the best massuer in teh world! <3

My dad picked me up from the GSA meeting and we drove home. I saw Matt and Alex driving behind us and kept waving to them. They're so nice and evil at the same time... they're also going to graduate this year... u.u

Well... that's pretty much my day all summed up.

Love you, bro! <3

And everyone else too!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not much to say today...

Time: 5:50 PM

Song: Ninja Boy

By: Less Than Jake

Mood: *Shrug.*

Well.. not much happened today... as usual. I was a bit more hyper though.. so everyone seemed happy about that.

In I interior design, I crumbled up a paper ball and called him Johnny. I was laughing really hard and throwing Johnny at random things... including myself. XD

In IPC, we had a fire drill... it only wasted time though. So I nearly didn't get to finish my lab... damn fire drills.

At lunch, I played with a banana... I'm not even gonna go there! xD

In algebra, Darryl had a liquified energy bar that looked like a certain white fluid that's part of the male category. >.>

Darryl smeared some on the side of my lips and everyone dared me to leave it there. So all throughout class, the teacher kept looking at me funny, but never said anything. We could all tell what she was thinking though... xD

She eventually found out that it was just energy stuffs when Darryl pulled out the pack and showed it to her. She was laughing a bit too.

In choir, we sight read for awhile, sang through our concert set, and got the rest the period off.

My friend Lizzie had told me that we're leaving for our choir trip to Dalla next thursday. This scared the crap out of me because I thought we were leaving firday... oh well.

So this means I won't be posting next week on thursday, friday, saturday, and possible not sunday as well. *Sigh.* Im'a miss everyone...

We got really hyper in choir and started talking about baby chickens and Kakashi. Weird duo, but funny... then I drew a picture of a baby chicken with the Konoha head band over its left eye and a mask. We call 'im Kakashi-peepers! xD!!!

We went outside, hot day it was... but I was content sitting on Matt... as usual. xD

I finished up my Wright brothers presentation that's due tomorrow... hopefully I get a good grade.

I got a tiger on my site now! And a sexy new quiz result at the bottom of my page!

You take care of yourself Phlinx! Don't wanna have to come visit you in a hospital or asylum or something... >.>

You too Tala! Eat more!!

Everyone else... have a nice day. *Wal-mart style.*

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Starving's Fun! *Yay for sarcasm.*

Time: 5:38 PM

Song: Cell Phone Mania

By: DJ Masion

Mood: Wanting to do something...

Well, everyone seemed very mellow today, if only my moods wouldn't switch from person to person on a daily basis, I would've been fine.

Let's see... I nearly got into a fight with this girl this morning. I was simply asking everyone to re-direct themselves to the dance studio when this girl in my class (I don't know her name because I never cared enough to ask her.) got up into my face telling me not to order her around.

I stayed as calm as possible and responded to her bitching. She began walking away, waited until the door got in between us, and turned around, shouting, "You better watch who you're talking to!" Wow... nice surprise there. She actually waited for the door to get in between us!

I didn't pay much mind to it, but did notice that she was avoiding me quite a bit... too bad she's afraid of little 'ol me.

Maki and I signed the sheet for role-call for the substitute and ran off to skip class in the A building.

We simply sat outside the auditorium. And I showed her some rave moves. 'Twas all good...

I slept in World Geography because we were working on missing assignments... which I had none to work on.

I went to English, finished up my stupid research paper and got ready to turn it in.

Starved away at lunch time, but it was well worth giving the money to my diabetic friend who had nothing to eat or money to buy food with at the time.

I went to English, turned in my research paper with ALOT of time to spare. So grateful Mrs. Crowder gave me the rest of the period off. I headed toward the weight room...

I dressed out into my jazz pants, I really need some new ones because the current pair are WAY too clingy, and into a tank top.

I managed to max at 220 and bench at 190. This seemed awfully low to me today because I usually bench AT LEAT 200 or more. But of course, I hadn't eaten all day... so that SUCKED. The men inside the room didn't seem to mind though...

But everytime they stared at me for too long, they'd get a response close to, "What the hell are you staring at?" but in a nicer way... like, "See something you like? Well... it's not for sale."

I don't mind people hitting on me and all if I know them... but Gods those guys were so damn annoying.

I dressed out and walked to the choir room. We sang through our concert set and got the rest of the period off... I slept on the bleachers with my book over my face while everyone talked and what-not.

I sat on Matt after school and listened to his Metallica CD until my bus came. I ignored the pain in my stomach and listened to some good 'round-a-bout Techno.

Got home, fed the cat, finally ate... I had rice and a salad... yum.

And now I'm talking to Phlinx about push-ups! Woot... heheh... don't be too much of a rival, bro...

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