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Friday, April 29, 2005

Doom Doom Doom Dooooom!!!!!
Time: 5:50 PM

Song: Gir's Doom Song (ReMiX)

By: DJ DoOmS dAy

Mood: Sorta here... sorta there...

Nothing much happened at all today... everyone's just happy that today's Friday and we all hate what we're doing this weekend. xDD

Let's see... stretched and semi-worked out in Dance today... nothing new then what we've been doing practically all year.

Went to World Geography... worked on some GRS worksheets and went straight to sleep afterwards... not really worrying about my project much.

Went to English where we read Scene Five of Act One for Romero and Juliet... oh, joy. xD;

Went to lunch where Yugi and Chris fought over me AGAIN. This time, they both had their hands on my legs when I was eating...

Then Yugi was like, "This leg's mine!"

And Chris said, "Well, then her ****** is mine!" (Use your imagination kiddies. =3)

Alex looked up to see their hands on my legs and he looked up at the wrong time. xDD

He just laughed and put his head back down on the table... poor guy.

Went back to English after telling Yugi how bad I am at showing Public Display of Affection... she laughed at the way I put it.

I said, "I love PDA just as much as I love the sweat running down my crack on a summer day." XDD

Yeah... went back to English, finished reading. Did an assignment about what some of the lines meant and headed for choir.

Talked to the guys about my new drawing, which is a pretty profound drawing, and went to choir.

Made it into choir, sang, got my choir CD of what we sang for UIL, and told Mr. Murphy about Lizzie's cutting.

I can't stand it anymore... she's been cutting for months on end now and will not take my advice... so I told Mr. Murphy of it again... and this time he's gotten much more serious.

Left the room with a huge weight on my chest as I walked out of the office and Mr. Murphy called Lizzie in.

Lizzie looked at me with an unforgetable look of sadness and it made my heart drop. I felt like I betrayed her...

Mr. Murphy's a cool guy and he wasn't angry at all, just concerned, but Lizzie's known me since 7th grade and we were good friends.

She used to be perfect... all A's and always smiling.

Then this year, her grades all dropped, she always bags under her eyes, and she's been cutting and never happy anymore.

So, with that weight on my chest, I headed outside, avoiding my friends as I walked out a different door. I don't know why... I just felt the need to avoid them.

I layed in the grass, really tired, and Matt, Mike, Joey, Chris, John, Josh, Daniel, and Noel came to me.

We popped my Techno CD into Matt's portable DVD player and jammed out a bit while I just layed in the grass, keeping my eyes closed.

I layed my head in Daniel's lap and he petted me... he such a cute guy... very sweet as well. Too bad he's graduating this year... and the last day I get to see him and a lot of my friends are on my b-day.... May 26th.

Surprisingly, I dread my b-day... 'tis my last day to see a lot of my friends ever again unless they come back and visit.

I have a lot of senior friends... so, yeah. But I'll still attempt to keep in contact with them.

Caught my bus, sat next to a guy who kept trying to hit on me, but obviously didn't know that his statements such as, "You're so fine, girl." and "You should wear tighter shirts then that." were being drowned out by my headphones...

Walked in the door, let my parents listen to my choir music, went downstairs for awhile, then went back into my room to recollect my thoughts.

I don't want to live in San Antonio anymore... u.u

But, oh well...

I'm NOT depressed so don't think it! Just very thoughtful today is all...

Well... I'm off! ^.^

Phlinx and Tala, I hope you have fun tomorrow and Skylarcon. Love ya guys...

Alora, I thank you for acknowledging the fact that I'm here for you all the time. Love ya, sis.

Tol, have lots of fun at your con!

Zappa, *Huggles.*

Tori, I'm here for you as well, hun. *Huggles 'n all that good stuff.*

Sethos, My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... Omg! Man-titties!!! XDDDDD!!!!!

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