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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   Ushi-con 2005!!!

Well... as of now, I'm currently getting ready for this month's up-coming Ushi-con. Jan. 23rd is when I'll be heading to Austin dressed as Kakashi from Naruto and it's going to be a blast!

I'm going to take plenty of pictures and hopefully have a lot of fun and meet up with friends 'n stuffs like that. Cosplaying is a lot of fun! I just can't wait! Mweeeee! =3

Date: Jan. 15, 2005
Time: 1:06 AM

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

WHA?! Kakashi-san dies?!?!

I just heard the worst thing in my entire life (that has to deal with anime!!!) Kakashi from Naruto is supposed to die!!! NOOOOO! *Goes all crazy.* This should be considered against the law I tell you! *Head blows up.*





I'm hungry....

*Walks off to get some ramen.*

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   Florida trip = DISASTER!!!

Well... I'm sure as everyone of my friends know, I went to Orlando, Florida for my Thanksgiving break. It was my father, mother, little brother, and I stuck in a little car, with no leg space, traveling for hours and hours. Now... I don't have the best relationship with my father... so all we pretty much did was argue all the time. My father was in an exceedingly bad mood because we were driving in nothing but rain and storms all the way to Tampa. So, aside from my father's constant bitching and PMS-ing, I was stuck playing my little brother's Pok'emon yellow version. I never got into the whole Pok'e-craze, so I didn't know what the hell to do when it said "Kadabra has fainted." I was like "WTF?! WHY?! I thought it was going to DIE! Not FAINT! Cheap childrens game..." My mother spent most of her time reading her romance novels while daydreaming about that "sexy" man in the book. And my little brother just drooled all over the place and ate all of my precious pocky! >.<; We spent two days in Orlando... riding rides 'n stuff. My father bought me a stuffed animal to suck up for being a grouch. Yes... I do collect stuffed animals... mostly wolves, cats, and foxes though. After our two days, we went to visit my great aunt Selma for Thanksgiving. THIS WOMAN TRIED TO MAKE ME FAT!!!! I swear, it was like every five minutes she would ask me if I was hungry or shove a big piece of cake in my face. Thanksgiving day was as boring as ever and I found myself missing my computer even more. I was stuffed after the Thanksgiving dinner, but got a piece of pumpkin pie shoved down my throat because aunt Selma thought I needed to gain weight. We left late Thanksgiving day and began out dreadful trip home. On the way home, dad yelled at me and I wasn't talking to him anymore. (He yelled at me for having my music turned up too loud on the headphones. -.-; ) So to suck up to me, he let me get volumes 2 and 3 of the Naruto manga. The rest of the trip was tiring, frustrating and just plain stupid. Well.... now that I'm done with my mindless ranting... I'm gonna go download some Naruto eps. Kakashi is so hot. I'm glad I'm home and on my computer again. =^-^=

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   Newbs suck.

Haven't you ever gotten so pissed off at a newb on the net that you just wanted to explode every single time they said "LiKe YoU CaN't KeEl Me Cuz I'm LiKe A gOd~!!!!!!"? I have... that's why I love to screw with them. Like today on Furcadia... I literally verbally abused this noob who thought I couldn't thrash him because he was in my pack's territory. Here's some advice for getting rid of the normal, everyday noob. If you use big words to confuse them... like the word irrational. My gods... EVERYONE knows what that word means... unless they are the kind of noob who speaks like this "Like lols!!!11 U R so kewl~!!" So... join me in my new clan... called the BTFN. Beat The Fucking Noobs! Join my my friends! We must rid of this scum that has brought our strongest, smartest friends to their knees!!! Oh gods! Kill them all now! *Goes off to grab more clan members.*

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   Holy Crap!

Well... Sean and I broke up because the communication between us dwindled to nothing. We both just decided to stay just friends. And it turns out that a day after I broke up with Sean, my bestfriend told me that she loves me! I never would've thought y'know. =O.O= This is weird! I mean.... It's hard to know what to do in these kind of things... and to top it all off.... Two other girls have a crush on me!!! I'm so loved that it's driving me nuts! =@.@= *Blows up.*

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004


As you all know. I broke up with my boyfriend Packy two weeks ago... well... now there's a new sexeh man in my life. His name is Sean and he's hot and loves mostly everything I like. Though we may be different when it comes to social activities (Such as parties.) we are very much alike. I hope we stay together for a long time as me and Packy stayed together for a year. That would be very nice. =^-^=

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Friday, July 30, 2004

   Hiya Everyone! I'm back!

Wow... it's been like three months since I've updated this thing. Well... my summer's been goin' pretty good... really bored though. My band is going pretty good... but I think we're gonna split up T.T. High school starts in august... *Sighs* I dun' wanna go to school yet! I'm still used to sleeping in and staying on the computer all I want! Well... when high school starts... I'll most likely have a good time. I mean... high school's supposed to have your greatest memories.. right? RIGHT?! *Hackcoughwhitherdiedeath*

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Thursday, May 6, 2004


Well. I know I haven't posted in a while so here I go. The years' almost over for me when it comes to school... yay-ness! I think my history teacher's out to get me though *looks around all paranoid-like* My b-day's coming up on May 26th *sighs* I'm getting old! Nooooooo! ACK! My friends are here so I better be off! Buh-bye! And remember... in the summer time, aliens are found in random peoples closets! *Floats away*

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Tuesday, April 6, 2004


Well... I'm at school right now being very bored. I'm grounded at home so I'm not allowed to get on the computer at home. That's why I'm breaking rules here and instead of doing my project... I'm typing on here! Yay-ness! Hewwo brother! Hewwo Neko the baka! Hewwo random people who read this. Anywayz... my boyfriend's sitting right here... he says hi too -_-; Well... gotta go! And remember... as you jump off of the building to your death... think of how much you love cheese! *blows up*

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Thursday, March 4, 2004


So sorry about my last post... I just had to get all of that out! My life was falling apart and I was desperate to get it out. So sorry...

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