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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Time: 9:20 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Victorious!

Good news! I finally got Sethos on myotaku! Sethos is one of my bestest friends in the entire world and she needs some new friends and all... so feel free to visit her at:


I did her whole site by my self since she doesn't really have the patience to do something like that. VICTORY!!!!

Well... not much happened today at all. xD

Got to school, had fruit for breakfast... yummy! ^.^;

Went to dance and watched some of the other students perform. And Maki and I were messing around when Mrs. Burnette came up to us and said that Mrs. Kinked was going to do a dance show with glowsticks and she'd appreciate it if we were to teach some moves to her.

Bwahahahaha!!!! We DO have reputations about the school with our glowsticks!

So, gladly taking this offer, we went to the Dance Studio and talked to Mrs. Kinked and she didn't seem all that thrilled when we walked in... she just doesn't like us, I guess.

We left her office, content in knowing that she'll call us later in the week to teach her some moves. Yes!!

Now to make the moves harder for the prep squad.... jk.... or am I?

Went to the P.E hall to meet up with Yugi and Chris let me listen to her Techno while I had my glowsticks.

Seth with glowsticks in the middle of the hallway + Awesome techno = Seth raving in the middle of the hall.

'Nuff said there. ^.^

Went to History, we had a sub. So we had to watch movies and write facts about the movies.

... I fell asleep without even noticing it and missed out on the last two movies... but guessed some fact anyway since the movie was about Egypt. Then my headphones woke me up. I was listening to a friend's CD and it was nice, slow techno. Then all of the sudden, this loud voice screams, "HARDCORE!!!" and I snapped awake. o.O

Went to English... blegh. Talked about Drama and stuff.

Went to lunch and got a massage by Chris (girl Chris)... Gods that felt so damn good! I was in heaven all lunch period!!

Went upstairs with a jealous Yugi and Chris hanging all over me.

They're both bi... and you know how it goes from basically knowing that fact.

Then they started to play fight over me and talked about who I slept with first. It went like this..

Yugi: Seth's my sexy nin!

Chris: Mine!

Me: There's enough to go around, ladies! ^.^;;

Yugi: She had sex with me first!

Chris: Nu-uh! Me!

Yugi: She'd never cheat on me!

Me: Yeah! I've only slept with nine!

Chris: And me last night... remember?

Yugi: Liar! She's mine!

*And it continued until we thought up more about the skit where Yuna (FFX) is in love with Kakashi and she ended up chasing me down the hallway screaming, "I LOVE YUOOO!" and everyone stared while Yugi cracked up.*

Yeah... I'll tell you about the Kakashi-crazed-Yuna if you all ask nicely.

Went back to English, began Romeo and Juliet... blegh.

Went to choir, got a new song called, "I Made it Through the Rain" and found out when solo try-outs were.

Went outside, sat on Matt, and messed around with the guys some mores.

Caught my bus, came home, same 'ol same 'ol. ^.^

'Cept for the fact that my throat's starting to hurt A LOT. T.T

Now I'm tired and headin' to bed!

Phlinx, 'twas nice talking to ya this morning. My shower was nice 'n warm. xD;

Tala, I hope you're feeling better.

Lala, I really can't wait to meet you.

Tori, show me your new technique anytime! ~_^

Alora, good luck with your AMV!

Everyone, I love you all so much!

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