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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mellow Days Are Fun. x3

Time: 5:30 PM

Song: You're a God

By: Vertical Horizon

Mood: Mello. u.u

Well... today was an all-out mellow day for me. I didn't do much of anything but stand around and look bored all freakin' day.

Interior Design was just frustrating considering the fact that I'm partner's with my best friend, yes... the one who's in love with me, and she kept asking me if I'd ever consider dating.

I upset her by saying, "No. And the more you ask me, the more I just want to stay single for the rest of my entire life!" Harsh, but true. He just frustrated me to the point where I bluntly told her my feelings...

So she cried while I worked on our powerpoint project... oh the joys of attracting emotional people. Can't I ever just find someone I love with just as much passion? Yeesh...

So after Interior Design, I trotted up to IPC, where we took notes and I slept. I didn't write down anything because I already knew the info. for some reason. We then worked on a lab that everyone thought was SO freakin' hard.

How's the lab hard when everything's already given to you?! All we had to do was figure out the depth and graph it... so hard on our tiny little minds, no?

So after sleeping for a good fourty-five minutes, I headed down to the cafeteria. I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to skip lunch for the day and just read and listen to my CD player at lunch.

Everyone thought something was wrong because I wasn't being my usual jokster self. They all thought I was depressed or something. Nothing was wrong... I just felt mellow today. Didn't feel like:

Messing around
Doing work
Sleeping a lot
Thinking about Akon
Doing much of anything at all...

So after facing a very quiet lunch and everyone casting curious glances at me, I just got up and went to the library to see what kind of dirty books I could discover in our library filled with various dirty romance novels.

I read for the rest of lunch in the quiet library... actually enjoying the solitude with my romance book, and headed up to Algebra.

Algebra was as boring as ever... TAKS tests are coming up, so all we're doing is reviewing. A lot of people couldn't even remember the basics! So while Mrs. Harms went over the steps, I read more of the book.

She gave us a worksheet that was due at the end of the class period. I finished it in about ten minutes and continued reading my novel.

A guy in my class named Chris wanted to know what was wrong and he got the same answer. A big smile and a, "Nothing at all."

Heading down to choir last period was alright. Heather missed school today so I didn't have to wait for her. I met up with my best friend and she seemed happier then this morning... that's good. I only want her to be happy... not depressed over a love situation based around me.

I went to choir, sang through our concert set, and just sat around for the rest of the period because Mr. Murphy's getting ready to take the varsity choir to UIL.

While everyone talked around me, I read some more. After finishing (Yes, finishing) the book, I wrote some poetry on the thoughts that ran through my head at the time. Nothing interesting... just a boring poem.

After the bell rang, I went to the library to turn the finished book in and headed outside.

I sat on Matt and we conversed a bit about nothing important... it seemed that Matt was as mellow as usual. He's so easy to talk to... ^.^

I took my bus home, got called into work... worked for awhile, not ever thirty minutes, and Josh magically showed up to take my place. He did it to make up for me working when he got sick. I insisted on staying so he could rest up, but he literally pushed me out the door.

Getting back home, I fed my cat and worked out for a bit. I'm feeling very relaxed now... but still mellow like jello. xD

Well... that's my boring day... heheh.

I hope Phlinx had a good day in work today... wouldn't want my nii-san to be overrun by work too much now. *Tease tease.*

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Recap of My Day With Bunny-chan (Victoria)

Time: 12:02 AM

Song: Forces of Gravity

By: BT

Mood: Erm... rather not say. >.>;

Well... today started off pretty interesting. Victoria got to witness my zombie-like state at about 8:00 am... yeah... I think it was around that time. Poor her... she had called to let me know that she couldn't spend the night would ask her parents to come over and visit.

Of course... having stayed up very late last night, I was so out of it when talking to her on the phone about what we were going to do about her coming over.

After that conversation, I walked back to my bed, flopped down, and curled up under my blankets... almost falling asleep as soon as I was situated.

Three phone calls later, I gave up on trying to sleep and laid in bed for about ten minutes, yawning up a storm. Finally deciding that I should get up, I grabbed the bar to latter leading to the top bunk, and threw myself out of bed and collided with the floor... gods, how stupid I am.

I made my way to my closet, pulling out some random clothes, and went off to take my shower.

I nearly fell asleep in the shower, but once the water turned cold, that chance was passed up pretty quickly.

I dried my hair, got dressed, blah blah blah..

I was hanging out in my room waiting for Victoria to call, but then heard the door bell ring. I walked downstairs and alas! Victoria stood at my door step!

I showed her around before we retired to my room. We simply just carried on random conversations about what we should do at Akon and other experiences we've had at convenetions.

I showed her some things on my computer, showed her some of my cosplay stuff, and began showing her varioud AMV's I've created. We had bunches of fun...

Zappa also gave me a call from work and Victoria and I talked to him on the phone for a bit. After confusing each other on the phone, Zappa had to depart from our conversation (after many attempts at getting me to agree to visiting him at work tomorrow) and hung up to continue his work.

Eventually, my dad called us out of the room to get read to go to Ci Ci's Pizza! Yay!

On the way there, we saw a car crash, concerning three cars. My dad made a comment about, "Look! That car got banged three-way!" And I, of course, had to make a perverted comment by saying, "Car orgy!" Thus, making Victoria laugh pretty hard.

We ate at Ci Ci's, listened to my mom's stories about her trip to San Angelo for the week, and eventually headed back home.

At home, my cat longed to be fed... this led to Victoria witnessing my "Vibrating Cat" xD! Matt, my cat, stood right infront of us and vibrated his tail like a mad cat. Victoria, upon seeing this, broke out laughing so hard.

We cracked up for quite a long while at my cat's actions before retiring back to my room to continue watching AMV's.

Then the phone rang, I picked it up and smiled really brightly, also blushing a bit as I said, "Hiya!" really loudly. Then Victoria somehow KNEW right off the bat that it was Ian... am I THAT obvious when I'm happy to hear from a good friend? >.>;

While Ian tried to remember who Victoria was, she talked on the phone with him a bit too.

Eventually, Victoria's parents showed up to take her away from our fun-ness... *Sigh.* I asked Ian to hold on for a minute and went to talk to her parents and say goodbye.

I continued my conversation with Ian for a few hours, where we talked about our b-day party bash this year that we're planning... hopefull all turns out well. And when he was first going to tell his mom about our plan, he said to her, "Hey mom... I need to talk to you about something when I get off the phone." and she asked if we were going to get married! *Blush.* xD!

It turns out that his mom thinks that combining our b-day parties is a good idea and my step-mom thinks it sounds like a fun idea too! Me and Ian are so win when it comes to this!

When I was downstairs talking to Ian, I laughed really hard because our conversation went a lot like this:

Ian: Yeah... we should go out to a restraunt in our costumes during Akon.

Me: Yeah! That'd be awesome.

Ian: Yeah, then we could- Oh my gosh!

Me: What's wrong? o.o;

Ian: My underwear's on backward!

Me: wtf? xD

Yeah... that was pretty interesting. We continued talking about random things and what-not. Then this weird guy called him, this guy's a friend of Ian's ex and Ian hates talking to him.

Ian explained that whenever he talked to the guy, he starts to shake badly. After being shaken up for a quite awhile and me trying to cheer him up, he said, "I need a hug...." and I said, "Awww... hug!" and he was happier.

He was still a bit shaken up when he told me that he needed to go and lighten up. Me, of course, being worried about him, told him that I was here for him and I looked at him as more then a con friend... I looked at him as an actual close friend.

He was very grateful for it and told me goodnight before hanging up. I hope he's doing alright...

I got called into work for quite awhile because Josh got sick and had to go home... that sucked so badly.

I was bored at work at the longest time, treating customer's and all that stuff... I really don't wanna talk about what else happened at work. I plan on quiting soon anyway since the boss won't do shit about anything I tell him about... >.<

Then I called Zappa once I got home and talked to him for a long time. We talked about totally random things, but it was nice not being bored and talking to another SA boardie.

After hanging up with him, I worked on the Legato costume for my friend for awhile and got a pretty good start on it.

Now here I am. x3

So.. that's about it for my saturday. Hope everyone had a decent saturday and all...

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Site Update!

Time: 2:04 am

Song: Rise and Fall

By: Sting

Mood: Dead...

Well.. out of sheer boredom and realization that I will have nothing to say in today's post because I don't plan on doing much later today... I have taken the time to change my site a bit!

As you can see above, I've decided to post my animated avi. of Kakashi with his scarf simply being bored. It took forever to piece everything together for that icon, 'tis a shame I may change the avi. again pretty soon. I'm not really satisfied with it for some reason... oh well. Stupid picky 'ol self! xD;

As for the song, it's called "Living On Video" by my old favorite artist, Trans-X. 'Tis a very good song out of Midi file as well, so I recommend it to all who love listening to the midi by itself.

I used to listen to Trans-X all the time as a young'n. They were the ones who got me into techno in the first place... heheh.

I changed out my quiz results down at the bottom of this page. I now have my Kanji word, my ninja level, and what color my heart is. The quizzes were very accurate and fun to take! So if you wanna take the quizzes, feel free to do so. I won't blame ya for copying me...

Or will I? xD

I thought of changing the color scheme, but a lot of the other's I asked said that they love the colors the way they were, so the colors will stay the same! Yay!

Erm... well... I plan on putting a banner up toward the top of the page of Kakashi reading 'is famous book, but we'll have to see how things turn out. I'm going to be pretty busy this week, so I won't have a lot of time to tinker about on my computer...

Well... I'm really close to hitting the keyboard with my head, so I think I better be off to bed. I think it's calling me anyway. xD

I hope everyone has a great weekend and can live without my presence for a while... I may not be logged on at all tomorrow. But we'll have to see.

I hope you slept well and had a good day Phlinx... take care of yourself bro... you're starting to worry me a bit.

Zappa, I can't wait for ya to give me a call. We're SA con buddies who deserve to meet up sometime. x3

Tala and Sub, I hope you two had fun and at least got SOME sleep. Love you both. <3

Everyone else... lemme alone...

Just kidding! You know I love you all and hope you have a great Easter and if you don't celebrate Easter like I, then have a good damn sunday! xP

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Smiles Everyone!! SMILESSSS!!!!!

Time: 3:50 pm

Song: Simply Being Loved

By: BT (Woot!)

Mood: Erm... undecided? o.o;

Well... today I went bowling with my dad. Can you say "owned"? Heheh... that's right.. my dad whooped my butt in bowling so badly. xD;

I managed to sleep at my friend Joe's house last night though. He was feeling a tad bit suicidal and had logged offa IM without telling me. Being worried, I dragged my tired ass to his house at about 3:30 am.

What a weird morning it was... I didn't worry much about my dad finding out that I snuck out of the house, I was just worried about Joe's safety.

I took the ditch toward Joe's house, being a bit cautious because as Phlinx told me, I can never be sure about how many creeps roam the terrain at night.

After tripping a few times, landing on my butt, and falling into a puddle (who'd of thought I was THAT bloody tired?) I finally exited the ditch, walked up to Joe's house, and just walked in.

Joe's mother wasn't home, as I expected... she's never home anymore. And his brother was passed out on the couch, obviously a bit drunk... if only I had a marker then. xD;

I climbed the stairs and entered Joe's room without knocking. He was standing by his window and thought I was his brother. He told me to go away, but nearly jumped out of his pants when he heard my voice.

I sat with him in his room, listening to him talk and comforted him when cried as best as I could. All seemed like a hellish depressed abyss 'til I attempted to stand up and tripped over myself. xD!

Joe started to laugh really hard at me and I laughed along with him. I spent the rest of the remaining night as his house, making him laugh with various experiences and stories I've heard.

He managed to fall asleep on his bed when I was telling him my famous "On today's new, toothpicks have sprouted from my wallet and have began to eat other peoples' floors and spackle...." It's a news thingy I do where I make it up as I go and throw random things into it to make others laugh.

After noticing that he fell asleep, I tried to pick myself up, but my body being wasted from the lack of sleep for three days in a row... I couldn't really do it. I looked back on the three days I stayed up talking to Joe and trying to help him out and actually smiled when I realized how much better he's been looking since he now knows that I'm here for him...

Eventually, I fell asleep on his floor at about 6:00am. Waking up at 8:34 am, I picked myself up on shaky legs, covered Joe up and left his room.

Walking down the stairs, his older brother opened his eyes and said, "What the hell are you doing here, you bitch?"

...... The bloody nerve...

I simply stared at him and said bluntly, "You should be very happy that I'm too tired to deal with the likes of you. I used to respect you until you threw your life out the door... how dishonorable. Dirty pig..." He didn't really respond. xD;;

I walked back through the ditch, surprised at finding no one there to make cat calls or just some stoner's hanging out. That made my life so much easier...

I quietly opened my door, took off my slippers, and walked up the stairs, into my room, and flopped down on my bed. I fell asleep dreamless and was thrown into the real world by my body colliding with the floor. >.<;

Dad popped his head in and asked if all was well... I groaned to signal I was alive and he laughed and told me that we were going bowling today.

I got my shower, ate some Golden Grahams... mmmm!! And then we left.

I hurt my ankle while bowling, but it was all worth it just to hang out with my dad again... we never really spend time anymore. *Shrug.*

Well... that's about it for today, guess. I'm gonna try and talk out this plan of combining Ian's b-day party with mine in late May this year. Hopefully this works out!

I hope everyone has gotten a few laughs outta this post. Smile, damnit!! Or I'll sick my toothpicks on you and they'll eet your insides!! Bwahahah! *Cough.* o.O;

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Oh the Joys of Dreaming in Class.

Time: 6:10 pm

Song: Da Pacem Domine

By: Some guy? o.o;

Mood: Happy, but tired.

Well, I didn't sleep at all last night, so much begging for forgiveness of the shortness of this post today will ensue.

Nothing interesting happened to me at all today except for the fact that Maki invited me to her sweet sixteen and the cute pictures we took of me sleeping on Alex and Matt purring while sleeping on Alex too.

Anyways... I finished my research paper, we did nothing in lunch, blah blah blah.

I had a funny dream in World Geog. today though. Well... two dreams actually. xD;

The first one was about this cool blue colored looking wall, it was so pure looking and it seemed to bring the emotion of happiness whenever you stared at it. Then I heard a very deep voice that said, "Shiznit!" and a rock was thrown straight through the wall.

'Course this being a totally random dream, I woke up laughing in class. We had a free day because Mr. Rodriguez needed to grade papers. Everyone looked as me as I practially died laughing so hard.

I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was in Algebra and that it was an "A" day. In this dream, it was five minutes 'til the bell would ring, and I fell asleep.

In the real life, my friend Andrew smacked me REALLY hard with a binder to get me awake. I woke up from the rude awakening questioning Andrew as to why I was in World Geog. when I should be in Algebra. xD

Boy, was I one confused person! Andrew had to explain to me that today was a "B" day and all. I realized that I fell asleep without knowing it and all was well again... until a dull ach errupted my senses from the collision between my head and Andrew's binder.

Much ass-kicking ensued upon remembering the binder so graciously colliding into my head.... -.-;

I didn't get a chance to hang out with the guys after school today because I attened a club after school instead. 'Twas all good though because everyone seemed to be slightly happy, except for Alex laying on his bag like a cute puppy and Joe being pissed because Walter, Crystal, and I are going to Akon without him. xD;;

My dad picked me up, I showed him my report card, he was slightly happy about the three B's and all A's, I came home, checked my e-mail, blah blah blah. xD

Well... that's it for this post for the night. I'ma go wait for Ian to call me and hang out on Furcadia for awhile.

Much love to my nii-san, Phlinx and I hope that work is treatin' him well.

Hearts to everyone else too, even the people I don't know. ^.^

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ravin' In The Hallways!!

Time: 6:41 pm

Song: Hardcore Trance MiX

By: DJ Encore

Mood: Devilish >=)

Well, all seemed well yet again today. I just now found out that we have friday off! Woot for no school... now if only I could somehow escape spending the day with my dad... which I know won't turn out very well at all. o.o;

This morning, I spent the whole morning talking to my guys Matt, Chris, Josh, Mike, Jesse, Joey, Noel, and Ryan. I love them all so much!

We ran around on the pavement driving people nuts by tackling each other randomly into different couples (But not enough to hurt anyone, thankfully.) and singing and/or quoting various different movies.

Soon enough, the bell sounded as Matt and I were contuing a very perverted game of "Finish Their Sentence". It went along the lines of:

Mike: Once upon a time, there was a naked chick...

Matt: Who have very nice...

Me: Donuts! Noel...

Josh: Loved to eat those donuts day and night. This is why...

Noel: He is such a pimp! Then Seth...

Ryan: Took off her clothes to reveal..

Mike: A lollipop! Then she...

Matt: Pulled a very long, battery-operated object out of her pocket. This object turned out to be...

Me: A pen with a built-in radio!

Matt: Damnit.. >.<

*Bell rings.* xD;

After hugging the guys and gathering Yugi up to walk to Interior design, I nearly tripped in the hallway and landed on a guy. Boy was that a bit embarassing... But I just said, "Hiya! Bye!" and ran off.

After rotting away in Interior Design (Which I got thrown into after my semester of colorguard due to lack of anywhere esle to put me) we were finally set free to our next class.

I walked all the up to the third floor, but felt a bit drowsy, so took my time. I ended up walking into class three minutes late. Without thinking, I told the teacher, "I really don't know why I'm late. I've been walking at a constant pace this whole time and no one really stopped me to talk." He just asked me to sit down. xD

Two worksheets and one quiz later, I was left with thirty minutes to mess around. Blake was babbling on and about "kicking other peoples' asses and being stupid because he's so proud about it" and Sean was overyly annoyed.

Blake is a guy in two of my classes who can't seem to get the hint that he's way too annoying.

So I bluntly told Blake, "Blake... go find someone else to annoy please." and he just smiled and said, "See? She's so mean to me." like anyone cares. Obviously he loves the verbal abuse since he smiled about it.

After class took me to lunch! Whooo! I wasn't feeling very hungry, but I still stood in line with Master (Ryan) for awhile. Until someone walked through the door that leads to the outside patio area. That's when I saw them... four guys outside stringing and raving. I was in awe.

After telling Ryan that I'll be right back, I went outside to watch them. They saw me and tried to bust out their best moves. I asked one for his glowsticks and showed them some of my stuff. They all loved me and asked for my name and what-not. x3

These guys were so nice, the called me the raving Goddess... heheh. *Blush.*

I left the raving clan to sit with my friends for the rest of lunch where we conversed about microwaves, baby chickens, dipping things in soup, and much much more... don't ask... we're just random like that. >.>

Upon looking at the clock and realizing that we only had five minutes left, we began heading to our next classes to escape the crowd that was soon to follow from the cafeteria.

Getting to the second floor, we witnessed Matt running down the hall in his Itachi cloak and my friend Juan spanking a girl really hard. Talk about random. I couldn't stop laughing at Matt though... it was that funny.

Getting to the third floor, we parted ways and Master and I walked to Algebra.

Ms. Harms had a dancing Easter bunny on the desk infront of mine and it would sing, dance and hop if you pressed its paw. Darryl (A big asshole jock) kept pressing it. Master and I thought it was funny at first because we began dancing like little children to the song and hopping whenever it hopped.

Today was the second day for us to finish our benchmark tests. I finished mine the first day... so what did I do for an hour and fourty-five minutes? I slept hard and slept long. xD;

Chris told me that he threw a paper ball at me and I didn't move when it hit me. He said it scared him a bit. He thought I was dead until he passed my desk and witnessed me drooling all over my bag.

After being shaken awake by Ryan, I headed downstairs to the choir room. Mr. Murphy talked to us about our trip to Dallas in april and that was it. He was feelin' like crap today and gave us the day off.

Being the troublemaker that I am, I left class and roamed the hallways. I heard some music coming from the auditorium and decided to enter it.

It seems that they had brought the middle schoolers to our High School and were showing them a presentation of the prep (yes, prep) squad... blegh.

I saw my raver guys at the side of my eye, they were watching the presentaion because it was their work period and they had nowhere to go.

Well, I took a seat with them and we talked quietly. Then the pep squad starting pkaying some techno. Oh boy... did that draw us in!!

We tried so hard to suppress our sudden urges to rave right up front where the pep squad were trying to perform.

They eventually moved things out into the hallway because the drama arts teacher needed it. Being the starved weasles we were, the ravers and I followed along.

We stood against a wall nearby and listened to the booming of the techno beat they were teasing us with.

After five more minutes, we'd had enough. They handed me some glowsticks and we actually went up there infront of the pep squad and began to do our thing.

The middle schoolers were more interested in us then the pep squad, so the dance teacher didn't get mad at all. The teachers were just clapping and watching us.

After we were done, the little ones clapped and cheered. Before we left, Ms. Kinkaid asked us to give our opinions on drug awareness. We answered truthfully and basically told the kids that smoking kills... so occupy yourself with something better.

The little ones actually came up to see us and we ended up giving out the glowsticks to 'em. They were cute in a way. ^.^

Saying bye to the guys was hard because they kept asking if they were ever going to see me again. I told them that I'd stop by outside every A day to see 'em at lunch and after school... they were happy. It's hard to find fellow ravers at my school...

I went back to choir to get my stuff, Mr. Murphy never noticing I left in the first place, and left once the bell rang.

Hanging out outside, I took my seat on Matt where we conversed about the "Demented Cartoon Movie" and the "Banana Phone" song with my friend Vincent.

I was a bit too worn to run around with the guys and what-not, so sitting on Matt was comfy for the both of us. ^.^

I took the bus home, listening to my CD player while Ashley (A really stuck-up girl on my street) was attempting to tell me how mean her boyfriend was. I acted like I was listening by nodding my head to the music every now and then. It's funny how she can just talk on and on and not know that I was never listening in the first place.

I'm not interested in other peoples' relationships at all. Relationships are just a bit more drama, y'know? I don't mind being with someone I truly love, but one can live without a boyfriend or girlfriend. So I wanted nothing to do with her... plus... she's been very mean to me in the past.

I came home, fed my cat, washed the dishes, called Josh, ate a salad, and am now here typing this out. >.>

Well... I'ma go wait for Ian to give me a call or something. <3

Phlinx... I hope your week stays good. And I hope that all goes well. ^.^

And everyone else... have a great week as well! I love you all, y'know.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No More Drama!!

Time: 5:20 pm

Song: Oasis

By: Camui Gackt

Mood: Fresh

I aplogize if this post isn't as long as some of the others have been in the past, but today wasn't a very active day at all.

Let's see... I slept in every singly one of my classes today.. and was passed out during lunch... so that pretty much leads on to how much I've slept in the past few days and what we've been doin' in school lately. xD;

Lame excuses for not sleeping: Too hot, I swear I've got insomnia, and I feel anxious for some reason. Must be the viagra... xD

As for the best friend issue, after crying forever infront of me and trying to get me to go out with her because she obviously loves that much, she finally began to ignore me. I just wasn't going to show how much I cared, because I'm an emotionless bitch at school. >.>

Today in choir, my senior friend Alex came into class to visit with me because we had a sub. I was asleep on the bleachers with a folder covering my face (Hey... everyone thought it was the funniest thing for some reason.) and he came in and called my name. I was listening to very loud techno at the time, so he shook me. After shaking me a bit, he pulled off the folder and hit me with it! The nerve... heheh...

I told him how I felt about the situation and Alex, being the nicest guy in the whole school, agreed to talk to my best friend about this whole ordeal.

After school, while me and Matt were being VERY perverted with a pepsi bottle and my wallet chain (I'll explain later. xD) She came up and told me that Alex had talked to her and that she realized that she needed to let me go and just stay friends after all. She seemed very happy, so all was well.

Back to the pepsi bottle and my chain...

Matt likes to do his signature move called "Hide-under-girl no jutsu" where whenever he does it, I sit on his stomach and he is "invisible" from the world. xD! Everyone just knows that he likes my company and enjoys me sitting on him.

Anyway... Matt had some Cherry Pepsi and he set the bottle down in between my legs, making it look like I had some extra equipment, and I thrusted my hips forward, making it look VERY bad.

Then he was messing with my wallet chain and I said, "Oh baby, yank my chain!" and he was like, "Woo hoo!" and kept tugging it.

I love Matt to death... he's so cool. He's got a very boring attitude, but is so funny with some of the things he says. x3

So... all turned out well in my life for the day. I got to sleep, got my best friend back, and got to be perverted with Matt! Woot!

I must be off... but before I leave... I just wanna let you know that... IAN CALLED ME!!! We talked for hours yesterday and he's such a cutie!! *Giddy schoolgirl squeal.* Eeee! *Cough.* Alright.. I'm back to normal now... *Blinks blankly.*

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Too Much Drama for My Little Mind...

Time: 7:40pm

Song: Falls Apart

By: Sugar Ray

Mood: Sad... (Wow.)

Well.. today sucked so badly. The only highlight of my day is the fact that my friend Sean got me a Foamy the Squirrel shirt that says "Staring in this general area will get you no where!" and it's written across my chest.

Well... now for the part that ruined the hell out of my day. My best friend is in love with me.. That's right.. Yugi.

I told her that I can't stand being in a relationship when all she wants me to do is change.

Here's the thing... I'm not one to be showing the public display of affection... and she wants me to change that.

I flat out told her that I could never change myself and she needs to get over it... but she started going on about how she can't live on without me. I'm tired of it... she's too clingy, but she's my best friend. I told her that I needed think about this whole ordeal.

Chances are... I've just ruined my relationship with one of my best friends in the whole world... and she'll probably never talk to me again for breaking her heart or something rather.

I'm too tired of all of this drama... and people ask me why I hate being in serious relationships with people... this is why! I'm not going to get with someone if they're just going to want me to change!

I just don't want to lose another person... *Sigh.* I don't know what to do anymore...

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   Good News 'bout Akon.

Time: 3:50 pm

Song: Breathe

By: Sugar Ray

Mood: Anxious O.O;

Well, Akon slowly approaches and all seems to be getting better when it comes to gettin' my costume ready.

So far, I've saved about $89.79 for Akon this june. However, I have to use some of this money to buy the much needed items for my Kakashi costume once again.

The search for my chuunin vest ended yesterday as I found on on ebay for about $65.99! I'm about $26 short so far though due to shipping and handling... damnit.

I got the Icha Icha Paradise book from dear 'ol Phlinx (I still owe you, damnit!) so that's pretty much covered. I just have to take care of some of the creases on the cover of teh book and then all's good with that.

Next, I have to go by some pants that aren't so baggy this time around. I'm thinking of getting pants that are a bit tight fitting, but not oo much. Just enough to hide my gender. xD! Wal-mart will be my gracious supplier of these pants.

'Cours party city holds the hair spray that'll change my hair color. I'm probably gonna raid them of all their white hair spray like... two days before akon. >.>

Medical tape is a must for this convention. I'll avoid getting tape on any bad parts when taping my chest up a bit... xD! I dunno how many rolls I'm gonna buy.. I just know I'm gonna need a lot.

Sandals... bah... no luck with those sadly unless I can make a cover on some normal sandals that make it look close to Kakashi's. So.... I'm not sure about the sandals quite yet. x.x

Kunai holster.. that'll be easier to make by myself. I may have it, I may not.

So... let's see... I'll have: Chuunin vest, my ninjutsu mask, one kunai, white hair spray, medical tape, kunai holster, headband, possible sandals, gloves, a cosplay skit in the works, and a sexy Zabuza to hang around with! <3

Hopefully this year's Akon will be a bit better then last year's. I'm packing much more food with me and being sure to sneak a sip of water while no one's looking. Or I could just learn how eat food with lightening fast speed while no one's looking. True Kakashi style! xD.

Well... I best be off to convince my mom to bid on the vest I want. Ja(ne) all!

btw Phlinx: I know what to get you to pay you back, and if you don't accept it... I'll cry! >.>

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   Here We Go Again!

Time: 7:20 PM

Song: "Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own"

By: U2

Mood: Light-hearted

Today was an all-out alright day. I woke up from my three hour nap at about 7:00AM this morning and began getting ready for work.

My hair decided it was going to be a bitch today, so my spikes were all over the place and got on my nerves so badly! Rawr! >.<

Getting to work about thirty minutes late (Not on purpose... I swear!) I had to think of as to why I was late. After responding with, "My cat needed to be fed and the traffic was a killer." I got let off of the penalty... ooh scary penalty!

I was greeted by my friend Josh at the consessions where I was forced to work for the day (Oh goody...) and got some popcorn thrown at me by my friend Jessica.

After working for what seemed like an eternity, but was only about two hours, we were allowed to take an hour lunch break! Woot!

We went out to Jessica's car with Josh, Chris (No Maki... not THAT Chris.)Crispy, and Koony. Well... being only five seats, we realized that we must on someone to sit in the trunk... not again. xD

After about five minutes of everyone trying to figure it out and me chasing birds in the parking lot, they decided on good 'ol me to be the one to ride in the trunk.

They pulled the seat forward a bit so I could put my head through it and be able to breath, and we were on our way.

We stopped at Taco Bell where we ordered almost everything off of the menu. We sat in Taco Bell creating a small riot.

Josh shoved a tomato part up his nose and couldn't get it out, Chris was constantly complaining about how the sauce wasn't hot enough, Jessica and Crispy were joking about butts for some stupid reason, and I was having a very interesting conversation with the wall. What?? Don't look at me like I'm crazy... I had been pushed up against the wall by Josh because we all crowded into one booth and the wall was very interesting. o.O

We had realized that our hour and a half was up and we were running late back to our shifts... boy was Jessica scared. I was in the trunk and the car was swirving all over the place. That and Josh was threatening to fart next to my face... whoo boy.

We got to work, got lectured, and continued our shifts. This time, behind the consession door, Tony grabbed my ass and said, "Ooh... you been working out, girl?" and guess what!! He got socked and thrown to the floor in a choke hold.

After scaring him and everyone else who was there to see it, the manager called us in and asked us about it. Tony lost his job, I got asked to tone it down with my abilities in martial arts.

Seth: 2 points

Sexual perverts: 0 points

The manager finally came to us and told us how well we've been working for the day and dismissed us since the day was moving pretty slow. Heheh... I feel sorry for the other workers who took our spots... the Ring 2 opened and everyone is just itching to watch it late at night. xD;

Hopping in Jessica's car with Josh (He's thinking of cosplaying as Chouji from Naruto.) Chris (He's gonna be Shikamaru from Naruto) and Crispy (She's gonna be Chii from Chobits at Akon) we all headed to the park to hang out for a while.

We all just sorta sat around in the park talking about plans for out trip to Akon. We all can't wait at all for Akon to come around the corner. I told them of how I'm saving money to buy myself a chuunin vest for my Kakashi outfit and they agreed to help me find a good vest that's not too expensive.

Then, out of nowhere, we saw this naked guy run straight across the playground we were occupying. xD!!

Jessica saw him and her eyes nearly bugged out of her skull. Josh covered his eyes, Chris was like, "wtf?" and Crispy was like, "Woa! Naked dude!"

When all was silent... I started laughing and made a comment about his size and how he shouldn't be advertising a defective instrument.. then all silence was lost as everyone broke down laughing.

After playing around in the park, Jessica decided that it's time for us to head home.

After a long drive home with blaring techno music, me taching Josh how to rave while sitting down, we drove up to my house and everyone waved as I ran up my driveway.

After playing with my cat, getting clawed up, cooking dinner, and discussing a little more of Akon with my parents, I headed upstairs to my room... which is where I am now. ^.^

Well... I'ma be off to practice some new ravin' moves for Akon this year and probably screw around on the phone with Ian (My sexy Zabuza). <33

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day, especially you Phlinx! Love you bro! <3

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