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Monday, August 13, 2007

New layout!! Spent all day working on it. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not...

My last one will always be my favorite though. Just because it was Trigun (and I got to use cool brushes). It will forever be missed =[

Anyway,yesterday I went to the state fair with my friend Zack and his buddies. A few of them I remembered from middle school, but I'd never actually been friends with them.

At my middle school they used to really separate the gifted kids with the non-gifted kids. They would tell us (gifted kids) that we were better than the other ones, even if not really directly. They would complain to us about them or compare us to them, but use it as an insult. The classes were completely separate. We had almost no contact. It was bad.

One guy I hung out with yesterday admitted to hating all gifted kids back in middle school even though he didn't know us. But I'm not surprised since they portrayed us into stuck-up little rich kids.

Anyway, it was fun. I didn't know most of them very well so it was kinda awkward at times. I'm the kind of person who is really really quiet when I don't know a person. It's gotten better since high school, but I still let that old me come back sometimes.

They were cool kids though. But since I was the only girl there, just because my best friend happens to be a guy, I heard a lot of sexual jokes that I rather would've missed -__-

But anyway, as some of you know, my older sister lost her phone in France earlier this summer. So she took my mom's cell phone when she got dropped off at work yesterday. We were going to try to coordinate it so that when it was her break time, we would come and pick her up and drive back home. Then we'd stay home and she could take the car back out to work when her break was over. But...

We only had 2 cell phones with 3 parties. So my mom told me to be at the gate of the fair at 8:20. My mom's usually really late so I was like, ok that means 8:30.

She ended up getting there way earlier than we both expected even before 8:10 in a tow-away zone. When I finally got out there, the police were like threatening to tow her car for being there too long and all this drama.

And we missed my sister's break time so we couldn't do the car switch.

I felt kind of bad for not getting there when she told me, but I've internalized my mom's lateness that it's going to be hard to actually see her being somewhere on time...

But anyway, long story short: the fair was fun, we didn't get to pick up my sister, and I have a new layout!

I'm actually already thinking about changing this layout... Gotta keep myself under control...


P.S. Grr layout's messing up kinda. The text colors won't change!! I don't know what I did... I'll fix it somehow.

[ edit ]
and now i hear that it's messed up in mozilla. darn, my layouts are always messed up in mozilla...

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

hey everyone.

not much going on with me lately. bored as ever, but I thought you guys deserved some sort of post out of me, so here it is.

thursday was a long day of traveling. after two planes and meeting up with my sister to take a train (she had just gotten back from an exchange program in france), we finally met up with my mom. since then, i havenít done anything. iíve been trying to get out and enjoy the last bit of summer, but either my sisters working or schedules are conflicting.

iíve been spending most of my time just reading fanfics and writing stuff of my own. i wonít be posting them anywhere probably. but when I get an idea it nags at me until I get it on paper or Microsoft Word I guess in this case. right now, i just finished idea 1 of 2.

iím going to try to do some drawing too. if you look at my fanart, i havenít submitted anything in about likeÖ 2 years, haha. i might not even submit it either, but just to get some drawing done would be nice.

well the biggest drama in my life is that my sister was too busy being sappy and saying goodbye to her friends on her last night in france to pack her stuff thoroughly. So she left a whole bunch of stuff and my mom wonít stop freaking out about it. every conversation gets back to the lost stuff somehow. she lost her cell phone and that really made my mom mad. my sister said sheíd work and pay it off, but I guess that wasnít enough for my mom since she wonít stop bringing it up. my momís kinda crazy about these kind of stuff so Iím not surprised. Iím planning on going abroad to Japan next summer (if my mom even lets me after my sister lost so many stuff. she doesnít even know about half the stuff my sister left), so at least now I know Iím going to check, double-check, and triple-check my hotel room before I get on my plane back home.

rather than that, life is uneventful. iíll try to change the layout. Right now, iím in the searching for a good image stage. as soon as I find one, iím going to chug out a new layout even if it takes me 10 hours, which hopefully it wonít.

iíll talk to you guys later! Iíll be visiting in the morning.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heyy everyone.

Hope all is well with everyone. Life is pretty good.

Let's see... this week I went in the pool with my little sisters for a long time. Even though I've been in Florida for two months, I've only gone to the beach twice and the pool twice. I'm such a lazybutt. I've just been spending all my time inside. Oh well, just the more time for my HP fanfics.

But with the new book and the fact I haven't gotten to read it yet, I'm scared to go to any of my fanfic sites because I'll end up spoiling something I know it. I have to be very very cautious.

Well a couple weeks ago, my sisters and I were sitting watching Monsters Inc. when out of nowhere this huge monster roach appears. I'm not scared of all bugs. I have no problems with spiders or flies, but the roaches always get me. This one was way too big for comfort.

We all started running around freaking out trying to figure out what to do. My sister and I were on our way out the door to buy roach spray when it ran right out the open door. Lucky!

Now we realize the babies have probably hatched or something because we've seen a good deal of mini-roaches since then. Two nights ago one was crawling on the bed that I'm laying on right now.

I keep on thinking I'm feeling it crawling on me but then I realize we killed it.

See, our dad was asleep so we all grabbed the chunkiest sneakers we could find and my dad has cowboy boots so we took those too. The roach ran into the bathroom so we turned on the light and all crowded waiting for it to show its face.

When it finally came out, we expected it to try to run, but no, it challenged us. It kept running closer and all 5 of us (yes, I have 5 sisters) were backing up.

Then we realized we couldn't let it defeat us. My older sister threw some books at it which trapped it and then we all started throwing our shoes at it and in a matter of seconds, it was dead.

I can officially say I killed my first cockroach. We're not sure if there's any left but tomorrow we're going to bomb the condo to make sure.

Well I think I should leave now. Don't think you guys can handle much more action in one post. I'll see you around!!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think it may be that time again... change the layout time. I'm really lazy and might not do it for a week or so, but this one's getting old. I really love it since it's Trigun, but even Trigun isn't good enough to keep me on one layout for this long.

Well life is normal. Spent all of today working more like volunteering (since I doubt he's going to pay me) at my dad's office.

Boring boring boring.

My mom bought my tickets for going back to school in the fall (boarding school). Since I live in the Middle of Pretty Much Nowhere, Illinois, it's really hard to travel from there. You have to take a plane/train to Chicago or St. Louis and take another plane/train from there since those are the only two places they go.

Since we have to take a train first, we're not going to land in Chicago until early afternoon. Then the only plane to New Hampshire doesn't get there until late afternoon and the buses from school only come an hour and a half after that. It really really sucks.

I wouldn't really mind, but it's on that day all the old students come and meet the new students and have dorm stuff. I'm going to miss all of it!! I was really looking forward to hazing the freshmen!

Just kidding. I actually want to be really close with my freshmen next year and wanted to be there to meet them. And now I won't be *tear*

And then the next day we start class so I'll really be missing out. Oh well. No point in bothering about it now. I'm not going back until Sept 6th so I have a while.

For now, I should be concentrating on going back to Illinois. 8 days of Florida and then I'm going to be home with my friends and cornfields XD

Well that's my post for ya guys! I'll be seeing you guys.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Last Harry Potter Book Day!!

It also happens to be my little sister's 10th birthday.

Gosh, I was looking for a banner or icon to put up on my post to commemorate the big HP day and every single site I usually go to has been replaced with bunches of spoilers in big, bold letters. I clicked out before they really loaded and only saw like one, but that's still one more than I would've wished =[

Big meanies just gotta spoil it for everyone else.

Rather than that, life is boring as usual. Went to the aquarium with my sisters and my older sis's friend. I was supposed to go to my dad's office and work, but I kinda skipped out.

Well I'm pretty much just faxing papers anyway. I'll go next time. I just hadn't gotten out of the house in about 2 weeks so I needed something to do that was fun.

The aquarium was fun. Got to see cool stuff. We were looking at one of the tanks and it said an octupus was supposed to be in there. I couldn't find it. I saw this little bushy thing I thought was like a sea anenome. Then I see these 2 big eyes staring at me. I started freaking out and everyone around me was looking at me like I must be crazy.

But I swear, that octopus was giving me the evil glare. Scared the bajeebies outta me XD

I'm going to go now. No need to make it long when I have nothing really to say.


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wow, lots has happened since the last time I posted, but I'm just going to make this pretty quick since most of it doesn't really matter anyway.

Well, last Friday, my dad called at about noon (and in my family, my little sisters don't wake up until about 2 p.m. if I don't hassle them into getting up) and told us to get ready. One of his patients (he's an geria... I'm not really sure how to spell it so I'm just gonna say old people doctor) who I guess used to be a family friend when we were really little decided to invite us to one of her relative's birthday parties and was on her way to pick us up.

So I hurried my sisters into the shower and we all got dressed and she took us to this party. We really didn't know anybody. Even the lady who invited us I didn't remember. The last time I saw her I was probably six. And even then, I don't think she was a really close family friend to begin with.

I guess they wanted us to feel welcome even though they had no clue who we were, so they kept making us do all the little activities and stuff us with food. It was this huge Filipino family so there were people everywhere.

They were dancing, doing karaoke, and they made us do all of it too even though we were pretty much strangers. It was fun, but in the weird way. The whole time I was just really confused as to why we were even there. We'd never even met the birthday girl before. It was awkward >_<

The really weird thing was that the night before I was skimming through a magazine and decided to read my horoscope and it said: Tomorrow is a prime day for a party so make sure to have fun and be ready for a huge gathering of friends. Or something like that and that ended up being the day of the first and only party I've gone to all summer.

Right now, I'm still in Florida with my dad. After some huge money drama and miscommunication between my parents, I finally got my ticket home bought and booked. Two weeks exactly and I'll be back in Illinois! Woot woot.

It wouldn't really be all that exciting, but since I go to boarding school, i haven't been home since March so I really want to see friends and just be in my own house again. I can't wait!!

Well, rather than that, life is uneventful. I recently rediscovered the show The Office. On a long busride someone who owned the first season put it in for everyone to watch. I got bored yesterday and decided to watch a few episodes out of boredom and ended up sitting all day watching the first 2 seasons XD

I'm going to go watch one more ep before I go to bed.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dumbledore's army Bought my plane tickets today!! Whoop. Going home on the 2nd. I'm very excited.

Yes, I'm in Florida and everyone's probably thinking hot, sunny, fun, beaches. It's okay, but I mean, I did live here for most of my life so all the hot, sunny, fun kinda runs out after 9 years in one place. Then, it just gets hot and annoyingly hot at that.

I don't really have friends here. I did live here, but I left in 5th grade and haven't talked to most of them since then. I could call someone up, but all the ones I've been able to find over Myspace or Facebook so far are either druggies or just weird now. I'm not trying to get myself addicted to anything while I'm here. A lot of changes take place from 5th grade to high school. We all know that.

Anyway, rather than that, I went to the mall today. Spent loads of money, but I got a decent amount of stuff so it's not that bad. My dad should be paying me for working at his office soon anyway.

I'm soooo excited for... Harry Potter 5!!!! Last year with the other one, I went to the midnight showing with some friends, but as you know, I'm not in Illinois with all those friends this time around. Either way, I'm definitely going to see it before summer's out.

Rupert Grint = my British hubby. He's not that cute, but that red hair... that's all I gotta say.

And then the new book's coming out. J.K. Rowling sure knows what timing is gonna roll in the most dough. Both a movie and the final book in less than a 2-week interval. I probably won't buy it right away, but by the end of the summer hopefully the price will drop at least a little.

I've been reading HP fics like crazy and just lazying around going to the pool and stuff lately.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer too!


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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time to hear the Vanessa's dilemma of the moment. I know, doesn't it just sound fun?

Anyway, so as you all know, I go to boarding school through most of the school year. I should be home now for summer, but no, my dad decided we should spend most of our summer in Florida visiting him.

Well, the summer's about a month done so I'm trying to figure out the whole going home situation before plane tickets get too expensive. My mom and I were pretty much planning on me going home on my own before my younger sisters do because unlike them, I don't go to school at home and need to spend at least some time there before school starts.

So it was all planned and I was just expecting to go fill my dad in on the plans. And this is where it gets complicated.

He said that all my sisters should come with me because "they're too young to travel on their own" even though the oldest is about 13 and I was traveling by myself even younger than her with no problems.

My mom doesn't have the money now to pay for all of us to come back and also needs the house to be as quiet as possible because she has to study for one of her doctor tests. So now, I might not be going home until it'll be way too late to actually enjoy some quality home time!

So now I gotta convince my dad to let me go on my own before tickets get too expensive and then everything will get even more complicated.

Right now, I'm just spending every moment worrying about not being able to go home =[

Anyway, that's my post for ya. Hope you enjoyed your 07/07/07. I forgot to post. Gosh. Once in a century event and I forget XP

I'm gonna head out now! Laters

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Monday, July 2, 2007

do you love the new layout??

i do! and guess why... because it's trigun!!! yipee!! i haven't gotten to make a trigun layout for... almost 2 years i think. ahhh! if you couldn't tell, i'm obsessed with that anime.

there's so many quotes i wanted to incorporate, but i didn't want to over vash-ify this site. well i would've picked a vash pic, but this wolfwood one just spoke to me [and none of the vash ones looked even half as cool].

anyway, my day pretty much consisted of putting this layout together, and yes, it looks works in mozilla [i checked]. just a few kinks, but you can get the gist.

i worked on my summer math worked. 9 pages down, 14 left to go. each page has on average 12 math word problems that i have to do. well i don't have to do it, but if i wanna do well on my placement test in august, i better do as much as i can.

my little sister and i [she just turned 8] have decided to do nightly workout routines. i remember a lot of stuff we used to do during track season. all the butt/thighs/abs workouts are our main focus.

you would think having a little girl working out with me would hold me down, but she's pretty much the one making sure i do it every night.

tonight i was so into my layout making, i completely forgot, but she kept bothering me until i got off my lazy butt.

with dieting, these workouts, and a cardio workouts i'll start probably more towards the end of summer, i'm going to be looking pretty buff when school comes around =]

i still have some things to work out in the layout, but i might just get lazy and leave it. hope you like it!

i'm going to hit the hay now. making layouts always wipes me out XP


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Sunday, July 1, 2007

happy anniversary to me!!

3 years strong baby. on july 1st 2004, i stumbled upon the site of myotaku while searching for anime wallpapers [the beginning of my big anime obsession] and started this wonderful website.

i was going into the 7th grade, naive as can be. i did not even know the difference between an iframe and a div at that time XD now i know so much coding, whenever it's new layout time, i feel like my mind's going to explode.

i can still perfectly picture my first layout: blue and purple with a bunch of inuyasha GIFs scattered all over the place. i wasn't much for webdesign back then. i don't think many of you knew me at that time [luckily]

well it's been 3 great years here. i've told you guys so much, it's kinda scary. i've become closer with some people here than people i actually call my friends in real life. i really love you all and thank you for just being pretty great pretty much 100% of the time.

a year ago, i was getting about 15 comments per post and now it's at most 5, but it's all good. it's been sad to see people go as these years have progressed [sara a.k.a ladymalik or cristina a.k.a chibicreator], but it's always great to see people return even if only for one tiny post [garbo a.k.a. me luv kyo kun or josh a.k.a. trunkssj6].

if i ever leave or anything happens to me, i'll always be grateful for the years i had here.

but, i know there's many more to come!!

anyway, about my day... boring as ever. i went to sleep really late last night, not working on a layout like i should've been, but watching you, me, and dupree with my older sis. i'd watched the first half before, but for some reason it seemed a lot funnier this time. maybe because it was really late at night, who knows?

i'm doing summer work in math so i can move up a level when school starts in september. in august, i have to take and do well on a placement test which will determine whether i get to skip.

i've done about 8 pages of my work and have 15 left. at first, i was slacking off, but now i've gotten into the habit of doing one page per day. so i'll be through soon enough.

well that's a long enough post. expect a new layout later today or tomorrow to commemorate my big day!!

special thanks to...
sai, beyblader, vicky, cristina, chibim, chie, evil, christian, shanny, hinaru, sara, lie [happy birthday to her!], lordsesshomaru, garbo, travis, ina, phoenixclawth, matt, teri, sesslover, shadow, tiffi, dany, and joshy...

for an amazing 3 years


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