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Monday, August 13, 2007

New layout!! Spent all day working on it. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not...

My last one will always be my favorite though. Just because it was Trigun (and I got to use cool brushes). It will forever be missed =[

Anyway,yesterday I went to the state fair with my friend Zack and his buddies. A few of them I remembered from middle school, but I'd never actually been friends with them.

At my middle school they used to really separate the gifted kids with the non-gifted kids. They would tell us (gifted kids) that we were better than the other ones, even if not really directly. They would complain to us about them or compare us to them, but use it as an insult. The classes were completely separate. We had almost no contact. It was bad.

One guy I hung out with yesterday admitted to hating all gifted kids back in middle school even though he didn't know us. But I'm not surprised since they portrayed us into stuck-up little rich kids.

Anyway, it was fun. I didn't know most of them very well so it was kinda awkward at times. I'm the kind of person who is really really quiet when I don't know a person. It's gotten better since high school, but I still let that old me come back sometimes.

They were cool kids though. But since I was the only girl there, just because my best friend happens to be a guy, I heard a lot of sexual jokes that I rather would've missed -__-

But anyway, as some of you know, my older sister lost her phone in France earlier this summer. So she took my mom's cell phone when she got dropped off at work yesterday. We were going to try to coordinate it so that when it was her break time, we would come and pick her up and drive back home. Then we'd stay home and she could take the car back out to work when her break was over. But...

We only had 2 cell phones with 3 parties. So my mom told me to be at the gate of the fair at 8:20. My mom's usually really late so I was like, ok that means 8:30.

She ended up getting there way earlier than we both expected even before 8:10 in a tow-away zone. When I finally got out there, the police were like threatening to tow her car for being there too long and all this drama.

And we missed my sister's break time so we couldn't do the car switch.

I felt kind of bad for not getting there when she told me, but I've internalized my mom's lateness that it's going to be hard to actually see her being somewhere on time...

But anyway, long story short: the fair was fun, we didn't get to pick up my sister, and I have a new layout!

I'm actually already thinking about changing this layout... Gotta keep myself under control...


P.S. Grr layout's messing up kinda. The text colors won't change!! I don't know what I did... I'll fix it somehow.

[ edit ]
and now i hear that it's messed up in mozilla. darn, my layouts are always messed up in mozilla...

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