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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heyy everyone.

Hope all is well with everyone. Life is pretty good.

Let's see... this week I went in the pool with my little sisters for a long time. Even though I've been in Florida for two months, I've only gone to the beach twice and the pool twice. I'm such a lazybutt. I've just been spending all my time inside. Oh well, just the more time for my HP fanfics.

But with the new book and the fact I haven't gotten to read it yet, I'm scared to go to any of my fanfic sites because I'll end up spoiling something I know it. I have to be very very cautious.

Well a couple weeks ago, my sisters and I were sitting watching Monsters Inc. when out of nowhere this huge monster roach appears. I'm not scared of all bugs. I have no problems with spiders or flies, but the roaches always get me. This one was way too big for comfort.

We all started running around freaking out trying to figure out what to do. My sister and I were on our way out the door to buy roach spray when it ran right out the open door. Lucky!

Now we realize the babies have probably hatched or something because we've seen a good deal of mini-roaches since then. Two nights ago one was crawling on the bed that I'm laying on right now.

I keep on thinking I'm feeling it crawling on me but then I realize we killed it.

See, our dad was asleep so we all grabbed the chunkiest sneakers we could find and my dad has cowboy boots so we took those too. The roach ran into the bathroom so we turned on the light and all crowded waiting for it to show its face.

When it finally came out, we expected it to try to run, but no, it challenged us. It kept running closer and all 5 of us (yes, I have 5 sisters) were backing up.

Then we realized we couldn't let it defeat us. My older sister threw some books at it which trapped it and then we all started throwing our shoes at it and in a matter of seconds, it was dead.

I can officially say I killed my first cockroach. We're not sure if there's any left but tomorrow we're going to bomb the condo to make sure.

Well I think I should leave now. Don't think you guys can handle much more action in one post. I'll see you around!!


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