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Saturday, August 23, 2008

saturday, august 23, 2008

Hi everyone! I've been back from Japan for a few weeks. Life has been very blah since then. After being everywhere and doing everything in the most amazing country ever for a whole month, coming back to summer vacation has been very difficult.

I have another week and 4 days until I start school again. People have been contacting me and whatnot because they're just "oh so excited to see me and hang out again!" but I haven't even been able to respond. It's not that I don't like my friends, but even when I'm bored at home, everything just seems better than when I'm bored and overworked at school.

Well I don't want to to post too much. Just wanted to say that I'm alive and see what's up with anyone who's actually on to read this.

When school starts I'll probably stop posting on here (not that I get on that much anyway), but try to visit when I can.

Sometimes I feel like I should quit, but now I realized it's really too late. There was a time where everyone was saying goodbye and I had no clue why. Now I realized those were the smart people. They realized here was going to die so they might as well get out before they actually have to see it. Even if I did write a long and emotional goodbye post, no one would read it. So it might just be better to just let it fade out at this point.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

thursday, june 26, 2008

Hey MyOtaku!!!

I just put up a new simpler Cowboy Bebop thingy. I'm getting way too lazy to actually put together and think of real layouts especially if no one's ever going to come around to see them =[

Well, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm leaving for Japan in a couple days! I'm so excited! After YEARS of loving anime/Japan-related things I'm finally going! It kinda seems like an okay time for things to die down around here. The end of one era and the beginning of another... and I'm leaving on my 4 year MyOtaku anniversary. How kooky ^___^

I don't really want to ever make a goodbye post because no one's going to read it and I don't ever wanna really say goodbye to everyone. Not that it's better for it to just die out, but you never know what will happen.

I'll just wait and see what I decide. I'm going to be gone for a month so I guess I'll come back to see if anyone actually read this!


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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey guys!

Just stopping by to see if MyO's still alive...

Version Vibrant seems to have taken over! Ahh!

That place confuses me. And since I can't make my beloved layouts, it just can't be the same =[

Just dropping in for a quick "I'm still living" update!


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Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yay! It's my sweet 16 today. I'm pretty excited.

I'm pretty much a horrible person. I don't post on here for over a month and when I finally do it's to get happy birthday wishes XD

Actually, I wanted to make sure I could share this momentous day of the year with a very important group of people.

Anyway, I don't really have any big plans. Maybe I'll go out to dinner tonight with some buddies. So far it's been a pretty good day. My friends burst into my room at midnight to sing me happy birthday. I only semi-remember because I was totally knocked out asleep by that time. They told me about it when I woke up this morning actually >_<

I got my mom to mail me home cooked food as my present from her. Plus money!! Woot woot. Gonna treat myself to a new pair of shoes ^___^

In general, life has been really busy for me. I try to stop by here when I can, but all the free time I have usually goes towards extra sleep or homework.

I hope everyone's doing well. Anything important going on that I've missed, feel free to fill me in. I really feel like it's been much too long since I've been here.

Well like I said, extra time = homework.

Got a biology report due later today so I'll comment later tonight I hope *crosses fingers*


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Heyy guys! Couple of weeks with no post. I thought I should stop by.

School started two weeks ago and I've been busy, busy, busy. Even on Sundays I've been running around doing things like a wild woman.

We get completely new teachers and new schedules every term (3 terms in a year: fall, winter, spring) so it took me a little while to adjust.

In the fall my first class was at 10:15 everyday and now I'm back to 8 a.m. so that was quite the change.

Umm... yesterday all the students taking Japanese got to go to Boston and visit the Children's Museum because they were having a special "Japanese New Year" celebration.

It was pretty fun. Got to eat Japanese snacks and make some origami hats and stuff. It was meant for children, but teenagers can totally enjoy it too.

They had this really cool Taiko drumming thing and they asked for volunteers and some of my classmates went up. It was so funny because it was like a 16-year old and a 6-year old XD

And it was just refreshing getting out of the little New Hampshire town I'm usually stuck at for school.

And we got to go to this really funky Japanese restaurant. I liked it a lot. SOOOOO much better than the cafeteria food I have to eat every single day here.

Anyway, that's all that's up with me lately. It's snowing like CRAZY right now. All the other schools are canceled, but since we can "tough it out and walk through the blizzard to class", they never cancel school for us. One of the many disadvantages of going to boarding school >_<


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's everyone!!

It's kinda late in the day, but I wanted to make sure I posted on the first day of the new year even if it is 1 p.m.

I'm leaving to go back to school tomorrow so that means I need to hurry hurry hurry and make a new layout before I go. I wouldn't want to be stuck with holiday CCSakura layout for the next 3 months XD

What else is going on in my life... I celebrated the new year's by watching "Intervention" on tv with my sisters. No better way to celebrate than watch people overcome drug addictions. I'm kinda over the new year's excitement, especially since every year I do the same thing: nothing.

Maybe when I finally get the chance to go to a new year's party I'll actually begin to feel excited for this holiday.

It was a good year in all. Not the best, but I know how I'm going to try to make 2008 better, so just to get the nerve to do it. I learned a lot, made new friends, lost old friends, and made a lot of changes. Unfortunately, this year MyOtaku basically died on me, but oh well. I can't get myself to give it up.

Anyway, I'm gonna go now! Got to start on that new layout and the dreaded back-to-school packing routine.


[ edit: 3:31 pm ]

Finished the new layout! It'll probably be up until March so I hope you like it XD

I heard that quote when I was watching band interviews on the International Music Feed channel. For some reason, it stuck with me so I decided to make a layout out of it.

My original layout plan had been totally different, but I remembered the quote and I remembered seeing this wallpaper way back and decided to use it. I really like how it turned out.

So far, I've spent my first day of the new year doing nothing but this layout so I'll probably get going now. I'll try to post when I get back to school.

Laters again.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I finally got my holiday layout up! Even though I barely made it in time for Christmas.

Well the past few days have been good. I got to hang out with an old friend I hadn't seen in a year and a half. It was so nice.

Got to go to the mall and hang out with his family and stuff. We were really close and we still talk on the phone all the time, but with me away at boarding school, and him busy here, we just never got to actually see each other.

Anyway, it was really fun. Got to help him do his shopping for his family. I actually saw a few people I knew when I was at the mall. It's basically the best place for random reunions.

I finally got my luggage back (airline lost it). I got a $250 compensation for the inconvience, which went mostly straight to my mother. It was okay. I bought Christmas gifts and some clothes for myself. I had a paycheck from my last few weeks of work back at school too, so I'm pretty good in the money area for once.

And then come the Christmas checks from the uncles and aunts... can't wait.

Anyway, it's late and I have to wake up really early tomorrow so I'll see you guys later!!

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa /whatever other holiday you may celebrate!


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey everyone!!

I'm finally home for the holidays. Got back on Friday night and I kept forgetting to post. I didn't want to update until I got a new layout up, but I don't want to use that as an excuse for not being around.

Well, life has been hectic!

I was supposed to leave school on Thursday, but on Wednesday night the airline called and said my plane was canceled and I couldn't leave until the next day (all the blizzards and whatnot going on).

So I slept over in the dorm an extra night. It was fun. Some of my international friends were there too so we just hung out. They invited some guys over and we watched movies and ate pizza until the guys had to go back to their dorms.

Then around 3 a.m., they decided we should go out on the roof since the 2nd floor bathroom window has a perfect exit to the roof of the building connected to ours.

So at 3 a.m., we played in the snow... on the roof.

It was an interesting night.

The next morning, because I stayed up until so ridiculously late, I woke up an hour late for my bus to the airport and freaked. My mom called the people in charge and they said the bus had been delayed an hour so I literally changed out of my pajamas and ran to the bus.

Finally got home Friday night after a long days' travel.

Then, the airline lost my luggage so I've had almost no clothes for the past few days. I'm living off the like 3 pairs of clothes I left at home.

Rather than that, I haven't done anything since I've been home.

Probably should start working on a new layout. I'll get to that...

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season so far ^____^


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I realized that I enjoy hearing about your guys' lives way more than boring you guys with useless news about mine. Probably why I've completely neglected posting but I've gotten around to a few sites every few days. I try at least.

Well I've been home for Thanksgiving Break. I was really hoping to be ultra MyO-active, but that didn't work out. It was only a week and it's gone by way too fast. I'm leaving Sunday!!

Didn't even get a new layout up...

I got to hang out with one of my friends since I've been here. With my Illinois friends still being in school for most of the time I've been home, it's been hard to get together. I might go out tomorrow, but I doubt it.

I've got loads of homework to do sadly.

Happy Late Thanksgiving to all your USA-ers! I hope you enjoyed the food. Yep, it was pretty good. Last year my older sisters and I spent it with our dad in Florida where we were forced to eat at a dingy little Chinese buffet... so anything beats that XD

Weather was really strange though. It snowed a little bit on Thanksgiving. How's weather where you guys are at?

I'm not really looking forward to going back to school. I'm not doing much at home, but I like this a lot better than homework homework homework all the time.

Only 3 weeks of school until Christmas Break though so I think I'll be able to survive.

I have a job at school and my next 2 paychecks will pretty much be spent on Christmas gifts for my whole family so I guess I need to be at school if only to work...

Anyway, this post has been useless. I wish I had some funny story to tell. I've just been reading Harry Potter fanfics all day because I never have time at school. Too busy with that to do anything exciting. Even skipped the Black Friday rush! Yeah, I was really into reading...

Laters. Take care everyone ^____^

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorry sorry sorry.

I haven't visited anyone in like a month... I'm such a horrible MyOtaku-er I know.

School is really taking sucking all my fun away. I'll try to get around sometime this week. I wanted to change my layout to something a little more Halloween-ish, but I doubt I'm going to have time -___-

We got our midterm progress reports last week... I am really sucking in biology class. I got the lowest grade I've ever gotten. It would be okay if I wasn't working my butt off, but I really am. I'm going to have to go in for extra help with my teacher or something because at this point, that's the only thing I'm not doing.

On a brighter note, I finally finished the Harry Potter 7 book that Vicky mailed me. It was good. I was kinda disappointed in some aspects but I'm not going to get into that in this post or it will never end. But I still can't thank Vicky enough for giving me it!!

I have free time today and I'll definitely stop by and get to a few sites.


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