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Monday, July 2, 2007

do you love the new layout??

i do! and guess why... because it's trigun!!! yipee!! i haven't gotten to make a trigun layout for... almost 2 years i think. ahhh! if you couldn't tell, i'm obsessed with that anime.

there's so many quotes i wanted to incorporate, but i didn't want to over vash-ify this site. well i would've picked a vash pic, but this wolfwood one just spoke to me [and none of the vash ones looked even half as cool].

anyway, my day pretty much consisted of putting this layout together, and yes, it looks works in mozilla [i checked]. just a few kinks, but you can get the gist.

i worked on my summer math worked. 9 pages down, 14 left to go. each page has on average 12 math word problems that i have to do. well i don't have to do it, but if i wanna do well on my placement test in august, i better do as much as i can.

my little sister and i [she just turned 8] have decided to do nightly workout routines. i remember a lot of stuff we used to do during track season. all the butt/thighs/abs workouts are our main focus.

you would think having a little girl working out with me would hold me down, but she's pretty much the one making sure i do it every night.

tonight i was so into my layout making, i completely forgot, but she kept bothering me until i got off my lazy butt.

with dieting, these workouts, and a cardio workouts i'll start probably more towards the end of summer, i'm going to be looking pretty buff when school comes around =]

i still have some things to work out in the layout, but i might just get lazy and leave it. hope you like it!

i'm going to hit the hay now. making layouts always wipes me out XP


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