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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello everyone. Once again, Vanessa is actually posting. I thought that now that Thanksgiving Break finally came, I'd have time to post and visit. Nope, just as busy as ever. I'm not even home (I'm staying with my dad in Florida) so I can't set aside the same amount of time as I would be able to if I was in Springfield.

Let's see... things are going as well as I expected. Visiting Florida is never horribly fun since my dad isn't horribly fun at all. I grew up down in St. Pete so it's always cool to come back and see the old scenery and whatnot. There's not much ocean in Springfield. There isn't even a Publix or Albertson's. Just driving by one of those is always exciting now XD

Since we've gotten here, there hasn't been much excitement. I was going to meet up with some old friends, but the one I wanted to see most is out of town this week. I know, the one week I come, she leaves. Urgh. So instead, I just gave up on seeing anyone I haven't seen since I moved.

I really just can't wait to go back to school for 2 reasons:

1. Staying with my dad isn't my dream situation and even being at boarding school is looking better at the moment.

2. It'll mark that it's only 2 weeks until I go back to Springfield. Lately I've been soooo excited to go back and see my friends. With everyday, I get even more anxious. Less than 3 weeks left! Whee!

I'm going to stop this post now. No point in leaving a long post when I can't even visit myself XP


P.S. Another reason I can't wait to go home is to get a new theme up. This one is so old. I have no time to make another one though. Only another reason to want winter break to come.

P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving

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Friday, November 10, 2006

woot. Vanessa's back in town. How exciting. I really want to make a new layout, but since I take hours doing them, I know I'm not going to have time until Thanksgiving break. I know, boo hoo.

Well life has been good so far. Yeah, I've been crushing obsessing over this guy named Mikio. Yep, we've progressed to friends lately. Only a matter of time until I get him XD

This weekend we're playing our big rival school called Andover. I didn't know how seriously it's taken, but it really is. Today we had a pep rally thingy and everyone went wild. The whole school was in red (our school color) and being loud and it's not even possible to explain over the computer. Let's just say it was insane.

Tomorrow we're going over to their school to play them in volleyball, soccer, and football (main event). It's going to be pure craziness.

It's too bad that our class (class of 2010) can't get it together and find something to say. You know how there's like oh-seven or oh-nine for what year you graduate. No one in the freshman class can agree on what ours should be. Anyone else who is a freshman should tell me what your school is saying. I think one-oh makes the most sense but there's like 200 other freshmen to take into consideration.

Well I'm going to end this now because I need to get to homework.


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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good morning everyone! I hope you guys had a good week. Mine was really tiring. I feel so bad about never visiting but I'm really swamped with work.

Well we had no Saturday classes today. Whoo. Pretty exciting even though I doubt any of you guys ever have Saturday classes. Having a 2-day weekened here is a huge deal XD

This weekend was Parents' Weekend (everyone's parents come up and visit and come to class with them and stuff like that). My mom couldn't come and my dad came last week so none of my family came up. It was weird seeing everyone's parents and siblings though. Most of them looked so much alike, it was kinda strange.

Today I'm going down to my sisters' boarding school so I won't be alone all Parents' Weekend. I doubt I'll be able to visit or post while I'm there since I probably won't have time. Sorry about that.

Let me give you guys a quick overview of my week:

Monday - tiring since I had every class
Tuesday - don't even remember that far back XD
Wednesday - my roommate and I went shopping and I hosted an 8th grader looking to come to my school next year. She was really sweet and cool so I hope she does come.
Thursday - girl I was hosting slept over so I toured her around the first half of the day. Second half I was running around being really busy.
Friday - very stressful day because I had a paper due in the afternoon. Once I got the paper out of the way, it was pretty fun.

Well, I'm not going to make this post anymore painfully long.


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another "long time, no see" post from Vanessa. Life has been so busy. I hardly get to go on MyOtaku anymore. I feel so horrible. I wish that I could make layouts and comment like I was I did over the summer, but I guess that's over. At least until Thanksgiving Break which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Anyway, life has been pretty good. There was this sophmore guy named Mikio who I was obsessing over. Even back in April when I saw him while visiting the school, I thought he was a hottie. You can only imagine how much that's escalating now that I see him everyday XD

Well my a few of my friends know about my little crush, including a sophmore. There's this thing called EP here (evening prayer) where people get dates, or get set up with a date, and go listen to poetry and music and stuff in the church. It's more fun than it sounds, especially when you go with someone!

My sophmore friend decided (against my will, I might add) to set me up with him for EP. I was so nervous, you have no clue. It ended up going really well. He was really nice, funny, and unawkward. I was scared that we were going to walk in silence or that I would be too nervous to form sentences. Luckily, that didn't happen.

So we're kinda friends now which is a big leap from the nothing we were before =]

Wednesday was a pretty busy day too. My sister goes to another boarding school that's about 45 minutes away. Her volleyball team came to play our volleyball team so she was here. They let me go with them to the game. I felt kinda bad sitting on my sister's school's side and technically I should've been cheering for my own school. Oh well.

Later that day my dad came to visit. He kinda sucks most of the time but I tried not to bring up anything that could potentially start an argument since that usually happens when he's around. It ends up that he and his new girlfriend type thing are engaged. Oh well. I feel like I should feel really bad, but it's kinda more surprising. I don't really care though. If that's what he wants, he can go ahead.

Overall, this week has been a good one. Very tiring, but very fun.


P.S. I hope you guys had a happy Friday the 13th!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. It's been almost 3 weeks. I can't really post at night anymore like I would back at home. If you didn't know, I'm at boarding school. Here, they shut off the internet at 11 p.m. on weekdays (which is everyday except Saturday nights). Then on Saturday they shut it off at 1 a.m. which gives me an hour to update. Usually I don't have time to update in that hour since I'll be doing something else. I've decided that the only time I can actually post is in the morning.

Well I could go and tell you about everything that's happened in the almost 3 weeks since I've gotten here but it would take you hours to read it.

My roommates great. Her name's Cordelia and she's amazingly cool. I've made a bunch of friends and still chat with the old ones on myspace and sometimes on the phone or on AIM.

I'm not really "homesick" yet. Yeah, I miss my friends, but who wouldn't?

I get a lot of homework and classes go on until 6 p.m. which is annoying. We use the "Harkness table" method which is where we all sit around a huge oval table and "discuss" rather than just being taught by the teacher. Let's just say it's waaay different from middle school.

Anyway, we're about to head out to breakfast so I'll be taking my leave. Much love!!


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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

As you can hopefully see, I finally got the new layout up. Actually, it's been up for 2 days, I just haven't posted in like a week.

Well this has been a busy busy week for me. Tomorrow I'm leaving for boarding school. I know, I should be excited. To me it just seems like a long trip. The hardest thing will not seeing my friends. I'll always have MyO though!

Let's see... Friday I was supposed to go to a football game with Parris. I had been looking forward to it soooo much. At around 6 (the game was at 7), my older sister who was supposed to drive me took a nap. I didn't think it was a big deal since my mom could just drive me instead. For some reason, my mom was being overly-lazy and wouldn't though. I was so mad. Finally my sis woke up and I was excited to go. I'd missed the first 30 minutes of the game, but there was still a good 2 hours left. I got ready in like 10 minutes and me and my sis were about to leave when my mom told me I couldn't go anymore. Supposedly, it was "too late" even though the sun wasn't even completely down yet. And even though I printed out directions from Mapquest, she thought my sister would get lost driving me. How can you get lost from Mapquest?! Then she told me that she assumed since I was going to the game with Parris that I must be making out and doing stuff with him! I was so pissed. I've never and probably never will make out and/or kiss Parris and that's a horrible reason to stop me from seeing one of my best friends before I leave.

It sucked majorly.

Saturday I ended up getting my hair done and missing another football game that my friend Zack was playing in. I got finished in time, but my mom wouldn't have let me go anyway. After I finished my hair at like noon, I just sat around the rest of the day, wasting one of the few days I had left at home.

Sunday, however, I got to go over to Najibah's house which was awesome. We watched Date Movie (hillarious) and I got to eat some yummy Bangali food. All around, it was great.

Today, I spent the morning and afternoon at the mall. Then around 6:30, I went back over to Najibah's house to hang for one last time. This time though, it was Najibah, Nancy, and I. I hadn't seen her all summer so it was a lot of fun. We started watching Pirates of the Caribbean since none of us had seen it. At about halfway, our friends Maggie and Liz stopped by which was cool. We chatted, ate, and joked around. I'm so glad I got to spend my last night with friends before coming home to pack, pack, pack.

It was good to catch up about their school and everyone's summers before leaving for New Hampshire.

I'm going to wrap this up now since it's definitely long enough. I don't know when I'm going to be able to post or visit. It depends on how long it takes me to move into my dorm and get settled. Hopefully that's soon.


P.S. Critique the layout! Yes, I see the huge space at the bottom. I still gotta figure out how to get rid of those XD

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey hey hey everyone. Sorry for not getting that new theme up. I spent a few hours trying to find a theme-worthy picture this afternoon, but nothing really felt right. When I find something, I'll get the theme up though.

Anyway, not much has happened since my last update. It was my mom's birthday over the weekend. We bought her this huge leather purse we saw her looking at a little while ago and surprised her with decorations, cake, and that whole shebang. We went to dinner which was yummy. The next day though I felt really sick. I spent most of Sunday laying around feeling yucky. I'm assuming it was from the restaurant because I have no clue what else it could've been. One of my other sisters felt sick too so it wasn't just me.

Let's see... I've spent most of my time lately reading fanfictions. I'm kinda obsessed now. I literally just spend my days reading story after story. So addicting XD

Rather than that, life has been a bore. I'm going to head out now!


P.S. Wow short post.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I feel bad for not visiting or updating lately. Every night I say that I'll post but it always slips my mind. So sorry. I'll try to start visiting which will be easier since my new laptop came today!!!

See, since I'm going to boarding school and got this huge scholarship, it even included a $1200 discount on any Dell laptop. I ordered it almost a month ago and it came while I was just sitting around eating lunch. You can imagine my surprise/excitement.

I've literally been glued to him for the whole day. Yes, I just referred to my laptop as a "him". He has feelings too!

Well all my friends started school today (Tuesday) which was a little depressing. Pretty much all day (until my computer came at least) I was moping around thinking of how much fun they were probably having reuniting after a long summer. Then I thought about all the guys that probably got hot over summer and all the older guys I was missing out on!! Such a bummer XD

After their school ended I talked to a few friends on AIM who all said they missed me which was a good pick-me-up. I guess everyone who commented on my last post about how I thought they were going to move on pretty quick, were right. I guess real friends wouldn't care if we don't go to the same school.

More stuff has probably happened this week, but I don't feel like getting into it right now since that would take forever. I'm just going to head out and hope that I remember to visit tomorrow =]


P.S. Oh yeah, I was going to change my layout, but my PC computer is so old. The disc space is so low (even after I ran all these scans and deleted tons of files), I can't even use Photoshop. I guess I'll have to get it on my new computer before I can do any layout-making. Sorry.

And I got my 5555 hit! Yay! Would make an awesome banner, but like I said, no Photoshop =[

Laters again

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I really don't have much to post about at this point, but for some reason I felt like posting.

I was going through myspaces to see if I could find any old friends from St. Pete (I used to live in Florida up until 3 years ago) and I actually did. It was weird. Some of them I haven't seen since they were 9-year olds, so you can imagine the difference. It was crazy. I found half of my 5th grade class on there and it was awesome.

I only added one of the girls as a friend though because I felt like it would be awkward if I tried to add some others. I was friends with them in class, but I doubted they'd remember me. Well the girl I did add actually seemed to remember who I am so we've been chatting for the past 2 days. Very cool. Now that I saw them for the first time in years, I realize how much I miss them even though I'm having the best time up here in Illinois.

As most of you guys know already, I'm going to boarding school out of state in about a month. I've always been worried that my friends here in Illinois were forget and move on and with school starting, that fear's definitely creeping back.

Yesterday, Parris was in the "kick off the state fair" parade since the high school football teams were in it. He called me when he got back and told me about how he met this girl who's just like me and is actually going to the same school as him next year.

It kind of sucked because I can feel myself already being replaced. I don't think he meant for it to make me feel bad, but it did. And she just has to be a cheerleader too! Gosh, not only did he find another me, but she's an improved version XD

I actually visited today! I'm so proud ^___^ I probably won't get to it tomorrow, but I'll see what I can do.


P.S. Haha, sorry about the huge fangirlish-ness in my last post. When I get a crush, it hits hard >____<

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heylo all. I actually visited a good chunk of peoples in the past few days. I'm so proud of myself. High fives for Vanessa! Whoo!

Anyway, a little while ago, Parris told me about this little jazz band thing that he and this other jazz-baner, Greg, wanted to organize. In the middle of the year, the whole band went and played at Mr. Key's coffee shop so they decided they wanted to do it again with only the cool people in the band (like me, duh).

We had practice Monday and Tuesday over at Greg's house. On Monday, Greg's friend, another guy who happened to be named Paris, was there. As soon as I came in supposedly, he went over to Parris (my ex with the two "r"'s) and told him that he thought I was cute. He didn't know that me and Parris used to go out so he didn't realize that Parris wouldn't be too happy about that idea XD

I tried not to flirt with Paris (one "r"), but he kept on coming around and complimenting me and all this stuff. He's okay, but not really my type so I tried to let him know without completely rejecting him. He did invite me to go to a Bow Wow concert. I'm not a huge fan, but it is a concert.

When I got home, he called me like 4 times and then again on Tuesday. He didn't call at all on Wednesday luckily.

The practices were fun I guess. I was the only girl so most of the time we weren't very focused. That's what we get for putting a big group of guys together >__<

Anyway, last night I was talking on the phone with Parris. He was saying how he thought that I would probably go to another school and find another boyfriend quickly (which I wouldn't) because of my looks. I told him that in my whole 3 years in middle school, only him and other Paris had admitted to liking me.

Then, he decided to tell me some other people who liked me but didn't admit it. He was going through the basketball team. I hope I was hearing right because he said that at one point, Kurt (yes, THE Kurt) thought I was hot!!

Ahhhhh! You can only imagine how much I wanted to let out a fangirlish scream.

There is this kid on the team with the last name Kirkwood so hopefully I didn't hear wrong and he was talking about him. Oh well, I'm still going to live in my fantasy where Kurt said I was cute! I have no proof it wasn't him. It sounded more like Kurt... yep, it was definitely him =P

I'm going to try to not annoy you anymore, and for now, I'm going to run. I'll be seeing you.


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