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Friday, June 16, 2006

Thanks for the compliments on the theme. I know that some things are a little off at the moment, but I'm too lazy to fix it now.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. Yep, exciting. I got a physical and all that for entering high school. It wasn't much fun. Not only that I had to get the physical, but 3 shots! Some people don't like getting even one. Luckily, I'm not one of those people.
When I was little I used to love shots because they didn't hurt that bad and you get a lollipop afterwards. Not only did it kinda actually hurt (especially after the 3rd one), but I didn't get my lollipop!! And I was such a good little patient too. Hmph. Well at least I got 3 new battlescars to show off to my friends.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping, and then to the mall. We bought Kingdom Hearts 2 finally. It's been out forever, but we had to wait for my older sister to come back from school for the summer since we didn't want to start without her. It's been good so far. That's why I didn't get to visit. I was hooked on KH2.

While at the mall, I saw Kurt. If you aren't clued in, he's the guy I had the hugest crush for most of 7th and 8th grade. I told one of my guyfriends about my little attraction (he was also a friend of Kurt's), who told, and almost got us together. We didn't really get the chance since I had to go out of town when all this "hooking up" was starting. Grr. Anyway, I got over him pretty much, but lately... I don't know.
For the past 2 nights, I've had dreams about him and then I see him at the mall. Out of the hundreds of people at school, I see him. Wow, what a coincidence.
Since I didn't look too hott at the moment, I avoided him the whole time. I felt like a secret agent, ready to duck and cover if Kurt got close XD

Well I think I'm going to stop now since my right arm stings a lot in the 2 places I got shots in it. It sucks, but at least now I won't be getting tetnus for a while (if that's how you even spell it).


P.S. Parris said he was never mad. I guess I was just looking too much into things. If you didn't read my last post, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but it doesn't matter anyway since like I said, I was overreacting

P.P.S. About the coming to the last day of school out of dress code thing. We kinda just felt like it'd be fun to wear whatever we felt like it on our last day. It's not like it was outrageously short or anything. It was probably 3 inches above my knee. Nothing huge. Just wanted to clear that up >< Laters again

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First and foremost, I finally got that new theme up that I've been promising you guys. I know, you must be proud. I hope you like. It took me a while and 3 different idea changes to get it this way. I'll probably end up changing it in a little while though when the summer vacation boredom hits me.

Well, let's fill you guys in on my last week of school and the beginning of my summer. Thursday was the last day. My friend Liz and I decided that since it was the last day which is only an hour and a half, we could finally wear whatever skirts we wanted and not have to get in trouble for them being "too short" like we usually do.
So, we come to school in our new little skirts (which actually should've been in dress code) and before we can even get to our first class, we're stopped and told that unless we have pants to change into, we have to sit in in-house on our last day!! If you don't have in-house at your school (you're lucky), it's like a day-long timeout with no talking or pretty much anything.
It pretty much sucked. I could feel my other friends joking around and having fun on their last day while they said their goodbyes. But nope, me and about 15 other 8th grade girls were stuck in in-house doing nothing.
After the first hour they let us out though, but it kinda ruined my last day. I only had 30 minutes left anyway, so I didn't have nearly as much hang out time as I wanted and only got to take like 3 pictures. I had been planning on posting some up here, but I barely took any. Bah-humbug to my school. They were saying how we "offended people by coming to school so disrespectfully" and all this shit. I wanted to sock them. Grr.

After school though, I went over to Jiba's house. A little while after I got there, we invited over our other friend Nancy. It was pretty fun. We ordered this movie off pay-per-view. It was called "The New World". Yeah, in my opinion it wasn't that good. It was a boring and overly-educational Pocahontas story. As tired as I was that day, I could barely stay awake it was so monotone. Nothing exciting happened pretty much the whole movie.
After the movie, we ate, and ate, and ate. I pretty much cleared out half their fridge. I was hungry! Gosh!

Friday was a fun day too. It was my friend Maggie's graduation party. It was awesome. She rented out this recreation center and it was pretty much like a school dance. Unlike a dance though (at least at my school), it had A/C, food, no annoying younger kids, and even more food! Very cool. My friends and I actually danced too which usually doesn't happen at school dances. People were taking pictures left and right, getting last-minute yearbook signings, and just hanging out. Fun fun fun!
At the end, they played "Graduation" by Vitamin C. Even though we're only leaving middle school, it was pretty sad. Only like 10 seconds into the song, I started tearing up which turned into a full cry soon. All my girl friends were crying and hugging. I think I hugged Liz a bajillion times. Since I'm going away to school next year I won't be seeing any of them. So sad =[

Rather than that, I've been sitting at home my vacation. I think Parris and I are semi-fighting though. See, here's the scoop. We usually talk on the phone for like hours everyday even though we're just friends. Lately, that hasn't been happening. He called last night and it started off fine. Then, his little brother gets on the phone because he knows it annoys me. Since his bro goes to our school, he knows me somewhat. For some reason, Payton (Parris' brother) lives to torment me. I don't really bother since he is younger. Last night, though, Parris decided to join in and just tease me to no end. Usually I can take it, but since Parris and I hadn't been talking lately, I wanted to actually talk and not just be bothered. I told Parris he was being annoyingly imature and Payton (yes, Payton) was like, "If you think I'm annoying, then why are you even talking to me?" I told him I didn't know, so we just ended it there.
I haven't talked to Parris since so I don't know what's up. Oh well, I'll get over it.

I'm going to stop this now since it's seeming kinda long. Enjoy the theme and have a good day!


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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Hello. This post is kinda late for my usual so anyone who usually visits early in the morning is gonna miss this one. Oh well. Here's a little update for the rest of ya.

Let's see... it was very rainy all week. And then all of a sudden, on Friday it was all sunny. Not that I'm complaining. Friday we got our school yearbooks. We usually get them the day before school ends, but since there's going to be an 8th grade field trip this year that overlaps with that day, a lot of kids would be gone that day. All my friends going on the Washington D.C. (that's where the 8th grade trip is going to be) are going to be gone for the rest of the year and I might not see a lot of them again! So sad. I almost cried having to say goodbye to some of my friends, especially Ross. I've had every class with him for the past 2 years and we've done so many projects together. I know, very emotional goodbyes *tear*

It also helped remind me how close we are to ending the year!! I can't believe it. All of my friends left such sweet little yearbook signings. Even Zack left a cute one. I almost cried on Friday and it wasn't even the last day. I can only imagine what Thursday (the actual last day) will be like.

Friday night, a bunch of people went to this pool party. It was pretty much all 8th grade can come, but since I'm not that great friends with the people who threw it, I didn't go. I didn't actually get invited by them, but I did get invited by one of the secondhand party throwers XD I don't think I'm making any sense. Let's just say I got invited by one of the throwers' friends who was kinda helping with the party too. See, that makes sense. I decided not to go which I kinda regret since everyone said it was awesome. Oh well.

Yesterday my little sister Rosie (she was shippo323 on MyO) had a 6th grade party. For only being like 12 kids, it was pretty loud. I felt like I was in the school cafeteria. They were all so little and cute though. I really hope I wasn't that small 2 years ago. Me and my older sisters just left and went to the mall, Old Navy, and then Barnes and Noble. I had gift certificates to Old Navy and Barnes and Noble, but I didn't get to spend the first one. Oh well. I did get some books! Yay! I gotta read those today.

Instead of reading, I worked on my theme last night. I decided to make a whole new one at the last minute instead of the one I've been working on for a week XP I fell asleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 1 a.m. It was a very late nap, I know. I ended up working on my theme/watching the re-runned Eureka 7 instead of going back to sleep. I was on the computer working very late and I didn't even finish. All I gotta do is fonts and stuff. I'll be done today.


P.S. Sorry for not visiting too much this week. I only got around maybe twice. Sorry again!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No new layout yet, but I have good reasons today. I didn't really get on the computer at all.

Well, let's see, what happened this weekend with me... On Saturday and Sunday I think I did pretty much nothing. On Saturday, I did watch 7 hours straight of Laguna Beach. Yeah, that show is kinda lame, but so addicting.

I don't even remember what I did on Sunday so I'm guessing it was boring XD

Today I was getting on the computer to finish up the coding for my new theme (already got graphics and ideas done!!) when Parris called. He invited me to go to the mall with him and some peoples.

It ended up being me, Parris, Zack, Liz, and Zack's friend Wayne. It was pretty fun. We saw this one girl from school Kate. She's kinda Liz's friend. She's pretty annoying and over-flirty most of the time so we kinda just hang out with her because we don't want to be mean even if she is a pain on occassion.

Anyway, she was there with some guys from another school, but decided to hang out with us instead for the most part, which wasn't really a great thing. I didn't mind her too much, but whatever.

All in all, it was awesome. Let's just say that even though I don't really know Wayne except for today, he's pretty hillarious. Parris, Zack, and Liz are always fun so it was expected.

Liz left early kinda. Wayne and Zack left at the same exact time coincidentially. It was just me and Parris until his mom just popped up out of nowhere and she seemed pissed. She probably thought he lied and said a bunch of people were going to be there, but she only saw me and him. It's not my fault all of them left like 10 minutes earlier XD

While I was waiting for my mom, I got invited to a movie. Obviously I couldn't go though since I was still at the mall and it would've been crazy for me to go straight back out to see a movie. I headed home and did homework.

Yep, normal-ish day. I hope this schoolweek doesn't suck too badly. Finals are starting though and I have to makeup a test tomorrow too. Grr. Wish me luck! Laters

P.S. Haha, I was asked how that little city simulation that I'm doing in class has anything to do with science. Yeah, I really have no clue how us running our own little town is related. You'd think it'd be more of a social studies thing XP Oh well, I didn't come up with it ^^;;

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I really never get around to posting or visiting. I feel so bad. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to since I have no projects due Monday. I don't even have school Monday because of Memorial Day! Yesss.

Anyway, this week has been ok. Tuesday though, I stayed home because I got sick that morning. It was like 5 minutes before I was supposed to be getting on the bus and blah, there went last night's dinner XD

Today was a half day. We only had 3 hours, which were our first 3 classes. In 1st hour band, we just played and stuff. Mr. Keys is gone because his wife had her baby last weekend so congrats to him. 2nd hour we had science where we're doing this simulation where we pretend to own a city. I work in the newspaper company. After all our hard work of actually making a newspaper, all the other companies were being a bunch of bitches and not wanting to buy any. We got fined like twice for "loitering" because we were trying to sell our newspaper. I know, stupid.

In 3rd hour, I hung out with Parris and his friend Nathan (who hates me by the way, but won't admit it). It was a free day so we just got on the computer and watched random funny videos.

After school all of my friends went hanging out. I don't know why I didn't go with them. It kinda sucked that I didn't. I felt really stupid sitting around because I could've gone. I just went home and felt bored. I would've made my layout, but my computer was freezing so badly that I couldn't get anything done. I'm on my sister's laptop now. If it takes me a while to get the new theme up, it's because my computer with Photoshop sucks balls.

I'm gonna head out now! I hope I can visit *crosses fingers and toes* Laters

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm really getting into this once-a-week posting thing, aren't I? Sorry about that. This week has been pretty busy and I still have lots to take care of tomorrow.

Let's see... I don't really remember the beginning of this week at all. I'm guessing it was boring. Oh yeah, on Monday we dissected worms in science class. Yeah, my school's too cheap for frogs and I'm glad. I could barely stand the worms. For the first ten minutes or so I couldn't even look at them without feeling sick. They were like these super-human huge worms. Each was like a foot long, so so gross. Yuck XD

On Thursday, we had honors' night which is pretty much the end-of-the-year award's ceremony. The jazz band played before it started as a semi-opening thing. That was the only reason I went. Rather than getting the customary honor roll certificate, I didn't plan on getting anything.

I ended up winning 3 awards. Honor roll, this presidential award for getting honor roll every quarter since 6th grade, and then student of the year. Each teacher picks one student out of the 100-something they have and I actually got picked for one. It was pretty cool, even though it was for band class. Parris ended up winning this even bigger band award where his name's on this plaque in the school forever. He is really good and dedicated to his music so he deserves it I think.

Anyway, on Friday I think it was pretty boring. None of my classes were extremely exciting. After school though, Parris and I were talking and he suggested a movie. Since the dollar theater at our mall is only showing old movies, we decided on Scary Movie 4 even though I've already seen it. I got there and it ended up he invited our friend Zack too. It was fun even though I didn't think the movie was amazing or anything. Midway through Zack had to leave, but me and Parris still hung and got cozy. It was pretty cool.

Today was pretty much supposed to be dedicated to this huge project I have due Monday. I barely did any. I'm going to be working all of tomorrow now. Grr.

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I really wanna change my theme but I really don't have the time. Sorry, you're going to have to deal with this one for probably another week.


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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Long time, no post. A lot has been going on with me since I last stopped by. Just so this post won't be unbearably long, I'm going to be really vague with everything.

Let's see... last week I got to miss lots of school for band things. On Tuesday for the All-City band practice. We had our performance that night for that band which wasn't too great. I wasn't surprised since most of the people sucked. You would think it would take talent to get into the city band. I guess not XD

Then on Friday I missed school again for the last band tour of the year. Before that though, we had our full band performance on Thursday night. It was pretty bad compared to how well we could've done. Well, back to Friday. It kinda sucked. We usually go to 2 or 3 elementary schools on these tours. This time we only went to one and didn't even get to miss the whole day of school. I guess jazz band was supposed to play at the 2nd school, but I didn't know that so I didn't bring my saxophone to school that day. The next thing I know, everyone's all mad that we were going to have to go back to school because some jazz banders were missing music and instruments. Even though I ended up asking one of my friends to borrow their saxophone, he still made us go back at 1 o' clock instead of the usual almost 2:30 (school ends at 2:30 for us).

Even though it wasn't totally my fault, I felt kinda bad that it was our last time playing together like that. The school year's ending too quick.

I thought I would be able to cheer up at the last dance of the year that night. It sucked even more. None of my friends showed even though they said they were going to. It was kinda obvious they were out doing something else because that whole group was conveniently missing. So it was pretty much me, Najibah, and Parris on occassion hanging out. I felt kinda stupid that they had all gone ahead and partied without me.

Today I was planning on doing homework, but The Legend of the Dragoon and t.v. distracted me until almost 10 o' clock. And I was talking to Parris on the phone. I got to visiting a pretty big chunk of my list. Sorry if didn't get to you.

Hopefully I'll be able to change this layout soon. It's starting to annoy me actually XD


P.S. Happy couple days late birthday to Josh

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Friday, May 5, 2006

This week has been a somewhat good/bad one so far. Monday was pretty uneventful. I don't even remember it. On Tuesday we had a half day. We had our last 3 classes and then got to go home. After school, me and Najibah went to the mall. We walked around and went into random shops. We wanted to play DDR at the arcade, but we had to go do something first. By the time we got back, some DDR-addicts cut us off. We waited for them, but since they were so good, they never lost and their turn never ended. I was about to tell them that either way, they should let us play, but Najibah's dad called and was pretty angry. She didn't even tell him that she was going with me. If I had known she hadn't told, I would've told her not to come >< Well she had to leave and I stayed for like 15 minutes longer to finish my shopping.

Today was interesting. It was Parris' birthday so we hung out in class and stuff. I bought him this expensive sports' hat because I know how much he likes that stuff.
In language arts' class he came to sit over by me and my friends while we worked because we had a substitute. She was so crazy. I didn't even have to say a word to get in trouble. I would giggle and she'd be like "No more laughter! Too much fun going on in that corner!" I have never heard anyone tell me that I'm having too much fun XD

Tonight was my Confirmation (it's when Catholics become "adults" in the church). It kinda sucked. While I was at the mall on Tuesday, I bought my Confirmation dress. It was the perfect dress. It was the first dress I bought that I really liked and that I picked out without my mom telling me what to choose. Since it was a halter dress, I had to buy a shawl or something to put over it. I thought I could trust my mom with that part of the shopping, but I guess not. Instead of buying a shawl, she returned my dress and bought a whole new one! The 2nd one didn't even look half as good either. That pretty much ruined my night completely. I couldn't even enjoy hanging out with my friends after the 2 and a half hour ceremony part. I had to read a part in front of the whooooole church of people and I didn't even feel like celebrating when I didn't completely mess up. I've been doing this religion class since I was 3, finally it pays off at Confirmation and my mom ruins it by returning my dream dress. It sucked.

Well, tomorrow's Friday and I'm guessing it's going to be awesome. I'll try to visit when I get home from school. Laters

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Monday, May 1, 2006

I don't really have much to post about, but since I know that I probably won't get to post until next week, I might as well stop by ^^

Let's see... weekend was uneventful. I had some lovely chats on Skype/MSN with some lovely guys and gals though. I also got on AIM and chatted with some buddies from school. Those were the highlights of my weekend rather than homework.

On Saturday, I played The Legend of the Dragoon video game all day. It may be really old, but it's really good. When I stopped playing that, I started visiting a little, but got distracted by lovely Shadow's birthday post and realized how much I missed chatting with MyO peoples so I signed on MSN. I kinda didn't get to visit because of that distraction but oh well XD

Sunday was homework day. I spent 3 hours on it then I decided to take a little break which ended up being about 4 hours long. I finally finished at like 10 p.m.

At the talent show on Friday that I couldn't go to, my friend Zack told me that something happened between him and Parris. He was pretty pissed and since Parris and him are best friends I knew it must be a big deal. He wouldn't tell me though. Today, I finally talked to Parris and he told me what it was. It ended up that Parris being the flirt he is, was all over Zack's recent ex-girlfriend. I guess that pissed Zack off. And to only imagine that on Wednesday Parris was telling me that he wanted to go out with me again XP

I'm going to head off now! I probably won't go to sleep even though it's 11:15 and I have school, but whatever ^^;; Laters

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hello everyone. It's been a long week since I last posted.

Let's see, this week I've been one busy bee. On Tuesday I had a field trip. Our band teacher chose the top 3 players of each section and put us into the city band. I'm 2nd chair even though 1st chair sucks balls, but oh well. I still got in and got to miss 3 classes. This band wasn't half as good or fancy as the state band I got into earlier in the year, but oh well.

On Wednesday I got to miss all of school for the jazz band tour! We left during our 2nd period class and didn't get back until a couple minutes after school ended. We went to 2 elementary schools to perform. Between them we went to the mall to hang out for a little while. It was pretty fun. It could've been better. Parris and I hung out a lot (I know I make him seem evil on here, but he's not). We're way closer than before. Everyone seems to think that we're back back back together for the like 5th time, but we're not. We're just VERY close friends XD

Anyway, afterwards I had detention from the evil substitute Mr. Urbas. We kinda just hung out and did homework. My friend Ted let me try on his doo-rag. I looked pretty ghetto XP

Today was kinda boring. After school was the talent show, but I couldn't go. My little sister had this school thing she wanted to go to so I spent my Friday at home instead. It was boring, but oh well. I wish I could've gone to the talent show. This is going to be my last one and I missed it =(

Well, this post is long enough. I don't except you to actually read it all so don't worry ^^;;


P.S. Happy birthdays to the lovely Shadow and Alexa!!

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