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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Last Harry Potter Book Day!!

It also happens to be my little sister's 10th birthday.

Gosh, I was looking for a banner or icon to put up on my post to commemorate the big HP day and every single site I usually go to has been replaced with bunches of spoilers in big, bold letters. I clicked out before they really loaded and only saw like one, but that's still one more than I would've wished =[

Big meanies just gotta spoil it for everyone else.

Rather than that, life is boring as usual. Went to the aquarium with my sisters and my older sis's friend. I was supposed to go to my dad's office and work, but I kinda skipped out.

Well I'm pretty much just faxing papers anyway. I'll go next time. I just hadn't gotten out of the house in about 2 weeks so I needed something to do that was fun.

The aquarium was fun. Got to see cool stuff. We were looking at one of the tanks and it said an octupus was supposed to be in there. I couldn't find it. I saw this little bushy thing I thought was like a sea anenome. Then I see these 2 big eyes staring at me. I started freaking out and everyone around me was looking at me like I must be crazy.

But I swear, that octopus was giving me the evil glare. Scared the bajeebies outta me XD

I'm going to go now. No need to make it long when I have nothing really to say.


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