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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wow, lots has happened since the last time I posted, but I'm just going to make this pretty quick since most of it doesn't really matter anyway.

Well, last Friday, my dad called at about noon (and in my family, my little sisters don't wake up until about 2 p.m. if I don't hassle them into getting up) and told us to get ready. One of his patients (he's an geria... I'm not really sure how to spell it so I'm just gonna say old people doctor) who I guess used to be a family friend when we were really little decided to invite us to one of her relative's birthday parties and was on her way to pick us up.

So I hurried my sisters into the shower and we all got dressed and she took us to this party. We really didn't know anybody. Even the lady who invited us I didn't remember. The last time I saw her I was probably six. And even then, I don't think she was a really close family friend to begin with.

I guess they wanted us to feel welcome even though they had no clue who we were, so they kept making us do all the little activities and stuff us with food. It was this huge Filipino family so there were people everywhere.

They were dancing, doing karaoke, and they made us do all of it too even though we were pretty much strangers. It was fun, but in the weird way. The whole time I was just really confused as to why we were even there. We'd never even met the birthday girl before. It was awkward >_<

The really weird thing was that the night before I was skimming through a magazine and decided to read my horoscope and it said: Tomorrow is a prime day for a party so make sure to have fun and be ready for a huge gathering of friends. Or something like that and that ended up being the day of the first and only party I've gone to all summer.

Right now, I'm still in Florida with my dad. After some huge money drama and miscommunication between my parents, I finally got my ticket home bought and booked. Two weeks exactly and I'll be back in Illinois! Woot woot.

It wouldn't really be all that exciting, but since I go to boarding school, i haven't been home since March so I really want to see friends and just be in my own house again. I can't wait!!

Well, rather than that, life is uneventful. I recently rediscovered the show The Office. On a long busride someone who owned the first season put it in for everyone to watch. I got bored yesterday and decided to watch a few episodes out of boredom and ended up sitting all day watching the first 2 seasons XD

I'm going to go watch one more ep before I go to bed.


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