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Thursday, August 9, 2007

hey everyone.

not much going on with me lately. bored as ever, but I thought you guys deserved some sort of post out of me, so here it is.

thursday was a long day of traveling. after two planes and meeting up with my sister to take a train (she had just gotten back from an exchange program in france), we finally met up with my mom. since then, i havenít done anything. iíve been trying to get out and enjoy the last bit of summer, but either my sisters working or schedules are conflicting.

iíve been spending most of my time just reading fanfics and writing stuff of my own. i wonít be posting them anywhere probably. but when I get an idea it nags at me until I get it on paper or Microsoft Word I guess in this case. right now, i just finished idea 1 of 2.

iím going to try to do some drawing too. if you look at my fanart, i havenít submitted anything in about likeÖ 2 years, haha. i might not even submit it either, but just to get some drawing done would be nice.

well the biggest drama in my life is that my sister was too busy being sappy and saying goodbye to her friends on her last night in france to pack her stuff thoroughly. So she left a whole bunch of stuff and my mom wonít stop freaking out about it. every conversation gets back to the lost stuff somehow. she lost her cell phone and that really made my mom mad. my sister said sheíd work and pay it off, but I guess that wasnít enough for my mom since she wonít stop bringing it up. my momís kinda crazy about these kind of stuff so Iím not surprised. Iím planning on going abroad to Japan next summer (if my mom even lets me after my sister lost so many stuff. she doesnít even know about half the stuff my sister left), so at least now I know Iím going to check, double-check, and triple-check my hotel room before I get on my plane back home.

rather than that, life is uneventful. iíll try to change the layout. Right now, iím in the searching for a good image stage. as soon as I find one, iím going to chug out a new layout even if it takes me 10 hours, which hopefully it wonít.

iíll talk to you guys later! Iíll be visiting in the morning.


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