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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think it may be that time again... change the layout time. I'm really lazy and might not do it for a week or so, but this one's getting old. I really love it since it's Trigun, but even Trigun isn't good enough to keep me on one layout for this long.

Well life is normal. Spent all of today working more like volunteering (since I doubt he's going to pay me) at my dad's office.

Boring boring boring.

My mom bought my tickets for going back to school in the fall (boarding school). Since I live in the Middle of Pretty Much Nowhere, Illinois, it's really hard to travel from there. You have to take a plane/train to Chicago or St. Louis and take another plane/train from there since those are the only two places they go.

Since we have to take a train first, we're not going to land in Chicago until early afternoon. Then the only plane to New Hampshire doesn't get there until late afternoon and the buses from school only come an hour and a half after that. It really really sucks.

I wouldn't really mind, but it's on that day all the old students come and meet the new students and have dorm stuff. I'm going to miss all of it!! I was really looking forward to hazing the freshmen!

Just kidding. I actually want to be really close with my freshmen next year and wanted to be there to meet them. And now I won't be *tear*

And then the next day we start class so I'll really be missing out. Oh well. No point in bothering about it now. I'm not going back until Sept 6th so I have a while.

For now, I should be concentrating on going back to Illinois. 8 days of Florida and then I'm going to be home with my friends and cornfields XD

Well that's my post for ya guys! I'll be seeing you guys.


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