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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm sorry I haven't visited all week. I was barely on the computer this week.

Anyway, since I last posted... life has been kinda interesting. On Thursday we had a whole 8th grade field trip to the bowling alley across the street as a reward for doing our state testing. This was the first year they actually did that. It was kinda funat first but then it got really hot inside and then it just started to get boring. We got out of 2 classes for it so I can't complain.

Friday was fun too. Well actual school wasn't that amazing. After school I had jazz band. We kinda just laughed more than we played our instruments. Afterwards while we waited for the buses, I hung out with the jazz guys. Parris let me borrow the hat that he always wears. I looked pretty hott in it especially since it was almost too small for my head. He ended up letting me keep it. I'll probably give it back on Monday but for now I'm gonna wear it and look cool ^___^

A little while after I got home, my friends invited me to go to the mall with them. It was me and my friends Zack, Maggie, and Liz. It was really fun. We ended up running into the same guys that are all friends with Kurt who happened to be there too. It's so weird. Everytime I go out lately, I see him XD Anyway, we didn't really talk to them for more than 5 minutes before we just went off and hung out because we were too cool for them.

We were sitting in the food court waiting for Liz and Maggie to finish these cappucinos they bought. Zack kept on moving around these little pamphlets they kept on the table. Since it was annoying me, I kept on trying to put them back. After a while, I got sick of it and threw one on the floor. At that second, the security guard came and was like, "Are you going to pick that up?" It wasn't even my fault, but he made me pick it up. It was all Zack's fault for knowing of provoking me ><

Oh yeah, we went to Subway for Liz to buy a sub and I got hit on twice in like less than 5 minutes. First time by some oldish creepy guy and then by some ghetto teenage guy. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I just lied. If anyone asks, my boyfriend's name is Justin Fleming. At first I couldn't think of a last name and was just going to be like, "Yeah, my boyfriend's too cool for a last name. No duh." Luckily Maggie was better at coming up with a name than me XP Zack kept on teasing me about that ^^;;

Boo to Kurt! Can't you tell that I can do soooo much better ^^;;

Anyway, this post is waaay long so I'm going to go! I'll try to visit over the weekend. Laters

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hey, I haven't posted all week and I've done some semi-visiting but not much. Oh well, I've been busy/sick so I have a sorta excuse XD

Well this week marked my first week back from Spring Break. Monday... I don't even remember. I'm guessing it was very very boring ^^;; Tuesday kinda sucked. Well at least after school did. Let's just say all the 8th grader guys on the bus are really annoying and won't leave me alone about the whole Kurt (they all found out that I thought he was cute thanks to one of my big-mouthed friends) thing. They never really get to me since they always suck. For some reason yesterday I guess I was in a bad mood already or something so it kinda just made me feel doubly bad. Pretty much for the rest of the day I felt like... I don't know, like I wasn't up to par or something. I know, not a usual Vanessa thought.

Luckily that passed and today was better. In history class, me and two other girls named Fawn and Katie were talking and somehow the topic of what exactly it means to be circumsized. I know, random. We were in the library today so we got an encyclopedia and there was like a whole page on it. After the first sentence we just burst out laughing and the whole class was looking at us weird XD I know, me and my friends are losers with nothing better to do but that's what makes us awesome ^^

In my 6th hour class we're writing raps and they have to be about rocks and science. Last year I did a rap in science about the water cycle so I'm pretty skilled at that. We're doing it to the beat of "lean wit it, rock wit it". Haha, get it, "rock" with it lol But yeah, it's pretty ghetto.

Well, I'm gonna head out now! Laters

P.S. Yay for getting my 5000th hit! w00t! I feel special ^____^

P.P.S. Thanks for the theme compliments. Me and Jiba were having a KH theme semi-contest. She claims I won, but I really like hers. We just called it a tie XD

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm so close to being finished with my layout, yet so far away. I'll definitely be done by tomorrow afternoon, but since it's so late, I decided to hit the hay instead of finishing it. And if it's late by my standards, then it must be late. Trust me on that.

Well, today was a pretty interesting day. My friend from my religion class, Bernice, and I had been planning since Wednesday to go to see Scary Movie 4 today/Friday with a bunch of people from school. When I got on AIM to fix the little details, she told me how she lives clear across town from the movie theater I go to, but for me, it's less than 5 minutes away. She agreed to go to the theater closer to me just because I had already told some of my friends there. A couple hours later though, she cancelled because she had to go to church.

Then, Najibah called and cancelled because she had a family pot luck. So I was pretty much completely stranded at that moment. Luckily, I thought of calling my other friend Liz. I told her about the movie and she said ok. She told me she had some people over at her house and I told her to bring them. Well, I got to the movies and it ended up that "some people at her house" was the whole boys' basketball team and a group of girls. The whole 3 back rows of the theater were filled with people that I knew or the basketball team somehow knew. It was really weird.

It ended up that Kurt (long story short, I told one of my guyfriends I thought Kurt was cute and he went and told everyone) was there so as soon as I walked in all the guys were like "Ooo! Vanessa should sit next to Kurt!" They all moved down and I just sat there. Kurt is such a stereotypical middle school boy. He was so embarassed that he didn't even look at me the whole time XD

Anyway, the movie was funny. I haven't seen the first 3 Scary Movies (I know, the one person in the world that hasn't), so I didn't have much to compare it to. All my friends said that 2 and 3 were better though. Some of the jokes were predictable, but overall, I liked it. Unfortunately, I was stuck between Kurt and this other random guy in my class so I didn't really have anyone to talk to. Liz and all my girl friends were on the other side of Kurt which sucked ><

Well I'm going to leave now. It's really late and a girl needs her beauty sleep! Laters

P.S. Happy birthday Christian!

[ edit: 1:47 p.m. ]

theme is up! w00t!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time for Vanessa to show her face once again! I know you must be excited to hear of the going-ons in my life....

Not much to report. I forgot to tell you guys of the beginning of my Spring Break. Yesterday was technically the first day. Unfortunately, I still have religion class and I have to start up with my saxophone lessons tomorrow as well. Not a total break, but no schoolwork... even though I have makeup homework from the week I missed. But no school classes!!

Anyway, on Saturday, me and Jiba went to the mall. I bought 3 shirts, 2 bracelets, a pair of earrings, and the Jack's Mannequin CD. I've recently discovered that band. I'm in love.

When I got home, I started feeling a little on the sick side. Stomach aches, cough, all that. Yeah, sucky I know. Then I try to get on the computer to find out that the internet's not working! That's why I didn't visit at all Saturday or Sunday. I got a little visiting done yesterday though. I was kinda in the middle of a theme change so I got distracted. I've figured out a few new things for my next theme so that'll be up tomorrow.

Today... I didn't do anything except try to get the internet working. We ended up having to call our internet provider people to get it up and working. Then I just attempted visiting, chatted on AIM, and worked on my theme. I'm going to hit the ol' dusty trail before I bore you guys to death. Much love


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Saturday, April 8, 2006

I'm home! Again! Yep, I just got back from my 2nd trip in one week. I'm glad. I was pretty exhausted. I thought I owed you guys a little post before I headed off to bed though.

Well, I went to the 2nd boarding school. It was ok. Kinda opposite of the 1st one. The 1st one was really proper while the 2nd one was more public school-ish. I think I might like the public school-ish one better since I seem to have more in common with those kinds of people. I don't know.

Anyway, today I had a plane at 9 from Boston to Chicago. That one went well, but then, I got delayed in Chicago. Something always seems to go wrong at that airport. I sat (actually more like stood because there were absolutely no seats that weren't taken) for about an hour and a half waiting to hear what was going on. My first flight back to Springfield was cancelled so I had to wait for the next one, which was a 3-hour difference from my first one. I spent half of that time standing and then seats appeared so I sat for the rest of it. I was so bored, I fell asleep twice XD

Finally, I got home but 3 hours later than I would've. I actually would've been able to go to my last 2 classes and jazz band if my plane had been on time. Oh well, I still got to turn in my huge 6-hour homework assignment. I talked to Parris who said that she gave an extention to another student who had only been gone 2 days so she might've given me one for being gone 4 days. I don't know, she never told me about that so I'm glad I turned it in anyway.

Rather than that, I hung out with some people who were staying after school and then I went home. Yep, exciting I know ^^

I just wanted to leave a little post for you guys. I'm going to stop boring you now. Laters

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

My mom's forcing me to go to the other boarding school visit even though I really don't want to. I can't really handle it right now. There's so much mental and physical strain that you have to go through with traveling. I finally get back into the mind frame of being home and I have to go back out.

I could go on and on forever about how I really feel like my head is going to explode, but I'm not going to. I wouldn't want to bore you even more than already.

Today after I got back, I kinda just sat around and got bothered by my mom because I didn't want to go. Then, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I had 15 minutes until I was supposed to be at a jazz band performance. I went there and it was pretty much the most disorganized performance ever. We kinda just randomly played and did really bad, but oh well ^^;; It was fun. After being gone for so long, I needed to hang out with my friends.

I got home and my mom complained some more about how I don't want to go. I kinda have to because if I don't, the schools going to charge $300 for the plane tickets. I wish there was some way to get out of it but there isn't. I'll tell you guys about it when I get back in town. I tried to visit, but I didn't get to everyone. Sorry.


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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Hey everyone! I'm back. I was actually supposed to be back last night but that obviously didn't work out too well. BEWARE OF LONG POSTS AHEAD!

First, I'll start with my weekend. I pretty much spent my April Fool's Day doing nothing. I didn't even get to prank my sisters. In the evening, I got a ride with some of my mom's friends to this jazz band performance we were having. My mom was out of town so she couldn't take me. It was really fun. I got to hang out with my friends and all that. I had 2 duets with Parris (where he made me look bad because I wasn't really paying attention. It would tell me to skip to another part in the song or something and I wouldn't notice and play the completely wrong thing while Parris would actually play it rightXD). I had probably 2 solos that I volunteered for and then another duet with another guy named Aaron. So in all, it was about 5 duets/solos which was the most out of everyone and I didn't even realize it when I offered to do them ^^;;
We got some free food and raised money for tornado relief which was cool. I got to hang out with Parris and the guys. They were playing war games on the computer and I kinda just stood there and screamed whenever they got fired at or something. Those games are so scary XD (it was a coffee shop type place with computers for customers). It was really fun. I think we have another performance tonight but since I just got back, I don't know how that's going to work out.

On Sunday morning (and by "morning" I mean 4 a.m. which felt like 3 because of the time change), I left for Boston to go check out a boarding school. Technically it was in New Hampshire but we landed in Boston. It was ok. I had a host who I roomed with for the night. The main thing I liked about the school: boys!! It had the biggest selection of cute guys I have ever seen. Yeah, they're probably 2 or 3 years older but it's ok to still look ^___^ One was named Meekio (such an exotic name) and the other one I didn't get his name so I just call him "Mr. Gorgeous" ^^ He was literally the most beautiful guy I have ever seen and he was only a sophmore!! That's the only reason I want to go to that school pretty much. I don't hate it, but I'd rather stick with my friends at public school.

Well, when we got to the airport to go home, it ended up our flight was delayed because of wind in Chicago where our connecting flight was. I never would've guessed there would be wind in the "Windy City" ><
We ended up leaving 3 hours later than planned and when we got to Chicago, our flight to Springfield (where I live) had long passed. So we were stuck in Chicago overnight. Luckily we got to stay at the Crowne Plaza with a discount (even though it should've been free since it wasn't our fault, but since it was "weather problems" they couldn't make it free) and I got my own bed! Oh yeah, if any of you have watched that show on Disney, "Even Stevens", we saw the older brother from there (Donnie was his name) at the airport. It was random. Yes, I watch Disney channel and recognize the people ^^;;

Since I had no clean clothes with me (all my luggage had been checked in and was already on its way to Springfield) I was stuck in the same ones 2 days in a row. I know, yuck. Luckily we got a flight semi-early at 11 a.m. Since it was only a 30-minute flight (Chicago and Springfield are pretty close) we got home on time before school ended so I get the house sister-free.

My mom wants me to leave again and go look at another boarding school tomorrow and miss the whole week. I told her no, but she doesn't care. She probably thinks that I'm just kidding. There's no way that she's going to make me go. I'm so tired from this trip and I'm all unpacked and she wants to ship me back out to Boston. I just got back from there! Anyway, there's only 2 more months of school left. Everyday I skip school is another day away from my friends. At least if she's going to ship me away to boarding school next year, I should be able to spend time with my friends. And she's trying to move over the summer too. There's no way I'm going to go. I'll call them myself and cancel if I have to.

Oh well, I guess we'll see what happens with that. Sorry for the semi-long post and for not visiting. I'll really try but if I do somehow go tomorrow, then there's no way I'll be visiting until this weekend. Laters

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Quick Post: I'm going out of town! Tell you weekend details when I get back! Laters

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

In the past week, I've done so many random things. I don't even know where to start. This is going to be a long post so beware!

Ok, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we finally had our state testing. Tuesday afternon we had a field trip. The play we watched was kinda bad, but the busride was pretty awesome.

Wednesday, I for some reason decided to tell my friend Ted who I semi-liked, Kurt (I used to be good friends with him last year and that's pretty much when I really liked him, but now it's just like "he's kinda cute"-ish). Yeah, bad idea. Ted kinda went around and told all his friends. It was the worst on Friday. I don't think a lot of people knew on Thursday, but on Friday it was all I heard about.

I was glad when school was over and I could be done with it. I had jazz band but that was really fun. I was so hyper (all day I was kinda sulking and keeping to myself because I wasn't in the mood to deal with people bothering me about it. So I had a lot of energy left over from not doing much). Me and my friends were kinda just laughing the whole time. Mr. Keys was being really crazy and was having all these weird outbursts which only made me laugh even more. Afterwards, I was pretty much going out of my mind with hyper-ness and dancing around everywhere ^^;; I couldn't help it!

When I got home, I signed on AIM. Big mistake. Ted was telling me about how Kurt was planning on asking me out. You would think I would be happy, but I'm not really. I couldn't imagine myself in a billion years going out with him. But no matter what, I really couldn't be friends with him again after all this. So for a while I felt bad and got back in a bad mood because all I was thinking was that I was losing one of my friends because of me blabbing one little secret.

There was a school dance later and I was planning on not going, but my sister couldn't go if I didn't too. Just for her sake, I decided to go. As soon as I got there, all the guys were swarming to get me to go with Kurt. We (me and Jiba) kinda just slipped outside and decided to roam around instead of actually staying at the dance. When were just about to leave, we ran into our two friends Liz and Mada. After they figured out how lame the dance was, they decided to join our random roaming. We went to a shopping plaza down the street. There, we ran into two more of my friends, Liz (other Liz) and Maggie. It was random.

We ended up accidentally setting the burglar alarm off at a sporting goods' store XD Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory and randomly walked around. It was pretty cool. I never realized how random that store is.

We finally went back to the dance where Parris found me and was telling me about how all the guys were looking for me still. They even called my cell phone. I'm not sure how they got my number, but whatever. Oh yeah, me and Parris are cool again.
Anyway, I kinda just shrugged it off. I wasn't even sure if Kurt liked me or if it was just his friends being stupid. So we just roamed around the dance, dancing a little bit. It was fun. I got to tease my friend Zack. He was pretty much making out with his girlfriend the whole time ^^;; They were cute to watch though.

Anyway, the last slow dance came up and there pops up Kurt who asked me to dance. I couldn't say no so I just did. I don't know, it was kinda weird. I liked Kurt for so long and a little while after that faded off, all this happens. Just my luck >< Oh well, I don't know how all this is going to end, but we'll see.

Isn't my life just peachy keen? After all this in just one day. Longest/randomest/best/worst day of my life ^______^

Also, Happy April Fool's Day!!

If only I could say this whole post was a big April Fool. Unfortunately, all this really did happen to me in only one day XD


P.S. I'll try to visit over the weekend but I have a jazz band performance tomorrow so we'll see.

P.P.S. I definitely didn't know about that "View Source" thing on everyone's pages. Yeah, I got like 10 comments about that. I pretty much got the point after the first one >__<

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I don't have too much to post about since my Saturday's are always uneventful, but I felt like posting.

I got a lot of good comments yesterday even though I didn't get to visit everyone. Sorry about that. I got to most of everyone. People I missed, I'll try to get to next time.

Well if you didn't hear about the girl who completely ripped off my theme, then now you have. Even after taking off right-click she seemed to find a way to copy it. I ended up having to change my password because the only thing I can think of is that she must've hacked in my site or something. If you want to see for yourself click here.

Anyway, rather than not, there's not really anything I need to post about. Some stuff are on my mind, but I'm not in the mood to get into it all right now.


P.S. Oh and I know that my theme looks like crap on Mozilla. I don't really know how to fix that. People keep on telling me about something called "mapping", but I don't have a clue how to even do it so I guess you Mozilla users will have to deal with this. Sorry.

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