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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time to hear the Vanessa's dilemma of the moment. I know, doesn't it just sound fun?

Anyway, so as you all know, I go to boarding school through most of the school year. I should be home now for summer, but no, my dad decided we should spend most of our summer in Florida visiting him.

Well, the summer's about a month done so I'm trying to figure out the whole going home situation before plane tickets get too expensive. My mom and I were pretty much planning on me going home on my own before my younger sisters do because unlike them, I don't go to school at home and need to spend at least some time there before school starts.

So it was all planned and I was just expecting to go fill my dad in on the plans. And this is where it gets complicated.

He said that all my sisters should come with me because "they're too young to travel on their own" even though the oldest is about 13 and I was traveling by myself even younger than her with no problems.

My mom doesn't have the money now to pay for all of us to come back and also needs the house to be as quiet as possible because she has to study for one of her doctor tests. So now, I might not be going home until it'll be way too late to actually enjoy some quality home time!

So now I gotta convince my dad to let me go on my own before tickets get too expensive and then everything will get even more complicated.

Right now, I'm just spending every moment worrying about not being able to go home =[

Anyway, that's my post for ya. Hope you enjoyed your 07/07/07. I forgot to post. Gosh. Once in a century event and I forget XP

I'm gonna head out now! Laters

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