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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hey hey hey! Vanessa's back from camp. Actually I got back Sunday night, but I was so tired that I knew that if I posted, I wouldn't be making any sense.

Anyway, camp was fun. I felt kinda out of place though. It was a minority camp so most of the people were black. Since it's a national thing, most of them come from big cities like the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Atlanta. Then I'm like, "Yeah, I'm from Springfield." It was weird XD

The first day was pretty much lectures which I pretty much slept through. The second day was the fun part. We got split into groups and had to do activities together and at the end, make a skit about what we learned over the weekend. It was a good way to meet people. Since there are at least 100 other kids, it was hard to find one or two to be friends with.

I had the cutest group counselor! He wasn't "hot", he was more adorable. He was this boy from Mahatten in this pink, pop-collared Lacoste polo with these tight jeans and huge Aviator glasses. And then a few minutes later, he'd bust out with all these ghetto dances. It was awesome. I found it cute for some reason.

My roommate sucked though. She was this overly-nerdy girl. I was talking to her and brought up how my friend was thinking of going to a math and science boarding school in Chicago, but decided not to because the people were too nerdy, and she got all mad. She said, "There's no such things as nerds in real life! Have you ever seen anyone in suspenders, glasses, and pocket-protectors before in real life? It's so stereotypical." I wanted to say yes because I pretty much have, but I didn't want her to think I was accusing her of being a loser or something (even though I pretty much was).

Then on Sunday, my roommate spilled water all over the floor and said she was going to get paper towels to clean it up. I just went down to meet up to go to breakfast. Then 5 minutes later, the counselors come and tell me and my roommate to go clean up the mess. Since my roommate happened to be nowhere in sight, I was stuck with her mess. It might as well have been a pond. I probably wasted half their paper towel supply cleaning it.

I got back 7 p.m. on Sunday. I was so tired. I barely got any sleep while I was there. I can't even imagine going away to school in September when I couldn't even last 2 days away from home.

I'm going to go now. This post is long enough. I'll try to comment tomorrow!! Sorry that I haven't lately. I'm such a bad friend =[

Oh well. I'll try to change that tomorrow.


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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Whoa. Vanessa finally decides to show her face. I know, new concept.

Well this week was an interesting one I must say. Last Thursday, 2 of my cousins and my aunt came to town to stay with us. Because of that, I never got to post. Both of the cousins are boys and since my house is usually all girls, it was a new experience. The older cousin is 13 and the other is 8.

Anyway, most of the time we just talked and joked, catching up. I've only really seen them one other time in my life and I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade back then. Since the older one is only a year younger than me, we obviously had more stuff to talk about and it was pretty cool.

I could go into details about everything we did, but I think that'd bore you. Mostly, we just rented movies and they rented some video games. We watched Red Eye, Dukes of Hazzard, and The Skeleton Key. The first 2 were really good. "The Skeleton Key" was okay. I hated the ending though. I hate really pointless movies. If the ending doesn't complete the movie, then what's the point of watching?

I'd have to say Red Eye was my definite favorite. Very action-y, but not in the Arnold Schwarzenegger way.

This morning (Wednesday) I went to the doctor's office to get a shot. Then they left in the afternoon and I spent a good 2 and a half hours cleaning my room. While they were here, the 2 boys slept in my room and I had to room with my sisters in another room. Even though I don't have brothers, I now know how messy boys can be XD It took me a while to get my room nice and tidy how I like it.

Since they've left, I've read a few fanfictions, watched The Good Girl (it was pretty good. Sad-ish ending. You can never go wrong with a Jake Gyllenhaal movie though), and talked on the phone with Parris. He's determined to get me to go to the park tomorrow. We haven't really hung out this summer so I'll try to go.

Also, I'm leaving for a weekend camp on Friday morning so I'll try to post tomorrow, but if I can't, here's an early see ya later =]

I'm going to end this now before it gets unbearably long.


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heylo. These past few days have been interesting. I was going to post earlier, but I've always been too tired. Finally I'm awake when I get on the computer.

On Saturday we had a party for my little sister's birthday. It was fun for them I guess, but it pretty much sucked for me. 10 little girls running around and giggling all day was not my idea of a great day. I was just glad that afterward my mom said I could go out with my friends and see a movie. It ends up, that my sister invited them to come sleep over, so I had to cancel my movie plans because my mom couldn't leave to drive me. Grr to them. All night those little girls were bothering me and running around in my room messing with stuff. So annoying.

Finally over 24 hours after the actual party started, the last girl left. Since it was late, I couldn't go and schedule something with my friends though.

On Monday, I woke up and my face was completely swollen. See, I don't have a huge pimple problem, but every once in a while I'll just get those annoying little ones that just won't go away. Well, my sister has this Neutrogena stuff that I used to use. For a while, it was good but then it started to burn whenever I put it on which was weird. I stopped putting it on for a while, but when those little pimpes popped up, I decided to risk the burn. It actually didn't burn so I thought all was well.

I was wrong.

I woke up the next morning and BAM! My cheeks are like 2 big cherries. The whole day my face was swollen and itchy. Just plain gross. I couldn't go anywhere that day either.

Today (Wednesday) though, my across-the-street neighbors asked for one of us to babysit their little kids. Since I had nothing to do, I volunteered to go.

It was tough. They have 4 kids. The oldest is a 7-year old boy, then there's a 5-year old girl, then there's a 4-year old boy, and finally a 10-month old girl. At first I just had the older 3 because their parents were only doing some work outside in the yard and just wanted me to be inside taking care of things. Then their mom decided to leave the little one.

That's when things got rough. She was scared to death of me since she hadn't seen me before and kept on crawling away. Since she was crying whenever I came near, I set her down on the couch and decided to stay 4 feet away from her while I played Monopoly with the others. 10 seconds later, she falls off the couch and starts crying. I felt so bad! I hope she isn't like seriously hurt or anything. She stopped crying pretty much as soon as her mom came back in. I swear, that little baby was just trying to get me in trouble XD

Well it was tough watching all of them since unlike my little sisters (who are amused with a computer and some video games), those kids weren't extremely lazy and actually liked doing things >_>

I made it through and only charged $5 each hour because I felt bad about the baby falling even though it had happened a long time ago. My sister said that was cheap, but I've never babysat for anyone rather than my sisters so I didn't know how much to charge. Oh well, if it was cheap, they'll just call me more.

I got $10 for the 2 hours and a handmade bracelet from the 5-year old girl. It was worth it to me ^__^

I'm gonna cut this now since I'm probably boring you. Laters

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I probably should update you guys on life, so here goes a very vague timeline of my past week or so.

Thursday, July 13th Went to a friend's pool party except it was storming pretty bad that night. For an hour and a half of the 2-hour party, we sat around talking while we waited for the lightning to stop so we could swim. When they finally let us in the pool, 2 of my guyfriends and I decided to just sit out and not even bother. After a while, we got bored and ended up jumping in anyway.

Wednesday, July 19th We were going to head to the mall when we heard a tornado warning. There's usually one every week or so and nothing happens, so I wasn't really worried. My family, however, forced me to go down and sit in the basement. Then 5 minutes later they said the warning was over. It sucked, especially since we brought a bunch of stuff down there just in case we were stuck there for a while. Bringing all the stuff back up probably took longer than the 5 minutes we sat in there.

Friday, July 21st Today was my little sister's birthday. My other sister and I went to the mall to get her a gift and we saw people we know. I was surprised I didn't run into Kurt or some other cute guy.

It was raining, but we took her out to eat at this Thai/Vietnamese restaurant, which was yummy as usual.

I'll probably have more to talk about next post since I'm planning on inviting some friends over. I guess we'll see and hope that it works out.


P.S. Happy birthday Matt!

P.P.S. Sorry for the lackluster post. It's 2:09 a.m. and I'm dead tired but I felt like updating since I haven't in a while.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello everyone. Sorry I probably got around to visiting about half of everybody, but oh well. I'll try to get the other half next time.

Today I went to volunteer at my church. My older sister usually goes to babysit these little kids there, but since she had work today, I had to fill in for her. I wasn't really sure what to expect so I was pretty anxious/nervous to go.

When I got there, they were all singing and dancing to these bible songs so I knew I was in for an interesting evening.

At first, I was totally clueless. They assigned me to my sister's usual group of kids and one of the older kids in the group (she was probably 8 or so) had to pretty much get me into the groove of things. After a while, I think I got the hang of it. We had crafts, snack (these pretty good icee things), played musical chairs to these weird bible songs, watched a short movie, and had a story "bible adventure". I'm not really used to so many church-related things being cramped into just 2 hours so it was a new experience XD

The kids were adorable though. This one girl in my group, Olivia, was the cutest thing ever pretty much. She was 5 I think. The whole time she was pretty much hanging on to me. She would sit in my lap or during the song stuff, would start dancing with me or make me pick her up. She was so cute! Now I wish I could go back everyday ^^;;

Rather than that, my day was uneventful. It ends up though that Garbz is leaving us. I'll definitely miss her. Everytime someone leaves, especially people I'm really close to, it reminds me how bad I am with keeping in touch with people. Anyone who I used to chat with us on MSN knows that Matt and I used to be the closest thing ever and I just realized I haven't talked to him since around Christmastime =[

I'm going to leave you all now. I'm determined to keep this as short as I possibly can!


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heylo everyone! Long time, no post from Vanessa. Sorry I was trying to get the new theme up before I posted. As you can see, I did even though it took a while and it's still not completely done. Since it's 3 a.m., I'll leave it for now XD

Anyway, I could tell you guys about every little thing that's happened to me, but I'll decide against that. Let's just skip to the important things.

Well 2 nights ago, Parris, Liz, and I were 3-way calling on the phone. Since Parris just had to watch this t.v. show that was on, he said that he'd only include himself in the conversation during the commercials. So Liz and I kept on talking. We poked a little fun at Parris. Nothing big, but since he wasn't supposed to be listening anyway, we didn't think it mattered.

When the show ended, Parris came back and said he'd listened to everything we'd been talking about and was pissed for some reason. I tried to tell him we were just kidding, but he just got all defensive and stubborn. I guess he saw it as us talking behind his back even though none of what we said were even that negative so it shouldn't have mattered.

Yesterday morning, I called him back, thinking he'd cooled off. I guess not since all he did was start yelling and all that about how stupid we were for "talking about him when he was right there". We tried to explain that we were kidding, but he completely didn't listen and changed our words to make it seem like we had said all these horrible stuff.

After a while, Liz and I just gave up and left him.

All today I was kinda still pissed about the whole thing. All I was thinking was that Parris obviously didn't care about our friendship enough to even listen to me, but oh well. I'd never seen him be such a baby bitch.

At around 9 p.m., I get a phone call. DUN DUN DUN! It's Parris. I was pretty surprised when he apologized right off the bat for being so bitchy. He said he'd gotten in a fight with his mom and had still been pissy from that. Luckily Parris' little brother (who usually is really mean to me), calmed Parris down and convinced him not to be mad. Luckily he called or I would've just left us with that little grudge forever. Good thing that didn't happen >_> It's rare me and Parris fight but this one was pretty big.

After I got off the phone with Parris, my sisters and I played Kingdom Hearts 2 and finally finished it. I have to admit, I liked the 1st one waaaay better. KH2 was kinda just useless and didn't really have any huge twist and even the ending didn't have much excitement to it. Oh well, it was still a pretty cool game.

I'm going to head out now! Tell me about the layout. And yes, I see the huge space at the bottom. I'll fix that in the morning.

Laters =]

P.S. In honor of my 2-year any (which was a while back. I know, I'm very late!) I finally got around to making a little banner ^___^

Happy 2-year Anny to me!!

P.P.S. Dany's anny just passed as well I hear. Happy Anniversary to Dany too!!!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy Independance Day!!

And for those who aren't U.S. natives, Happy Tuesday!

Yeah, I know I'm one day late, but I'm always a day late for stuff like this.

Anyway, my 4th of July was pretty decent. My neighborhood has this little patriotic parade thingy in the mornings every year and this year my little sisters finally got up early enough to do it with everyone else. I had to walk down the street with them and kinda felt weird around all the little toddlers and such, but oh well. I still got my free popsicle afterward so I was pretty satisfied.

We met a few of our neighbors. I never realized how many cute little kids lived around me. This one girl across the street who's only 5 was pretty much following us the whole parade and talking to us. She was cute though. She even invited me to come over to her house and play, but I decided it would make more sense for my little sisters to do that instead so I kinda lied my way outta that XD

But anyway, rather than that, I didn't do much rather than go on my "daily mile jog" at the park down the street. Actually, I kinda just started doing it two days ago. Since I don't do any kind of routine sport, I might as well do this as my routine.

On my "daily mile jog" (which usually ends up having a good portion of it being a walk), I ran into... I bet you can guess... Kurt. Unlike the mall, it was really unexpected to see him. He lives pretty far from me so I didn't really think he'd be there. Not only did I see him, but I was so nasty after running so it wasn't a very good time to run into him.

At first when I saw them, I didn't want to admit it, but when I realized it must be them, I decided to just start my run. Since I was so distracted though, I ended up just stopping early and going over to where he and his friends were to talk. He's still as cute as 2 weeks ago when I last saw him!! His really cute friend Blayne was there too. Blayne though, unlike Kurt, knows that a lot of girls think he's good-looking so he's kinda conceited. He's not that bad though.

Anyway, I met 3 of their friends, but I tried to just concentrate on not saying something idiotic. I ended up mostly just standing and making little comments than actually talking. I hate when I do that. Oh well, I'll probably run into him again knowing my "luck" >_>

I'm going to head out now! Laters

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Happy 2-year Anniversary to me!!

Yeah, it was actually the day of my last post, but I completely forgot about it XD Wow, I'm really out of it these days.

Well, I got a gift from the lovely Lie. Click here to see gift!!

Anyway, my past few days have been pretty uneventful. The only thing I've really done was watch bunches of new movies. The Family Video down the street was giving out free movies for getting A's on your report card. Since I got all A's (go me!) we got to get 5 free movies for 5 days. My sister went out and got a bunch of random ones, but they've all been ok so far. She rented The Brothers Grimm, Robots, Narnia, Soul Food (for my older sister), and The Notebook. Rather than Soul Food, I've seen them all. As of now, The Notebook is pretty much the best movie ever. Yes, it's a sappy girly movie and if you're not into that stuff, I know you wouldn't enjoy it even half as much as I did. Since I am obsessed with stuff like that, I'm also obsessed with this movie!!!! Watching it was the perfect way to spend my anniversary night ^_____^

Anyway, I was going to change my layout today, but my main computer that has Photoshop on it has been so stupid lately. Last night it took me more than 30 minutes to get it on and running, but even then it kept on freezing and pop-ups kept on coming. Usually it's slow, but never this bad. I hope that if I just run Ad-Aware and all that stuff, it'll hopefully get better so I can work on the new layout!

Well, I'm gonna head out now since my little sister is bothering me for the laptop. I'll be seeing you (haha, I'm quoting The Notebook now XD)


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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Hello. I haven't been posting or visiting that much this week. Every once in a while I'll take a peak at some sites, but not enough to actually count as visiting.

A few days ago my friends called me and invited me to dinner. At first, some of us just met at my friend Liz's house. By "some of us", I mean Liz, myself, and our other friend Ted. We watched t.v. and joked around while we waited for the other people who were supposed to be going to dinner with us.

When they got there, Liz's dad drove us to this little Vietnamese/Thai restaurant. It was yummy-ful. I definitely enjoyed my food. Well, when we were about done eating, our friend John showed up to hang out afterwards. By then, we had been joined by our friends Maggie and Walker.

After dinner, we went back to Maggie's house to swim at her pool. And yes, we made sure to digest first XD I ended up having to borrow one of Liz's swimsuits since Liz lived right down the street while I live a good 15 minutes away. Even though Liz is probably 2 sizes smaller than I am, I managed to squeeze in!

The pool was fun. Most of the time, everyone was playing around and wrestling with each other and stuff. I kinda just sat back and watched. Not only because I'm not much of a playing-around-and-wrestling type, but I didn't want to risk putting too much strain on the swimsuit before it snapped in half or something >_< Well, that probably wouldn't have happened, but it was still pretty small. Our friend Mandy showed up a little later too.

My mom called to pick me up so I ended up leaving earlier than everyone else, but I still had fun.

Rather than that, life's been boring. Except, I've been having the strangest dreams lately. Most of my dreams have been Kurt-related actually. Yes, I almost got through a whole post without bringing him up, but I couldn't help it XP He called Ted during dinner that night. I don't know why that matters, but I thought you guys should know XD

I'm going to head out now. I'll try to visit in the next couple days.


P.S. Happy birthday to my dear friend, the lovely Lie!! I hope you have a great sweet 16 =]

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

My comments weren't working yesterday, so I think I'm just going to re-post my old one. Not only because no one got to comment, but because I have nothing to post about from today anyway XD

Much hello's to everyone. I don't even know how long ago it was since I last posted and visited. You would think that it being summer would make it easier. For some reason, it's making me get on the computer less. Hmmm, weird I know!

Anyway, since I last posted, I haven't done much. The only thing that really happened was yesterday my friend Liz had a birthday party. It was also my little sister's birthday, my older sister had summer school, and my other sister had a job interview. So I had a busy day.

Well the party was lots of fun. It was a pool party which is always interesting. I spent most of the party out of the pool though since most of the time guys were playing basketball and wrestling around. It was more fun to watch shirtless, wet guys wrestle than to be apart of it, let's just say that ^___^

Well Parris was there. He and my other friend Zack threw me in the pool so many times. They're so stupid. I would've killed them for it, but I'm just too nice. It's a curse, I know ^^;;

Kurt was there too. Yep, let's just call him my "wannabe lover" if you aren't already clued in on that loooong story. I talked to him a decent amount. When Parris was around and I was said something to Kurt, he got all snippy about it. Pretty much whenever Kurt was around, Parris would make sure to either do that or cling on to me to make him uncomfortable enough to leave. Hmph.

But anyway, I caught Kurt's eye like 3 times and it was... *insert fangirlish scream* I swear that whenever I looked over in his direction, he would just happen to be looking my way first. Coincidence, I think not! Actually, it probably was. Yes, you can start laughing at my hopelessness >__>

Anyway, my mom came over an hour and half late to pick me up because they were "busy shopping". Oh well, it just gave me more time to sit and hang out with my friends since I haven't seen them since school ended.

I'm going to end this now before I start rambling even more. Laters

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