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Sunday, July 1, 2007

happy anniversary to me!!

3 years strong baby. on july 1st 2004, i stumbled upon the site of myotaku while searching for anime wallpapers [the beginning of my big anime obsession] and started this wonderful website.

i was going into the 7th grade, naive as can be. i did not even know the difference between an iframe and a div at that time XD now i know so much coding, whenever it's new layout time, i feel like my mind's going to explode.

i can still perfectly picture my first layout: blue and purple with a bunch of inuyasha GIFs scattered all over the place. i wasn't much for webdesign back then. i don't think many of you knew me at that time [luckily]

well it's been 3 great years here. i've told you guys so much, it's kinda scary. i've become closer with some people here than people i actually call my friends in real life. i really love you all and thank you for just being pretty great pretty much 100% of the time.

a year ago, i was getting about 15 comments per post and now it's at most 5, but it's all good. it's been sad to see people go as these years have progressed [sara a.k.a ladymalik or cristina a.k.a chibicreator], but it's always great to see people return even if only for one tiny post [garbo a.k.a. me luv kyo kun or josh a.k.a. trunkssj6].

if i ever leave or anything happens to me, i'll always be grateful for the years i had here.

but, i know there's many more to come!!

anyway, about my day... boring as ever. i went to sleep really late last night, not working on a layout like i should've been, but watching you, me, and dupree with my older sis. i'd watched the first half before, but for some reason it seemed a lot funnier this time. maybe because it was really late at night, who knows?

i'm doing summer work in math so i can move up a level when school starts in september. in august, i have to take and do well on a placement test which will determine whether i get to skip.

i've done about 8 pages of my work and have 15 left. at first, i was slacking off, but now i've gotten into the habit of doing one page per day. so i'll be through soon enough.

well that's a long enough post. expect a new layout later today or tomorrow to commemorate my big day!!

special thanks to...
sai, beyblader, vicky, cristina, chibim, chie, evil, christian, shanny, hinaru, sara, lie [happy birthday to her!], lordsesshomaru, garbo, travis, ina, phoenixclawth, matt, teri, sesslover, shadow, tiffi, dany, and joshy...

for an amazing 3 years


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