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Thursday, June 28, 2007

thursday, june 28, 2007

hey hey hey.

what's up??

i've been meaning to post for the past 2 days but i kept on forgetting until waaaaaay late.

anyway, i had my first day at my dad's office on tuesday. a lot harder than i thought.

his nurse had me answering the phones. real big insurance companies and hospitals would call and i would completely mess up the whole thing and forget to take good messages or just plain out piss them off XD

i spent my whole morning/afternoon faxing, filing, and answering phones. doesn't it just sound like oodles of fun?!

at least i'm making money now.

i feel a new wardrobe coming on.

^_____^ i can't wait!

this summer is going to be summer of getting in shape, being healthy, and just getting prepared for next year. i was in really good shape during the spring because of track season.

in the first week of summer of being away from those regular workouts and now being near fatty foods and my refrigerator 24/7, i pretty much threw that all away.

i really want next year to be a good year. we're going to have new younger students in my dorm [boarding school, just in case you didn't know] and i really want to be close with them.

this year i didn't get too close to that many older students because it's very intimidating when you're new. i wanna make sure my freshmen don't feel that way.

to make sure my year starts off on the right foot, i think the best thing to do is to be relaxed, healthy, and in shape, so that's what i'm gonna do =]

anyway, i'm not going to bother you guys with anymore of my long useless stories so i'm going to go now!

i'll see ya guys soon!!


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

sunday, june 24, 2007


i finished the layout. phoenixclawth brought it to my attention that any mozilla users might be having a hard time.

i spent like an hour and a half trying to get it to look good for both mozilla and i.explorer. yep, i couldn't.

sooooorrrrryyyy mozilla people! i'll try again tomorrow but it was getting late once again so i just gave up.

anyway, i added music [something i haven't had on my site for like a year], changed the intro and post boxes up a little.

i'm liking the layout i must say.

anyway, my sisters and i went to the mall today. my older sister goes to boarding school [but a different one] as well and through a program at her school she's going to france on monday. for some reason, at the end of the school year, there was a confusion in getting her stuff home so she has almost no clothes right now even though she's about to leave the country.

sooo, my dad gave her $100 to buy pretty much a whole new wardrobe. these days, that can buy you like 2 pairs of pants.

luckily the semi-annual sale is going on at victoria's secret =] and a bunch of other sales are going on too.

anyway, i tagged along to the mall and saw a few things i want, but realized i'm broke.

my dad is a doctor and has an office that he said i could work at. at first, i said i never would, but now i realized i need the money so i'll probably take him up on that offer. he says he won't be able to pay me as much as a real employee but i'll still get paid.

any money is good to me right now.

for a while i've been wanting a plain white cardigan to make all my tank tops and wifebeaters dress code. i found one at gap today and spent pretty much all the money i brought on it. i got back and tried it on and its practically see-through.

it took me days to find that darn thing!

now i have to return it and start again =[

oh well, i'll do it later and maybe resort to internet shopping.

well this has been a long useless post so i'm going to go now!!!


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Friday, June 22, 2007

friday, june 22, 2007

heylo everyone.

i have no clue why but i just spent the last few hours working on this plain, but i think pretty cool, layout. yeah i knew i'd get bored of that other one fast.

well anyway, today [thursday] was my little sister's birthday. she turned 8. she said she wanted to go to the beach so that's where we headed.

the beach is kinda lame these days. i mean, they charge you for every single thing! since when should they make you to pay to go to the beach?? no one owns the ocean! how can they charge us? it's pretty ridiculous. parking was freakin $1.25 per hour. just to splash around in some waves.

the world just loves to torture its poor little occupants i swear.

anyway, after paying that ridiculous amount, i sat with our stuff while my sisters went in the water.

at first we sat down on one of those little wooden lounge chairs they always have out for people use, but after like 2 minutes we saw some rental guy come charging towards us and realized you have to pay for those too! oh come on, just to sit on a wooden chair they try to charge me. and they wonder why everyone's bankrupt!

anyway, so we moved to the sand before he could force us into paying.

5 minutes later anyway, my sisters decided the water was too rough and they'd just go in the pool at the condo instead XD

so after about maybe 15 whole minutes at the beach [when we had paid for 2 hours], we left and they went and swam in the pool instead.

well, we got her the "nickelodeon scene it" game (dvd trivia game about nickelodeon cartoons and stuff) and played it. it ended up getting pretty competitive. we all in a few dollars to make it interesting.

by the end, we were all neck-in-neck and my 10-year old sister came out of nowhere and beat all of us. man, i really could've used that $8 that was in the pot. next time....

it was fun though.

anyway, its like 3 a.m. so i'm about to hit the hay. i'll visit and fix up last-minute layout details tomorrow.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tuesday, june 19, 2007

Another post that's kinda late in the day.

I'm just proud of myself for posting twice in one week.

Yep, so there's not really much up with me at the moment. I've been visiting sites for a little while and making progress with that I haven't made in months.

I'm pretty bored since I've just been lazying around in the condo my dad rented. Last night, my older sister's friend from middle school stopped by and we all hung out. My sister knew her since kindergarten so she was a big family friend. We all knew her pretty well so we all got together and chilled.

I'm trying to make the best of being in Florida, but I'm still excited to go back to Illinois. But I'm kinda dreading it too. I mean, I have friends there that I got really close with when I went to school there, but since I started going to boarding school last year, I feel like I've lost a few lot.

I have a few good ones that I can always come back to, but it's been such a long time since I've been home! Last time I was there it was... mid-March.

Well right now, I'm getting back into the whole anime and fanfiction scene that I totally lost while I was at school. Every once in a while, I'd watch a Samurai Champloo or Cardcaptor's episode on the internet, but nothing big. Now it's summer I actually have time to watch and read. I'm excited =]

Once I finish getting around to sites, that's just what I'm going to do.


P.S. I don't really came over me when I took down my fancy layout and made this simple one. I'll probably get bored one day and spend the whole day re-coding some big, flashy one, but for now, I'll keep this one up.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

tuesday, june 19, 2007sunday, june 17, 2007

Yeah, I know this post is kinda late in the day but oh well.

It's better than nothing.

Well I hope you guys are all enjoying your Father's Days so far. Not much going on here.

Ummm... I'm in Florida right now. Visiting St. Pete where I used to live. I've been here and there the whole time so I don't really get that much MyO time.

When I go home towards the end of summer I might be able to be more MyO-ish, but right now, you'll have to deal with my semi-absence.

We had our first beach trip yesterday! First time I've been to a beach since I moved 4 years ago. It was pretty fun.

Anyway, I'll catch you guys up on stuff later.

I hope everyone's summers are going well!!


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Friday, June 1, 2007

School's out!!!!

Which means an intense return to MyO and MSN chats galore!

Yep, had my last class yesterday and finished exams on Wednesday. It's good to be done. Now, just to go home.

Well, the last few days were fun. I only had one exam everyday (they spread them out a lot at my school) which was nice. I had a lot of free time.

On the last night, the dorm gets together and has a bonding night. First, the new students get initiated. DUN DUN DUN!!!

I'm not supposed to say what we do, but let's just say it involved music and a pole...

All the other grades (9th, 10th, 11th) are supposed to make a gift for the seniors, which can be anything from an actual gift to like a striptease. It's pretty much whatever you wanna do. So these 2 girls in my grade decided they wanted to lead a dance. In the end, they just sent us off to do whatever we wanted. I tried to get us organized, but nope, they were all to "busy" (and when I say busy, I mean flirting and kissing up on guys) so we got nothing done.

When it came time to perform, it sucked, but whatever. I tried. I hope they know better so next year it can be good.

Rather than that... I'm not going to get into any detail about any of the other stuff going on. I'll save that for another post. Right now, I gotta get the last of my stuff so I can leave boarding school for 3 whole months!! Woot.


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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter everybody! Even if you don't celebrate, I hope you still get to munch on a couple chocolate eggs.

This has been a busy, busy week. Lots has been going on. This week my school is touring people who got admitted who are trying to pick schools. So it was pretty much "impress people" week here. I hosted someone, which meant that she slept over with me in my dorm and went to class with me on Monday morning/afternoon. It was so hectic trying to organize my schedule around keeping her entertained and whatnot. I hope she comes next year though! More new freshmen to haze ^____^

It just reminds me how the school year is coming to a close. All the seniors and their talks about which colleges they're going to. If any of you guys are going through that, I commend you for surviving. Just listening to them talk makes me nervous.

Well I'm taking a painting class right now. It's really fun. We just finished our first painting in class which also happens to be my first painting ever. It's up in the school's gallery! If you see the gallery you would know why I'm so excited. They have professional photographers and painters featured in there and to have my first amateur painting in there too is pretty exciting. They put up everyone's, but still, I'm pretty happy about it. I'll take a pic and show you guys soon.

Saturday was a pretty fun day for me. I had classes until noon, ate lunch, went to track practice, and then I went with one of my friends to the art building to work on a ceramics bowl. I don't ceramics but she does so I've been going there and making stuff with her. I pretty much suck and can barely keep a bowl together, but oh well. It's fun to waste an afternoon in there.

After that, went to dinner and got ready for the dance. I ended up instead, sitting in the common room of my dorm and watching this oldie movie named Psycho. I thought it was really funny/scary/good. If you've seen it, you'll know why. Wouldn't want to spoil the ending though.

We went to the last 20 minutes of the dance though. It was so sweaty and musty, but fun XD

After the dance, we all congregated in the common room and hung out until almost 2 a.m. And then after that we congregated again my room and hung out some more. It was quite fun =]

Well new layout coming up today!!


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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey MyO!

I haven't gotten to post since before I left for school. Now, I'm there. Yep, back at boarding school. Yuck.

Well they didn't hesitate to dump us with a lot of work even though spring break just ended. Oh well.

That night before I left, I went and hung out with some old buddies at their high school's "trivia night". It's pretty much just another school fundraiser thing.

It wasn't that fun actually. Most of my friends weren't there and it wasn't especially interesting. When I got home, my little sister was having her birthday party. Oh god, a bunch of 12-year olds running around is not my idea of a fun night.

They were really going crazy. We live in this quiet little surburbian neighborhood and these children think it's okay to run into the street and start yelling and being loud. So obnoxious.

For some reason she invited this one kid who, when I went to that middle school, hated me and used to talk about me behind my back all the time. We were on the same bus going home and he and his little buddies would always spend the trip chatting about my business. I'm kinda annoyed that she would let that little brat inside our house but whatever.

Since school's started, not much has taken place. I bought a pair of shoes that ended up being too small for me when I was at home. I was gonna mail them back home for my mom to return them, but I threw away the receipt. I thought it would still just be in the bin because it's only been 4 days, but nope, they've already had all the garbage taken away XD

So now I'm stuck with shoes that don't fit. Grr. And they were out of my own $40!

Well now it's almost spring so everything's getting brighter and more fun. You can actually walk outside and not get frostbite on the spot! Yes!

The only sad thing is the thought of senior friends graduating but that just motivates me to wanna make the most of the time left!

I think I'm gonna use the little free time I have now to work on a new layout! Soo.. bye!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday's my last full day at home before I have to head back to school! Ahhh!

I want to do as many things as I can while I'm home that I wouldn't be able to do at school, but I can't think of anything. I know that as soon as I get back to school I'm going to think of about a million things that I wish I had done.

Well my day's have been pretty uneventful. I've been sitting at home, being lazy, hanging with the sisters, and shopping.

I stopped by the mall today and I saw the gorgeousest Keds and I hope I can go back tomorrow and get them since I didn't have any money with me today *crosses fingers*

Tomorrow's probably just gonn abe packing, hopefully saying goodbye to some friends, and enjoy my last few moments of freedom before I'm going to have to back into boarding school torture.

Well I'm watching Garden State right now so I'll be seeing you guys!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey everyone.

I just finished watching "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children".

Wow, that's all I can say. Very cool movie. Loved the graphics and the story.

I kinda had to look up a few things afterwards because I never got the chance to play the actual Final Fantasy VII game. I know, very sad.

Right now, I'm in the midst of finally finishing off my FFX-2 game though. I kinda abandoned it because it was annoying me. All those missions and percentages. Blah.

Oh yeah, and we got our grades today. I did better than I did last term, but most of my grades stayed the same in most classes. B+s mostly. An A+ in math was pretty good. I kinda spent most of my religion class asleep so I'm happy with the flat B I got in there. At boarding school you get so much work, it's pretty good to get nothing lower than a flat B, but I was still hoping for better =/

Today I went and sat in Barnes and Noble for all my afternoon reading and enjoying the peace. It was pretty nice. I hardly get time to just sit with as many good books I could ever want =]

Rather than that, life is boring. So I'm gonna head out!


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