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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Yaaaargh, happy summer!

So yeah. Here I am in Vermont. I've been here more than a month and I'm staying until the 19th. We have wireless internet, but I only get to use it for more than 15 minutes on my days off, like today. I'm pissed about missing the world cup, and some movies I want to see, like Supes and Scanner Darkly. Although, I did see Pirates on my afternoon off, and will see it again today. We have to go to this really tiny theater in Middlebury, VT.

I've done alot of camping, and am going on a canoe trip from the 13th to the 17th to Low's Lake, for anyone that lives in upstate NY. THe place is infamous for bears. Yippee. Should be a blast. Especially with 12 year old girls from Beverly Hills. I'm not even kidding, that's where half the girls on my trip live. Raised by their nannies and such.

I've also been teaching alot of archery and field sports, with a random spot of canoeing, swimming, diving and nature. For nature, we blindfolded ourselves and felt up trees trying to identify them. We had one girl that licked trees. We also have guinea pigs in our nature room. They are fat and loud.

Not alot of kids at camp into anime this year. I get the random few ones into FMA or Inuyasha, but that's it. Although, all the kids in my cabin like my Kon plushie alot. They are also scared of my Renji figureine. They think he's too violent. I miss Bleach so much. Bah.

This camp is way better than my old one, and I'm having a blast. I get to go swimming in the lake like twice a day, and there's a free fountain soda machine for staff. Yippee! Not doing anything for Red's Diet, though. Miss you all lots, and hope you all are well and doing good in these summer months. Don't party too hard.


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh, HEY there!

Well, this will probably be the last you see of me for a time. Starting June 3rd, I'm going to work at camp in Vermont until August 19th. So first off, hope everyone has a great summer.

Been wondering what I've been up to? Well, I'll tell you, little man (or woman).

1. Comics. Not only have I been keeping up to date with my Ultimate Spidey and X-men, but I just bought an Ultimates comic today. Didn't think I was a fan, but man, they're all great! Thor's a hippie, Ironman's a hottie, Cap America's just, well, cool, Wasp uses her feminie wiles to get the Hulk's attention (as Nick Fury put it, the 'Mardi Gras Special'), and the Hulk eats people. I mean, come on, you can't get much grittier than that. It rocks my world.

Hate to say it, but with the shody writing that's been running the JLA as of late, looks like the Ultimates are my new fallback superhero group. Course, I also read a Teen Titans comic in the store that turned me on, so they might take the JLA's place on my shelf. And these ain't your cartoon network teen titans either.

For instance, Slade (or Deathstroke, as the non-censored comic world calls who is arguably the most powerful merc in the DC universe) blows out the knee cap of a 13-year old boy. It's true what they say on that tv commercial. "These ain't your Daddy's comics."

Also got into a les-known Vertigo title called Fables. BAsically it's about Fairy Tale characters living in Manhattan. Just with added twists of sex, drugs, violence, and murder. Want to know just how violent? For starters, Goldilocks blows out the back of Snow White's head with a high-powered rifle.

It's really inovative, and I'd totally reccomend it to anyone who's into any kind of graphic novel, or likes the grittier side of Fairy Tales. BTW, that's Shere Khan on the cover there, hangin with Snow White's sister, Rose Red. The art in these things is fantastic, ESPECIALLY the cover art.

Went up to Lancaster, PA this weekend to visit the most authoritive experts on archery in the States, and one of the top 3 in the world. Don't believe me? Their biggest customer is the Chinese government. Anyways, my dad and I spent big buckaroos on a new bow for me to teach with that is Olympic level. Want some pics? I thought so.

I named it an Elvish name, but it's personal, so I only tell a few people. Oh, and that's a US Soccer Jersey I'm wearing. That was the day we beat Venezuela 2-0. We're goin to the World Cup, baby. Our current slogan is "Don't Tread On Me."

Don't think there's anything else you really missed. Let's see, seasons of everything I like are all over, been watching lots of tv, finally saw FF:AC (but I guess you have to have played the game to totally get it all), watched alot of E3 coverage on G4 (best channel ever, thanks in part to Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb), gone swimming, got a haircut, been packing (unsuccessfully) for camp, got the new Tool (TOTALLY ROCKS MY EFFIN SOCKS) and Pearl Jam CDs, got pretty bad final semester grades, took a ride in a Dodge Viper, and am generally taking a holiday from the world with just me, Spiderman, the X-men (only see the new movie if you're a fan of the comic, normal movie-goers wont like it), and the Ultimates, not to mention a few random anime eps on You Tube (can Bleach stop with the totally cliche vampire fillers that make NO sense already?!?!) and lots of Diet Coke.

Have a great summer everyone!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Well, hi there!

I've been really busy these past few weeks, so I'll give you the Red Run Down.

Finals came and went. Did good on most of them, not so much on the art.
Bought Firefly on DVD
Bought the new Tool CD (yes, I still buy CDs, you young whipper-snappers). It's TOTALLY awesome, and comes with 3-D glasses you cna look at pretty pictures in teh cd with!
Got the new Pearl Jam cd. It's pretty good. Still a fan of their older stuff though.
WEnt to Starbucks 5 times in 3 days. Glad to have my green tea frapps and lattes back.
Been to lifeguarding classes all weekend. Saves an olympic track athlete from the bottom of a 12 foot pool. Was the only chick who could.
Saw Mission Impossible 3. I don't care how much you don't like Tom Cruise, he's still a brilliant actor, as, are all the other actors in this movie (Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Billy Crudup, Simon Pegg, Laurance Fishbourne, the dude who was Coach Joe in Bend it Like Beckham) and the directing's awesome (J.J. Abrahms, writer and director of Alias and LOST). If you are a fan of Alias and/or LOST, SEE THIS MOVIE. Hell, see it anyways. It's great. Non stop action. Exploading brain implants. Base jumping off buildings in Shanghai. Chopper chases. SO WORTH IT.
Got fatter, but then bought a bukko...ah, some kinda weird marshall art exercise DVD to play with to work out.
Got another Spidey comic. Not that great, as it's filler arc. In fact, the writer of the comic made a comic at the begining of the comic to say how stupid of an idea it was (SPidey and Wolverine switch bodies, effectively resulting in Spidey stabbing himself alot by accident).
Am now secretary of the college anime club, and VP of the Latin American Culture Association of our college.

My face hurts. More in depth updates this week, I promise. Sorry!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Woah, new theme alert!

I don't know if you've noticed lately, but I'm in a very JLA mood. I watched it tonight and man, it was good, with Green Arrow as matchmaker, but it certainly breaks Supergirl fans hearts, and that's all I'm gonna say. Oh, also, as part of my new theme, I'm gonna put up a picture of someone in the JLA, so you can see how cool they look in the comic as opposed to the animation (which I still love, but the comic will always be tops). Today's subject...

AQUAMAN! Not only does Aquaman talk to the creatures of the deep, HE BASICALLY KICKS EVERYONE'S ASSES TO HIGH HEAVEN and back. I mean, the guy has a hook for a hand! Well, he did, now he's got this fine piece of merchandise:

Don't mess with him, unless you want your ass kicked. Oh and believe me, he can do it above water, too.

I also watched this anime on Cartoon Network for the first time today, called Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo. I was skeptical at first, but it was FUCKIN HILARIOUS, even dubbed. Once agian, it's just another piece in the long line of evidence that asserts all Japanese people are on crack. I mean, the guy has nose hair that attacks people, and makes body armor out of fish cake kiosks and the customers that eat there.

Since it's Easter weekend, pretty much everyone's away, so i went to the store, worked out at the gym (NO one was there, I'm not even kidding) and I ordered one medium pepperoni pizza, of which I ate too much and then got my stomach all gurgly. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll discipline myself and get some real work done.

Hmm, since Niko was not here, no one got the quote. Maybe Documentaries are hard for you guys. This'll be the last one. Oh, and yesterday's was Grizzly Man. You know, the one where the dude gets eaten at the end or whatever.

Wooh, someone was an idiot...

"This was my first gun. I couldn't wait to go out and shoot up the neighborhood."

Of course, perfect to finish up the segment on. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter, don't let the easter bunny bite you and give you rabies. Or kill you.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Woah, Saturday.

Well, everyone's pretty much gone away for the weekend, except me and a select few. Me and 3 other people played vollyball tonight, but it was pretty one sided (I rocked, hehe). I then taught one of the other girls how to serve a ball better, because that's my job at camp. Anyways, I didn't take a shower right away when I got back, and now I have sand in my bed. That's remedied easily enough, I had to change the sheets anyways.

Oh, I also have another


For you! Today's dream features the mOs very own Enin and Some Guy, lol! Anyways, for some reason, Enin was Renji from Bleach. Enin/renji proceeded to get in a fight with me, and while I landed some good hits, he pretty much beat the shit out of me. while I was lying on the floor in a parking garage bleeding out my ears (why a parking garage, I have no idea), a black sports car comes into the parking space next to me, and out pops SG. Who then, for some reason, feels he must realign my spine with his feet (very painful, btw). While I was lying on the sidewalk, he then proceeded to beat Enin/Renji to a pulp, but while he was doing that, Gin from Bleach jumpe din his sports car, and drove off with it. The end. So anyways, Enin, next time I see you, better watch out, and SG, thanks for saving me, lol!

Um, not much else goin on, except alot of work. I do have another Justice League video for you guys, though.

How effin cool is it when you sing your own theme song?

and one more for the anime fans...

Heh, hope you liked those. Um, not much else, except I'm super busy.

Oh, and...

Thanks alot, everyone!

Yay, it was Super Size Me, or what most of you comenly refer to as "that movie with the guy who ate the McDonalds for like 30 days..." Good job!

Next quote:

"Nobody friggin' knew that there are times when my life has been on the precipice of death!"

Ok, hope you all have a great easter! Stay cool!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   Holy Po Boys on a stick!

So I'm in history class, and my friend tells me my roomate FUCKING GOT ENGAGED TO HER SAILOR FREELOADER BOYFRIEND! I mean, what the hell? She's 19, a full time student, she met him for the first time in September, when our hall had a midnight volleyball game, and he staggered up drunk with his friend and she and her friend went out with them! WHAT KIND OF MARRIAGE IS THAT GOING TO LEAD TO? She already does everything for him. She washes his clothes, and lets him take advantage of all her shit! It's fucking INSANE. Must be a Souther Virginian thing, getting married and shit before the ripe old age of TWENTY. Man, I should lower my expectations so I can at least get a boyfriend! haha, actually, that's not on my priority list.

*Turns on Crystal Method and jams*

So anyways, I didn't do much over this weekend. Just kinda lounged around, watched a DC United game (GO BEN OLSEN!). I did go to this kinda one-acts like thing our school does called No Shame Theater. The first three people had really depressing poems about their sex life, and I was like "Oh god, I thought this was supposed to be funny." Some other guy made up a song about some other Thespian (LOTS of inside jokes concerning all the theater majors) called "The Kissing Whore of Newport" and sung it in this really deep, Lone Ranger kinda voice that was good. The last guy was the funniest, he talked about Global Guts, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, and all those good 'ol Nick shows. He talked about how on the Steps of Knowledge some kid would always jump the gun, and if he were Olmec, he'd be like "Hey, kid! Shut the fuck up and wait your turn!" Haha, good stuff!

Man, when I was 9 or whatever, I used to think this Host guy was cute....man, have I ever changed THAT opinion. Also...The Silver Snakes pretty much always one, didn't they? And why were there the Orange Iguanas and the Green Monkeys? Shouldn't it have been the other way around? And the parrots were purple and the jaguars were red...pretty much the only color these people got right were blue barracudas. Allthough are barracudas even blue? I have no idea. I think they're more of a grey/green...in any case, there are actually some episodes of Legends on You Tube. Everyone born in 1988 or before should check it out, as a nice return to nostalgia. Everyone else, you're too young to appreciate it, so don't even bother.

In any case, he also talked about how Mo had the most useless job on GUTS: "Right, Mike, and such and such is the winner! Back to you!"

Oh man, they had a video game?!?! Why didn't I have this shit?

In other news, I really hope my Justice League Season 1 DVDs come today. I was really surprised when I was checking out my favorite movie site, and someone reviewed the Batman Beyond DVDs! Course, I already own those, but they said the commentary was good on the two episodes so I watched that. They had all the same guys working on Superman TAS, Batman TAS, and Batman Beyond at the same time, so the Batman Beyond guys were pretty much pulling story lines out of their asses, lol. But they did a good job. They commentated on the Shriek episode and talked about how excited they were to do the scene with no sound, and if you haven't seen it, it pretty much rocks. They also talked about how they were assigned to make the series more kid-friendly than Batman, but they actually did the opposite, and in alot of cases, it's actually darker than the other Batman cartoon. Also at some point they were told to make it like Buffy, and one of the guys is like "uh, Buffy's not a kid's show..." and they were glad they didn't make it like Buffy.They also talked about how this was one of the last cartoons shot on film and not done entirely on computer which is interesting. Also, now it's 10 years in the past when it was supposed to be 50 years in the future and everyone has huge microchips and cell phones, lol. But seriously, if you're a Batman TAS fan, DEFINENTLY pick this shit up, especially after seeing recent developments in JLU. I won't say any more.

Except that all those guys currently write, produce, and animate Justice League and Teen Titans, haha.

Best 2 out of about 5 guys in the JLU right there. The other 3, of course, are Bats, Green Arrow, and The Question. Don't believe me? Check this out.

I'll see if I can show you some other good ones in later posts.

Ok, well, no one got the last Documentary, but it was Murderball. Guess you guys need to be educated in tasteful film.

Here, I'll give you guys an easy one. I should have started you out with your training wheels:

"See, now's the time of the meal when you start getting the McStomach ache. You start getting the McTummy. You get the McGurgles in there. You get the McBrick, then you get the McStomach ache. Right now I've got some McGas that's rockin'. My arms... I feel like I've got some McSweats goin'. My arms got the McTwitches going in here from all the sugar that's going in my body right now. I'm feeling a little McCrazy."

Ok, that's it from Red-Land! Have a great day!

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Saturday, April 8, 2006


Ok, even though I'm not going to con until about november 3rd (I'm away in Vermont during all the summer cons) I decided the other night who I'm cosplaying! Yay! Is it any surprise that I'm cosplaying...

AHHHHHH, RENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appropriately, I've changed my name to Redji, lol! I'm SO excited, even though this is months away! My really REALLY good friend Aurus has said she would make my costume for me, cause I can't sew and Aurus COSPLAYING GODDESS. Check out her fantasticness here.

Anyways, I'm just uber, UBER excited. I even got some scrap wood from the art dept. to start making into ZABIMARU. it's about 4 feet long, and it's gonna be AWESOME. And while we're on the subject of cosplay, we did get a few cosplayers at our con, and these two girls were by far the best. As Soi Fon and Yourichi from Bleach, they drove down a few hours SOLELY FOR OUR CON. Yes, these two girls ROCK. If anyone on this site happens to know them (which I highly doubt, lol) tell them THEY ROCK!

Uh, not much else goin on. Cept me and Enin have been watching LOADS of You Tube, lol. Mainly every single blooper reel (including X-Files, King Kong, X-men, POTC, Kenshin, Firefly, and LOST) and every single episode of Justice League Unlimited on it. Basically cause I never get to see it on tv for some reason or other. But there's LOADS of great Flash and Question clips on there, so you should check them out if you've got hours to waste, and homework to put off, lol!

Oh yeah, I've also been doing loads of artwork, including experimenting with Photoshop, and doing Disney Warrior Princesses. You can check out my mad stuff here.

Yay, Hellboy! I'm so excited for the sequel!

By the way, I think it's about damn time for a Movie Theme! So for roughly a week, I'll be doing the same type of movie! This week:

DOCUMENTARY DAZE (Banner to come later)
All the movies are documentaries! Hopefully you'll see them, cause they're GOOD.

"We're not going for a hug. We're going for a f*cking gold medal."

Ok boy and girls, time for me to get back to drawing and sleeping and eating, and generally being a lazy college kid and watching X-Play, lol. Have a great weekend!

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Monday, April 3, 2006

CNUCon 2006 is over!

I took about two pics at the con, because there was nothing to take pics of, but unfortunately photobucket.com's not working at the moment, so I can't post the best two cosplayers I saw (of bout 6 people) who cosplayed Soi Fon and Yourichi from Bleach. Maybe tomorrow it'll work. In any case, as a volenteer, I mostly helped run the game room, the registration table, and the snack table. Steve Bennett came, he's a popular guest who is an artist and tells alot of good stories, and has been to like, every con on the east coast on multiple occasions, including Otacon, Katsucon, Nekocon, and a bunch of others. He's so popular, he has pics on google images, lol!

That's him in the foreground. Course, now he has long hair and a beard. But if you ever go to a con where he's a guest, be sure to check him out, cause he's really cool, nice, and super down to earth.

We also had a rave (About 9 people showed up, lol, plus some random sorority that came in for about 15 minutes) and it was neat. Steve Bennet sat in a chair and did chair raving, lol, but it was fun to cut loose. Since no one had any glowsticks, me and four other guys got out our cell phones and raved with those, lol.

The video game room was cool. We had like 4 PS2s, 3 GCNs, and 2 X-boxes. Plus me and 3 other memebers of staff had a DS, so when we were working the registration table, we just all played MarioKart against eachother. That was pretty cool.I didn't watch any anime though, cause it was in another building and I was too lazy to walk over there. I came back to my dorm and watched 25 epsiodes of Bleach on YouTube. It's been a really, really, long time since I saw any, so I finished the Soul Society story arc (that was CRAZY) and started into this crappy, vampire filler arc.

"Come on, guys, let's go fight the vampire twins and their evil water dolls!"

I mean...WHAT? This arc makes no sense. There was a good part where Ichigo jumped on top of Renji and demanded he undress himself or Ichigo'd do it for him, lol. One of his classmates goes "Ah, the Forbidden Love!", lol. That was good. But the new stuffed animals suck, I hate them, lol. I guess they're not that new if you've been keeping up witht the series, but I stopped at 75 because that's how high You Tube had, so, meh.

In other news, I felt pretty abandoned by my "friends" on Saturday, because I asked them that if they did something if they would call me cause I was leaving the con around 4:30 and they said they weren't doing anything. So anyways, I come back to the dorm, and find out from one of their roomate's that they're "out". Turns out they went and saw IceAge2. Jerks. I mean, they never tell me anyways. If you listen to Dane Cook (and if you don't, you should, he's a really funny comedian), I'm like that girl in the group everyone else hates, lol. They never tell me anything, I'm always the last one to know anything, and it's just really frustrating, cause I feel like they ignore me, and when I say something they gang up on me and deny it. Hopefully things will be better next year when we're all living together and they are forced to notice me. I mean, I'm not trying to be whiny, but that's just the way of it. And it hurts. It really does.

So anyways, now that YouTube doesn't have any more Bleach, I'm going to try and see a bunch of Naruto I've been missing, too. I stopped around 151. Oh man, though, I need to shower and get some homework done, too.


Since Photobucket's not working, I can't put up the banner, sorry. But hooray to SG for being the first to guess Donnie Darko!

Trippiest movie ever.

On to the next quote!

"Red, white, whatever. Guys are all the same."

In the meantime, I shall go back to listening to my Japan-A-Radio Sunday Night Instrumental Special. Can I just say this Akira music is SUPER trippy. When was the last time I watched Akira? Mmm, back in like 2001 I think. Not one of my favorites, lol. Ooh, almost time for [Adult Swim]! It starts at 10 on Sundays now, I hope you all know. I don't like half their new shows, though. That Moral Orel kinda sucks. My favs are Stroker and Hoop, The Venture Bros. and Robot Chicken. In the way of the comedies, anyways. Hope everyone has a good monday! Ciao for now!

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Friday, March 31, 2006


Heh, I guess I owe you guys an update, eh?

Well, first off, I got my Batman Beyond and Samurai 7 vol.5 DVDs on Tueday, and since my 3-hour art class was cancelled, I speant all day watching them! Batman was WONDERFUL. It was so good seeing him again. They didn't improve the visual quality much, and there's not alot of special features, but the sound's improved (ESPECIALLY compared to download-em yourself You Tube versions) and it was nice to watch it on my widescreen laptop instead of a tiny window that's 3x3 inches.

"Aw crap, I'm missing the Daily Show!"

As for the Samurai 7 DVD, it was weird. It felt like a totally different show from the last disc. I mean, people jjust goin off on their own and what not, with not much explanations, and weird, stalker-pansy guy randomly becoming emporer...I mean what the heck? What is that all about? Very, very weird stuff.

"Look at all this rice! If only I could remember how to use chopsticks..."

In other news, there was an N64 MarioKart Tourney today! I didn't do that well. First off, out of 25 people, I was the only girl there (I wore my "I AM SAMUS." baby-doll t-shirt) and then since I have'nt played N64 in a while, I really wasn't taht good. I sorta had fun, though. And we all did on big screen in a lecture hall. I think there's probably gonna be another tourney in the future, but it will be SSBM. I suggested they do it on game cube, but I think most people there like N64.

I won't be around much this weekend, cause we're having CNUCon! I'm gonna volenteer, so I'll probably be abouncer or something. I'll take lots of pics, though. I have to put them up in the Anime Club showcase, anyways.

For those of you who are new to the program, basically what happens is every day (that I feel like it), I will give you a quote from a movie, with a picture from the one before it. Since we don't have a previous quote (that I can find), no picture, but here's a good quote to start off with. Feel free to guess, even if you're clueless, but don't cheat and type the quote into a search engine in order to impress me, or anyone who reads my page. We will not be. Impressed, that is, lol. And without further adue...

"Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?"
"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

Ok, time to get back to guessin, folks. I hope if you're new, you like my game. Everyone have a great Friday!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ok, I didn't update all weekend, because I was SO TIRED. Saturday, I had to get up at 8, so we could drive to the University of Virginia (when I say "we" I mean my mythology professor and 3 other students to see a classics professor speak, from Oxford. I didn't understand a word he said, and to be perfectly honest, I was really bored. But we got to tour around UVA and saw all these neat little shop, including this Celtic place with HUGE swords. One of my friends knocked off the head of the dummy with chainmail, lol! But the chainmail was real nice. it was like $350 for a tunic though and it was SO HEAVY.I also found out in the car my professor likes A Perfect Circle and Tool! Awesome!!!

In other news, I have to practice because there's a MarioKart Tourney this week! SWEET!

It's also my friend's b-day, so we're going out to dinner tomorrow.

I also hope my Batman Beyond DVDs come this week.

Cartoons are love...

Sorry this is so brief, I'm still pretty tired, and I have so much shit goin on this week. I'll try and make a better update tomorrow or the next day, perhaps with even a movie quote! Hope everyone has a great day!

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