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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Well, hi there!

I've been really busy these past few weeks, so I'll give you the Red Run Down.

Finals came and went. Did good on most of them, not so much on the art.
Bought Firefly on DVD
Bought the new Tool CD (yes, I still buy CDs, you young whipper-snappers). It's TOTALLY awesome, and comes with 3-D glasses you cna look at pretty pictures in teh cd with!
Got the new Pearl Jam cd. It's pretty good. Still a fan of their older stuff though.
WEnt to Starbucks 5 times in 3 days. Glad to have my green tea frapps and lattes back.
Been to lifeguarding classes all weekend. Saves an olympic track athlete from the bottom of a 12 foot pool. Was the only chick who could.
Saw Mission Impossible 3. I don't care how much you don't like Tom Cruise, he's still a brilliant actor, as, are all the other actors in this movie (Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Billy Crudup, Simon Pegg, Laurance Fishbourne, the dude who was Coach Joe in Bend it Like Beckham) and the directing's awesome (J.J. Abrahms, writer and director of Alias and LOST). If you are a fan of Alias and/or LOST, SEE THIS MOVIE. Hell, see it anyways. It's great. Non stop action. Exploading brain implants. Base jumping off buildings in Shanghai. Chopper chases. SO WORTH IT.
Got fatter, but then bought a bukko...ah, some kinda weird marshall art exercise DVD to play with to work out.
Got another Spidey comic. Not that great, as it's filler arc. In fact, the writer of the comic made a comic at the begining of the comic to say how stupid of an idea it was (SPidey and Wolverine switch bodies, effectively resulting in Spidey stabbing himself alot by accident).
Am now secretary of the college anime club, and VP of the Latin American Culture Association of our college.

My face hurts. More in depth updates this week, I promise. Sorry!

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