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Sunday, March 4, 2007


So, here's the deal down here in St. John's. The resort (there's only 3) has really shitty food an serivice for ASTRONOMICAL prices. I'm talkin like, 38 bucks for a shitty buffet, where all the meat entres were bones in stew and luke warm. And people take 25 minutes to get you a drink (we timed). But the beach and pool are nice. That's kinda all we did today. My dad went into town, but "town" is kinda like a 3rd world country with LOADS of tourists. I hate standing around looking dumbfounded (something my mother seems to enjoy) cause I feel like a stupid-ass toruist. And I hate that. Tomorrow my dad's gonna try and set up a snorkiling appointment (my mom won't let me scuba, cause she's afraid I'll have a siezure even though I haven't had one for 6 years) and Ima try and set up a massage appointment.

I'm also almost done with my X-Wing Rogue Squadron book, and I LOVE IT! SG, that scene where the stealth Stormies attack the rebel base was FUCKIN AWESOME! Haha!

Anyways, hope everyone's doing well, sorry I can't really get around to people's sites. Also, anyone check out the lunar eclipse last night? Was pretty sweet!

Peace out, cub scouts!

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

"We're on spriiiiing break!"

Hey, all! Greetings from St. John's in the USVIs, or U.S. Virgin Islands! I'm on St. John's, which is just a half hour boat ride away over 6 foot swells from St. Thomas. The weather's nice, but it's expected to rain a bit. I have no idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Perhaps get a massage...who knows? in any case, I'm using my mom's computer, and unfortunately, it's her work computer so I can't DL AIM or MSN onto it. But I miss everyone and hope everyone's doin okee day. SG, I'm 100 pages into Rogue Squadron, and it's very cool. I picture Tycho as Brad Pitt in my mind, lol. I also plan on taking lots of pictures, and I'll put them up when I get back to school. I DO want to while I'm here:

-Jet Ski
-Snorkle/scuba dive

I know you high school kids ain't off yet, but any college kids, happy spring break! Also, I'm in room number 1111, so of course when I saw the number plate, it imediately looked like the insignia of the hidden village of rain, or whoever the fuck those ninja are that all have umbrellas. I'll take a picture of that too, I suppose. Fare thee well, I'm off to explore the hotel! You can continue to look for updates here all week, or on my DA page!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hola! Que pasa? Te quiero en mi casa!

*Cough* Now that I have your attention...

Yeah, I totally feel like a 13 year old wanna be goth kid for liking Amy Lee, but whatever. This is a really awesome solo, and I grew up with Korn, so I feel I'm justified. This is my new favorite song to sing in the shower.

So, hope everyone's doing well. I'm super busy with college, and fanfiction and art, but SG's little optomist posts inspired me to a be a little more diligent about posting. What can I say? The guy truly is the MyO optimist. I don't want to bore you with telling you what's going on on all the primetime shows I watch, lol.

I went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert last week, which was pretty kickass. I don't care WHAT you think, those guys are really good in concert. When they did "Iris", they did the huge instrumental part and then all the lights went off, the crowd cheered for a few minutes. And then you here Johnny Rzenick's voice sweep over the crowd like the ebb before the flow and he says:

"And I..."

Then all the lights kick back on and the guitars are amped up and they finish the song like a tidal wave!

Yes, I can be poetic when talking about a concert. What of it?

I also discovered yesterday that the Funimation Channel made a deal with iTunes, so now you can DL anime right to your iPod. Of course, it's probably all dubbed, but the Samurai 7 dubs are actually really good. Yeah, they have Samurai 7 which is TOTALLY worth all your money, Desert Punk (which I hear is not), and something I've never heard of called Speed Grapher? It looks kinda like some futuristic punk thing...I'm not really sure.

All my anime club buddies are at Katsucon in DC this weekend. If you happen to be there, they're the huge Avatar group. Their costumes seriously kick ass.

In more mind-numbing news, my roomate's BF arrived last night for the weekend. Yippee. This morning when she woke up, they started whisper-talking, and then real talking so I said "SLEEPING!" in a really obnoxious voice. They left the room, which was nice. *grins* It was pretty funny. To me, anyway.

Well, I'm off cause today's my laundry day, and I have to get the dryers that accept my Student ID credit as opposed to the ones that accept quarters cause I HAVE NONE.

Peace out, cub scouts, hope you're all doing well.

Holy shit, it's been so long I forgot how to write all my codes.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy New Year!

Heh, yeah, a little late, I know. Basically for all of my winter break, i didn't update cause I was in kinda a depressed mood, so I played Zelda games for 5 weeks. No really, I did. Ocarina of Time, Major'as Mask, Wind Waker, and my friend's GameCube copy of Twilight Princess. I wanted a Wii for X-mas, but it turns out my mom draws the line at waiting in line at the Best Buy the night before (I don't blame her) so she said she'd get me one when they're availiable. Who knows when the hell that would be? I haven't even got to play a Wii yet.

In other news, Heroes. Best new show ever. I'm still watching every single CSI (They're gonna kill of someone else on Miami in two weeks, that show has a ridiculously high death rate, even for a crime drama) and Numb3rs (I can only watch so many CBS crime dramas). I'd watch Stargate too, but that won't be on till April.

Anime-wise, we haven't started any series yet in the club. Although, I did start watching Death Note on my own (what an incredibly thought-provoking thing! That's not something you can watch idley!) and FINALLY made it to Bleach non-filler arc, after like, 60 eps of Bantou crapola (Non-filler starts at episode 110, if you'd like to know). So that was good.

Ahh, bring it, Kurosaki Sr.!

Down here in smelly old Newport News, VA, I've had an epiphany, though. I don't really have any *real friends*, I guess. Sure, there's alot of nice people, and people I don't mind being around, but there's no one I would talk to about personal problems, or someone who would talk to me about personal problems, or people who'd run to Starbucks with me just for the hell of it. You know, the little things. Between that, and not having alot to do outside of school (except shop), I've decided I want to try to study abroad next year. In Spain. Possibly in Barcelona, if I could get it. I guess Madrid would be my second choice, but that city's a little scary at times. Sorry, any Madrid Spainards, but I think you know what I mean. Seville (or Sevilla) is much nicer, but that's a little hot. In any case, Barcelona's my first choice, casue I've heard so many great things about it, plus I haven't been there. So, I've gotten over my fear (about half of it) and decided I need to get outta here, and move on to something bigger than this second rate state school. I don't want to stay in Virginia after I graduate, and I certainly don't want to stay around here any longer than I have to. There, I've said my piece.

Take care, everyone!

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Well well well.

So, I come back after a few months to find 10 messages in my mO inbox. SIX OF THEM ARE THE SAME CHAIN LETTER! What is up with that? Go send them to someone who cares and doesn't want spam! Yaargh!

Anyways, I bet you (some of you at least) are curious as to what I've been up to. My b-day was last week, so my two big presents were an 80 gig video iPod and Sirius Satellite radio. Both of which I can hook up to my car. I'll never be musicless again!!! I don't listen to the TWO Howard Stern channels. At all. I don't get that guy. But whatever.

We have finals this week, so I've basically been studying/goofing off on the Internet to avoid studying. I've also been having loads of fun with photoshop. I've been designing badges for my school's con (Itsacon/CNUCon 3) coming up in March. If anyone is in the southern VA area or northern NC area, you can send me a PM for more info since our site's not quite up and running. Here's a sample:

Oh yeah! I went to AnimeUSA, to hang out with fellow otakuites! See the pictures!

That's me on the right as Renji, hanging with my friend who was cosplaying Aang. Obviously. Oh, I'm also a rabid Avatar fan nowadays.

Me and Burning Demon! Woot! I had fun hangin whicha!

Sorry there aren't alot, i didn't take many pics this con. I might go to Katsucon in DC in Feburary, I was invited to cosplay Toph in the avatar group. wOOt!

Since I have all these pics, no movie quote for today, but hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and hopefully once break starts, I'll update more. Toodles, everyone!


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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey everyone!

So...I missed my 3-year anniversary. It was on October 6th. So, I'll just say a quick little didy here. In three years, I never thought I'd be in the top 10, or continue to be there after I stopped updating every day. So first and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who's continued to visit and make me their friend. I know I haven't been on top of updating, or visiting in the last year or so, but you know, college. I've also met some amazing people on this site, many of which have become some of my best friends. I always feel awful when I can't visit, or when I forget to send an X-mas present, but I just wanted you all to know (and you know who you are) that I think about you all constantly, and I really, really love you all. And people that know me know I don't give out my love lightly. Unless it's to a hot actor on a CSI show.

*breathes* Ok, enough with the sappiness. First off, I'd like you all to know, that I update my Deviant Art site constantly, so if you'd like to see my stuff, or maybe just put me on a Watch, I'll do the same for you. I always look at new deviations, though I might not always comment. So, here's my site for that.

Red Tigress' Deviant Art

In other news, instead of doing homework, I've been watching alot of CSI: Miami. Since I love the other two, it was only a matter of time before I got hooked on this one. I used to hate it, too. So, here's my quick rundown. Bloodier than regular CSI, but the acting's not so hot, with the exception of probably about two people. This may be the director's faults, and they say "Ok, now, David Caruso, instead of getting freaked out, just tilt your head, take off your sunglasses, and interrupt everyone when they try to say something." While David Caruso (Horatio Caine) does the same old dramatic tricks in the book, i can't help but like his gravitas, or as David Spade calls it, Carusitas. But anyways, anytime you flick on A&E now, there's a 75% chance that show is on. So maybe you won't like the actors, or understand the tiny little character developments, but they're always good stories. My roomate hates crime dramas, has never seen any CSI, and I got her hooked on Miami, which in my opinion, is not the greatest of the three. Oh, and I saw an episode yesterday where one guy got a nail gun to the face. Not pretty, but great drama.

Also, for all you cartoon fans, Justice League Unlimited season 1 and Batman Beyond season 2 come out on DVD next week. I think season one of Get Backers does too, if you're more into anime box sets.

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Ok, so last time I updated, the movie was Frida.

So, here's the quote for today.

"Look, I understand you have experienced a loss, but this relationship just can't work. I mean, you're a cat. I'm black. I'm not going to be hurt again."

Haha, guy cracks me up. In any case, I'll leave you with something fun before I go. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Are you ready for a CHALLANGE?!?!?!! Ok, I'm just hyper. Just finished a Spanish exam. I'm pretty sure I did worse on the vocab section than Onizuka on a driving test, but I think I did allright on the grammer part. Also, for the last part we had to write about our favorite movie. Course, I did Star Wars, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to say "empire", "moisture farm", or "maniacle pilot of a hyperspace vehicle" in Spanish. I did my best anyways. Another Spanish project I have to do in the this class, is over the weekend I have to watch and write about a SciFi movie. Since I already did Star Wars on my test, that's out. I was thinking either Serenity of The 5th Element. Probably the former, since the people weren't on crack when they made it.

Seriously, how could they not be?

In any case, that spanish class is going ok. My other one, not so cool. Most people don't know what's going on, as the HW never has anything to do with what the actual class is about. It's like she drives to work, and on her way out of the WaWa, she's like "Let's debate about gypsies today in class." Boo on that!

Hey, look what I found!!! VVVVVVVVVVVV

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Neat! Yes, folks, it's time, once again, for the quote. since I had to watch this movie for extra credit, I'll choose this one:

"You've been my comrade, my fellow artist, and my best friend, but you've never been my husband."

It's probably pretty hard for you "mainstream movies only" folks. But good luck anyway.

In the meantime, it's lunch time. Nos vemos!


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   So yes...

I know I've been a way for a long, long, time. That's what growing up does to you, kids. I have to make this a quickie, cause I have to eat some stir fry (our school got a new stir fry place in the regular dining hall over the summer, Yatta!) and then fulfill my duties as Anime Club Secretary! Yes, kids, I have an offcial officer position in a college anime club. And you thought college was no fun and games. Can I also say, we got a tropical smoothie cafe across the street, which ROCKS, and I have a BRAND NEW CAR.

Well, that's not mine, because mine can't float in white space as far as I know, but that's the same make, model, and color. It's a Toyota Rav 4, and I'm SO EXCITED. Oh yeah, and it's name is Firefly. Yeah, Browncoats!!! Haha. In any case.

New anime I've been watching includes The Melancholy of Haruhi Something and Ouran High School Host Club, both coincidently involving main characters named Haruhi.

Both amazing, both hilarious, and both on You Tube.

My school's bandwidth doesn't allow me to use Bit Torrent, so You Tube has become my new venue of choice. Of course, I can't leave it alone. Go do a search for "Carusitas". I dare you. Especially if you've ever seen CSI: Miami.

Hope everyone's doing well, and I miss you all loads! Take care!


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Testing, 1.2.3.

This is only a test. remain calm.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hey all

Here I am, once again. 6 weeks down, 4 to go, then a 3 hour drive off to college the next day I get back from Vermont. The weather's pretty decent, but the mosquitos here are horrible. I'd just like to let you all know, I was not attacked by bears on my 5 day camping trip. I go on another one next month though, so we shall see. It's almost the end of 1st month, so on sunday we get a slew of all new campers. I'm both thankful and sad that some of my favs are leaving. Oh well, comes with the territory I spose. I hope everyone's doing well. I'm at the Middlebury Public Library with WiFi! I get Windows Messenger on here, and of course, the ONE time I'm on in 6 weeks, NO ONE ELSE IS. How dare you all. Some Guy. Beck. Enin. Nami was away, so SHE got a message. Anyways, you know who you are.

Not much else goin on. Eatin, campin, sleeping, getting injured...I play a mean game of kickball, and my legs are so scratched up...I haven't shaved because between my scratches and bug bites I'm afraid I'll bleed out. But no one at camp shaves anyways, so ish all good. Tonight's movie night, but since its my day off I dont really wanna go back to watch...Nanny McPhee...I wanted to watch Finding Nemo, but noooooooooo. Anywho. Maybe I can get the director to watch some Studio Ghibli films. I think Howl's Moving Castle would ROCK. These things have to be PG or under that's why. But whatev. Signing off for now. Bye bye everyone!

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