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Monday, November 28, 2005

   Lazy Day...

EDIT: I spent all last night making and redoing this banner, and then my compy dies on me, so I just went to bed without finishing. Sorry to everyone who saw, well, nothing.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

wOOt, I love thanksgivin!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I don't have any lame turkey jokes except...

"Gooble-dee-goo and gobble-dee gickle...I wish that turkey only cost a nickle!"

Haha, it's the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song. Also, I heard the Destiny's Child "Stuffin', stuffin" knock off.

In any case...I mostly watched tv today, after I visited my high school. I saw my Spanish and art teachers which was nice. ANd I went to starbucks 3 times in about 7 hours. I missed it THAT much. 2 gingerbread lattes and a peppermint mocha later, I was hyper. I also picked up vol. 2 and 3 of Legal Drug by CLAMP...woo hoo, some major yaoi parties goin on in that manga, lemme tell ya.

Let's see, I also watched LOST. I thought Anna Lucia was a jackass, and the whole episode just went by reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy slowly. But yay, Michael was reunited with Vincent, the dog! Hooray! I love that damn dog. It's cause he looks exactly like my dogs!!

OH! And all this week, SciFi channel has been showing episodes of FIREFLY!!!!!! WOO! So I can FINALLY get to see it! Let's see, I've seen the one where River becomes the ship when that bounty hunter hops on board, where the captain and the pilot are tortured, and when their dead friend comes back to life. YAY! A few more episodes of this and I can call myself a Browncoat maybe? I dunno. We'll see. COurse, I also have to get Serenity...


This show is so hot. Er, I mean good. The guys are all hot, though!! And they have Pirate Steve! Yay! Did you also know he was Sonny the Robot in "I, Robot"? God, I love Internet Movie Database. But I was too busy looking at Will Smith's pecs to notice or care.

OH RIGHT. Also saw Harry Potter yesterday. BEST HP MOVIE EVER. Arguably. Just...GO SEE IT, you'll see what I mean.

Hehe, I went to Target today, and got a singing abominable snowman stocking from that claymation rudolph movie!

Hahaha, that's the guy, right there! Anyways, the stocking roars, and then sings "Have a holly, jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year..." It's for my dorm. I also got some really loud bells for the door, and X-mas lights, yay!

Then, to top off my wonderous evening, I watched Revenge of the Sith for the first time since it came out on DVD and laughed, and rememberd how much I HATE George Lucas as a dialogue writer. "You're breaking my heart, Ani!" GOD, *SPUTTER, CHOCKE, DIE*

Oh yeah, and IT SNOWED!

So in any case, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that they can share it with loved ones. In the meantime, it's that time of year again for...

Red's B-day countdown: 5 Days

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today's all travel for me, from college back home, so I'll just thank you all for continuing to come to my page!

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Hope everyone has a great day!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, the anime club had our third marathon of the year today. We watched some pretty cool stuff and some pretty...well, weird stuff. I'm just gonna give you little blurbs and my opinions on them, but we're gonna do this the Red Tigress way, so I'll also give you a bishounen factor score, just in case you decide animes you watch by the hot guy factor.

First off, I forced everyone to watch 5 episodes of Get Backers, because I just love it to death. Enough said. If you're into action-y, funny, cute, and serious anime, you'll like this. Oh, and there's lots of hot bishounen to choose as your favorite character. Bishounen factor: 5 Out of 5.

That guy with the long hair in the back there is a guy too, just in case you're one of those gals (or...guys, I guess) that like their bishounen...pretty.

Next up, we watched Kino's Journey. This was a nice anime that was more philosophical than anything else. Not really any guys at all in it (the main chaacter is a girl and her talking motercylce, which was just cool), so bishounen factor was a 1 out of 5. But don't let that stop you from seeing it if you get a chance!

See, she even brings the bike indoors to talk to people with her!

Next up was Yakitate Japan!! What can I say? This series basically parodies all other anime ever with a boy who wants to make a "Japan" bread that's better than rice. Soooo funny. I especially love all anime with guys with afros. And a crazy sister that pretty much parodies any motercycle anime ever made. And an evil, arch villian that threatens to make all his subordinates his lovers for their incompetance. since this was more hilarious than anything, the bishounen factor is only a 3 out of 5. But it's just hilarious.

Check out that 'fro!

We then watched Steamboy. A nice, punk steam movie where the first 20 minutes were action packed, which is a shame, cause the rest of us felt like the movie let us down. It was kind of boring, and no one really understood what was going on except that a "Steam ball" (yes, they actually called it that) was really important. There were also mean little girls hitting dogs, and no one could really tell who was the bad guy. Oh, and we had to endure Steamboy's 90 year old grand dad walking around half naked for the good last 50 minutes of the movie.Bishounen factor:0 out of 5.

Oh, steamboy, you didn't even do your cool little flying thingy until the last 20 minutes. How dissapointing.

Next, we had to watch probably one of the freakiest animes I've ever seen. It was called Monster, and it was about a Japanese doctor working in a German hospital at the height of the cold war into 1995 or so. First off. I don't like seeing mean, ugly, German people, and that's what this was. If you weren't the ONE Japanese guy, or a nurse, you were basically fugly in this anime. Plotwise, this was so intricate, with all these really scar characters (little homicidal 9 year olds and freaky little girls that run around the hospital whispering "please kill"). Great mind bending anime, but visually, not much to look at. Bishounen Factor: 3 out of 5.

Parts of this were also just scary, I needed something stupid and happy, with lots of explosions...

...Which is why after that we watched Nadesico, which was a hilarious parody anime that parodied all those mecha things ( the pilots would yell phrases from their favorite mecha anime) and the characters had lots of weird little complexes, like the one guy who wanted to put stickers on his mecha, or the main character that just wants to be the cook. Very humerous, and it was just the kind of upbeat thing I needed to finish off the night. I think I related most to the girl pilot that would say something serious, than crack up, or add "In a boiling pot...BWAHAHA!" after everything the two other pilots said. Since it's a bit older though, some of the guys aren't as hot as they could be. Bishounen factor: 3 out of 5, but defiently worth seeing anyways.

The captain always went "V!" and the others would be like "...eh?" Not to mention her dad loved her a bit...too much. Kind of like Hughes in FMA if Elysia-chan was older. One time he walked in on her changing and blushed and said "my, how my little girl has grown!!!"

Anyways, hope you liked my litter splurb, and that it maybe gives you some ideas for anime to look into in the future! I've already started by stealing the entire series of Yakitate Japan from someone, so I'll basically be watching that whole thing over Thanksgiving Break. Hope everyone has a great sunday, and I hope you all enjoy FOOTBALL, CAUSE REDSKINS ARE GONNA KICK SOME TAIL!!!

Oh, and I forgot who said it, but yes, Nick does look like a 70's porn star on CSI now, and that comment basically made my night.


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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   Saturday, finally freakin yeah!

Well, I won't be around much Saturday because I have an anime marathon from 12 to 12. I'm not really sure what we're watching yet.

Other than that, the most exciting this that's happened is I went to karaoke night here at school! First me and my friends sung "Backstreet's Back" which was horrible. Then I sung "Feel Good Inc." by myself. Everyone was cheering especially when I said "ass cracks" and "shit" cause they were blanked out on the screen. But they really liked that and some random dude high fived me when I was done. Then I got my roomate to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with me, which was just funny. I would make random faces and hand motions. We put down our mics, and the uy told us we still had three minutes. So we're like, "Oh, it's a 7 minute song!" Oh, then some friends of mine made me sing Hotel California, which I didn't know, but I tried anyways. Then I got them to sing "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey, and before we started, I dedicated it to all the fans of Family Guy. course in our group of four, I was the only one who knew it, so I had to go "peo-ploooo, Oh OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" It was weird.

In any case, I basically had shitloads of fun making myself look stupid.

I still haven't fixed my Gamecube.

Uh...I'm trying to think of anything else to tell you...other than LOST was great, as was CSI the next night. I'm still so pissed at Nick's mustache, though...

In any case, sorry the post's so short. I jsut wanted to ttalk about Karaoke! hope everyone has a great weekend!

Go Redskins!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Potato chips are my BANE!

Howdy everyone. Well, it's offcial. My roomate is offcially hooked on Fullmetal Alchemist. We'll probably by the 6th volume this weekend and watch it together, yay! Next up, I think I'll show her Princess Mononoke or The Cowboy Bebop movie. I think everything else I own is too advanced for her. When I say everything else I own, I mean Peacemaker, Samurai 7, and GTO.

Ooh, we're having another anime marathon this weekend, yay! All I know is we're watching Get Backers. We also might watch some kinda anime paraody where the kid bakes Japanese Bread??? I heard it's funny, and if we don't watch it in the marathon, I know someone who'll let me borrow it.

I'm also trying to watch E's Otherwise. It's, uh, weird. It's a bit like Scryed, I guess, but I can't tell you for sure cause I've only seen about 3 episodes of Scryed. Course, I've only seen about 3 episodes of E'Otherwise, too. There's a dude that looks like a blonde Heero. I thought he was a chick for the longest time. His name is Chinese, I think. It's like Shenlong...he's the only name I can remember, I can't remember anyone else's.

He's that blonde dude in the back looking to the left. Doesn't that look like a chick to you? Well, in any case, I like their uniforms. They're like the ones from FMA, but shorter so they can FLY! Because flying Bishounen are always a good plan in my book!

Speaking of FMA, I'm getting really hooked on the manga. It's different enough from the anime I enjoy it as its own story line and I really like it. I've only read 4 volumes, but whatever.

I just find it so kawaii!!!

*sigh* I know I've been really lax with the segments as of late. But it's because I update at one in the morning, and I can't think of anything to say at this time.

Except that potato chips are my bane.

Hope everyone has a great wednesday, I know I will! We finish Escaflowne in anime club and then there's a new episode of LOST, yay!!!!!!!!!! My favorite prime time show in addition to CSI!


Anyways, I know it's the middle of the week, but try to make it great anyways! ^_^


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Monday, November 14, 2005


Well, I've added another anime convert to the ranks. My roomate is now addicted to Fullmetal Alchemist. She even admitted it. We watched 5 eps tonight. Much better than the crappy versions her English teacher had apparantly taped. My only biff I have with the whole situation is she wants to watch it dubbed, but oh well. I don't mind too too too too much. It's just...wow, Al's voice is bad.

"Hey, brother! I'm just gonna call you brother the entire series! Which is ok in Japanese, but what retarded American does that? It's like I don't know your name, brother!"

Yeah. It was also hard explaining to her that the first two episodes are the present, then the past, then then the past present before he becomes state alchemist, then the future present which takes place after the first two episodes...in any case, it's confusing.

In other news...there is none. Except my Lappy kept shutting itself down so I had to call the damn people again, but luckily it's working now. It may have something to do with how I left the iTunes on for the past two nights so I could listen to anime music I haven't burned on a CD yet.

I've also been pigging out.

I also painted this picture of Iruka, but it didn't fit in the scanner all the way, so parts of it got cut off. It's on my Deviant Art account (address in preivous post). I don't even like Iruka that much, as I've already explained.

It must have been the yaoi fanfics I read yesterday/today.

THERE WAS JUST NOTHING ELSE TO READ! Besides, some of them weren't too bad.

Some of them were.

I got to go on a hunt for good Naruto fics. Cause this is getting ridiculous.

This picture is not mine, but it's damn funny yaoi cosplay. I like that guy sittin on the curb in the back. I also like that Sasuke who's like "Ho ho ho, man..."

Oh, and thanks to google image search I learned Iruka means dolphin in Japanese, yay!

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"

In any case, my sweet mates have used the bathroom 3 times in the last 15 minutes. Yes, I'm keeping track. Those jerk-faces.

It's still technically Sunday in mine eyes, so no red goes to collge, naaaah! Haha, jk. But seriously, I need to hit the sack. I'm just so depressed the Redskins lost by one point. It totally ruined my night. That and the fact the pasta bar was closed in the dining place. Damn people. Luckily I bought large amounts of miso soup yesterday, yay!

Peace out, cub scouts!


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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   It's 3 AM and I'm feelin lonely...

Anyone else remember that song? Back from the mid 90's when Matchbox 20 used camels in their music videos? Damn, I feel old.

But not as old as Some Guy felt when we were watching cartoon openings on www.retrojunk.com last night!

"It's a little wild, and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range! So start your horse and come along! Cause ya can't get a ride if ya can't hold on! Singin, yippee-tay-yay-yay! (Yippee tay-yay-what?) Just like the cowboys say! Yippee tay-yay-yay! Until the break of day!

Hey, Dude."

No seriously, that's a song, and I had totally forgotton that show until I saw the opening, and I knew EVERY SINGLE WORD. It was freaky. Anyways, this was back in the era where Nickelodeon had half cartoons, half live action sitcoms. No seriously, THEY HAD SITCOMS. All you people born after 1989 were seriously deprived.

In other news, I've changed my avi.

I've been terribly busy, lately. Watching chick flicks on tv (Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally), but I followed that up with Batman Begins, so I'm cool now.

Oh, and I also watched War of the Worlds on campus last night. God that movie scares the bejeezus out of me.

I've also been doin shitloads of fan art lately. Well, I did this painting of Jin from SamCham that sucks balls, but tonight I did a "realistic" drawing of Iruka from Naruto, and I might paint it later. It's too big to scan, so all I could do was take this crappy photo, and up the contrast in photoshop:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry it sucks so bad. It looks better in real life, I swear. Hopefully I wont Eff it up too much when I paint it. Cause I quite like it. I don't know why I chose Iruka. I don't even like him that much. It may have something to do with me wandering into the Naruto-dom of ff.net today. God, was THAT a mistake. First off, they have no character organizer thing, and EVERYTHING was yaoi. I mean, I like yaoi! I really do! But I just wanted an action adventure thing! Not one of those to speak of. I haven't been putting most of my fan art up on mO, cause quite frankly, people are mean here. But if you do have some kind of interest, my DA account is:


No Red Goes to College. It's sunday, usually I take this day off, but I didn't update for a few days there, so I figured I'd use it. But I'm-a-tired, so I'm going to bed soon. As soon as I do 30 crunches to ease off all this food I've been intaking.

I'm getting chubby at college. Ugh. *grabs belly*

Hope you guys have a good sunday! I'm outta here.


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

   Hey all!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the con pics! I'm finalyl coming down off my high. In the meantime, if you're still in the mood for pictures (not photos) I have two new fan art submissions up. The Bleach one might not be up yet by the time you read this, but the Naruto one is. They're on Deviant too, for all you people that don't like looking at fan art on mO, though I don't really see any difference...I dunno, some people are just sensitive about that.

In the meantime, it's been sooooo nice down here. Like, 70 and breezy. We had our mythology class outside today and we acted out scenes from the Odyssy. Since there was only one boy in my group, we made him the evil witch Circe, and I got to be Odysseus! My venus fly trap was my magical plant, and I made a duck tape sword. And then I got to sleep with Circe. Haha, not really. But it was in the script.

You might remember Circe from that Justice League episode where whe turned Wonder Woman into a pig and then made Batman sing.

In other news my roomate broke my Gamecube. Pulled it accidently off the dresser where it took a 7 foot plunge to a non-responsive surface. So now we're looking in on repairs. Luckily, she's agreed to pay for it. Which is good, cause it'd cost up to 50 bucks.

We're almost done with Escaflowne. We got to that one episode today where the evil dude and the cat girl re-enacts Allen and Hitomi falling in love and kissing, and then THEY ACTUALLY DO!!! What craziness is THAT?!?!?! I kept making fun of the old dude with the giant telescope saying he liked to spy through people's windows and wanted to see them take off their clothes, the old perv. So when Hitomi and Allen actually did kiss, I imitated to old dude going "Whee-hee! Now take off your clothes!"

"My, what large noses we have!"

I also read Legal Drug, vol. 1. SOooooo good, and the guys are all hot...for eachother! haha, anyways, me likey mucho, and I want to see if I can get a ride to the bookstore this weekend and maybe buy the second one.

Oh ho ho, bishounen, how you make my day.

Haha, a little earlier, my roomate asks me "Have you ever heard of a thing called Fullmetal Alchemist?" And I snorted and went, "UH, YEAH! THAT'S THE GODDAMN POSTER I PUT ON OUR WINDOW! I WON HALF THE SERIES!" And she's like "Oh! Cause our English teacher made us watch it and said we can watch the rest for extra credit!" "And I'm like "Your...english...teacher? FUCK YEAH, LET'S WATCH IT NOW! SUBBED, BIOTCH!" I didn't actually say that though. And plus someone has my first volume. But hey, I smell another anime convert on the way, hehe!

That's all from here, I shall check in later! Toodles everyone!


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Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Well, Sunday arrived, the laziest day, but I still had fun with my new con friends, and we got lots of pics in.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Awwww...I love Jin and Mugen!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hehe, here's another one for them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Itachi's livin it up on some weird musical whack-a-mole game...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The game room.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
DDR fest right there...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dealer's room.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
More Dealer's Room...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The "W" as we called it, cause basically this dealer (who was this very nice, excited old Japanese guy who was so cute, in that old dude way) had it set up in a giant W.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
wOOt, posters!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of the many Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai booths.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My good friend Jin ready to kick some serious ass on the DDR pad.

And now, for the crap I bought! I probably spent close to $250 bucks. Ouchies.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Manga! Naruto's for my bro, it's the first issue in Japanese, I'm trying to get him to like anime, but also give him something beneficial for his studies. After all, the Naruto manga in Spanish helped me!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Action figures! That Renji one's so hot. Anyways, Renji, Temari, Neji, Temari key chain, and Ichigo, of course.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Kon plushie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
GIANT BLEACH CALANDAR. Kon's there for comparison.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Naruto card deck.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Get Backers note pad! The only GB merchandise I saw there. -_-;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ichigo poster for the dorm. Oddly enough it's lined up with my House of Flying Daggers poster so it looks like his sword is branching off into Ziyi Zhang's...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The hat, of course.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The kunai and sand ninja scroll/pencil pouch.

And that's it for Nekocon 8. I hope you loved all the pictures, I had fun taking them. Once again, if you
hven't seen them all, just scroll down. That's all from Southeast VA. Red out!


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