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Monday, April 3, 2006

CNUCon 2006 is over!

I took about two pics at the con, because there was nothing to take pics of, but unfortunately photobucket.com's not working at the moment, so I can't post the best two cosplayers I saw (of bout 6 people) who cosplayed Soi Fon and Yourichi from Bleach. Maybe tomorrow it'll work. In any case, as a volenteer, I mostly helped run the game room, the registration table, and the snack table. Steve Bennett came, he's a popular guest who is an artist and tells alot of good stories, and has been to like, every con on the east coast on multiple occasions, including Otacon, Katsucon, Nekocon, and a bunch of others. He's so popular, he has pics on google images, lol!

That's him in the foreground. Course, now he has long hair and a beard. But if you ever go to a con where he's a guest, be sure to check him out, cause he's really cool, nice, and super down to earth.

We also had a rave (About 9 people showed up, lol, plus some random sorority that came in for about 15 minutes) and it was neat. Steve Bennet sat in a chair and did chair raving, lol, but it was fun to cut loose. Since no one had any glowsticks, me and four other guys got out our cell phones and raved with those, lol.

The video game room was cool. We had like 4 PS2s, 3 GCNs, and 2 X-boxes. Plus me and 3 other memebers of staff had a DS, so when we were working the registration table, we just all played MarioKart against eachother. That was pretty cool.I didn't watch any anime though, cause it was in another building and I was too lazy to walk over there. I came back to my dorm and watched 25 epsiodes of Bleach on YouTube. It's been a really, really, long time since I saw any, so I finished the Soul Society story arc (that was CRAZY) and started into this crappy, vampire filler arc.

"Come on, guys, let's go fight the vampire twins and their evil water dolls!"

I mean...WHAT? This arc makes no sense. There was a good part where Ichigo jumped on top of Renji and demanded he undress himself or Ichigo'd do it for him, lol. One of his classmates goes "Ah, the Forbidden Love!", lol. That was good. But the new stuffed animals suck, I hate them, lol. I guess they're not that new if you've been keeping up witht the series, but I stopped at 75 because that's how high You Tube had, so, meh.

In other news, I felt pretty abandoned by my "friends" on Saturday, because I asked them that if they did something if they would call me cause I was leaving the con around 4:30 and they said they weren't doing anything. So anyways, I come back to the dorm, and find out from one of their roomate's that they're "out". Turns out they went and saw IceAge2. Jerks. I mean, they never tell me anyways. If you listen to Dane Cook (and if you don't, you should, he's a really funny comedian), I'm like that girl in the group everyone else hates, lol. They never tell me anything, I'm always the last one to know anything, and it's just really frustrating, cause I feel like they ignore me, and when I say something they gang up on me and deny it. Hopefully things will be better next year when we're all living together and they are forced to notice me. I mean, I'm not trying to be whiny, but that's just the way of it. And it hurts. It really does.

So anyways, now that YouTube doesn't have any more Bleach, I'm going to try and see a bunch of Naruto I've been missing, too. I stopped around 151. Oh man, though, I need to shower and get some homework done, too.


Since Photobucket's not working, I can't put up the banner, sorry. But hooray to SG for being the first to guess Donnie Darko!

Trippiest movie ever.

On to the next quote!

"Red, white, whatever. Guys are all the same."

In the meantime, I shall go back to listening to my Japan-A-Radio Sunday Night Instrumental Special. Can I just say this Akira music is SUPER trippy. When was the last time I watched Akira? Mmm, back in like 2001 I think. Not one of my favorites, lol. Ooh, almost time for [Adult Swim]! It starts at 10 on Sundays now, I hope you all know. I don't like half their new shows, though. That Moral Orel kinda sucks. My favs are Stroker and Hoop, The Venture Bros. and Robot Chicken. In the way of the comedies, anyways. Hope everyone has a good monday! Ciao for now!

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