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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Woah, Saturday.

Well, everyone's pretty much gone away for the weekend, except me and a select few. Me and 3 other people played vollyball tonight, but it was pretty one sided (I rocked, hehe). I then taught one of the other girls how to serve a ball better, because that's my job at camp. Anyways, I didn't take a shower right away when I got back, and now I have sand in my bed. That's remedied easily enough, I had to change the sheets anyways.

Oh, I also have another


For you! Today's dream features the mOs very own Enin and Some Guy, lol! Anyways, for some reason, Enin was Renji from Bleach. Enin/renji proceeded to get in a fight with me, and while I landed some good hits, he pretty much beat the shit out of me. while I was lying on the floor in a parking garage bleeding out my ears (why a parking garage, I have no idea), a black sports car comes into the parking space next to me, and out pops SG. Who then, for some reason, feels he must realign my spine with his feet (very painful, btw). While I was lying on the sidewalk, he then proceeded to beat Enin/Renji to a pulp, but while he was doing that, Gin from Bleach jumpe din his sports car, and drove off with it. The end. So anyways, Enin, next time I see you, better watch out, and SG, thanks for saving me, lol!

Um, not much else goin on, except alot of work. I do have another Justice League video for you guys, though.

How effin cool is it when you sing your own theme song?

and one more for the anime fans...

Heh, hope you liked those. Um, not much else, except I'm super busy.

Oh, and...

Thanks alot, everyone!

Yay, it was Super Size Me, or what most of you comenly refer to as "that movie with the guy who ate the McDonalds for like 30 days..." Good job!

Next quote:

"Nobody friggin' knew that there are times when my life has been on the precipice of death!"

Ok, hope you all have a great easter! Stay cool!

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