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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hey, kids.

Ok, last night I didn't update, because when I was watching my newly downloaded Conan O'Brian in Finland video (Seriously funny shit, you should see it), I turned around (my back faces my roomate's bed) and noticed my roomate was doing the down and dirty with her BF, with the lights on and me in the room. I was really surprised, because she's never done him before (in my presence) and scared, and as soon as they left I bolted. But anyways, we resolved the situation, but not before I pretty much told everyone I know, HA. HA.

In other news, our Classics Club (I'm a member of 4 clubs), we had an Odyssey Read-A-Thon today. Basically, everyone signed up for a time, and we read the entire Odyssey from 8 AM till about 7:15. I came once to watch around 11 or so, and then came again at 6:30 to read. It was cool cause when I came at 6:30, there was a guy playing guitar, and girl playing some type of drum quietly in the background, so the entire thing wasn't stagnant. I also got free hot chocolate. Which is nice, cause it's about 35 degrees down here with a "wintery mix" as the meteorologists like to call it. In other club news, the Latin American Culture Association, or LACA as we call ourselves, is electing new officers, so there's a very good chance I might be co-president or secretary. I'm alsready an officer in the Anime Club, but it's a crap officer, PR Director. I basically design all the flyers and update the showcase. Kinda lame, I'm planning to run for something a bit better next semester, like secretary, or sommat. Tomorrow in anime club we start Samurai 7, I'm so excited. We won't finish all of it, considering that out of 7 discs the 5th comes out next week. I'm supplying the series to the club, but that's gonna suck, lol. We can only watch "legit" anime. We finished Outlaw Star last week. There were horrible dubs, but overall the series was ok. That "Gene Starwind-o" is a hottie though. I didn't like when e cut his hair at the end, took off that whole "outlaw" edge. Made him look like a hustler or something.

"I'm so hot, all the little boys want pictures."

Haha, yeeaaahhh...

I also wanted to ask, does anyone know if there will be a complete series set of Get Backers for sale soon? I know all the volumes are ou, but I've been keeping my eyes open, and I can't find any word of a possible box set for sale. If anyone can fill me in, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Originally I was gona write about the turning around to find your roomate having sex thing, but I decided not to.

In any case, in college, you try to get by and make things easier any way you can. Thus, this is where the Looking Like a Hoodlum Clause comes into effect. For example, The other day, I had o go to the grocery store. When I walk to the grocery store (I do NOT have a car) I usually buy a 12 pack of soda, and have to carry that plus all my other groceries back. So, when I bought all my groceries (Self-Checkout, it's the ONLY way to fly) I stuffed them ALL except the soda into an empty backpack I wore to the store. If I had not been paying at the time, it would have looked for sure like I was robbing the place. Except for the fact I was wearing all my CNU sweats. Another example of looking like a hoodlum is riding old, dirty, beat up bicycles across 6 lane highways with no helmet. I'm not lucky to have a bike, but I've never seen one student here of about 5000 wearing a helmet. Not only hoodlum-like, but also unsafe as well. If you go to college (or went) feel free to share your "Looking like a Hoodlum in Every Day situations" stories as well.

Ok, everyone, since it's about two hours till posting time, I've just in the past two minutes decided to start a NEW column! That's right, folks, you heard it here first. It's time for:

In this segment, I will review one good and one bad upcoming movie trailer, and then procede to tell you my opinion.

ICE AGE 2: The sequel to the hit Ice Age, this CGI flick continues to follow Manfred, Diego and Sid, in what looks like a fairly entertianing, and funny story. Good jokes about "Saving the spiecis" and of course, having things be eaten always makes for a good laugh. If you liked the first one, it looks like Ice Age 2 will be up to and maybe surpass your standards for Ray Ramano as a voice actor. Multiple links to choose from here.

HAPPY FEET: A CGI flick about a dancing penguin featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, and Hugh Jackman. The trailer opens with Robin Williams' penguin singin in Spanish. First off, no American kid's gonna understand this. It's ridiculous. Also, for those of us who DO speak Spanish (luckily, your pal Red T. is just such a person), the song does not actually give any kind of synopsis of the movie. Believe me, REAL penguins are WAY better than Mexican ones. Just go rent March of the Penguins when this flick comes out, and DON'T see it. Here's the link to the trailer in case you're REALLY anxious to waste your time: click here for a good time waster

Well, kiddos, for those of you who actually pay attention to what I write, I hope you enjoyed.

Oh, and happy birthday, Beck! Welcome to the land of adults! If you have'nt already done so, head on over to nightbeck's sight and wish the lass a happy birthday! Luv you!!!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Haha, one good thing about Sundays...

I'm watching Adult Swim, and man, Robot Chicken was awesome tonight. The Yakuza Gang killed all of N*SYNC except Joey Fatone because they thought he was a roadie, and then he had to learn martial arts from the Karate Kid guy, Pat Morita, and then fight a comination monster of Brittany Spears, Chsirtina Agulera, Aviril Lavene, and the Simpson Sisters. GENIOUS. And Joey Fatone actually provided his own voice, too.

Pat Morita: "Ah, Ralph Macchio. I thought I smelled failure."

I also wanted to let you all know, I've been pretty good at working out for the past few weeks. I'm doing it like, 4 times a week. I'm also intimate friends with the Stair Master now. Well, only for 10 minutes a day, but it's something. I do other stuff too. The only thing set to foil my plan is Girl Scout Cookies. And the damn greasy food they have here. I think i've already done a segment on the food here, so I wont talk about that.

I also got two new Ultimate Spiderman volumes yesterday. Volumes 10 and 11, which were about how Spidey was pissed off about the movie they were making of him, including how he thought Tobey McGuire was wimp and Carnage, respectively. Ultimate Carnage was scary, but he was defeated pretty easily, I thought. Not without serious emotional turmoil though. he'll be back though. Can't keep a good genetic disgusting homicidal mutation down...

Does anyone on this site actually READ comics? You know, other than the Japanese ones THAT ARE TAKING UP ALL THE SHELF SPACE FROM THE AMERICAN GRAPHIC NOVLES IN MY FAVORITE BOOKSTORES? Heh, I read those too, though. But it seems unfair to poor Spidey, and the X-men, and Batman, and the Flash and Green Lantern...and everyone else in the Marvel and DC and Darkhorse and other comic company universes...

Carnage: "*Sigh* No one reads me anymore! Everything's being taken over by...Naruto!

Just on a little side note, I still love Japanese, un-cut Naruto, but I refuse to support it now because of the stupid press it's getting with all the teeny-boppers and stuff. Plus the GCN version of the game isn't anywhere NEAR as cool as the PS2 Japanese import. Sorry, but I'm saving up my bucks for LoZ:Twilight Princess.

Sorry, bad English dubs and a grand character selection of...EIGHT...can-NOT compete. I mean, come on, if you're going to make a fighting game, HAVE MORE THAN EIGHT PLAYERS. Even my SNES Ninja Turtles game had more than 8 players, Geez!

Anyways, didn't do anything today, except go to the store. Oh, and last night I died my hair red. Not like, CHERRY RAZZLE DAZZLE RED, but regular red-head red. So it looks...um, more naturally, I suppose. Anyways, I'm off to bed. I need monday to plan out my schedual for next semester. We have to Effin pick all our classes this week. Stupid. I need some frikin down time!!!

Anyways, hope you all have a great Monday.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good evening.

Thanks to all who stopped by to wish me a hello. Again. Haha.

Anyways, Chronic (What?) Cles of Narnia were showing on campus tonight, so I went and watched that. Unfortunately our campus movie program is crap, so we get to see movies like, two weeks before they come out on DVD and they're low-res. But at least it's free. Then my friends and I went to watch Donnie Darko. It was the first time I'd ever seen it, and MAN, that is one trippy movie. But I liked it. The Mrs. Darko is in Battlestar Galactica...too bad I never watch that show, lol!

One thing that sucks about college, is that you pretty much have no movie options if you have no transportation, or if your only form of transportation involves someone who has the exact opposite taste in movies as you. For example. I want to see V for Vendetta so bad, it hurts. However, the only person I'm friends with with a car likes thriller and stupid scary movies that suck. Grr. Luckily, I pre-ordered Batman Beyond and Samurai 7 volume 5 on DVD, so I'll be happy again in a little while. In the meantime, i'm all pissed, because Stargate SG:1 and Atlantis are over for the season, and the main networks are interrupting their shows (mainly CSI and LOST) to show basketball, or whatever. I entered my mom's office pool, even though I hate college basketball. so, I was really surprised when I found out I was in 2nd place. That was just...weird. I probably will go back down to last soon, though.

In the meantime, nothing much else to report here. I figure I'll start up my columns sometime again, soon (i.e. Red's Magnificent Movie Quote, Red's Weird-Ass Dreams, Red Goes to College, etc.), probably this weekend.

Oh, and just for the record, don't buy the new Cafe Cookies Girl Scout Cookies. They're crap.

And also, when you go to college (if you haven't already) try not to get stuck with a roomate who lets her friend stand in the door and talk about spooning all night (like mine's doing now) or come in at 11:45 on a school night to watch movies.

Ciao, everyone!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Hello, all.

Hey, everyone. I know it's been awhile. i've been awfully busy with college and everything. So first off, sorry that I haven't really talked to anyone. I keep my art site updated, though, so if you're ever curious, it's located at:


Sorry, I've temporarily forgotton how to do most HTML codes, including links. Just been away that long, I suppose.

I hung out on some Stargate forums for a while, but talking about the same subject 20 times a day, every day, with Uber-obsessed geeks that would let the world explode before they changed their mind on the engine capabilities of each of Earth's hyper-space capable, Asgard-built battleships or whatever, can get really old, really fast. At least they had a LOST forum, which kept me entertained for a while, but they've stopped doing new eps of that.

In other news, I went to New York! I'll post a few pics for you from the Nintendo Store!

Those were just the coolest ones. It's an uber-expensive sotre, though. But I got a nintendo beanie, shirt, and a Samus shirt, yay!

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! Head on over to Dark Phoenix's page for some festive music, lol! And wear green, so you don't get pinched. Toodles!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Haha, American Idol was funny tonight.

The second day of the new semester has just ended. On Monday, I had sociology, history, and English. I liked my sociology professor; she seemed really nice and down to earth. My English professor was really quirky, and weíll have to do a lot of writing, bleh. Same with history. My professor spent the first 20 minutes of class telling us how he was the hardest grader, and all weíd be doing was writing, including writing two papers, and all our tests and quizzes were essays, yadda yadda, and how all these people hated him and had dropped his class, and how there was really no good reason to stay. But once he actually started teaching, he seemed ok. I dunno, weíll see how it goes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Iím in a Spanish writing class, where I knew my professor from last session. That also seems like a writing intensive class. Iím going to have like, no free time. And then my art class. Itís 3-D design, and the studio basically looks like a shop class. By Thursday I have to secure random materials to make maquettes, or mini-models demonstrating emphasis, rhythm, symmetry etc. Luckily, I found a friend to drive me to Wal-Mart tomorrow. My back up plan was to walk to the grocery store and use pipe cleaners and marshmallows, but I donít know how well that would have worked. She gave us pictures of other projects. By far the best was a girl who had used wire mesh and rocks, and had sanded down all the rocks. There was also a girl who used paper cranes, and one who had used pistachio shells and paper clips. All the projects looked really good. I was looking at the project list, and some of these look really, really, hard. I donít know what Iím going to do. Itís been one day and the stress is already getting to me.

My only consolation is I got David Copperfield tickets for Saturday afternoon, because heís performing at our school. Yay, magic. Unfortunately, all the student tickets were gone, so me and my friend had to pay full price ($42) for nosebleed section, but I donít mind so much. My mum reimbursed me. Yay for parents! I also ordered the 3rd volume of Samurai 7 online. Those will be good. Oh, and I also found people I like to live with next year, so thatís good.

Other than that, I got nothing for yas. I hope you all have a good week, and sorry I havenít been making it around to many sites, I really regret it.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

happy...uh...MLK day.nearly.

Well, itís the day before I return to college. Although, I have had a marvelous 6 weeks of break. Mostly finishing a bunch of seasons of stuff on DVD, like CSI vol 4, Scrubs vol. 2, Alias vol 4Öyou get the idea. Iíve also been on a Redskins high for the past 6 weeks. Iím currently watching the game right now, and typing this up on my newly reaquired Lappy the Third, as I have dubbed my laptop. Anyways, the Seahawks just scored. I still hope we can pull it off, though. I have the hope. Despite the name calling from all my skeptical (and mostly New York Giants) friends. Heh, Iíve got 3 words for them. PANTHERS SHUT OUT. See whoís laughing now. Even if we loose, we put points on the board. My mum said that IF the Redskins make it to the Superbowl, she might get me a jersey. That would be faaabulous. Also, if the redskins win tonight, I get sushi later. Donít ask, itís a long story.

Iím also going to miss my doggies so much. Iíve been home nearly everyday for like, 6 weeks, so theyíve gotten used to me being back. Iíll miss them. Until I come back in two months, anyways.

I also got the first volume of the Saiyuki Double Barrel Collection, which basically means that instead of getting the 4 standard episodes for 20 bucks, I get 10. Itís pretty frickin sweet. But as far as the series goes, Iíve seen better. But Iíve seen much worse too, lol. I like it a lot. Not only is it funny, but thereís a pretty good amount of action, too. Plus the bishounen factor is a 5 out of 5.

Iíve also been watching a whole lotta Law and Order, SVU. Mostly because Stabler is probably the hottest detective Iíve ever seen. You know, other than Danny Messer on CSI:NY.

I also checked out the season premiers of Stargate SG:1 and Stargate:Atlantis. They only get better as time goes on. Donít believe me? Then WHY has Stargate SG:1 just been signed for a 10th season (making it the longest running sci-fi show ever, the record having been preiviously held by the X-Files which went for 9 seasons) AND itís on a cable network? CAUSE ITíS JUST THAT DAMN GOOD. Donít make me shoot you with my Zat gun!

Ah, Stargate. Not only action-y and sci-fi, but vaguely educational as well. At least in the first couple of seasons.

I never watched Farscape (what this picture is from), but Ben Browderís just THAT MUCH of a hottie.

Iíve just decided that one day in the near future Iím going to have a ďHail to SciFi bishounenĒ day. Itíll probably include people from Joss Whedon stuff, too, not to worry Browncoats and Buffy fans.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and a great week. Iím signing off for the time being.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

   Starting another week.

Hey, all. Well, itís my last week before I have to go back to school, back to school, to show my dad Iím not a fool. I finished watching my season 4 CSI, my season 2 Scrubs, and my momís Season 4 Alias. So I started to get back into the anime groove, by watching the Cowboy Bebop movie (subbed today, I usually watch it dubbed) and posting on our Anime Clubís site about a possible Manga swap. I have so much DNAngel manga and other random crap I want to get rid of. Iíll probably keep my Trigun ones, though. And of course, my Spanish Narutos I got in Spain. But I have all these volume ones of everything I need to dump, like CoralÖsomething, I canít remember, Fruits Basket, Cowboy Bebop, SDK, and pretty much everything I already have the anime for. I might keep my GTO ones, though. I only have 5, but thatís ok.

Does anyone watch Saiyuki? I bought the first manga for myself, and really liked it. Iím trying to figure out which ones to buy, though, cause thereís like, 20 different versions for sale on Amazon. I swear, itís more confusing than Digimon.

Sooooo confusingÖ

I also have a Barns and Noble gift card I wanted to use online. But Iím not sure what tv show on DVD to buy. Fireflyís only 30 bucks on there, which means Iíd only have to pay 5 dollars for it. Course, thereís also Season 5 of CSI, Season 1 of CSI:NY, and numerous anime. The anime I have on my To Buy list are all box sets (except FMA and Samurai 7 cause I already own half the series). Iím waiting for the box sets of Get Backers, Samurai Champloo (even though I already have the fansubs on my Lappy), Cowboy Bebop Remix Editions (Since theyíre only on the second volume, I might have to wait a while), Escaflowne, Azu Manga Daioh, and some kind of Saiyuki box set, provided I can ever figure out the system. Any input anyone has would be appreciated. Unless itís the kind like ďYEAH I TOTALL LUV FMA, BUY THAT IZ SO KEWL YEAH!Ē. I hate that. Iím talking about the kind of thing like, if you feel a certain DVDs really nice to look at, or it has some pretty good special features (Lemme tell you right now, Iím ALL about the blooper reels. Thatís what makes Samurai Deeper Kyo so special for me) then by all means, feel free to express yourself. Haha, thatís a cool song.

IN any case, Iím also looking forward to getting my Lappy back because I can use my iTunes again and buy all sorts of songs. My personal favorite rock song at the moment is ďTalkĒ by Coldplay. Ok, call me a sap if you want. Itís ONE Coldplay song. I also need ďTwisted TransistorĒ by Korn, and ďSuperstitiousĒ by Stevie Wonder. See? I have quite the eclectic musical tastes. Especially when it comes to 70ís Funk. Break out your roller skates, everyone!

I actually sat down and wrote a list (between the CSI commercial breaks last Thursday) of my resolutions. Some are stupid, some are good. I feel if share them, maybe someone will take some inniatiave and hold me too them. So, here we go.

1. Loose weight and get a flatter stomach. Self-explanitory.
2. Start intramural soccer team. Not only do I REALLY want to play soccer this spring, itís another way to help me with number 1.
3. Work at the summer camp I want and get certified as a lifeguard and archery teacher. The goal is two-fold. I get money, and see my old friends.
4. Develop painting and drawing skills. While Iím ok at art, I donít think Iím that great, so I want to get better.
5. Learn to use photoshop. This will help me with number 5.
6. Buy at least one full anime series. You know, to expand my collection.
7. Develop Japanese. Come on, who on this site doesnít want to do that?
8. Get at least Bs and As 2nd semester. Another self-explanitory one.
9. Put more study time in every day and study other places besides dorm. I tend to get distracted by things in my room. Whether that be a wall calendar, or my computer. I only went to the library once last semester. Itís high time I make it my best friend.
10. Exercise at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour. Not only will this help me with number 1, but I also want to build more upper body strength and stamina. For long canoing trips in the summer and the like.
11. Get all As on DDR:Mario Mix on SUPER HARD. I have mostly As on Very Hard. I need to step it up a notch now.
12. Date once in a while. HAHA, I havenít had a date since 10th grade. I think itís time I expand my horizons. Take the initiative and stuff.
13. Take a martial art-NOT Tae Bo. Yes, I actually wrote that. I might be able to get a friend to do some kung fu with me on Sunday afternoons. And if that doesnít work out, I still can go to kick boxing.

Yeah, so theyíre mostly exercise type things. Notice, Iím not writing like ďDrink ONLY slim fast and diet pillsĒ because thatís cheating yourself and a really crap way to loose weight, I think. Not to mention some of those are seriously dangerous. I actually did see parts of ďSuper Size MeĒ yesterday. And I thought it was pretty good. But seriously, if you think that a diet plan that claims you can loose weight while watching tv will work, you can just go stick your head in the shitter right now.

So thatís enough of that. I have so much crap to bring back to college. Not only clothes, but I have to stick a DDR mat in there somehow, plus multiple picture frames, comics, anime Iím planning to sell via amazon (Haha, so long, DNAngel and your stupid, pointless, girly plot lines!!) a photo printer, and numerous other random crap.

OH MY GOD, NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout those Redskins eh? Theyíre my team. As long as weíre on defense and Sean Taylorís not spitting in other peopleís face, we do pretty good. Cincinatti, my other team (that should be obvious. For those of you who donít know, theyíre mascot is a tiger and they have striped uniforms that people say look ugly but I like them) didnít do so well. First off, I was crushed when on the second play of the ENTIRE game, the QB, Carson Palmer, took a hit to the knee (after making a 66 yard pass, I might add), tore a ligament, and was out. You could tell the rest of the Bengals were crushed as well. Their first playoff in in 15 years and on the first drive their QB (who is something like 2nd in the league in passing yards) is KOíd. CURSE YOU STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE CARSON PALMER!!!!1 YOU GUYS ARE SUCH BITCHES!!!!!!!!

The Steelers totally ruined my Sunday.

I hope you all had a better one.

Next year Begals, weíll get em next year.

In the meantimeÖ

Go Skins! Beat Seattle! GRRRR!


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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

   DDR Arrows are running through my head, running through my head...

Well, itís been a while. But I think a long hiatus during finals and the holiday season is good for everyone. So letís get straight too it.

Iíve seen a multiple movies over the break including Narnia, King Kong, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Munich. Feel free to offer your own opinion on any of these movies right now. Personally, I liked King Kong the best. I found Dick and Jane to be a mild comedy. Good for a laugh, but not a Jim Carrey Classic. Munich wasÖinteresting, but uber-depressing, and lotsa diplomatic stuff. I thought the actual hostage situation was gonna be the whole movie, but it was about the Israeli (sorry, I canít spell ethnicities) assassins, who werenít really assassins but more guys plucked off the street to do their jobs (thatís not derogatory, I just meant it in a way that they werenít trained as field operatives). It was good, but it was a bit heavy for me. Next on my movie checklist is The Producers. Thatís about all I want to see. None of this Bloodrayne, or Grandmaís Boy, or The Ringer. No thanks.

Letís seeÖanime news? Absolutely none. I havenít watched any anime since Iíve been home, nor bought any. I almost bought a SamCham shirt at Hot Topic though. But thatís seriously about it.

On to Christmas loot. First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Or Haunnaka (like I said, Iím so bad with ethnic spellings. It doesnít help that Hannauka has like 6 spellings, either.) Or Kwanzaa. Or Festivus. Or Dec. 25th. Whatever. On to my loot list:

CSI:Season 4 on DVD-Yay, I finally got my favorite show on DVD! At least one season, anyway.
Scrubs Volume 2 on DVD- God this is such a funny show. And has very sentimental lessons to boot. Plus since the eps are only 20 minutes long as opposed to CSI, I can get through them fast.
A Fluffy GAP Bathrobe-What can I say? I may seem hard and edgy at times, but this tigress does like her fluffy things. Occasionally. And can you guess what color it is?
Matching GAP Fluffy Slippers-I always need slippers.
A Book-That I wanted.
A Landon Donavan official US Soccer Team Jersey-My mom claimed to have funded the entire national team with this.
A Calendar- That I didnít want, so I went out and bought myself THREE new calendars at half price. Not to mention that I still have a huge Bleach one at my dorm from the convention I went to.
Soundtracks-More precisely, Kill Bill 2, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Last Samurai. I havenít listened to the KoH one yet, but the LS one kicks ass (once again, props to Japanese people) as does the KB2 one (I LOVE good Spanish music. Key word: Good.)
Numerous Giftcards-Props to the relatives.
Super Mario Strikers- Marioís first soccer game ever, and man, is it a DOOZIE. I LOVE it. The only problem I have with it is that Peach and Daisy are like, total valley girls and do this talk to the hand thing, and itís totally lame. But itís an excellent soccer game, not to mention has all those special Mario power-ups like bombs and shells, and banana peels. I love it. My favorite Mario Sports game EVER. Course, I think itís the only one Iíve playedÖunless you count MarioKart, or some version of Mario Tennis I played back on N64.
DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION:MARIO MIX: Iím FINALLY good at DDR, thanks to Mario! I love this game. The only downside is you have to go through all these Story Modes to open the levels, and that 80% of the songs are versions of Mario Songs. But the Bowserís Castle song from MK:DD is uber-hard. Iíve graduated Very Hard and am moving on to Super Hard tomorrow. Except for Bowserís Castle, thatís still really hard, no matter what difficulty level. And they also donít sell GCN: DDR mats by themselves, so I have to switch off with people when I have friends over. Ah well, itís still fun. And Iím ready to challenge my DDR:Obsessed buddy (once I actually come into contact with him, heís dropped off the face of the earth again) in the next DDR arcade we go to.

I seriously dream about DDR arrows now. No joke.

This soccer game kicks all FIFA soccer games TO THE CURB!!!

New Yearís Eve was good. I had a few people over to DDR and play Cranium, drink Sparkling Cider and watch Dick ďOldĒ Clark. I just have to say, I LOVE sparkling cider. Last night I opened up a bottle and drank the whole thing in 15 minutes by myself. I was really bloaty aftwerwards, but I was willing to risk it because a) It was 11 PM at night and everyone in my house is sleeping at that time and b)I love the stuff. So I downed that stuff and finished watching my CSI DVDs. Now I have to watch my momís season 4 ALIAS DVDs this week, cause I have nothing to do. Why, you ask? Or maybe you ask ďWhy donít you drive to the mall, Red?Ē

Haha, well folks, because this is the reason. I have epilepsy (for those of you who donít know, it means I have a lot of seizures, like Japanese kids watching Pokemon) and they decided to start weaning me off my meds this week. So the result of that is, Iím not allowed to drive anywhere. I have to call random friends to bring me places. Makes me feel stupid. However, I might sneak off to Starbucks by myself one of these mornings. Maybe the morning that Ellen has the girl from CSI:NY onÖGOD I love that show. I should by that on DVDÖjust another one to add to the list. In any case, it blows. But such is life.

Ok, I've had a few over the past month. One of the more prominent ones was where I was actually a CSI (yes, from the show) and I couldn't take my college finals because I had to do overtime to solve a murder. I woke up later and figured out I had already taken my finals. There was another one where I dreamed I had gone back to college without my ID, and I had to get my roomate to drop a rope from our window so I could get in. Those are the only ones I remember off the top of my head.

Ok, Iím about to sign off for the day, but now that Iím around with NOTHING to do (oh wait, haha, thatís been my life for the past 3 weeks!) Expect me to update a little more often. When Iím not glued to my monitor looking for fanfics, that is. Thanks again to everyone who sent me things for X-mas! They are all much appreciated and/or digested. Have a great week everyone! Oh, and remember, all new primetime shows have new episodes this week! Well, actually, I donít know if LOST doesÖbut all the CSIs and Stargates do, so IíM THERE, BABY! Toodles!


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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, I don't exactly have an excuse for not updating in a while. I got back home on the 9th from school, after finals ended. I found out yesterday, I got a C in math, Bs in art, spanish and public speaking, and an A in mythology. Thank god for mythology. I think it also helped i went to all the extra credit showings of Rome (the show from HBO, tis quite good, SomeGuy will tell you so), and hung out with the prof. at all his office hours.

Next semester I'm taking some regular history and English, 3-D art, more Spanish, and sociology. Whoop de doo. The nice thing is, I don't have classes at 7 at night anymore, like with my public speaking class. I kept missing CSI and stuff. Speaking of CSI, I watched CSI:Miami for the first time last night (hehe, Daniel Jackson from Stargate:SG-1 was on, haha) and how come that main character blonde dude (Horatio, I guess his name is) NEVER looks at anyone? When he wants to talk to someone, he just kinda, sneaks up behind them, looks at the sidewalk and starts talking. WHAT is his deal? Yeah, I still hate CSI:Miami and love the orginial CSI and CSI:NY. I also watched some episodes of Law and Order, SVU for the first time (There was a marathon on USA and I was uber-bored). That show's boring, but I like that dude, Elliot. Pretty good lookin for a bald guy.

I'm basically just looking for shows to fill the gap until new episodes of LOST and Stargate come back.

Where are you lookin, bub? Another thing that freaks me out about him is how deep his voice is. It's unnatural for a guy that looks like him. And that girl, how soft her voice is! Does she have strep or something? Yeah, the other CSIs from the other show could kick all their Southern asses in about 20 seconds. Sorry, my Floridian friends.

I'm also rewatching all my Lord of the Rings Extended Editions with and without cast commentary. Since I got an Extended Edition for X-mas like, every year except last year, it's only natural to keep the tradition alive. Tig. Tog.

Also in the time I've been home, I've seen Narnia twice, King Kong once, and a whole lot of trailers. Which brings me to my next segment:

(I'll make a banner for that at some point in time)
1. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2: Now don't get me wrong, I love me some pirates, especially hot ones like Orly and Johnny, but...does this actually have a plot? I mean, come on, they're rolling around in a GIANT BALL OF TWEED, for god's sakes! Maybe it's just cause it's a teaser, but it makes NO sense to me. And the dude with the shark head? It's like Street Sharks all over again.

2. MIAMI VICE: Ugh, Colin Ferrel, I'm gonna puke. This trailer had NO hint of a plot whatsoever. It was just people riding around on speed boats to the tune of that Linkin Park-Jay Z song. If I was the Park, I wouldn't have let them used my song with that trailer. Because now people will associate with f*cking suckiness. MAJOR turn-off.
3. THE DAVINCI CODE: Now, this looks like a great movie. The only thing I can complain about...WHAT is with Tom Hanks' mullet thing? Ooohhhh man, that's GOTTA go.
4. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3: I love me some J.J.Abrahms (creator/director of LOST and Alias, who also directed this movie), but...did anyone else glean some sort of a story line out of this movie? Cause I sure didn't. Perhaps though, the fact that it's a teaser trailer, and they just needed something with explosions and the like. Hopefully, it will kick MI:2's ass right off the radar, though.
5.CURIOUS GEORGE: Everybody loves monkeys!!! Right? RIGHT?

Ok, well, if you got through all that ranting, I salute you.

I don't feel like talking about my personal problems today. But it's still early enough for me to go watch Ellen, like a middle-aged housewife, but I think I'll do it anyways. Hope everyone has a great day!


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Friday, December 2, 2005

Hey guys! I know itís been a while. But next week is finals for me, so Iíve been trying to get in all my fun time (not study time, lol) while I can, along with creating lots more mind-bending works of art. Well, not mind bending. But some are pretty cool, Iíd say.

In any case, thanks for all your birthday wishes! They made me feel better because I was having a pretty crappy day. I donít really want to talk about it. But I got MarioKart DS, which is so great, except for the ungodly amount of blue turtle shellsÖIn any case, I basically love it. I also got some Alan Lee books and posters, which is really cool. Heís this really great LOTR artist that helped work on the movies.

But my personal favorite is the original star wars trilogy soundstracks. 6 discs of nothing but X-wing fanfare, baby!

Oh, and the best thing that happened to me today was I actually WON a contest! I won a Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD! Iím so excited, I never win anything, lol. Oh, I also got my Game Cube back today, which is really great, because I shipped it on Saturday, and it only took 5 days for them to receive, repair, and ship it back. Plus they also replaced the fan, which I didnít ask them to replace, and Cubey is in top condition now. So if you donít mind the semi-high costs of Nintendo factory repair, itís really worth it.

Unfortunately, my school wireless networkís a dipshit, because it wonít let me access heir wireless network with my Nintendo DS.

My computerís also acting funky. It turned itself off 6 times yesterday. I have to call the Toshiba people this weekend.

Donít expect me to really update at all this week, cause I have fianls, but after that I have 5 weeks of holiday break. Oh, I also took this picture in a parking lot to show everyone here:

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Silly DBZ geeks. Anywho, hope everyone has a great weekend!


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