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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Version Vibrant

So yeah, it looks pretty amazing. I'm still confused about how to access MyO (or is it Worlds now?). Cause, the backroom link from the main page doesn't take me back here. But whatever, I'll figure it out.

I have some new art up on DA. Feel free to ch-ch-check it out, as it's not anime art.

Speaking of which, do the tv/movies/books fandom mean they're taking more fanart and writing than just anime in order to compete with sites like Deviant Art? If so, bold move, Adam. Bold move. I guess since the site's so mainstream, I might have to start some stuff. More quizzes and essays and the like. I'm still pretty proud of that Bleach Personality Problem quiz, but I think a lot of people didn't "Get it". I.E., "Whaddya mean I'm like Chad? I'm like the hero! Ichigo!!1!!1"

No you're not, punk. Stop kidding yourself.

My World of Warcraft's broken for the week until I go home friday for spring break and can fix it. Long story. I kinda want to try out a roleplaying server though. Just for kicks. I want to create a troll shaman that hits on night elves, blood elves and human ladies. When asked why, his response will be "I have my own tusks, I don't need a girl with them." Lulz. Or since he's a troll, I guess "wit dem" would be more appropriate. Trolls are cool though. And they don't like the undead. Nor do I. I got lost in the Undercity the first time there with my little tauren guy. He didn't like it there either. Scary and stuff...

Don't let those lanterns fool you. It's not a happy place.

Just eww.

Anywhos, sorry for talking about WoW so long. Until I next update, so long!

EDIT: Ohhhh........

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