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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Ok, even though I'm not going to con until about november 3rd (I'm away in Vermont during all the summer cons) I decided the other night who I'm cosplaying! Yay! Is it any surprise that I'm cosplaying...

AHHHHHH, RENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appropriately, I've changed my name to Redji, lol! I'm SO excited, even though this is months away! My really REALLY good friend Aurus has said she would make my costume for me, cause I can't sew and Aurus COSPLAYING GODDESS. Check out her fantasticness here.

Anyways, I'm just uber, UBER excited. I even got some scrap wood from the art dept. to start making into ZABIMARU. it's about 4 feet long, and it's gonna be AWESOME. And while we're on the subject of cosplay, we did get a few cosplayers at our con, and these two girls were by far the best. As Soi Fon and Yourichi from Bleach, they drove down a few hours SOLELY FOR OUR CON. Yes, these two girls ROCK. If anyone on this site happens to know them (which I highly doubt, lol) tell them THEY ROCK!

Uh, not much else goin on. Cept me and Enin have been watching LOADS of You Tube, lol. Mainly every single blooper reel (including X-Files, King Kong, X-men, POTC, Kenshin, Firefly, and LOST) and every single episode of Justice League Unlimited on it. Basically cause I never get to see it on tv for some reason or other. But there's LOADS of great Flash and Question clips on there, so you should check them out if you've got hours to waste, and homework to put off, lol!

Oh yeah, I've also been doing loads of artwork, including experimenting with Photoshop, and doing Disney Warrior Princesses. You can check out my mad stuff here.

Yay, Hellboy! I'm so excited for the sequel!

By the way, I think it's about damn time for a Movie Theme! So for roughly a week, I'll be doing the same type of movie! This week:

DOCUMENTARY DAZE (Banner to come later)
All the movies are documentaries! Hopefully you'll see them, cause they're GOOD.

"We're not going for a hug. We're going for a f*cking gold medal."

Ok boy and girls, time for me to get back to drawing and sleeping and eating, and generally being a lazy college kid and watching X-Play, lol. Have a great weekend!

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