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Friday, March 31, 2006


Heh, I guess I owe you guys an update, eh?

Well, first off, I got my Batman Beyond and Samurai 7 vol.5 DVDs on Tueday, and since my 3-hour art class was cancelled, I speant all day watching them! Batman was WONDERFUL. It was so good seeing him again. They didn't improve the visual quality much, and there's not alot of special features, but the sound's improved (ESPECIALLY compared to download-em yourself You Tube versions) and it was nice to watch it on my widescreen laptop instead of a tiny window that's 3x3 inches.

"Aw crap, I'm missing the Daily Show!"

As for the Samurai 7 DVD, it was weird. It felt like a totally different show from the last disc. I mean, people jjust goin off on their own and what not, with not much explanations, and weird, stalker-pansy guy randomly becoming emporer...I mean what the heck? What is that all about? Very, very weird stuff.

"Look at all this rice! If only I could remember how to use chopsticks..."

In other news, there was an N64 MarioKart Tourney today! I didn't do that well. First off, out of 25 people, I was the only girl there (I wore my "I AM SAMUS." baby-doll t-shirt) and then since I have'nt played N64 in a while, I really wasn't taht good. I sorta had fun, though. And we all did on big screen in a lecture hall. I think there's probably gonna be another tourney in the future, but it will be SSBM. I suggested they do it on game cube, but I think most people there like N64.

I won't be around much this weekend, cause we're having CNUCon! I'm gonna volenteer, so I'll probably be abouncer or something. I'll take lots of pics, though. I have to put them up in the Anime Club showcase, anyways.

For those of you who are new to the program, basically what happens is every day (that I feel like it), I will give you a quote from a movie, with a picture from the one before it. Since we don't have a previous quote (that I can find), no picture, but here's a good quote to start off with. Feel free to guess, even if you're clueless, but don't cheat and type the quote into a search engine in order to impress me, or anyone who reads my page. We will not be. Impressed, that is, lol. And without further adue...

"Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?"
"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

Ok, time to get back to guessin, folks. I hope if you're new, you like my game. Everyone have a great Friday!

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