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Monday, February 25, 2008

For thoseof you not up to speed...

I leave my dishes in my room or on the countertop so I don't clean up other peoples. Usually I leave them for a day or so, cause I don't like cleaning things up straight away, but I DO clean them. Anyways, I had left a bunch of stuff out last week that I was gonna clean after my class, but my roomate was SOOOO hungry i suppose, she cleaned them all up and didn't say anything. So anyways, I come back last Tuesday and found this:


Since there's only two of us that use the kitchen to make more than something with the microwave, it was obvious who it was from. I found this note to be very hypocritcal considering last semester said roomate left pots of grease on the stove for 3-4 weeks, and when I DID ask her TO HER FACE what she was going to do with it, her reply was "I'm saving it." Anyways, I left this note as a reply:


**EDIT**Sorry I dont have the actual pictures up, I've been having a lot of computer+network problems lately. You'll just have to take 30 seconds out of your busy blog browsing life to see. But I promise you'll enjoy it.

It's obvious she's not used to getting talked back to. She's just that kind of overbearing person. So I think this came as a real shock. But hey, she insulted me. She had it coming. Anyway, I guess I won cause when I came back after a few hours, there was no reply and a new bottle of dishsoap.

She's tried to keep something going (for what purpose I can't even imagine) by sending me icy glares and the like. Friday she came into my and my roomate's room, offered my roomate candy in front of me, ("My mom sent me a WHOLE box, I don't know what to do with it, haha") and then left.

I don't much care, cause I already ignored her, but I think she's trying to piss me off. Not really sure, since she's not actually capable of speaking to my face about it...

Anyways, next year I'm applying by myself to just get thrown in a room with 3 random people. I hate my roomates that much. *shrug* Used to it now.

Oscars were ok. I particularly enjoyed the Oscar Tribute to Binoculars and Perescopes.

John Stewart really had no shame. It was good. I also enjoyed Tilda Swinton's (White Witch in Narina)speech:

"Happy Birthday, man. I have an American agent who is really truly the spitting image of this [her award]. The shape of the headů and it must be said, the buttocks."

She also made fun of George Clooney in Batman and Robin in her speech. To his face. He was in the front row.

TimeChaser was probably horrified.

A close second in my book was the Cohen Brother's speech. You just had to see it.

And thank GOD, Enchanted didn't win best song. GO ONCE! I liked that August Rush song alot too. But Eddie Vedder was totally cheated in that category for writing the ENTIRE sountrack to Into the Wild. Lead singer of my fav grunge band ever. Poooooooooor Eddiiiiiieeeeeee. Also a native of Vancouver. Maybe the Academy just doesn't like Canadians.

I'm not gonna talk about the dresses and crap, except to say the people that usually look gorgeous did.

Oh, and a stripper won best original screenplay. OUTSTANDING!

Peace out cub scouts.

*The ORIGINAL Red, you scene stealing HACK*

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Singles Appreciate Day.

Today I think I might just go get a nice cup of coffee and pick up the Cowboy Bebop Anime Legends collection on DVD. It's only like, 45 bucks or something. It is one of my fav series.

Not much goin on outside of school and WoW. I must say though, my web writing teacher is rather impressed with both my knowledge of the internet and HTML. The latter's pretty much all thanks to Shanny and Petie. For getting me goin in the early days. And Petie still edits my crap. So thanks for that. I'd only say I'd have an intermediate knowledge, but it's served me pretty well so far.

FINALLY got Clone Wars Season 1 off iTunes. I really needed to see that Kit Fisto episode. He's my favorite fishy Jedi.

It's Kit Fisto and he's coming to KILL YOU.

I love Clone Wars. Jedis don't have second thoughts about killing people. They do what needs to be done. Which is how it should be. None of "I HATE YOU", leave him to die crapola. Obi Wan shoulda finished him off. Could have saved their galaxy a loooooot of trouble.

But whatever. It's water under the bridge.

Now because I was so busy searching for a picture of burning anakin that I did not find, i forgot what else I was gonna say.

Oh yeah! We started watching Baccano! in the club. It's pretty awesome. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but it's pretty awesome. Like, 30s Mafia, killer, fedora, alchemy, awesome.

See that guy in the top left with the fedora? I spend alot of time yelling to other people that he's Aizen.

Also, there are silly 30s American names for everyhing. Alot of the series takes place on a train called "The Flying Pussyfoot".

The days I can't go to meetings they started Lucky Star. Which I wanted to see. My friend says it's not that good though. Hm.

Also having alot of computer troubles as of late. A virus that my comptuer doesn't notice that changes all the screencaps on YOuTube to adds for girls with webcams, some pages randomly stopped working on my comp like Facebook, and the satellite radio, and it's all getting extremely frustrating. I can't get new virus protection cause then my school wont let me on the network at all.

Super Smash Brothers needs to be out RIGHT NOW.

Hope everything's going well for everyone. Happy V-Day!

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Video Blog #1!

I need a webcam.

Let me know what you think.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Yosh! First Week of School Completed!

So, this semester I'm taking all English courses. One's a kinda introduction to reading literature course that's a requirement. I'd say it would seem easy, except the teacher made this very clear:

"If I ask for a 10 page paper, and you give me a 10 page paper, you are meeting my expectations. That is a C. If you fail to meet my expectations in that you give me less than a 10 page paper, that is an F."

Yikes. Luckily, that's my MWF class, and it's at 1 PM.

My other 3 classes are Satire (very intereting, but unfortunately a a lot of spoiled movies), News Writing and Reporting (seems promising!) and Web Page writing (I'd like to feel I've got this one in the bag, but I don't know yet...). I'm going to try and be diligent this semester and do all my homework in the afternoons so I can socialize and play Warcraft at night (only two levels away from my first mount, YAY.)

Also working on a few Warcraft comics, and one Zelda one. No anime ones at the moment. No, not even Pokemon. Sorry.

Saw Superman: Doomsday. The major thing my friends and I concluded from it was DC cartoons need to skip over the televising thing way more in the future. Also, as high as my respect for the producer Bruce Timm (same guy who produced original animated Batman and Superman, Batman Beyond and Justice League) just skyrocketed. Like SomeGuy's been saying all along, go out and see it. Even if you're not a Supes fan. Totally worth it.

[Also some very yaoi subtext].

Actual line in the movie.

Other than that, just keepin it real. Woo, new Stargate on tonight! Ha-chaa! Hope everyone is doing well, and if you're not, it's only January, you still have lots of time to work it out. ^_^

Good day, my friends!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tis a sad day in Azeroth...

So I got to school and my computer totally doesn't support World of Warcraft anymore. Which makes me sad. So while I'm investigating my hardware and getting updates and trouble shooting and e-mailing help desks, I guess it's back to updating.

Which I do miss. So I guess you guys need some pics from my LA trip I took like 3 weeks ago? Ok, we'll start with the Warner Brothers studio.

So yes, this is the actual Ford Harry and Ron drove. There was a much bigger Harry Potter prop room in the museum that had everything from every movie, but no pictures aloud. Same thing with the room that had all the 300 stuff. We could take pictures of these though:

They only had stuff from the WORST BATMAN MOVIE EVER, BATMAN AND ROBIN, which I was kinda dissapointed by. I did by a huge Batman mug. Seriously, this thing's like, a quarter gallon. Guess Batman needs his coffee.

So, while on the tour, the guide stopped at this point and asked us why there was no water in the tower anymore. I said "Cause the Animaniacs live in it?" He seemed genuinely surprised that someone knew the answer, and asked me to sing the song. However, I refused.

"This is the place where the famous Upside-Down Spidey Kiss Scene was shot!"

They actually do call it "Spiderman Alley" on the lot.

You might recognize this street from a few different movies such as Road to Perdition and Rent:

Every time there's a new movie, they have reserches reserch the architecture, and then strip down all the faces of the buildings, lamp posts, parking meters, pretty much anything you can imagine. They have a metal works shop on site (they made all the POTC metal things there, we saw the lamps as proof) that other studios come in and use as well.

There's also a rural town area where things like Gilmore Girls, the Music Man and the final episode of Seinfeld was shot.

They do have a storage prop facility on site that other studios borrow from as well. And perfectly preserved in that warehouse was...

Oh em gee, CENTRAL PERK!

You couldn't actually step in the set, but it was pretty awesome. Those are my cuz's by the way.

So if you do go to LA (or if you live there) check out the WB tour. It's really awesome. We also visited the set of Two and a Half men, haha.

That's it for tonight! Take it easy everyone!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Happy New Year! A bit late! But hey, that's me!

Sooooo...that's where I've been the past 4 weeks. I know, I've totally thrown away any semblance of a social life I've ever had. But god, it's so addicting! And so fun!

Also, if any of you are Horde and are upset by this message, get a life, it's a goddamned game.

But seriously, I got the headphones and everything. And in only 29 more levels, I'll be pickin up the expansion pack! Do dee do!

Other than that, tv sucks. I've never looked forward to American Idol so much in my life.

So, once again, sorry to all my friends for being an unsocial twat. I got headphones now, that are supposed to work with MSN, so yay that...

Take care everyone!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxer Day!

So I hope everyone had a great christmas, and if you don't celebrate it, I hope you had a nice day off, cause no one else is workin.

I came off with a pretty good haul this year. No real surprises. Except my mom bought me Nintendogs cause it was "just too cute". I said "is this so i can play with fake dogs when my real ones are away?"

But I also got a new RED DS lite with Zelda and FFXII Radiant Whatever.

"Mercy me, is everything you own red?"


Didn't get Brain Age 2, but my mom got Brain Age for herself which I was pretty surprised at. Didn't think she'd give into that one.

I also got a new tablet! I'm experimenting with pixel art in photoshop, but I also might make some comics in a few weeks. I'm takin off till the 6th from art, cause tomorrow my family's going to Pasadena to go to the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade, as my uncle's on the committee. It's gonna be sweet, we'll get to see the floats being made int the warehouse.

It's almost sickening the amount of effort people put into these things.

God, I hope I see these guys.

That reminds me, I also got the Star Wars pop up guide to the galaxy!

I'm pretty sure my parents think I'm reverting back to childhood, or becoming retarded, so I guess Stephen Colbert must be too.

Also. Bleach looks AMAZING on wide screen HD, and the uncut box set art is AWESOME. Course, the last time I watched subbed bleach was in 2004 and the screen was 3"x3". Still. It's worth seeing.

Fun fact! Apparently CNN declared my town the 8th richest town in the US, and Dick Cheyney's daughter moved here a short time ago, a fact I was not aware of.

Welcome to town, Mary. Hope the Safeway is too your liking. As is the Irish Pup.

Hope everyone takes it easy, and enjoy some days of playing with toys! I'll write and post pictures when we get back, because we are ALSO going to the WB Studios, and I am DYING to see something Batman or Harry Potter related.

Maybe I'll see Larry David, too.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Shit son, you need an update!

Well, I gave into the pressure and downloaded the free 10 day trial of World of Warcraft today. I'll probably buy it. I've played for about 4 hours now, and am a Level 8 female Night Elf Hunter.

Some guy tried saying poetry to me and then asking me what I thought, and then flirting and doing this thing where "such and such lies down in front of you" and this was while I was fighting beasties, and he followed me out of town and kept turning invisible and shit, and I was like "dude I'm busy" but finally after much more ignoring he left me alone.

People online are WEIRD.

But anyways, lots of fun. And even though i started Win Waker again a few days ago, I've played that before, so it's like meh, I need something new.

I also finished what turned out to be an incredibly depressing (but really amazing book) today that I've been reading since Sunday called In The Wood about an Irish homicide detective. It was really, really well-written.

Speaking of depressing, I also saw I Am Legend yesterday. Course, my friend and I went to see it in DC, which was stupid, cause it took us forever in rush hour to get to the Metro stop, and then the actual metro ride, and then the fare machine ate my 20, so now I have a 17 dollar fare card, and then we missed the previews (BATMAN!!! *SOB*). But the movie was amazing, but I cried. Because it was depressing. You have a feeling what happens but still.

Will Smith is AMAZING. Considering he was acting by himself for 85% of the movie, the man was AWESOME. It's like the new Castaway.

After that, we went out drinking. I discovered I might have a somewhat high tolerance for alcohol. I had two beers to get a buzz, and my friend got a buzz after like, half a beer and mine wore off in about 20 minutes and wasn't very strong, and I hadn't had anything to eat since 11 AM and that was the most alcohol I'd ever had. Course, I'm not really eager to go on a binge and test my limits either.

Woo, fellas, there's a keeper.

So yeah, that's it from here. I dunno when I'll update next, so in case I don't, Merry Christmas everyone, good luck getting your last minute gifts! I can't believe it's only 5 days away...

Take it easy!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home again...

So, I'm home once again. Yay! Not much to write about. I think I did pretty horribly on my Chinese final. But I'm just so happy to be home. I had to get new blinds today, but now it doesn't look like big black planes of glass.

Course, in my heart I know it's all for nothing cause my dad told me today he and my mom would essentially be moving out of the house I've lived most of my life in the next 2-3 years. I knew they were goning to, but I thought I had like at least 6 years of time to prepare. Not so, apparently.

So I told my dad what I planned to use my birthday money for, first telling him I planned to go to a con in Toronto to which his reply was kinda a desperate sounding "Oh my god." When he asked me if I was going with anyone I knew, I said a couple of friends from the Internet to which he about died. Then I tried to defend and Enin and Nami-chan's honor, saying what respectable people they were, and that they had jobs, and went to school, yadda yadda yadda, and I thought he'd explode if I mentioned that 1-2 other men were going to come, so I did not get a chance to defend Schultzie's and SomeGuy's honor, my apologies. Sooooooooooo...basically it boils down to more lying to my parents and at some point I'll probably have to say I've met Duo in person before she comes to my house. I.E. "she came to a technician's conference in DC and we hung out for an afternoon..." which could be the best thing I'd come up with. Ugh, it's going to be a trial. If all else fails, I'll hide her in the basement.


So, just watchin tv, playin video games, the usual. If anyone has some Wii games they wanna play online with me, I'll be around. Just let me know. Or DS ones too, I spose.

Take it easy, everyone.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"You can feel his heart but you know he's mean!"

So, I wasn't originally going to post as I have a Batman Returns paper due today as well as a women's lit final, but between not getting much done anyway and having a really weird dream, I feel it's time for yet another installment of...


It's been a while, so for those of you new to the program, basically I just recount my weird ass-dreams. But today I tried something new in which I tried deciphering it as well.

So in my dream I was a lioness who first watched my cub be killed by antelopes, and then I myself was running from humans, while wounded, who were chasing me with guns. Then George W. Bush ran out in his Texas garb and a shotgun, and I was like "I am NOT fuckin gettin killed by Bush!" and I became even more ferocious in my attempt to escape. And then I woke up.

So, according to the most Googled Dream Dictionary on the net, being a lion/seeing one means that I am aggressive and powerful, but being shot by a gun means that I am struggling with some authority. Being covered in blood means I am suffering from physical or emotional exhaustion, and seeing the president just means I my feelings about the president came out, which were pretty much "Fuck him." So, all in all, I didn't really learn anything new and in conclusion I need to stop re-reading Pride of Bahgdad so much.

So, that essentially amounted to nothing.

Also wanted to talk a bit about Batman Retuns, namely why is Batman such a douche? I mean, not in comparison with Forever and Bats and Robin *cough*TimeChaser likes Batman nipples*cough*, but he was still pretty like, a total looser around woman. Can't believe he fell for Catwoman's tricks so easily! The new Batman would never fall for that woman crap. Or the comic Batman.

I also wrote in my paper that I think they wrote in Max Shrek's role just to have Christopher Walken in the movie.

Our professor was pretty liberal on what the paper should actually contain.

But I really love Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, despite her role being written as some kind of uber-feminist dominatrix.

Not much else to talk about, except one really creepy thing. I bought a Star Wars poster off Allposters.com yesterday, and then I went onto Facebook later and it was like "Alex bought a poster off Allposters.com!!" I was just kinda like "ba...wha?" Freaky.

And also, does anyone else know the story about Velvet Revolver not being allowed into the country of Japan? The SatRad station I listened to says they're not allowed in due to numerous law violations and stuff...which is why it's strange to me that the cast of Jackass would be let in but not Slash and the boys. Ah well.

Sorry guys. I guess despite your tight pants you're just not queer enough to fit in with the J-Rock crowd.

Take it easy, everyone!

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