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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh, HEY there!

Well, this will probably be the last you see of me for a time. Starting June 3rd, I'm going to work at camp in Vermont until August 19th. So first off, hope everyone has a great summer.

Been wondering what I've been up to? Well, I'll tell you, little man (or woman).

1. Comics. Not only have I been keeping up to date with my Ultimate Spidey and X-men, but I just bought an Ultimates comic today. Didn't think I was a fan, but man, they're all great! Thor's a hippie, Ironman's a hottie, Cap America's just, well, cool, Wasp uses her feminie wiles to get the Hulk's attention (as Nick Fury put it, the 'Mardi Gras Special'), and the Hulk eats people. I mean, come on, you can't get much grittier than that. It rocks my world.

Hate to say it, but with the shody writing that's been running the JLA as of late, looks like the Ultimates are my new fallback superhero group. Course, I also read a Teen Titans comic in the store that turned me on, so they might take the JLA's place on my shelf. And these ain't your cartoon network teen titans either.

For instance, Slade (or Deathstroke, as the non-censored comic world calls who is arguably the most powerful merc in the DC universe) blows out the knee cap of a 13-year old boy. It's true what they say on that tv commercial. "These ain't your Daddy's comics."

Also got into a les-known Vertigo title called Fables. BAsically it's about Fairy Tale characters living in Manhattan. Just with added twists of sex, drugs, violence, and murder. Want to know just how violent? For starters, Goldilocks blows out the back of Snow White's head with a high-powered rifle.

It's really inovative, and I'd totally reccomend it to anyone who's into any kind of graphic novel, or likes the grittier side of Fairy Tales. BTW, that's Shere Khan on the cover there, hangin with Snow White's sister, Rose Red. The art in these things is fantastic, ESPECIALLY the cover art.

Went up to Lancaster, PA this weekend to visit the most authoritive experts on archery in the States, and one of the top 3 in the world. Don't believe me? Their biggest customer is the Chinese government. Anyways, my dad and I spent big buckaroos on a new bow for me to teach with that is Olympic level. Want some pics? I thought so.

I named it an Elvish name, but it's personal, so I only tell a few people. Oh, and that's a US Soccer Jersey I'm wearing. That was the day we beat Venezuela 2-0. We're goin to the World Cup, baby. Our current slogan is "Don't Tread On Me."

Don't think there's anything else you really missed. Let's see, seasons of everything I like are all over, been watching lots of tv, finally saw FF:AC (but I guess you have to have played the game to totally get it all), watched alot of E3 coverage on G4 (best channel ever, thanks in part to Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb), gone swimming, got a haircut, been packing (unsuccessfully) for camp, got the new Tool (TOTALLY ROCKS MY EFFIN SOCKS) and Pearl Jam CDs, got pretty bad final semester grades, took a ride in a Dodge Viper, and am generally taking a holiday from the world with just me, Spiderman, the X-men (only see the new movie if you're a fan of the comic, normal movie-goers wont like it), and the Ultimates, not to mention a few random anime eps on You Tube (can Bleach stop with the totally cliche vampire fillers that make NO sense already?!?!) and lots of Diet Coke.

Have a great summer everyone!

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