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Monday, November 17, 2008






Admittedly, I have had issues getting online.

Two weeks ago (about a week after my old internet was officially cancelled), I phoned up AOL after getting their number off a work colleague of mine.

I phone them up. I phoned Mum up to tell them about the packages they offered. Then I phoned AOL back up to accept a package.

Last Wednesday, my router and easy-install pack came through. I was VERY happy. But confused, because I didn't have the right user ID and password to set it up (booooo).

So, on Saturday, another letter (one of A LOT) came from AOL, containing my network user ID and network password. I ate it.

Well, no, that last bit was a lie. I tried to install the router, aaaaaaand, it didn't work. So, I tried again yesterday, aaaaaaaand, it didn't work.

So, I tried again earlier, aaaaaaaaand, it didn't work.

You can probably tell how FRUSTRATED I was getting, lmao.

So, I just phoned up AOL, spoke (well, listened) to a lot of automated messages, got bored as they weren't helping me anyway, so I pressed zero to speak to a real person, and at first I couldn't understand a word he was saying. Oddly, he wasn't Irish, either (the AOL centre over here in in Ireland).

So, I explained my problem to him (that when I entered my network ID and password, it tried to connect to AOL, and it wouldn't work), and he talked me through how to connect to the internet manually.

Hang on, I'm getting confused... Lemme think for a minute.


... I'm done. So, my internet light came on on my shiny new router, and I was happy! He told me to open internet explorer, and I happily did so. Do you know what it came up with? MY HOTMAIL INBOX! YAAAAAY!

So, I had internet! But, that was with the yellow ethernet cable attached to my laptop. The nice AOL man asked if I was hoping to go wireless, too. I said yes.

So, he talked me through it all. We went to my router's website, we connected, I have a password, we went back to my desktop, we connected, I entered my password...


So, then we ended our call... I still don't actually have AOL installed on my laptop, but he said it should work now when I use the CD, or I can get it off their website.

I don't care if AOL isn't installed on the laptop. I HAVE INTERWEBS! YAY!

I have to go now, though. We're having our kitchen completely done over, and the men have just turned back up. One of them is a Spongebob fan.

I shall post tomorrow. Many times. Well, no. Just the once XD

I'm happy =D

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Friday, October 31, 2008



Well, no, I'm not. I'm actually at the library, blagging their internet. I really want to keep uploading my stories to fanfiction.net as well, but the library's internet don't like the site =( It never loads...



I've got a pumpkin. I'm going to carve it later... Guess what face I'm going to carve into it?



I think it SHOULD be relatively easy... But then, I've never carved a pumpkin before, so I may have issues. I have drawn Kai's face before, though... So all might be well. If it looks quite good... I shall find a way of uploading it and showing you guys the next time I find some internet.

I'm not coming back to the library unless I'm REALLY desperate. Which I am. So you'll probably hear from me again on Monday XD Or maybe tomorrow after I finish work... And then again on Monday XD

I to find a different way of submitting my stories, though... I'm actually very pissed off that the library comptuers/internet refuses to load fanfic.net... I spent ú10 on a USB memory pen to move my stories from my laptop to the library computer, and then the library won't let me on the damn site! Not amused.

Oooh... Work-wise... It's all good. Me and new Team Leader Dave actually get on quite well XD He's probably the only member of staff other than my Mother and Andrea who actually treats me like a Team Leader, too. Like, if he's on till, and me and someone else are milling around doing work, he'll ring two bells (for a manager) for me! He's lovely.

We had fun last night. Oo-er! No, yesterday we were REALLY short staffed. They moved Susan to a shift in the morning, then had me come in at 2pm (so I was working a full nine hour shift - 2-11pm, the same as Dave), and then we only had Carol until 5.30pm, and Matt left around the same time as Carol... So from 5.30, it was just me and Dave running the shop until we closed. Nightmare. Luckily, because of the shit weather, it's not been very busy lately, and it was really quiet last night, so everything got done OK (except a bit of the delivery - which also turned up very late).

Erm... Oh, this is weird. I'm so used to using my laptop, that I just tried to scroll down a bit where the little mouse pad would normally be XD But, the library computers are desk tops and DON'T HAVE mouse pads XD

Another thing that's uber weird... These library computers are Windows XP... I'm so used to Windows Vista now XD I just tried to scroll again with the invisible mouse pad XD Anyway, yeah... I prefer Vista to XP, lol. Everyone I know hates Vista and say it's crap, but I actually quite like it... Lol. Alright, you can't have anything old installed onto it, because it shouts "NOOO!" in a big booming voice (sort of)... But I still like it XD

Wow... Went into a rant about Vsita XD I must be off now *hears all of you going "awww, why?" lol*. I need to see if I can actually find a way onto fanfiction.net. I mean, I can get onto my hotmail, and read my reviews and PM's, but it won't let me reply to them, because I need to go on the damn fiction website *shakes fist*. There must be a way...

Until next time, folks!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK, how many of you actually shit yourselves when visiting my site, and then seeing all of those zombies staring at you? XD It even scared me, and that's saying something XD

Wallpaper courtesy of the zombies from the film 'Shaun Of The Dead'. That has to be one of my favourite films. It's so fucking funny. Simon Pegg is teh sex X3

Captain Jack is staying in my intro, though, because that is one funny LOL XD

Talking of LOLs...

Oh, meh, gosh. i totally love the one with the rabbit humping the cat XD And the disgruntled employee one... And the one with the cat pulling a face... And the dangerous trees XD And the lion... OK, I like all of them XD

Actually, the rabbit/cat reminds me of a programme we were watching earlier. It's called "Outtake TV", where they show a whole load of things that didn't make it into programmes, and there was this Australian bloke, with kangaroos in the background.

Anyway, this male kangaroo was rolling around in the background, and they'd balnked out his willy, because it was obviously... On show. Anyway, this kangaroo was rolling around, and then it sat up, and you could see it masturbating!! Oh my God, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life... The bloke doing the interview just turned around and laughed...

It was hilarious...

... Anyway, I hope you like my new theme XD And erm... I don't when I'll be online again, because my internet's cancelled tomorrow, isn't it??

Well, if it doesn't get cancelled, I'll post on Tuesday. If I don't post then, you'll know I have no internet for a while, lol.


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Thursday, October 23, 2008


6 comments!! Wow! Admittedly, three of them were silver star rose (who seems to have awoken from the dead... Let's see when her next post will be XP)...But that's not the point!! XD

I just uploaded one of the most confusing fanfictions EVER. It was based on one of my own dreams... And I just got lost and confused writing it... XD

I stayed up late last night. Until, like 2am. I got home from work at about 11.10pm XD But yes... I stayed up late... Watching... Stuff. XD So I'm exhausted.

I need to write my Halloween fanfictions and upload them tomorrow, and also do my Halloween theme for here tomorrow.

'Why?' You ask? Because on Monday, and for sure, this time... My internet WILL be cancelled. And if it doesn't, then I'm going to give up cancelling it, and just live with the internet I've got XD But if it does get cnacelled, I'll be offline for a while, until Mum sorts out new internet. I'm thinking Sky or AOL. Though, we looked into Sky internet, and they're a bit complicated... So I might just say "eh, let's go for AOL". But then, if it doesn't cancel, I'll just stick with this. It's not so bad now that I've changed the DSL cable XD

Time for LOLs!

You know the one with the walnut halves?? That's a TESCO product XD I work for TESCO... LOL. I thought I'd make a connection there... The dangerous barbed wire makes me laugh... Dangerous barbed wire? As opposed to the non-dangerous kind? Hahahaha... I have a dangerous trees one, somewhere, too... That'll be uploaded tomorrow... XD

Anyhoo, I must be off... Baths to have, fics to write, sleep to get, work to go to, etc... Toodles!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

   *Shakes Fist At Photobucket, My Rabbit, Dave The New Team Leader, And Cyclists*

Photobucket:- I am ATTEMPTING to upload some LOLs ready for later on this post. But, just as I'm selecting the files to upload, and just about to press the upload button, the bloody thing scrolls all over the place, and I end up clicking that 'effing 'remix' button, and now I have to start again!! GRRR!

My Rabbit:- He just did a huge poo on my bed. I don't know why all of his poos aren't normal rabbit-sized pellet poos, but the ones he does his cage are. But the one he did on my bed, STANK, was HUGE, and WET. I was not impressed.

Cyclists:- Got stuck behind one on my way to work yesterday. Weaving all over the damn road. Some people just need to be taught how to ride a bike properly...

Dave The New Team Leader: Soo... I spent an hour with him. He's... Quiet. Andrea introduced us. He shook my hand. WHY? Is it the right thing to do, Team Leader to Team Leader? Is that what Team Leader need to do? Is that what cheeky little Team Leaders need to do when they've stolen someone else's job?

Sorry... Off point, there. Andrea introduced us, and, like I said, he shook my hand. Andrea introduced me as "Emma, who is waiting to be Team Leader". He scowled when she said that, so I scowled back, secretly thinking "yes, Davie-boy, you, you little fucker, STOLE my job!". I can see we're going to get along like a house on fire XD Andrea also told him that I pretty much know everything about the shop, how to open it, how to close it, what jobs need to get done, and all that malarky =P She told him that if he needed help with anything, and he was on shift with me, then to come to me XD

I had to hand over my store keys =( But, to be fair, I knew they were only given to me temporarily. They have to go to Ian, because he's the new site manager. Cheryl (Ex-Team Leader Rich's wife, also of Team Leader status, but only works three days a week) was given Rich's keys by Rich, and he told her "oh yes, these keys are now yours", and Andrea comes along and tells Cheryl that she needs to give her keys to Dave, because he's the new full-time Team Leader, and she isn't. She apparently cried. I think something was mentioned about me, AGAIN. She always seems to bring it back to me =S It was probably something like "oh, but Emma's gets to keep her keys". No, love. I don't. They were never my keys. They're the store manager's keys. I just had to use them for the two weeks that I was running shifts, the silly moose.

Me and Cheryl don't really get along that well. Lol.

Like Ange *scowls*. I can't stand Ange, the sour-face old cow. She must be approaching 80 years old. Hahahaha, nah, she's not that old, but she is old.

I get to work with Ian tonight. I met him last night, too, actually. He seems quite nice, and more talkative than Dave XD Andrea's also told Ian that if he needs help, or little reminders, then to come to me XD I seem to rock... Oh God, we've got Dale on tonight, too. I still can't stand him, the smarmy, big-chinned freak (again, nothing against big-chins... His is just... TOO big, though).

Magical Elves!! Sorry, we have Magical Elves at our shop again!! They're little chocolate bars, with popping candy in them. They're fantastic XD

Anyway, time for the LOLz, and then I must be off to write some fanfiction-ness XD

... I love them all XD


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I LOVE the Jack Sparrow LOL in my intro... It made me laugh like mad when I saw it. I have a Davy Jones one somewhere, too... Going on about a bucket XD

I'm currently eating apple pies and custard. Note: They're little apple pies, not huge ones. Then I would just be fat XD I am anyway... But that's beside the point.

I have work tonight. With the NEW Team Leader (Rich the old Team Leader has departed us). I don't know if I'm going to get on with Dave the Team Leader or not... Considering he STOLE my job. Yes, it was ME who was supposed to be the new Team Leader, but noooooo, area manager bitchface Debbie decides to bring an idiot to our store...

Sorry XD Little rant, there... Apparently, I know more than him about the Team Leader job anyway, so I shall prove that I am BETTER than him, and then he will leave the shop, and then it will be ME who will become Team Leader XD Unless of course, Debbie shoves her fat nose in things again, and brings another dude in to be Team Leader. Then I shall complain, tell them to shove their job up their arses, and report them for being unfair. Because you can actually do that... And I was going to do that when they told me that Dave would be coming to do the job instead of me. But I didn't...

... And there I go again, ranting XD Eh, it's been ages since I've had a proper rant XD

My sister is home today. She's off school, because she's "ill". My arse. She's just stuffed her face full of my shortbread biscuits!!

Mmmmm, pie...

Sorry for not commenting back. I will one day have the energy to *rolls eyes.

Anyway, time for LOLs. I think we all need them in this time of financial crisis... Personally, I'm not suffering that bad XD

The pelican makes me laugh... If anyone doesn't understand why he's searching for a bucket... Well, on icanhascheezburger, someone started a walrus trend. As in, on a walrus picture, they would always mention something about stealing the walrus' bucket. Now the pelicans are helping search, and... I'll shut up XD It's just mad. In simple terms, the walrus' have lost their buckets. XD

Anyhoo, I must be off... Toodloo!!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

   I'm Good...


Did you know, that if you double click in that there box where you write the title of the post, it comes up with EVERY post title you've like, EVER written!! Well, more like, every post title you've ever written on the computer you're currently on!! Try it!! I found some of the fucking funniest titles I've ever given XD

Anyway, yeah. Last post was a bit mad. I was fearing that I had a crush on someone, but I really don't. It's all good XD

I'll put up some LOLs now, because I actually have nothing else to say, and I have a lot of fictions to write XD

I love the Amy Winehouse one XD Fantastic...


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, Shit.

... Just that.


Like, seriously.

I NEEEEEEED to spill my heart out to you guys! I need to tell everything!! BUT I CAAAAN'T!!

For the fear that the wrong person may read this.






Ah, shit.

I don't think I commented people back... I don't think I posted over the weekend.

Then again, my weekends get very busy.

Don't expect a post tomorrow or Thursday. I'm working 2pm-11pm both those days.

I am quite looking forward to Thursday.


Shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup, shutup....


Help. Me.


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Friday, October 10, 2008


Sorry... I would explain the title... But for that, I would have upload a LOL. And I can't be doing with faffing around with Photobucket today XD

I'm literally falling asleep... I am in bed, though. Snuggled up. Warm. That probably doesn't help XD

I'm about to order a new bed... I need a new bed. I need a new wardrobe. But I have a new wardrobe. So therefore, I don't need a new wardrobe, just a new bed.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, brain!


I think I've found the bed I saw in the catalogue (I'm ordering it online, though), but I can't be sure. And it says 'Sorry, this product is not available until October'.


It is October.


I'm gonna have to go and get the catalogue XD And my debit card. And my discount card. XD

Right, I've found the bed in the catalogue, and it's not the one that I'm looking at online. It is on the same page, though XD

I just thought, I'm going to need to buy new sheets. As I only have a single bed currently, and the one I'm going to order is a DOUBLE bed =D More space to sleep! YAY!







It's OK. It's got a 'email me when back in stock' button.

I'm going to press it.

I've pressed it.

Now I need to sign up *rolls eyes*.

Right, I've signed up to TESCO.com (hence why I'm using my discount card - this bed will normally cost people ú139, but because I have 10% discount... I think it should cost me ú125.10. That's if my discount card counts online).

Right, I'm now tracking the bed. To see whether it ever comes back in stock XD Jesus Christ... So much bloody hassel... Lol.

Anyhoo, I must be off. To sleep.



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Thursday, October 9, 2008

   Oooooh Noooooooo!

I'm exhausted. I may have to catch a few extra Z's before I go to work...

I had the weirdest dream last night... Seriously. I don't even want to talk about it. For the fear that someone who I don't want to read it, will read it, and report back to the person the dream was about...

That probably made no sense. If it didn't, then good. It means it can't be deciphered.

I need to write another chapter to one of my fanfictions. I already have two Halloween fanfictions planned. One yaoi, one not. Both are oneshots.

I really want to write a oneshot today, but I have no inspiration =( So I'll just have to write another chapter in a bit... What I'll do, is finish this post, go and have a bath, write a chapter, and then go to sleep, then get ready for work, then go to work, do some work at work, come home, eat some chips, go to bed, wake up tomorrow, go for a driving lesson, then do some fanfiction planning and write yet another chapter...


I have no idea what's going on with the internet. Last Monday, my Mum phoned up to cancel it because we were going to go to a better provider. They told us it'd be cancelled within 5-10 days. 11 days has now passed, and we still have internet. Then that phone bill came through yesterday, and the number Mum phoned up to cancel the internet didn't even show on it!! And they're charging us for the next three month's internet. For crying out loud... I might just put up with this internet for a bit longer if they haven't cancelled it... They are utterly useless.

Like the Nationcal Lottery Helpline. I had to phone them one day at work to find out if this woman's ticket had been cancelled (the void box was filled in, and no one knew why). Anyway, I spent TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES on the phone to the Lottery Helpline, just for them to turn around and say "we don't know if it's been cancelled or not". GREAT. So I had to say to the woman "your ticket is still valid, but if you think you've won something, and we scan it, and our machine says it hasn't won, you'll have to send it off to the Lottery people". She was a nice lady. She was pissed off that one of the staff had sold it to her without telling her the void box was filled in and not told anyone else, either, but she was patient and she said she didn't blame me. Lol. Good! It wasn't my fault! And the Lottery Helpline people were useless!!

I would put up LOLthings, but Photobucket's gone down =(

Hey, is it me, or am I posting more often? =D


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