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Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, no, I'm not. I'm actually at the library, blagging their internet. I really want to keep uploading my stories to fanfiction.net as well, but the library's internet don't like the site =( It never loads...



I've got a pumpkin. I'm going to carve it later... Guess what face I'm going to carve into it?



I think it SHOULD be relatively easy... But then, I've never carved a pumpkin before, so I may have issues. I have drawn Kai's face before, though... So all might be well. If it looks quite good... I shall find a way of uploading it and showing you guys the next time I find some internet.

I'm not coming back to the library unless I'm REALLY desperate. Which I am. So you'll probably hear from me again on Monday XD Or maybe tomorrow after I finish work... And then again on Monday XD

I to find a different way of submitting my stories, though... I'm actually very pissed off that the library comptuers/internet refuses to load fanfic.net... I spent 10 on a USB memory pen to move my stories from my laptop to the library computer, and then the library won't let me on the damn site! Not amused.

Oooh... Work-wise... It's all good. Me and new Team Leader Dave actually get on quite well XD He's probably the only member of staff other than my Mother and Andrea who actually treats me like a Team Leader, too. Like, if he's on till, and me and someone else are milling around doing work, he'll ring two bells (for a manager) for me! He's lovely.

We had fun last night. Oo-er! No, yesterday we were REALLY short staffed. They moved Susan to a shift in the morning, then had me come in at 2pm (so I was working a full nine hour shift - 2-11pm, the same as Dave), and then we only had Carol until 5.30pm, and Matt left around the same time as Carol... So from 5.30, it was just me and Dave running the shop until we closed. Nightmare. Luckily, because of the shit weather, it's not been very busy lately, and it was really quiet last night, so everything got done OK (except a bit of the delivery - which also turned up very late).

Erm... Oh, this is weird. I'm so used to using my laptop, that I just tried to scroll down a bit where the little mouse pad would normally be XD But, the library computers are desk tops and DON'T HAVE mouse pads XD

Another thing that's uber weird... These library computers are Windows XP... I'm so used to Windows Vista now XD I just tried to scroll again with the invisible mouse pad XD Anyway, yeah... I prefer Vista to XP, lol. Everyone I know hates Vista and say it's crap, but I actually quite like it... Lol. Alright, you can't have anything old installed onto it, because it shouts "NOOO!" in a big booming voice (sort of)... But I still like it XD

Wow... Went into a rant about Vsita XD I must be off now *hears all of you going "awww, why?" lol*. I need to see if I can actually find a way onto fanfiction.net. I mean, I can get onto my hotmail, and read my reviews and PM's, but it won't let me reply to them, because I need to go on the damn fiction website *shakes fist*. There must be a way...

Until next time, folks!

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