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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I feel like a lightbulb tonight... I don't know why.

Emmah apologises for not being on yesterday.

Emmah also apologises for the lack of commenting recently.

I just had Bam and Smudge (one of my cats) in my room at the same time. Well, they're both still in here, but I originally had Bam running around. Smudge was (and still is) sat on my wheely chair watching him run around, and usually she's shit scared of him. Then I heard this hissing from her, and she was hissing at him!!

So now I've put Bam back in his cage, but can't be bothered to attempt to move Smudge. She won't be moved, more to the point. And she's still watching him roam around his cage.

I got Fruits Basket 16 delivered yesterday =D It made me cry, because it was all about how Tohru's Mum and Dad met, and then how her Dad died. I full-on cried XD I'm going to order volume 17 on Monday (if I order it tonight or tomorrow, it'll never turn up - I learned that in the past X_X).

I also bought the new Georgia Nicolson book - "Stop In The Name Of Pants!". Seriously, it's called that XD My friend Chelsea sent me a picture of a copy she saw in a shop and asked me if I'd got it. I replied with 'no', and so went on a hunt for it yesterday =D It cost me £10.99, mind. But I don't care. It is very good XD

ERm... Work today... Not much to report =S Our delivery came today, but we only got all the bread products, cakes, chilled stuff, milk, and produce =S The rest of the stuff was still up in Lichfield, where it was SUPPOSED to be loaded onto our lorry (or truck to you Americans), but it didn't make it to Lichfield in time to be put on our lorry.

So, that means we're getting it tomorrow, and it also means that I've been asked to come in early. 3 hours early, to be exact. So, I'm going to be working from 9am until 6 pm. Wahey, two 9-hour shifts during the weekend. Then I've got to go in to work on Monday morning to do my Stock Controller training X_X

I am quite literally going to be knackered. Because that will mean I'll have worked Saturday, a longer Sunday shift, Monday (though, I won't be going on the checkouts or putting stock out or anything), and then I'm having my bottom braces put on in the afternoon of Monday.

Thennnn... Hopefully Rich can get his brother to cover my Tuesday and Wednesday night shifts. If not, I am eternally screwed, because I won't be able to eat anything, it'll ache again, and I'll have to work. So, I hope Alan (Rich's brother) will be able to cover *fingers crossed*.

Anyway... Yes... That's is what has happened in the life of Emmah XD I dunno if I'll update tomorrow. I haven't really got time =/ I'll see if I can, though.



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Thursday, July 3, 2008

   Rush Rush Rush

Emmah has no time to comment, or do her codes or anything.

Jangalian, Emmah doesn't have AIM or anything =( She does have MSN. But doesn't use it.

Bam continues the 'licking of the floor' thing. I don't know why he's doing it. Angel Zakuro, Bam is my rabbit, but I did name him after Bam Margera XD

Twists of Rain & Koon - yeah, I know my post was all underlined, it wasn't supposed to be, but I couldn't be arsed to go and fix it XD

Work last night... Well... We heard that the town drunk, Barney (his name isn't really Barney, btw) asked this dude to go and buy him a bottle of Cider (as he's banned from every shop in the town), and the dude refused, and then Barney started saying "I'll phone social services and have your kid taken off you" (the dude was with his girlfriend and their baby).

Anyway, the guy didn't like that, and decided to throw Barney through a window of one of the shop doors up the road (not our shop doors, lmao). So, there was an ambulance, and lots of blood, and lots of Pershoreites (i.e. people of Pershore - the town I work in/live just outside of) having a good nose.

So, us working in the shop last night, got to hear all about it. And if customers asked what had happened up the road, we only had to say "Barney" and they were like "oooh. Stupid idiot". Lol.

It was thundering a minute ago =/ WHERE'S THE THUNDER DAMMIT?!

Must be off. Pip pip and so on and so forth!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

   Oh God

Mood: Heh.
Currently Singing Killing: I'm The Only Gay Eskimo - Arrogant Worms

Comments! Everywhere! Welcome back to Jangalian! Christ, lady, it's been a while since I heard from you! =O

I have just discovered Amazon has volume 16 of Fruits Basket! This is the volume I have searched everywhere for and never been able to find it!! Thank fuck! It's been driving me crazy XD

I've done 2 oneshots and one more chapter of 'Confessions' over on fanfic.net. =)

Work last night was funny. We'd closed the shop, and then me and Rich had to pull all the milk forward. Anyway, I pulled forward come of the cream (oo-er), and said "I bought squirty cream once". But then I got discracted, and I was supposed to add more onto that sentence.

Then Rich said "oh my God, that is the worst story in the history of stories". I was just like "lol".

Can someone PLEASE tell me why Bam keeps LICKING my floor?!

That's all I have to say really =( I might get to work on another chapter of 'Confessions', as people seem to like it a lot over on fanfic.net XD

Pip pip, and all that jazz!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

   Anyone Miss Me?

Time: 8.56 in the am
Mood: Errmmm...
Currently Singing Killing: Gomenasai - t.A.T.u.

I just looked up to see Bam (the rabbit, if anyone's forgotten lol) teetering on top of a pile of my folders. How he got up there, I don't know.

So... Erm... I apologise for not being around since... Thursday? Or was it Friday? I don't know. I can't remember XD It really has been too long.

Right... So what's happened since Friday...? Well, on Friday, the darkness kicked in. Oooh, sounds so dramatic XD No, Friday night, I started feeling really down. When I woke up for work Saturday morning, I felt a tad better, but still not 100%.

Then, as the day went on, I just became super depressed. I walked out of work during my hour break, and went and sat in the park and cried. Then I had to go back to the shop, and discovered Chelsea was there with her boyfriend, Matt, and they were leaving...

... Bam just jumped up onto my bed! HOW?!

So, back to Saturday. I gave Chelsea massive hugs, because that was the last time I was gonna see her for quite a while. This didn't help my mood any.

Erm... Then Sunday... I still wasn't feeling spectacular, but feeling better. Then my other friend Emily came in the shop to retrive her CD's from me, and that was the last time I was going to see her for a while, too, because she moved away yesterday =(

But, the depression thing initially kicked in, because I felt so... Useless, y'know? Useless, ugly and stupid, because I can never get anything right. And now with these braces... Grrr...

Sophie (sister) doesn't help by telling EVERYONE that Mum talks to in shops, or on the street or anywhere that I've had braces put on. WHY DO THEY NEED TO KNOW?

Yesterday, I felt lots better =) I got Mum to take me to Evesham to buy a new bookcase, because mine had officially gotten too small XD I put Bam back outside, cleaned out his indoor cage (with difficulty - and which he's mucked up again), and then I got to work on trying to build my new bookcase.

On my own.

It took me about 15 minutes trying to figure out which was the top shelf, which was the bottom one, and which were the middle ones (it has 6 shelves altogether.

And Bam has just gotten on my bed again. I honestly don't know how he's doing it.

So then Mum came and helped me build it. It looks quite funky, actually =) I've cleaned my room out into about 6 bin bags, and my room is now real tidy and has lots of space =D Some thing are still in green boxes, though. But that's purely because I have nowhere for those things to go.

And Bam is back. He is nudging my laptop. I will not be amused if he pees on my bed, like he peed on the sofa the other day. Mum was not amused, LOL.

hE JUST CAME AND STOOD ON THE... He apparently turned caps lock on XD

OH MY GOD! He was just lurking by my wardrobe (over in the opposite end of my room), and then I heard him bang into something, so I looked up, saw him running like the wind, then he jumped onto the pile of folders and then onto my bed and stopped right next to me. Seriously, did he really need that big of a running jump? At least I know how he's getting up onto my bed now.

Erm... Work tonight... I haven't work a late shift for a couple of weeks now XD I can tell I'm going to be exhausted LOL.


I heard him running, but I didn't expect him to land on my foot. He is being absolutely mad today. I may have to put him outside to get some sanity XD

Hope you guys are all ok =)



Edit: Thanks, Magnus, for pointing out that error for me. I guess Bam was distrating me too much lol!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ignore this, dudes. I just want to make sure I've got this code right.


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

   Christ On A Bike!

Time: 10.20 in the am
Mood: Blah
Tootling Along To: Anywhere - Evanescence

I'm thinking of turning this song into a songfic. Dunno yet...

Holy cow! 13 comments? Well, 12 not including the one-liner. I. Do. Not. Reply. To. One-Liners. Ahem.

Bloody Orthodontist on Monday… *Shakes head*. Well, I have the fucking top braces on. The woman putting them on was practically suffocating me with her boobs. I am no joking. I had a face full of breasts. I have to go back to her in two weeks, as well, to get my bottom braces put on. Fuck.

Anyway, when she was trying to put the very back one on, she was digging into my gum with one of those mirror-on-stick things, y’know the ones. She was using it to help widen my mouth. I swear to God, my mouth has never been that big, even when shovelling food in. Which I can’t do now, anyway.

I looked in the mirror (ugh) this morning right at the back where she was poking it (oo-er), and she’s left a mark! Bitch.

Then, she gave me a choice of colours of bands. I was like “wow. So many. I’ll have the cake, please”. LOL. No, I didn’t say that, but I so wish I had. I chose silver =) To match the metal things glued to my teeth. Then she gave me leaflets, and I read them when I got home, and it said that the braces-putter-onner (do those sort of people actually have a name?) would give you wax to put on the brackets that hurt the most. Well, this woman fucking didn’t! And the braces are hurting, dammit!

Well, they’re not hurting as such, but they are sore… Probably has something to do with the fact that they are pulling my teeth to places they have never been pulled to before…

I have to go back today, because I've already eaten two of the bands (just... Really don't ask). The wires are moulding the sides of my mouth into odd shapes, too. I will be scavving some wax off them today.

I've also phoned in to work, to tell them they will not be having me tonight. Because my mouth ahces so. I've taken paracetamol so much, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. My teeth ache when I inhale, and it all aches when I talk. And in my job, I have to talk A LOT.

Also, Boob-Woman told me I have to carry a toothbrush around with me so I can brush if I eat something.

I was just like "you are joking, right?".

She wasn't. Emmah is not amused, and is trying to not eat as much as she usually does, for she cannot be bothered to brush every single hour (yup, I really do eat that often XD).

I'm worried about Bam (my bunny rabbit - also, Chibi-Anna-Chan, did you like the comment he left you? LOL)(If anyone's wondering what I'm talking about - Bam decided to stand on my keyboard whilst I was commenting Anna XD). His eye... Well...

His left eye keeps half-closing, and all the fur around it is kind of dried away from the eye, so it looks more exposed than normal. Also, something white keeps coming out of the corner of his eye. When I phone work this morning, I also asked if they could get Mum on the phone, and I told her, and she said it was probably just sleep. It really isn't. She told me to keep it clean, and if it still looks bad when we get back from the Orthodontist, then we'll take him to the vets.

I think he's probably scratched his eye or something. He does have very sharp claws. We need to get them trimmed =/

What else... Gah, these fucking braces are annoying! I've kind of gotten used to them being there, but they're still annoying as fuck. They are just the top ones on at the moment. I've managed to eat some strawberries and (non)squirty cream (this being yesterday, I haven't eaten anything today yet), a cottage pie, baked potato with some scrambled egg, cheese and beans... Some chocolate mousses (sp?)... Erm.. I have come chicken noodle soup in the kitchen that needs to be slurped upon. I hate soup, but like the sound of noodles in it. Lol.

Hmm... I'd best be off. Fics to read/write and manlove to watch XD




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Monday, June 23, 2008

   Errrr, You What?

So, I updated stupidly late last night (what, roughly 10.30pm? Maybe 11pm? It's not late late, but it's late to post, if you get me), and what happens?

I get 10 comments. Well, 9, because I don't count one-liners, that seem to be insulting me by saying "you are soooo interesting..." Like, dude... Was that sarcasm? Go fuck a duck if it was.

Anyhoo, thanks for the lovely (well, random in Koon's case XD) comments.

I did indeed watch Sensitive Pornograph last night. Every time I watch it, I'm still like "wow. Mansex. Haaawwwwt."

I think I slept funny last night. The left side of my neck and shoulder really fucking ache. And I just can't get comfy (I'm sat on my bed, trying to find a comfy position [oo-er] to sit in).

I have a trusty cup of tea next to me =)

After my trusty cup of tea, I will not eat any breakfast or anything, but will go straight onto cleaning my teeth for about an hour. LOL.

Which will mean... That means as I probably won't be able to eat anything solid for the next couple of days at least... My last solid meal will have been last night.

But, I just KNOW they'll advise me to live off soup for the next 2 years. I shall be like "er, no thank you". I fucking hate soup. The last time I had that, I was in hospital after just having that operation on my mouth to take out my stobborn teeth, and my nurse was like "what soup do you want?". I was allowed some bread and butter, too =) I like bread and butter. But not soup. I ate (or slurped) all the soup, anyway, because I was bloody hungry!

I'm off the point. I just went into a full-blown rant about soup for Christ's sake! What the fuck is wrong with me?!

My Media Player is fixed. It was never really broken, but it had gone a bit mad. All I did was close it, and then open it up again, and voila! One fixed Media Player XD

I watched the opening episode of the new series of Top Gear last night. Bloody hirarious. I watched Big Brother a little bit... But it seems now that Alex The Bitch has gone... It's gone quiet (obviously) and boring... Weird. They better ship in those new housemates soon. And make them interesting. And cookie-monsters.

How weird is it, that I've had inspiration for a Ray/Mariah fanfic (from Beyblade), but have never ever written a hetero lemon in my life? XD All the lemons I've written have been manlove ones. This fic should turn out interesting... XD Nah, as I am a female who luuuuurves men (at least, I was female the last time I checked 0_o Oh. My. God! Can you somehow have a sex change in the middle of the night? No, wait, I still have boobs. Which SHOULD give it away a tad), the fic should turn out OK.

I was trying to think of the best way to say this, but there is no best way. The fic should turn out alright, because I know all the female and male bits. God, that sounds so wrong. I love it. XD

Actually, that reminds me of something I said at work last night. I was on the tills with Hazel, and she had the till next to the lottery machine, and I was down the other end. Anyhoo, this woman wanted her two lottery tickets checked.

Soooo... Off I trundled, down to Hazel's end (oo-er), and just as I was trying to check one of the tickets, I dropped it. So, without thinking, I said to Hazel:

"Oh, I just dropped one."

Of course, she didn't realise what I said, until I started laughing and saying "oh my God, I totally didn't mean that!". And she was like "Emma, what have I told you about controlling your gas?"

All this was said in front of our customers, by the way. It's OK, the customers think we're mad, anyway. The regulars that come in all the time (hence why they're the regulars) often say "it's mad in here. I love it".

Talking of lottery, actually, my Mum and Dad managed to get 4 numbers. But I still got 4 numbers before them XP When I got 4 numbers, I one £66, if you remember (I definitely would've posted about it). My Mum and Dad got a measley £33, because so many people won the jackpot.

I'm getting pissed off at Theme Park. I'm on Spain at the moment, and I have every shop and ride created, and I still can't complete it!! My park value target is $450,000... And at the moment it's something like £235,000. I think I may give up on Spain and bugger off to somewhere else. It's too hard *pouts*.

Ahhh, my Boss abused me yesterday. OK, that sounds wrong. I was in the kitchen, eating, and he sneaked up behind me, and grabed me on the shoulders/neck and went "RAARRRR!". I was swallowing at the time, and nearly died of choking. He got his comeuppance, though, as he nearly choked himself to death in the office by drinking his coffee too fast. Mwahahaha.

Then there was the training thing. I was doing my training refresher sheet, and put something really stupid and ticked that fire escape doors should be locked at all times. DUH! Here's our conversation:

Bossman: "Fire escape doors should be locked at all times to stop people from leaving with unpaid goods?"
Me: "... Yeah? And?"
Bossman: "If you were running the shop, would you lock all the fire doors to stop people getting out?"
Me: "When you put it like that... No."
Bossman: "Well then, don't be such a bloody idiot."

LOL. He hit me on the head after that and walked off after I'd changed my answer XD He was a nightmare yesterday... Also there was this conversation:

Bossman: Emma! I thought you were working the magazines?"
(I had actually just gotten stuck on till, because there was a queue)
Me: "Yeah well, I, unlike you, have had work to do, so shut up!"
*Bossman walks off raising his eyebrows*
*Hazel and her customer laugh*
My customer: "Woah, way to own your manager."

LOL. I love abusing him. But only because he abuses me first. XD I'm gonna be sad to see him leave =( He's going to manage a store in Droitwich, which is where he lives. Lazy fucker. Lol.

Hang on, I'd like to point out that he doesn't live in the store. LOL.

Wow, this post is getting long XD I don't care.

Anyhoo... It was Rich's birthday yesterday, and he broke his glasses, and he had to spend it all at work XD Bossman fixed Rich's glasses with sellotape. Sellotape is actually his answer to everything. "If something's broke, get some sellotape" should be his motto. LOL.

Thinking about it, Rich should be leaving soon, too, to become a Duty Manager (Bossman is Store Manager). Wow... We'll be a manager and Team Leader short. (Team Leader is the same as a Duty Manager - but they get less pay, and they don't really get the title of manager, even though they are one).

Though, we may get a woman Store Manager to replace Bossman... And to replace Rich as Team Leader? Well, Bossman put me forward to do that (me?! A Team Leader? NON!), but whether I'll ever actually get that offered to me, I dunno. It would be nice to be Team Leader =P But because I'm only 18, and been there for just a year... People might not agree. Matt (duty m) does. He's often said I'll make a good TL. Even Andrea (also duty m) said she'd be happy for me to be TL when Rich goes. So, I have approval from all the managers. But whether it'll happen... We shall see...

Wow... I really am writing a long post XP You don't have to read all this if you don't want to.



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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sorry I haven't been online for the past couple of days.

OK, that's a lie. Sort of.

I was online Frrrrrriday - but didn't post. I did, however, find a site dedicated to YAOI (also known as manlove, gays, queers, and so on and so forth. I lobe them) and it had reviews on yaoi manga and anime.

One name of a yaoi manga/anime caught my eye. 'Sensitive Pornograph' (well, if you were a yaoi-obsessed fangirl like me, a name like that WOULD catch your eye, wouldn't it?). I tried finding the manga (on online bookstores) to buy it, but they all seem to have 'pre-order' signs on them, even though it was released last year *raises eyebrow*.

So, I went to have a nose at the anime.

It was HOT.

Nothing was censored, you got full views of everything and the only bad thing is that it's only 30-odd minutes long. Oh, and the end bit really confused me. But I didn't care. It was hot mansex for Christ's sake!

I may watch it again. It is currently my favourite anime XD If anyone wants to watch it (*looks at TalimSoul in particular*) go onto Veoh.com, and type in Sensitive Pornograph. You may have to download Veoh TV if you don't have it already. Luckily, I already have it XD

I get my top brace put on tomorrow. Fucking nervous as Hell.

I jinxed myself by saying I hadn't gotten anymore inspiration for fanfics. I've actually had inspiration for quite a few.

My Media Player has gone mad. It's playing 'All The Things She Said' by t.A.T.u., but it's saying it's playing 'Friends' by Scooter =S Now it's saying it's playing 'Someone That You're With' by Nickelback, but it's actually playing 'My Heart' by Paramore. How bizarre.

Current favourite song EVER: 'Far Away' by Nickelback. Fucking awesome song.

Current favourite Album: 'All The Right Reasons' by Nickelback, obviously. It's possibly the only album I can listen to without having to turn a single song off. I love every single song. The only other album I can do that with is 'The Young And The Hopeless' by Good Charlotte. But, I only have a pirated copy of that. May need to buy it online... Hmmm....

I don't actually expect anyone to read this, as it's so late XD


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   I Just Watched The Funniest Thing In Sparkle's Post XD

Time: 10.39 in the am
Mood: Amused
Currently: Scratching my head in confusion. Literally.
Song: Not Gonna Get Us - t.A.T.u.

Woooooo *runs around waving hands in the air*. Thanks for your comments =D Muchos appreciated.

Do you know why I am so happy?

Do ya? Do ya, do ya, DO YA?!

It is because Alex was kicked out of the Big Brother house last night *WOO*. She was such a B.I.T.C.H. Apparently, Big Brother had enough after she threatened the other housemates with her ‘gangster friends’. Pah! She doesn’t even have any NORMAL friends, let alone gangster ones. Stupid fucktard.

She is so going to get attacked. She might even have to go under that Police protection thing, to stop her from getting fucked up so much. Hahaha. Lemme at her XD

Y’know, I have just realised that I have 3 new books to read, and I’ve only read about 3 pages of one. Two of the books are fictions, and the other one is by Jeremy Clarkson. He is genius. And that happens to be the book that I’ve read three pages of XD

The trip to the vets yesterday went OK =) Bam had his injection against myxamitosis. He flinched a bit when the woman put the needle in, but he didn’t make a big fuss =) Such a brave little bunny. I think we’re going to a giant pet store today to try and find him a massive run for outside, and some more chew things.

I was very disappointed to find that Veoh does not have the episodes of Dragonball Z. Sure, they have a few, but not the ones I want. But, I did manage to find a website that have them all up =) So, in the free time that I haven’t been playing on Theme Park, I have been watching DBZ. Lol.

Talking of Theme Park, I was playing on it in bed last night (my park is ridiculously big, and 4 of my rides exploded), and I was on it until a ridiculous time X_X Stupid. Then I woke up this morning and playing on it some more.

I’m glad to say, that I haven’t had any more inspiration for fanfics XD Which is good, because I have one still on-going one, and then I have plans for three others. I must write some more of ‘Confessions’… I think I said that yesterday, too.

I saw the best LOLcat ever yesterday. And saved it, of course. It reminds me of my own internet:

Actually, have a few more LOLcats. I was going to put an Eddie Izzard video up, but then I thought to myself: “Well, I haven’t actually put up LOLcats for quite a while”. And so I answered myseld: “Right you are. LOLcats it is.”


Yeah. LOLcats! =D

♥ Emmah ♥

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

   "Mohammed, I Can See Your Penis!" - Rachel (I Think) Off Big Brother

Time: 10.28 in the am
Mood: Bleh
Currently: NOMing
Song: May It Be - Enya

This post is going to be in numbered parts, because I’m very likely to forget everything otherwise.

1) Thanks for the comments =D 8! Woohoo!

2) I will comment back once I’ve typed this post up.

3) Bam is throwing a strop. He keeps stomping his back feet when he hops about the cage. I don’t know whether to put him in his outdoor hutch or not. It’s cold, windy and raining. He is also kicking the sides of his cage. I’ll let him have another run around the lounge later.

4) Talking of Bam, we didn’t take him to the vet yesterday. Everyone was exhausted, so we’re going to take him today.

5) For once, I don’t have a crushed packet of Custard Creams.

6) Martin texted me after I posted yesterday. With this:

“Hi, sorry Em I was busy last few days. I have last couple days here and I M GOING BACK HOME ON Saturday. I am not sure if I can see you before I go but its maybe better for both of us. Anyway I am so happy I met you and I hope I’ll see you in September ok? Don’t worry my new job is close. Take care.”

Is that a rejection text, crossed with a “we’ll see each other again when I get back” text? I totally am not just going to run straight back to him when he gets back. If he thinks that, he is sadly mistaken. Fucking men. (No offence to any men reading this XD).

7) I am listening to the two Enya songs I have on my laptop repeatedly. They’re calm, and therefore keep me calm.

8) I am hungry.

9) I WILL watch anime today. Dragonball Z to be precise. I haven’t watched it for years, and so I really need to XD

10) I need to at least look at my Highway Code book. Y’know, so I can at least attempt to pass my Theory Driving test.

11) I just sneezed about 5 times in a row.

12) I am enjoying my time off work. But I keep getting told off by my co-workers Everytime I go into the shop to do a bit of shopping. Lol.

13) I have just remembered that I’m getting my top brace put on… On… Monday? Yeah. Monday. Eek!

14) I’m currently watching Bam. He’s just lay down, and is now going to sleep. Bless him. I’m not surprised he’s tired, because he’s usually up half the night, making sure I stay awake XD He also really liked yoghurt drops.

15) Bam is possibly the only rabbit to NOT like carrots! But he does like broccoli.

16) I can hear one of my cats meowing at the door, and so I need to go let her in.

17) I need to finish the next chapter for my fanfic. But I’ve got stuck mid-lemon.

18) I was watching Big Brother last night. The funniest thing so far was said. Other than “hirarious”, by Kat. I think it was said by Rachel (I think. I can’t tell the difference between Rachel and Jennifer, y’see), and it was when Mohammed, Rachel, Kat, Rex, Bex and… Someone else… I think it was Mikey… Were in the diary room, and Rachel shouted “Mohammed! I can see your penis!”.


It caused Kat to start screaming and waving her hands in the air, and everyone else was spazzing out, too. Possibly the best moment so far.

19) I want Alexandra to be evicted on Friday. It’s gonna be close, because Mario’s up, as well. But I think Alex will definitely go, because she’s such a bullying bitch, and absolutely everyone hates her. Whereas Mario is a fake, lying twat, who continuously goes on about Mikey being blind, and at least half the population hates him. But everyone hates Alex XD

20) I am very addicted to the game ‘Theme Park’ for my Nintendo DS. I have been playing it non-stop for the best part of a month and a half.

21) I am trying to find an Izzard video… But I might leave it for today XD


♥ Emmah ♥

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