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Thursday, October 9, 2008

   Oooooh Noooooooo!
I'm exhausted. I may have to catch a few extra Z's before I go to work...

I had the weirdest dream last night... Seriously. I don't even want to talk about it. For the fear that someone who I don't want to read it, will read it, and report back to the person the dream was about...

That probably made no sense. If it didn't, then good. It means it can't be deciphered.

I need to write another chapter to one of my fanfictions. I already have two Halloween fanfictions planned. One yaoi, one not. Both are oneshots.

I really want to write a oneshot today, but I have no inspiration =( So I'll just have to write another chapter in a bit... What I'll do, is finish this post, go and have a bath, write a chapter, and then go to sleep, then get ready for work, then go to work, do some work at work, come home, eat some chips, go to bed, wake up tomorrow, go for a driving lesson, then do some fanfiction planning and write yet another chapter...


I have no idea what's going on with the internet. Last Monday, my Mum phoned up to cancel it because we were going to go to a better provider. They told us it'd be cancelled within 5-10 days. 11 days has now passed, and we still have internet. Then that phone bill came through yesterday, and the number Mum phoned up to cancel the internet didn't even show on it!! And they're charging us for the next three month's internet. For crying out loud... I might just put up with this internet for a bit longer if they haven't cancelled it... They are utterly useless.

Like the Nationcal Lottery Helpline. I had to phone them one day at work to find out if this woman's ticket had been cancelled (the void box was filled in, and no one knew why). Anyway, I spent TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES on the phone to the Lottery Helpline, just for them to turn around and say "we don't know if it's been cancelled or not". GREAT. So I had to say to the woman "your ticket is still valid, but if you think you've won something, and we scan it, and our machine says it hasn't won, you'll have to send it off to the Lottery people". She was a nice lady. She was pissed off that one of the staff had sold it to her without telling her the void box was filled in and not told anyone else, either, but she was patient and she said she didn't blame me. Lol. Good! It wasn't my fault! And the Lottery Helpline people were useless!!

I would put up LOLthings, but Photobucket's gone down =(

Hey, is it me, or am I posting more often? =D


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