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Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm super ill =( I woke up with the sniffles on Saturday, and by yesterday, it had full-on turned into a cold, complete with sneezes, more sniffles, coughs, high temperature, blowing nosey... Ergh. I still went to work though. I'll do my bit by spreading the lurgy hahahahaha.

No work today, thank God.

Drunk shopping on Saturday... Wasn't so drunk. I forgot the alcohol. So it was just shopping! Lol!!I didn't buy a single Xmas present!! I spent about ú90 on myself LMAO!!

I bought a bunny canvas painting, Spongebob socks, a flowery/butterly top, a new purple purse and a purple hoodie from New Look (I spent like, 15 minutes in the queue 'o'). I bought a new webcam from Woolworths (another 15 minutes in a queue...)...

I bought Pocky! *Sneeze*Sneeze*Sneeze* Chocolate and milk flavoured =) Cheap as chips, too!

I bought 6 mangas! Volumes 6-9 of Dragonball Z, and volumes 1 and 2 of Ouran High School Host Club. I've also just ordered Fruits Basket volume 21 on Amazion, too! Oh, and I bought a Mock The Week book, full of Scenes We'd Like To See. I may start putting them up XD

What else did I buy? Wrapping paper and Xmas cards... I think that's it really...

Yes, it was the Xmas Fayre. Me and Laura were going to take pictures - but we forgot. We went on one ride - the Waltzers. Omg, I'd forgotten it was so fast. It made Laura feel really bad, and I was just laughing my head off. But they blew that smoke stuff as well so you couldn't see, and I must've inhaled it, because I was coughing like mad afterwards.

Erm... Work yesterday....

Bam (my rabbit) has just knocked Mikey's (my hamster) food all over the floor and is now eating it. THAT BLOODY RABBIT WILL EAT ANYTHING! I've fed him this morning already!! I gave him cucumer and lettuce! WHAT MORE DOES HE BLOODY WANT?!

Hahaha, time for LOLs.

Ok, those LOLs were too much hard work X_X I had to move them about 3 times... Gah.


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Friday, November 28, 2008


I have a headache =(

Photobucket is still being a gay.

I watched the trailer for the new Harry Potter film!! It looks fantastic, and slightly humourous!! The bit where Hemrione hit Harry over the head with some paper or something made me giggle XD

And Ron declaring that he was in love with that person... LOL.

Soooo... It's mine and Laura's drunk shopping day tomorrow! I'm going to be exhausted =(

Omg... My chum, Chelsea, just sent me the randomest, funniest video link ever:


I have nothing more to say. Toodloo.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm sorry... I had to get that out of my system XD Now, I don't have time to comment you guys, back, so thanks for the copmments! But, I shall reply to comments. Here. That's fair enough, right?

TalimSoul:- I just completely spelt you name wrong =/ Anyhoo, we don't have a doorbell =O And Cascada is number one? Wow XD I haven't heard anything from them for a while =/

foamy14:- I KNOW! Customers annoy me soooo bad!! I often get people coming up to me when I'm reducing stuff, asking what I'm going to be reducing, how much it's going to be reduced by and so on. And they'll FOLLOW ME. It's so annoying! And then, if I'm reducing some stuff with like, today's sell-by, they come up to me with something with the the next day's sell-by and go "can you reduce this?". I'm like "well, no, you moron of major proportion. Bugger off". LOL.

chibi-anna-chan:- I would've rescued the milk, too, but it was fully-skimmed milk, and I can't stand skimmed milk *bleh*. I drink semi-skimmed, lmao. Strangely, I'm quite fond of TheO now that I've made it to fandom XD But I'll be staying here XD

Twists Of Rain:- You loon. You can't blame me for throwing a paper ball at your Father's head! I take none of the blame! I have a fat hamster. But he's also cute XD

RikuisHOT:- All of my co-workers are odd in some shape or form. I'm sort of a manager. I'm training to be a Team Leader, which is basically a manager. I was supposed to be Team Leader from a few weeks ago, but our area manager got this new dude in to be our Team Leader. But I'm still getting trained XD It was actually 18 pints of milk that had to be thrown away =O We sold ONE. How pitiful is that?! They were like, 15pence each, for crying out loud!!!

Angel Zakuro:- Awww, I'm sorry!! I made you miss everyone else's updates XD You don't have to worry, I only have one update today XD I was going to put another story up, but I'm gonna do that tomorrow (or maybe later on if I get time).

Sooo... I went to the Orthodontist yesterday. He replaced the wires, took off a couple of brackets, and put new brackets on. My teeth now REALLY hurt, and I can't eat anything without my teeth hurting =( I did manage to eat curry and chips last night, though. Nothing will keep me away from curry and chips LOL.

Then... Work. I actually hate Dale. I don't think I've ever hated anyone like I hate him. Which reminds me, I'd best block him on Facebook (which I also should put the link to up in my intro...). Yes... Dale hasn't added me as a friend, but he probably masturbates over my profile picture (my picture isn't actually sexual - it's the one I have in my intro XD).

He's such a fucking FREAK! Last night, he was just talking about sexual things, non-stop!! It was always when I'm around, too. He's a fucking weirdo! I fucking HATE HIM HATE HIM HATE HIM!


He actually pisses me off that much!! I would quit my Wednesday shift, but it means I'd be losing a lot of money every month, and I can't afford to lose money!!

He fucks me offfff soooooooo baaaaaad. I told my Mother when I got home last night, and she says she's going to have a word with him, and then punch him in the face. I'd like to think she was joking about punching him in the face, but she actually hates him, too, so she really would punch him XD

All she has to do is aim for his chin. It's big enough.

He looks at your weirdly, too... He's a fucking weirdo! He's already been warned about twice about his behavious (all the sexual talk), because he asked Frankie is she was a virgin, and what sex position she likes. Bear in mind, Frankie is only SEVENTEEN! He's fucking THIRTY!

That's how much of a weirdo he is. I fucking hate him.

Can you tell I hate him? Lmao.

Oh! That's it!! I've submitted a LOAD of my Beyblade fictions on TheO, right? And I've submitted them all for fandom, too, and my first two that I submitted have reached fandom!! Yay!! They're up on the main page, and they're actually showing on the Beyblade fanfiction page =) I'm so happy.

I would give you LOLs, but Photobucket won't upload them =(

Anyhoo, toodloo!!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


... I'm exhausted! I did my late shift last night, and I've had to get up early for this bloke to come round and finish our kitchen... I got up at quarter to eight. He said he'd be here about eight-ish. It's now ten past nine. He is still not here.


They've spent TWO EFFING WEEKS doing our kitchen, now! They might have actually finished it sooner if they didn't have to keep buggering off to other people's houses!

Anyway... Work last night. Was just hilarious. I had Ben on (who is getting madder and madder, I swear), and RICH!! Rich who left!! It turns out that our new site manager has got himself 'suspended' (in his own words). I don't know why. But anyway, Ian (the site manager) was supposed to be on last night and tonight, but Rich is covering, which is kind of him.

Anyway... Yeah... Ben was absolutely barking mad last night. He was wheeling a cage down the shop, using only two of it's wheels, so half of it was in the air =S And then he ran up the shop with another cage, hopped onto it, and rode down the shop on it =S He is nuts. Oh, and then when we were both on tills, he kept throwing paper balls at my head, and one went in my ear!!

Job 14 was a bitch... I found lots of shit out of date, and lots of stuff with yesterday's date on (it should've been reduced, and it wasn't - meaning I had to do it). The worst thing I found with yesterday's date on was NINETEEN pints of milk (all of them were the little one pinters). I think we sold about three, and the remaining 16 got wasted and thrown away!

What else happened at work last night? Not a lot, really. It was uneventful =/ Oh bloody Hell. I've got Dale on tonight *shakes fist*. Last week, he smashed a bottle of red wine, and it took him HALF A FUCKING HOUR to clean it up!! Jesus Christ, it NEVER takes that long to clean up wine!! It takes 10 minutes at the most!

Gah... I just had to answer the phone, go and wash up, answer the phone again, phone my Mum... And I've only just returned XD It's a good job no rabbits have run over my laptop... As it was still open to this page XD

Oh, that's what I was gonna say. I have kind of nodded my approval at TheO. Sort of. I'm staying here! But I'll be updating as much as I can over there... BUT I'm mainly going to be over there to submit some of my fanfictions =3 My Beyblade ones. They have their own world. I actually had a world for my Beyblade fictions before, but it was shit and I deleted it. But now I've re-made it, and it's looks FAAAAABULOUS! I even have two stories up there at the moment =3 It would've been three... But TheO CRASHED AND DIED on me, as I was submitting the third! Which I though was quite rude...

Anyhoo... Time for LOLs!

Hmm, I must go and see if I have any comments/reviews on my fictions. Probably not XD


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've just looked at the LOLs for today, and there are two Harry Potter ones (one with Voldemort in, and one with Snape in...) hmmm...

I hate mornings... Shit, I have work tonight =/ Ern, yeah... Yesterday, I got up at quarter to eight in the morning, got dressed, ate and everything, and was ready for more workmen to come to the house. And no one came.

So, this morning, I thought 'fuck it', and I stayed in bed an hour and half longer than yesterday, and when Bam finally annoys me so much that I have to get out of bed, I see workmen parked outside the house and getting out of their vans!! Bloody typical!!

My hair is a mess, but I don't give a twat, lmao.

Did you know I've put my Christmas tree up already? Well, I have. It's only a little one, and it's pink. I've put the beads around it, and the stars on it, and the baubles, and the mini crackers... I've misplaced the chocolates at the moment... The only problem with having it up now, is that Bam keeps trying to get in it, and he keeps taking the decorations off!! It's so annoying, lmao.

Talking of Bam >=(

I was on MSN last night, having the most BIZARRE conversation with my chum, Laura (I'll cut and paste some bits of the conversation...), and then Bam comes hopping along my keyboard, and the screen goes black!!! So, I turn the laptop off, turn it on, and my screen's turned the other way! Vertical!! So it's all sideways. I slowly navigated my way to MSN, and signed it, and asked Laura to help, lmao. She went on Google, and told me that I needed to find screen rotation, which I did, and all is well, again XD

Aww noooo. My computer hasn't saved the bit where we were talking about lightbulbs and lightshades XD

You have invited *Laura.* to start sending webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.

*Laura.* ahh no, but could you leave me a msg on here so that when i next sign in, i'll get it.
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] oooh yeah!
*Laura.* i don't actually have a webcam but it;s saying i do, is it like inside the laptop or something? lmao!
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] i dunno!!!
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] rofl!!
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] i definitely dont have webcam
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] press accept and see what it does?!
*Laura.* i do have one, but it's in the next room and i haven't used it with this laptop.
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] :S

*Laura.* has accepted your invitation to start sending webcam.

*Laura.* OMG
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] ROFL
*Laura.* it's in the laptop
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] HAHAHAHAHA
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] AND YOU NEVER REALISED THIS BEFORE?!
*Laura.* i'm nakked
[c=29]- Emmah -[/c][c=30] "wehby7 m" - Bam has spoken...[/c] ROFL

And that... Was the discovery of Laura's integrated webcam XD LMFAO. Sorry about the coding and shit (if it shows). I have a load of coding in my name LOL. Oh, and she wasn't actuallly naked, LMAO.

My interwebs bar thing at the top keeps eating my websites! This is twice that it's eaten Photobucket!

Hahaha... The one with Voldemort's nose makes me giggle... XD


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Monday, November 24, 2008

   She Who Has Just Noticed That Her Boobs Really Wobble...

... Sorry about the title... But I just jigged about, dancing to the music, and I looked down, and my boobs nearly smacked me in the face!

... Not that you needed to know that XD

Like I've said somewhere before, I won't be updating at the weekend... So I'm not going to apoligse for not being around since Friday, as those who have read my posts last week should have known that I wasn't going to be here.

I've just read through that last paragraph, and I'm sure it doesn't make any sense...

So, work on Saturday... Was shit. It was my 9 hour shift (GAH). I have an hour and a half break - which means I spent SEVEN AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS STUCK ON TILL! It annoyed me, because me and Frankie were stuck on till, and I'd been there since 6 in the fucking morning, and no one bothered to take me off so I could do something else!! Frankie comes in at 9, but she can't really take me off, because from 9 until about half 11, it gets REALLY busy, and we often need at least 3 people on till...

Anyway, I was annoyed, and yesterday I went to work, chatted with Shari out the back until it was time for our shift to start (we both do a 12-6 on a Sunday), and I told her how fucked off I was with nearly everyone on a Saturday, especially Cheryl.

Anyway, Cheryl comes into the staff room, and Shari goes "right, what do you want me to do?", and Cheryl tells her to fill the milk up. Then she turns to me and goes "Emma, you're going to have to go on till, I'm afraid, to take Julie off". So, i turned round to her and said "why?", and Cheryl goes, "well, because Julie's been on there all morning", to which I replied with "well, no one seemed to care that I was on till all day yesterday, and no one took me off. I'll go and take her off, though."

So off I went, to go and relieve Julie of till, and Cheryl asked Shari what was wrong with me, and Shari explained that I was annoyed, because I'd been stuck on till all day on Saturday, and now I was being stuck on till again.

Anyway, Cheryl came to let me off till, after I'd been on it for half an hour!! And we had a talk. Apparently, she took what I said really personally, and I explained that it wasn't just aimed at her, but everyone in general. But we're all sorted now...

... hmm, what else happened at the weekend...?

Oh! I got a new pet!!!

I went on my hour's break on Saturday, and zoomed over to the pet shop to get Bam his Xmas present. Anyway, Jo (the woman who works there) was dealing with another customer. So, I looked at the little furballs.

Anyway, Jo told me to take one of the hamster cages over to her, because I was looking at the hamsters, and the one she wanted to show me wasn't out of his house. So, I took him over to the counter, and she got him out of his house. He was the most adorable little thing! He was ginger and white, and had odd-coloured eyes! One was black, and the other was red!!

Anyway... She goes to me "he's at a good price - ú25.99 for the cage, the hamster, everything". I raised my eyebrows. Then she goes to me "but because I know you well, I'll let you have him for ú24.99..."

Well... I had to buy him. He is the most adorable little thing!!

So now, pet-wise I have:

2 cats - Smudge and Fudge.
2 giant snails - Gary and Bryan.
1 rabbit - Bam.
And 1 hamster - Mikey.

LOL. My Mum named him 'Mikey' after Mikey Teutul, from Orange County Choppers, because she thinks the hamster looks like him, LMAO!

I'm thinking of getting some exotic fish next... But I think I'll wait until after Christmas XD My Dad will absolutely kill me if I walk through the door with anymore pets...

My poor Dad... He's had to put up with this all the time... The time when Mum just came home with pet rats (most of you are probably going 'ERRRR!!!', but they were LOVELY! The most affectionate little animals ever!)... Then she came home with two cats... Then I came home with the rabbit... Then me and Mum came home with the giant snails... Now I've come home with a hamster XD It's driving my Dad potty! LOL!

Anyway time for LOLs!!

It's a bit windy outside... I swear it wasn't me! LOL!!

I'm off now, to find my two pages of plans for a story, that I seem to have misplaced.
I haven't lost them! I just don't know where they are...


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Friday, November 21, 2008


Y'know, what...? I officially love my managers at work. There's Andrea, who I can have a good laugh with, and a good natter with about our giant snails.

There's Ian, who has a funky car.

There's Matt, who gets VERY annoying at times, but has bought me various chocolate bars in the past.

Then there's Dave. Who bought a chocolate cake last night, divided into three, gave me a piece, gave Frankie a piece and ate his piece, too.

I have re-named Dave from 'Dangerous Dave' to 'Dave The Laugh'. Omg, he really made me giggle last night, because he made Ian late for work XD It was hilarious.

Do YOUR bosses give you chocolate?! No, I didn't think so =P

I had a driving lesson today. Apparently, I did a 'beautiful' parallel park.

So, yes. I come home from my driving lesson, and I find Dad in the garden, waving the tube off the vacuum cleaner around in the air, trying to get it unblocked. I raised my eyebrows at him, chose it ignore it, offered him a cup of coffee, and went to go and make the coffee.

I stepped inside the house, aaaaaand, there were various bits of the vacuum cleaner lay everywhere.

So, yes... I chose to ignore it, and just made his coffee XD

LOL time!

I love the 'FAAAAABULOUS' one XD And the 'Entire Butt' one was clearly taken in a TESCO store (I work at a TESOC store, but we don't sell 'Entire Butt'. If we did, I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face - I can't anyway...). I recognise the TESCO labels XD Actually, all of the labels have changed now, so they don't look like that anymore.

Anyway, I have a headache. I'm off to take some pills.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

   I'm On A Roll...

I'm posting everyday!! I shouldn't mention it, actually, because then I'll miss a day... Lol. I still might not post of weekends, because Saturday and Sunday are my busiest days of the week -_-'

I can't give you any LOLs!! I've just uploaded some to Photocuket, and all the codes underneath them have disappeared!! I'll try and figure it out...

Ergh, the smell of paint is giving me a headache.

Oooooh!! I can give you LOLs!! All the codes and shit appear when you roll your cursor over them! LOL! I'm sorry, a lot of shit has changed in the three week that I've not been on the interwebs, and I'm still trying to get used to it all again XD

Work last night was... Amusing. Dave the new Team Leader was on shift last night. With me (obviously). And Dale. Whom we both cannot stand. Last night, Dave called Dale a 'numpty' many times. What made me laugh even more was the fact that Dale just readily accepted that fact that he was a numpty.

Also, when Dale said something REALLY stupid (e.g.: "Emma, I see you're wearing your famous Spongebob earrings") I COULD NOT look at Dave, because we were both close to laughing. Dave a laugh.

Omg! What if he's actually Dave The Laugh out of the Georgia Nicolson books?!

Oh bloody Hell. Bob the Builder has made a new album. I'm sure my cousin would love it.


Ergh... I must go and... Write something. Or get warm. Toodloo!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm just looking through the LOLs for today. They've made me giggle A LOT. Especially the Amy Winehouse one (I have about 2 more Amy's XD).

I'll have to show you the picture of my giant snails. They're not too giant at the moment, but they are getting bigger. I took the one out of his tank for bath time last night, but he was fast asleep and not interested, lmao.

I'm really cold.

I turned the fucking heating on, so why am I so cold?

I need a cup of tea.

But I can't go in the kitchen because of the bloke doing the painting. Blah.

Enjoy, and toodloo!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

   Still Happy, Singing, And Dancing

Well, not singing or dancing. Well, actually, yes, I am singing. Along to P!nk.

Someone tell me... Is my music too dancey? Is my background too... OUT THERE? And bright and blinding?

Sorry, i fancy a bit of a rave on my site XD

I'm waiting for more men to turn up today to finish the plastering in the kitchen. I've been up since half 7, and it's now... Half nine.

Two hours I've been waiting! WHERE ARE THEY?!

I need to clean Bammity Bam (my rabbit) out. He's beginning to smell. Well, not him personally. He smells like rabbit. But his cage is beginning to smell XD

The music channels on TV are shit. They're playing nothing good. Oh wait, Def Leppard. This'll do XD

I need TEEAAAAAA. But I can't be bothered to move, lmao.

I must go... Other places on teh web I must visit XD Toodles!

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