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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I LOVE the Jack Sparrow LOL in my intro... It made me laugh like mad when I saw it. I have a Davy Jones one somewhere, too... Going on about a bucket XD

I'm currently eating apple pies and custard. Note: They're little apple pies, not huge ones. Then I would just be fat XD I am anyway... But that's beside the point.

I have work tonight. With the NEW Team Leader (Rich the old Team Leader has departed us). I don't know if I'm going to get on with Dave the Team Leader or not... Considering he STOLE my job. Yes, it was ME who was supposed to be the new Team Leader, but noooooo, area manager bitchface Debbie decides to bring an idiot to our store...

Sorry XD Little rant, there... Apparently, I know more than him about the Team Leader job anyway, so I shall prove that I am BETTER than him, and then he will leave the shop, and then it will be ME who will become Team Leader XD Unless of course, Debbie shoves her fat nose in things again, and brings another dude in to be Team Leader. Then I shall complain, tell them to shove their job up their arses, and report them for being unfair. Because you can actually do that... And I was going to do that when they told me that Dave would be coming to do the job instead of me. But I didn't...

... And there I go again, ranting XD Eh, it's been ages since I've had a proper rant XD

My sister is home today. She's off school, because she's "ill". My arse. She's just stuffed her face full of my shortbread biscuits!!

Mmmmm, pie...

Sorry for not commenting back. I will one day have the energy to *rolls eyes.

Anyway, time for LOLs. I think we all need them in this time of financial crisis... Personally, I'm not suffering that bad XD

The pelican makes me laugh... If anyone doesn't understand why he's searching for a bucket... Well, on icanhascheezburger, someone started a walrus trend. As in, on a walrus picture, they would always mention something about stealing the walrus' bucket. Now the pelicans are helping search, and... I'll shut up XD It's just mad. In simple terms, the walrus' have lost their buckets. XD

Anyhoo, I must be off... Toodloo!!

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