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Monday, September 8, 2008

   One Day, I Will...


*Ahem* no. One day, I will comment you guys back, and get into the normailty of posting every day like I used to.

I don't really have much to say... But, I do have THE FUNNIEST video to show you.

Someone remixed the line "I've got a jar of dirt" from Pirates of the Caribbean into a song. And here's the video to go with it:

If you click on it, and go to the actual page it's on, and then click on the 'more info' button, you can actually download the song. Which is what I've done. I actually love it, and I sing it A LOT at work, and it really annoys me co-workers. Love it.

Here's another remix. This time, it's "Why is the rum gone?". It's not as good, but pretty OK all the same =)

It does make me wonder why the Teletubbies, other random men, Pikachu, and Arnold Scwarzenegger are in the video, too (this is the second time I've typed Arnie's name today =/ I feel like watch The Terminator, now...).

Anyhoo, enjoy watching them =) I must be off to go and write fanfictions -_-'


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

   Stupid Fat Hobbit...

I'm soooo sorry for not commenting!! But at least I've actually posted a couple of times this week. This'll be the third time, right?? My posting is appalling. I never seem to update as often anymore... =(

LGA775, a.k.a., WERNER! You're back!! Sort of... Lol.

So... Work last night... Was considerably better. It turned out that Rich had had a word with Dale about his... Behaviour. Rich had told Dale that he knew what Dale was like, and could have a laugh about it with him. But he explained to Dale that me, Frankie and other people just found it downright WEIRD. So, Dale promised to tone it down a bit, and he did! In fact... He ignored me all night, which is fine by me!

I remembered this morning when reading the comments you wonderful people gave me, that it is now September, and I still had Spongebob as my bloody theme (I remember telling someone that he was only going to stay up for a couple of weeks, and instead he stayed for over a month!). So, I tried to make my theme Summery.

As you can see, that failed, because there are HOBBITS everywhere!

I tried to get a nice Summer picture off Google for my background. That failed.
I tried to find the song, 'Summertime', by Bon Jovi on imeem.com. That failed.
So, I tried to upload the song, 'Summertime', by Bon Jovi. That FAILED.

I wanted something Summery, because what we've had for a Summer this year here in England can not count as a Summer. It's raining as I speak.

I'm supposed to be going out driving today with Mum. I wonder if I can conveniently fall asleep... No, I really do want to drive my little green bug car today =3

Actually, that reminds me. When Mum took my sister to school this morning, my sister put the door on the latch, not asking Mum if she had any keys. Of course, Mum didn't. I was still asleep in bed, and when Mum got home, she found she couldn't open the door. So there she was apparently, banging on the door and shouting through the letterbox... And I still didn't wake up XD So Mum had to drive to Dad's work in the end, and get the keys off of him XD T'was funny. But can you blame me?? I've worked 5 days in a row so far, and I'm working tonight, too. Thank GOD I have tomorrow off.

And thank GOD I get paid tomorrow!! Seriously, I need supplies of food, and I can't buy anything because I'm broke, because I bought my little green bug car XD

Erm... Bam's being really odd, as usual. I've found that he really hates his belly being tickled, so I'm making sure I tickle his belly every time he's being naughty. Though, knowing my luck, he'll probably start liking it and think he's being good when he's really not.

He's asleep at the moment. In his cage. The door of his is right open, but he's just hopped back in there and has gone to sleep, lmao. The way he lies down make me LOL like a good 'un. He doesn't just lie down gently... No, he flops down on his side and rolls over and then he's covered in sawdust. The way he collapses on his side, though... You'd think he was passing out of something. He is mad. But cute. He gave me nosies earlier. He was being naughty, and so I put my face right to his, and said "Bam, no", and he just lifted his head, sniffed my mouth (?!), and then sniffed my nose/rubbed his nose against mine. I was like "awwww", but cuteness will get him nowhere. Sort of.


Erm... Dunno what else to say... I might go and see if Mum's still awake... And if she is, we'll go out driving (but not very for or for very long. I'm too tired XD), and if she isn't... I'll take a bath and afterwards, go back to sleep for a couple of hours myself XD

Aww, Bam's just woken up. He's all tired-looking... And just shoved his face in his hay. And is now eating... I swear all that rabbit thinks about is food!!

Anyway, toodloo!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


TalimSoul... I effing love that video of the talking cat. I'm so happy that you've seen it, too... XD

I have read everyone's comments, and was going to reply, until I saw the time and realise that I have to be at work soon *eek*.

So yeah... I got my bottom brace fixed/tightened today. My bottom teeth now hurt like a gay man's first time at being uke at anal sex.

... What a comparison that is XD Also, I have no idea what being uke for the first time feels like! As I am not a gay man!


It's been raining A LOT recently. Stupid crappy English weather...

Oh, as for the hours I've been working...

Saturday I did 5.30am until 2.30pm.
Sunday I did 12pm until 6pm.
Monday I did 12pm until 7pm (as did Frankie at the other store).
Yesterday I did 5pm until 11pm.
Tonight I'm doing 6pm until 11pm.
Tomorrow I'm doing 6pm until 11pm again.

This will all change in a couple of weeks. I won't be doing those shifts anymore (I don't normally work Mondays, anyway, as you know). Once I'm team leader, I'll work 5 days a week again, but I'll be doing 9 hours for all of those 5 days. Fun? Hardly.

Dale at work has become even creepier. He apparently gave Frankie a birthday card and some chocolates for her birthday (obviously. He wasn't going to give it to her as an early Easter present, was he?!). Then, he apparently sneaked up behind her and grabbed her, making her jump.

He also didn't leave the shop until 25 minutes after his shift actually ended. He just lurked around, talking to everyone, and congratulating me on becoming Team Leader.

He keeps calling Rich sexy. And that he wants to marry him.

Poor Rich. Poor me. Guess who's working tonight? Me, Rich and Dale. Fucking fabulous.

Anyway, I really must go now... I'm watching my rabbit... Roll over and collapse in his food bowl =S He now just has one of his back feet rested on top of his food bowl... He is actually mad.

Anyhoo, toodloo!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


No video blog today XD

Sorry it's been fbloody ages since I last updated. I've had no time to myself =( I need to update my story/write some onsehots, too, for fanfiction.net, but I haven't got any time =(

I would've written something yesterday since it was my day off from work... Or it was supposed to be.

The Tesco Express in Worcester phoned up on Sunday complaining that they were short staff. So Bossman persuaded me and Frankie to go over there yesterday to help out.

I love our shop now. Seriously, the one in Worcester was a nightmare.

But, this means that Frankie is going to have workes 5 days in a row, and I'm going to have worked 6 days in a row. Frankie's worked from Friday until tonight.

I've worked Saturday, Sunday, yesterday, tonight, tomorrow and Thursday. And then I get a day off on Friday X_X Hopefully.

Oooh, Andrea did the managers shift rota!! My name's on there now!! =D I think I'm mainly on lates... Though I am doing a couple of earlies, I think. The rota's stuck to my fridge, lmao.

So yes, I'm utterly exhausted, and I still have three days (well, nights) to work, yet X_X

Even though it was a nightmare at the store we went to work in yesterday, we never actually went on the checkouts. We were just putting the stock out all day =D

And me and Frankie had a right laugh. Seriously. This one block who works there went into the big fridge out the back and the door was slighlty closing, so Frankie mimed to go and lock him in, which made us both giggle like loons.

Then when we had nothing to do, we'd just lurk out the back, doing nothing. We attempted to put some of the stock on the cages... But couldn't fit it on. So, we just kpe tmoving the leftover stock from one table to another to make it look as though we were doing something, and then we'd move the tables around... And then we'd laugh.

When we got back to our own store, we had to go out the back to clock out (even though we were at another store.... Yeah...), and as I was clocking us both out, Frankie hugged the doorframe and said "I'll never complain about this shop ever again". Lmfao!

It was quite funny. The customers kept asking us where things were, too. WE were like "erm... Dunno, because we don't normally work here" XD, so we'd take them on a trip around the entire shop, just to find what they wanted. It was funny.

What else... Oh, on a completely different note... I've managed to drive my car. Twice. The first time sucked balls. Honestly, I couldn't drive it X_X The second time... Was in the dark. On Saturday morning. At about 5.15 in the am. Going to work. It was fun =D I actually managed to drive it.

I don't know when I'm going to be able to drive it next... Probably tomorrow. Maybe. To Worcester when I go to the hospital to get my braces tightened/fixed. Lmfao.

I must go now. Lot's to do. Sleep to catch up on. Etc, etc.

Tatty bye!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

   Video Blog and Pictures

All those who can't see the video say "I".

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

   Video Blog!

If you can't watch YouTube... Then that sucks =(

Sorry for being sideways, too. I'd forgotten that I can't flip it around XD

Next time, I'll find a way to be the right way round XD

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Friday, August 22, 2008


I forgot to mention, at the anime/manga convention, we had POCKY! I tried both flavours (there was strawberry and chocolate). I actually liked both. Then the mad TokyoPop man told us that pocky isn't actually Japanese... So there we go =)

Oh, and at one point, we all got so excited over one of the new manga releases, that we were squealing, and the TokyoPop man said, "Christ, you're sounding a bit Charlie the Unicorn-like at the moment." We laughed.
And his girlfriend (also from TokyoPop) said "Charlie the Unicorn? What?!", so then everyone in the room (except TokyoPop man and his girlfriend) started going "Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! We're on a bridge, Charlie!". Then everyone laughed, and TokyoPop man said "look, even all these guys know who Charlie the Unicorn is!".

Note: It wasn't actually Charlie who said that, though, was it? It was the two other unicorns. Oh well.


So... My fabbity fab day today... I opened my inbox, and discovered lots of reviews on my Georgia Nicolson fanfiction (which I've now finished).

My Mother phoned me twice this morning. She and Dad found me a potential car. We're going to see it later. SQUEE.

This is where it gets better...

Bossman Tony phoned from work... Here is our conversation:

*Sophie answers phone*: Emma, it's the bloke about the car!
Me: Huh?
Tony: I crashed the car.
Me: Oh, very funny.
Tony: No, I'm not talking to you about that car at all.
Me: Obviously. What do you want then?
Tony: Well, you know you can do till lifts...?
Me: Yeah...
Tony: And you know you can do Job 14...?
Me: Yeah...
Tony: And you know you can do lots of other things...?
Me: Yeah... (Secretly thinking "oh God, where is this going?")
Tony: Well, how would you feel if I put you forward to be Team Leader?
Me: ... Are you being serious?!
Tony: Oh, I'm being deadly serious.
Me: Like, serious, serious?
Tony: Yep. Serious, serious.
Me: Seriously, seriously, serious?
Tony: Yes, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, serious!
Me: ...
Tony: ...
Me: ... Wow.
Tony: So, do you want to or not?
Me: Yeah!!
Tony: Would you be OK with opening and closing the shop and everything?
Me: ... I guess so.

Our conversation went on a bit longer, but it was just about how I was handle two of the members of staff who all the other managers have a problem with. But, Bossman's going to talk to me about it all tomorrow =3 I'm so excited!

So yes, I am Team Leader Emma, now!! Wooooo!! Can you guys remember MONTHS ago that I said the other managers had said I'd make a good TL?? Crazy, huh? I am actually excited.

What's funny is, that they'd already started thinking of people to take up my shifts that I have now XD Planning ahead or what?! They're apparently going to get Frankie to take up my week shifts (my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights - though, Frankie already does Tuesday night... Hmmm...).

(I hope you all know what I mean by Team Leader... It's like a MANAGER for those of you who don't get what I'm on about XD But paid less, and without the big title of manager XD)

Moving on from my excitement, Andrea said something HILARIOUS the other night. Seriously, we were all in stitches.

She went to answer the bell (there was a queue), and just as she typed in the code for the door to get behind the tills, her hand slipped and she failed. So, without thinking, she said "ooh dear, someone's oiled my knobs!".


Anyway, I have to go and be mad, now. Toodles!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

   12 Bleedin' Comments!

Heh, thanks for the comments XD I forgot to mention that I bought 3 Spongebob t-shirts on Monday. Well, two were Spongebob himself, and the other was Gary =) And I bought a Garfield one. I rock, lmao.

So, the manga convention XD I have pictures of the cosplayers (and the non-cosplayers, but they were dragged into it, anyway). I'll put those up in a minute.

It was so funny. The TokyoPop man was absolutely mad. Seriously. For the quiz, we had 4 options for each question (the only question I actually knew was one about Fruits Basket XD), and then, just random, he'd add option 5 on. Which was "Pikachu". I'm telling you, he was not normal.

There were manga stands everywhere, we got free manga books, but they only had sneek peeks of what would be coming out. Oh, and then there was the presentations. There was one manga that had two men holding each other on the front page, and all of the girls in the room all went "OOOOOOH!", and the bloke was like "Oh, God, no. We've got yaoi fangirls in here". I was like "LOL".

My sister would've won a prize in the raffle - if she hadn't walked off and sat at the opposite end of the room, and sat down reading her manga. Stupid cow. The prize went to someone else in the end. I am not taking her again, because she just kept walking away from me all night, when Mum actually told her to stick with me. So she's not coming next year. I'll go with a friend XD

Right, picture time. The first two cosplayers, who I haven't taken pictures of... Were people I'd gone to school with, and I can't stand, hence why I didn't take any picture of them.

This girl... She named herself as a "genetically mutated fox girl". We clapped her, anyway.

These two... Had actually made the hands, feet and heads themselves. They weren't manga characters, but they were awesome anyway. And the mouths of the dragon heads actually opened!

These three... Were the three who weren't actually cosplaying. They just dress like that. And got dragged into the competition, lmao!

I can't remember who these lot were cosplaying as. If you can tell... Let me know XD

This girl was Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied.

Finally, these two were Zoe/Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. Number 13 won the whole thing in the end =) We voted for her.

So, yeah. That's it =)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

   The Manga Convention...

I'm currently uploading a video. If it uploads before I finish the post, I'll put it up. I'm having to work out what each of the videos are, because they're not named, and only have the dates they were created. So, I'm having to refer back to my phone, and work out which is which XD Hopefully, if I'm right, I currently uploading the one of me taking Bam for a walk.

Oh, it's done. That was quick 0_o

So, yeah. I'm going to a manga convention tonight with my sister =) Some people from TokyoPop and Nintendo are going to be there, apparently. There are going to be snacks, quizzes, an art competition, and so on XD It's going to be so fun! Oh, and there's Cosplay, too, but I haven't had time to make/get a costume, so I'm not taking part =( I'm going to take pictures, though =)

Here's another video. It's the one taken during clubbing, and me and Matty are shouting to each other at the end. I haven't watched it yet, but it may be loud.

Eh, pip pip!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

   What Has Been Done, Cannot Be Undone...

Sooo... I'm extremely sorry for not updating since whenever, and for the lack of commenting and everything...

Yesterday was extremely busy. Me and Sian met up in Worcester, to go watch a film and book my tattoo.

We went to see 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' AGAIN. Even though it's not as good as the first two books it's based on, it's still a bloody cute film.

So, then we went to Rings And Needles to book my tattoo =) I asked the bloke at the counter (who also happens to do all the piercings) if he was able to do the design I chose (the one you all liked, too. The funked-up version). He said yeah, and asked the tattoo artist if they needed to make it any bigger.

Tattoo artist said no. So, the bloke at the counter came back out to the front of the shop/parlour/whatever, and told me that I could book it in for September.

Oooor, I could get it done there and then, because they'd had cancellations, and had some free time.

So, what did I do?
Pretty obvious, isn't it?

I got it done, there and then!

=) I lobe it.

That's my dead lemon and lime slushie, and my leaning tower of Coca-Cola cans =)

I also bought mangas yesterday in Worcester. AND Waterstones are holding a manga convention on Tuesday night! But I'm working!! =( So, I desperately need someone to swap shifts with me XD

I need to finish my story, 'Well, Scrub My Face... Blah Blah Blah'. Lmao. Just one more chapter until that's finished!

Oh, I got 'Confessions of a Blader' finished. It made me sad. But I am making a sequel, thanks to the persuasion of the reviewers!

Erm... I've put all my videos on my mobile phone, onto the laptop. Only problem is, I can't tell what's what XD

Er... That's it =) Thanks for helping me decide which tattoo to get =) I'm super happy with it! And, it didn't really hurt!! Everyone kept telling me, "oh, the ankle is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo... It's really going to hurt", etc, etc.


It did not hurt. It just felt like a cat or something scratching you. The only time it kind of did hurt, was when the bloke went upwards with the needle. That kind of hurt, but it was OK. And as for the colouring in... That just felt like... Well, imagine running your own nail over your skin. It felt like that. Absolutely nothing.

All those people who say "oh yeah, my first tattoo hurt like a motherfucker. Oh, that place is really painful to get a tattoo" are LYING. Seriously, if any of you ever decide to get a tattoo, but are like "omg, it's going to hurt", just remember what I said. It does not. This was my first tattoo, and I was absolutely fine. I was laughing and joking with the man from the counter, and talking to Sian the entire time XD Seriously, it was fine.

Anyway, I really have ranted enough XD Toodles!

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