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Sunday, October 26, 2008

OK, how many of you actually shit yourselves when visiting my site, and then seeing all of those zombies staring at you? XD It even scared me, and that's saying something XD

Wallpaper courtesy of the zombies from the film 'Shaun Of The Dead'. That has to be one of my favourite films. It's so fucking funny. Simon Pegg is teh sex X3

Captain Jack is staying in my intro, though, because that is one funny LOL XD

Talking of LOLs...

Oh, meh, gosh. i totally love the one with the rabbit humping the cat XD And the disgruntled employee one... And the one with the cat pulling a face... And the dangerous trees XD And the lion... OK, I like all of them XD

Actually, the rabbit/cat reminds me of a programme we were watching earlier. It's called "Outtake TV", where they show a whole load of things that didn't make it into programmes, and there was this Australian bloke, with kangaroos in the background.

Anyway, this male kangaroo was rolling around in the background, and they'd balnked out his willy, because it was obviously... On show. Anyway, this kangaroo was rolling around, and then it sat up, and you could see it masturbating!! Oh my God, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life... The bloke doing the interview just turned around and laughed...

It was hilarious...

... Anyway, I hope you like my new theme XD And erm... I don't when I'll be online again, because my internet's cancelled tomorrow, isn't it??

Well, if it doesn't get cancelled, I'll post on Tuesday. If I don't post then, you'll know I have no internet for a while, lol.


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